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  1. I think that would describe every player in our squad, and always has done back to the MON era.
  2. It looks like the natives are getting a bit restless over there, and to be fair I think they could struggle next year if they don't get a move on in this window. They've got a paper thin squad that's just had a massive season, they're about to sell one of their 2 fit FBs, Nuno's contract is up next year without a new one seeming close, Troare and Jimenez linked with moves away and barely any central midfielders. A bad window could really see the wheels fly off imo.
  3. Would love to have him back in some capacity, although I'm not sure how many fans have forgiven him. Saying that, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the reaction on Villa's tweet was quite positive, thought there'd be more grumbling.
  4. I suppose it depends how Smith sees it, but for me McGinn is better suited to playing a defensive role in midfield than an attacking one, so would be able to accommodate Grealish fairly well.
  5. Police shouldn't be murdering people, innocent or guilty.
  6. Whilst I have my conspiracy theory that Southgate is doing it to spite Villa, the other much more plausible reason is just that Southgate is a shit manager that doesn't know how to use creative players, see: Maddison, Mount (barely any game time) and Alli (been shit for England since he took over).
  7. Is it, because Leeds fans claim that a lot when they're being knobs online?
  8. Because if Jack has England ambitions, then he may see leaving as the only option to obtain that if he keeps getting overlooked at Villa.
  9. There's no way of knowing when that photo was taken other than this week, but he does look a bit depressed there.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure there's much more financial trickery they can do, they need to get pomoted soon or they'll be in trouble.
  11. Percy is reporting that Derby have had all their charges dropped from the EFL by the independant commission. The EFL love Mel Morris I'm sure
  12. I think AS are a fairly reliable spanish paper, not sure though.
  13. Haha, that would be absolute bullshit if true, especially if Grealish isn't picked, and for me validates that Southgate isn't picking him out of spite. "Needs to be at a higher level" yet he would have picked both Mount and Phillips from the Championship Edit - Just to add, I will somewhat take it back if Grealish is in the squad, but it's still rich that Grealish has been carrying us for 3 years yet barely had a look in and those two get have been selected in the mean time.
  14. I think FIFA recently changed their rules so that players with less than 3 caps can switch nations, not sure if it applies to players who have declared for a nation like Grealish though.
  15. I have a feeling we're not interested in McKennie, it seems the rumours only popped up after it was suggested on here when he was linked with Southampton, and now all the random uk football sites know we're chasing him? Wouldn't be surprised if a journo just saw his name on here and ran with it.
  16. We're **** then, no-one could turn down the mighty Leeds!
  17. You've quoted an article where mcginn does in fact say that, albeit I remembered it slightly out of order. Again, Celtic matched our bid, Neil Lennon said as much, and Celtics chairman said they did everything they could to secure him, but he chose us, probably because we blew their wage offer out of the water.
  18. Celtic matched our offer, but to quote McGinn "when they (Villa) came in, I was blown away, and there was only one place I was going"
  19. The optimistic way I read it is that he wants to play for Kosovo next season, so playing for Villa won't be an issue (as he'll be playing regularly), as opposed to going to say Liverpool or AC Milan and sitting on the bench, or similarly at Leipzig if he feels they aren't actually that interested in him.
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