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  1. It shows Southgate's cluelessness that he started alongside Ward-Prowse, no way we need such a defensive midfield in this game.
  2. Because Southgate fears the mighty attacking prowess of Birkir Bjarnasson!
  3. How can Ashley Cole say Rice's chance was actually a really dificult chance? Why do English pundits always seem incapable of just saying "yeah, England were a bit rubbish there"?
  4. Watching the England game and seeing the 90's inspired numbers and it's made me realise what I dislike about the new England kit, the Badge and the nike logo are the wrong way around! It looks weird to me having it below the badge.
  5. When did Iceland get a new badge? It looks really cool. Apparently it's a stylised version of four mythical beasts that protect Iceland.
  6. So he only picks one player who can play LB in his entire squad then doesn't even start him? Just bizarre.
  7. Been really impressed with Villa's number 8 in this game, Arthur I think it is? Looks quite a tidy player.
  8. But I don't think that's because Man City have been so much better, more that we've just given them chances out of nothing is my point. Their only shots on target were the goals which were both huge mistakes.
  9. It must just be me, but I don't feel they've been particularly outclassed in this game, just made some awful unforced errors at the back. If anything I think they've created the best chances.
  10. Signing Fabio Silva from Porto for £40m apparently. He's highly rated in Portugal (and is insane on Football Manager), but has played less than 800 minutes of senior football and scored 3 goals, seems a massive risk to me for a player that will likely be a back up at best (for now), especially when they have other gaps to fill in their squad too.
  11. Rice and Snodgrass have both said they're gutted by it too and liked Noble's tweet, the dildo brothers doing their best to piss off everyone it seems.
  12. Amavi and Gollini were both regularly called liabilities and not good enough in the Championship. Some even said that Taylor was a much, much better player than Amavi a couple of months after he had signed. I think half of the players mentioned is enough to be considered "some of them". Also, who said they were world beaters? The post you quoted simply said "good foreign players", regular starters for Champions League and Europa League sides are surely considered good players.
  13. Veretout - Played regularly for Fiorentina for 2 years, then moved on loan to Roma last season, was a regular starter as they finished 5th in Serie A Gueye - Became one of the best DMs in the Premier League for Everton for 3 seasons and then moved last season to PSG for £30m, where he has rotated with Veratti, Paredes and Herrera Gollini - Atalanta's starting GK and has been a part of a team that reached the Champion's League for the first time in Atalanta's history, then got to the QFs and finished 3rd in Serie A this season, which was they're joint highest finish with the 3rd place
  14. To be fair, it only seems to be when we're interested that their demands begin to grow exponentially with every article.
  15. Much happier with getting Wilson if this is true, my biggest concern among other things was that £20m was a lot, but at that fee it's not a bad shout, even if with the add ons it does go up to £20m, because at least that means he's done well and already shut up my doubts. Especially if we get Watkins too, as I'm not sure I'd be happy if this is an alternative to Watkins.
  16. Ironclad reasoning that. No player has ever been undeservedly overlooked...
  17. Wilson had a worse record than Wesley last season, why do people want him so much when Wesley got so much stick?
  18. He's our 4th choice striker and hasn't played for us in almost 2 years Edit - 6th if you consider that both Vassilev and El Ghazi have spent more time playing there than Hogan recently.
  19. 66 minutes, 45 of which were against Switzerland when he was brought on in the 75th minute and then the game went to extra time. His other appearances were 7 minutes at the end of a 5-1 win v Montenegro and 14 minutes at the end of the 6-0 win in Bulgaria.
  20. Wesley had a better goals to minutes ratio than Wilson last season, and is 6 years younger with half as many ACL injuries.
  21. The guy closest to the window looks a bit like Watkins to me too. Difficult to tell though. Edit: just read the transfer window thread, not Watkins then haha
  22. At least it's confirmation that he doesn't need to move, as Southgate's a prick who will refuse to call him up even as a last resort.
  23. When it was in the news that they were looking to sell Martinez, Arsenal were apparently demanding £20m, whilst Martinez wanted them to halve the asking price, so seems a good price to start negotiations, as if Martinez wants to join he'd surely pressure Arsenal to accept a lower offer.
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