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  1. Not training today according to the Werder Bremen twitter account because he's "injured"*
  2. 1) England were desperate for a CB as most options that had been tried were shocking 2) Mings is nowhere near as important to Villa as Jack, if Mings moves on to try to get international football, it wouldn't hurt anywhere near as much as Jack leaving.
  3. Only just started watching, but Inter look great. Their pressing is brilliant.
  4. My personal conspiracy theory is that Southgate is still bitter about the way it ended for him with Villa, and us not being ambitious enough for him. As such, he has refused to call up Grealish knowing it will force him to move on, and as Grealish is Aston Villa at the minute, it will hurt the club even more if he leaves.
  5. I'm not saying I believe him, he's probably talking nonsense, it's just that I don't think releasing at midnight is an indicator of that.
  6. To be fair, isn't that typically the case for press embargoes? You can only release after a certain date, i.e. at midnight.
  7. My time to shine, it only took 10 years!
  8. I wonder if Abramovich even knows who Leeds are?
  9. Didn't realise Tonev was a Werder Bremen fan.
  10. Dunno about the twitter account, but the Facebook one looks legit, it's verified and posted fairly regularly.
  11. Translation: Exclusive Milot Rashica will leave Werder Bremen, further away by the end of next week. A few weeks ago he had reached a personal agreement with Leipzig but Werder Bremen is not satisfied with the offer. An official request for Rashica's services have made Monaco, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton. According to my sources, Aston Villa's offer is the most important for Werder and it is likely that Rashica will be transferred to the Premier League next week. Dunno how reliable the guy is though, he's a Kosovan reporter apparently.
  12. I really like the idea of this, especially if we keep Grealish, I think a sort of floating front three of Grealish/Wesley/Watkins could be really good. Just need another CM to compliment McGinn and Douglas Luiz.
  13. I'm guessing that due to Edens' involvement the roles are following american naming convention. I think I'm right in saying their sports teams have loads of assistant coaches.
  14. I imagine if you dig into it that people in those sorts of roles tend to move around quite a lot, as they get poached by other clubs and new managers come in who don't see eye to eye.
  15. 30 year old Marc Albrighton who got 0 goals and 5 assists all season? Compare that to El Ghazi, for example, whogot 6 goals and 7 assists in a much worse team. Yeah, it's a no thanks to Albrighton, especially compared to Benrahma.
  16. But they are players we bought in the championship, for the championship. Even then, it's only Hogan and Bree, and Bree was a cheap 19 y/o youth prospect when we bought him.
  17. And the only other players in our squad (excluding players already loaned out) that we bought from a Championship side are Lansbury and Jota, so 50/50 isn't bad.
  18. Don't think I've seen a bad hummel kit for next season yet, they've all been great.
  19. It was in the recent Athletic interview with him, Phillips had discussed it with his family and friends, they had all said he should join if he felt it was the right move and all involved thought he was going to join, then when Orta saw Phillips was still unsure, he pulled the deal.
  20. It was Victor Orta that pulled the deal, not Phillips. Phillips has said he was basically about to join and Orta asked if knew that he wanted to leave, when Phillips told him he wasn't sure, Orta pulled the deal and said they weren't selling him.
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