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  1. Taylor played for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics, which included a 3-1 win v UAE at Wembley. Which is about as high pressure as they come...
  2. So what're the "significant penalties" that Fulham will be getting for the pitch invasion then?
  3. Really hope Derby snatch one, could kill Fulham's confidence. Though that does rely on Derby not being shit.
  4. Jokanovic seems to be one of those managers that has drunk the possession football kool-aid, so Fulham must play that way at all times no matter what. Games like this need pragmatism, not rigidly sticking to the "right" style of play.
  5. But that's exactly how Derby played against Fulham on Friday, and that style is suited to nullifying Fulham. Just looking at the stats you can see that the two games were quite similar. Possession: Villa v Derby was 72.1-27.9 to Villa, Derby v Fulham was 26.2-73.8 to Fulham. Pass Success: Villa-Derby was 89%-73% in Villas favour. Derby v Fulham was 68%-90% in Fulhams favour. Dribbles: Both games exactly the same, 15-8 for Villa/Fulham. Tackles: Villa-Debry had 9-21 tackles in Derby's favour, whilst Derby v Fulham was 25-11 tackles in Derby's favour. Corners: 9-2 for Villa and 8-2 for Fulham. Basically, in both games, Derby were on the back foot against teams that took the game to them, and in both games, Derby took an early lead to facilitate this sitting back. Looking at that you might dismiss the difference in scores as simply us getting the rub of the green and Fulham not, yet if you'd watched our game against Derby then it was easy to tell we really should have run away with it. There are a couple more stats that I think explains why Fulham couldn't beat Derby whilst we should have won convincingly. And they are; Shots (On Target): Villa v Derby was 24(6) - 7(3), Derby v Fulham was 3(1) - 13(2). Expected Goals (xG): Villa v Derby was 4.43-0.77, Derby v Fulham was 0.16-0.85. (I know a lot of people don't like xG, but I think it's useful for determining performance and providing context to all the other stats.) These two stats tell us that Derby restricted not only the number of chances that Fulham had compared to our game but also the quality of chances. Looking at the shot locations for Fulham, 8 were from outside the box, and none of them were closer than the penalty spot. Fulham spent much of the game passing the ball around the midfield looking to break down Derby's defence but couldn't get the ball in the box. Looking at our game we had about 9 long shots, but as we had 11 more shots in total it means we had 15 shots in the box, more than Fulham had all night on Friday. Plus we had 7 shots inside the 6-yard box. That leads me to the final stat I want to mention, and it's a major one. Crosses: Villa v Derby had 44 - 10 crosses, whereas Derby v Fulham had 14 - 11 crosses. Fulham refused to cross the ball on Friday night, even to the point of wasting their corners by taking them short. We crossed Derby to death and it got us chances, but the way Fulham play is a rigid adherence to possession football and short passing, they look to pass through the middle and when Derby just park their team on the edge of the box, you're not gonna pass it through them. This is one of the major discrepancies between the two matches as most other stats are very similar, and it resulted in us coming away from the game feeling shortchanged and Fulham frustrated but ultimately not getting much less than they deserved. If Fulham play like they did on Friday, I can see Derby either getting the draw or nicking another win, as I can't see Fulham creating much if they rigidly stick to they way they played in that game. Sorry for the long and boring post about stats, I just find it interesting that Fulham have this aura about the way they play, yet it was the major thing that held them back against Derby. Yes, Derby performed brilliantly on Friday and will need to do so again, but Fulham didn't do enough to break them down and played into Derby's hands. Plus there's an interesting parallel between our game against Derby and Fulham's, with the major difference being the style of play that had huge differences in effectiveness. TL;DR - Fulham don't cross enough and Derby will let you pass the ball in midfield all game and put 10 men behind the ball stopping you from creating decent chances.
  6. It used to be 4 years of parachute payments and was changed recently, so Fulham are in their last season of those payments as they went down in 2014.
  7. He'll be in the club shop 5 hours before the game doing autographs, you can just give it to him directly.
  8. It's because he played an advantage just before then that led to the goal, I doubt he's actually got anything against us, he's just an egotistical knob that has to make everything about him.
  9. Newly-promoted Newcastle are on course to finish 10th, they kind of prove his point that the gap in quality isn't that big.
  10. They've been playing rubbish* for a while now though and have had quite a bit of luck, like when they should have conceded a penalty that would have to Sunderland 2-0 up and then went up the other end to equalise. A win today and they'd have gotten 2nd, bottling their chance like that has got to be deflating. *By the lofty standards they set a couple months ago.
  11. At least they'll get to play another Tyne-Wear Derby when they end up having to play Newcastle U23s in the Checkatrade Trophy
  12. Hughes only had a year left on his contract, whereas Grealish still has a couple seasons left.
  13. I reckon there's a pretty good chance of that. It's at Millwall and their form is just as good Fulham's recently. Also, Fulham have Blues on the last day, I wouldn't put it past Blues to go into the last day needing something to stay up and getting it.
  14. What do you mean get away with it? He's been suspended by Sky. Using your comparison to how a pundit would react to a player spitting, what would happen to them that means Carragher is "getting away with it"? Would that player get sacked? Or just get suspended like Carragher did? He's been punished already, and may still get further punishment, I fail to see how in any way he's getting away with it.
  15. There was a supposedly a march planned, then the board had a shady meeting with the group planning the march (which seems to be a fairly far-right, hooligan group) and suddenly the march was off with this fan group now threatening to attack anyone who marched, whilst they also went on odd political rants about "leftists" and "antifa". I think someone linked an article from the Independent about it a couple pages back, it's a pretty interesting read about how dodgy the board have been in effectively trying to silence the fans. Yes, the pitch invasions aren't going to help, but what else can they do when it seems the board pretty much bribe fans not to protest? Having said all that, as much as Gold and Sullivan are knobs, the coin throwing is completely unacceptable and dangerous.
  16. Whilst it would be bad for us, I kind of hope Cardiff do win tomorrow, as it could mean Wolves' lead could possibly only be 3 points when they kick off next Saturday, would be interesting to see how they'd deal with that pressure. Seems to me like they're a bit complacent at the minute after everyone knew they were promoted back in January.
  17. Nice to see he still has a soft spot for us, always liked Amavi, it's a shame it didn't work out.
  18. He clearly rattled the Blues players from the off as well considering Gardner shoulder barged him as he came on and he then put in two huge tackles/fouls within two minutes of coming on.
  19. The only other game they've lost away was their first of the season against Blues. They must hate Birmingham.
  20. FFP is based over three seasons, which means next year the £80m loss we made in the 2015/16 seasons will no longer be counted towards our FFP considerations (as I believe the relevant seasons next year will be 2016-2019), which would more than make up for that £16m difference.
  21. Reading? Brentford? Middlesbrough with 10 men? Hull? Edit: Also if we want promotion, we should be beating a team in 4th, and at least giving 2nd a good game to try dislodge them. Also to add, stop acting like this is just about the Wolves game, the "half decent" was clearly in reference to all the other games we've been shit in.
  22. Yes we did, because our last four wins have come against shite teams that we should have been rolling aside with ease - which apart from Burton and Barnsley to a degree, didn't happen - so if we wanted to be actually challengers this season, we needed to show we could beat good teams, but we can't, so no promotion for us. And as for beating teams we need to beat, what about Cardiff? Brentford? Bristol City? Middlesbrough? Reading? I'd say if we wanted promotion we should be beating at least 3/4 of them, yet we still shut up shop and didn't get a sniff. And you seem to be conveniently be missing the point about how an actual promotion challenger, Wolves, would not play this way at VP, because they'd try beat us and take points of a fellow challenger. If we'd won today, we'd be 1 point off top, instead we're 7. Sure it's a long season, but if that's how we play the moment we face anyone half decent, that gap is only going to get bigger.
  23. No I didn't realise, I thought Wolves were playing against training cones to be honest. Do you think Wolves would play like this at VP? No, because they're going for promotion and want to beat everyone. Under Bruce we are clearly not good enough because in games that we need to win to show ourselves as challengers, we shut up shop and hope for a draw with zero attempt at playing football ourselves. If anything it's giving massive credit to them because I'm saying that we should be taking Wolves as an example of how to play, which is **** depressing to say.
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