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  1. Jesus, what's happened to Elmo's crossing? It was the one thing he was good and they've been shocking today.
  2. Errr, wasn't their striker a mile offside in front of Nyland?
  3. They also said that it's significantly bigger than the one in his previous contract.
  4. My guess would be that he doesn't know anything, however if it is something, for some reason I feel like it would Grealish signing a new contract and not a new player.
  5. It should probably be pointed out that Lyon had a different manager for his first two seasons, Bruno Genesio, when Traore had two good seasons, and was then replaced by Sylvinho last summer and later Rudi Garcia a few months later. It's not exactly unheard of for a player to not fit a new managers system and then have a crap time, maybe the way they played didn't suit Traore, maybe he did turn shit, he clearly has some ability and his qualities do seem to be what we lack, so personally I'm willing to give him a chance to prove himself
  6. And most Villa fans thought Douglas Luiz was shit...
  7. This is **** awful from Villa, even when I manage to get the game playing I can barely make out the players, the quality is so shit. Why the hell is VillaTV so consistently terrible?
  8. He said he thinks Grealish will leave this window, however he left out a big if in what he said. He said that Villa will accept a bid because they'll be offered massive money and Jack will take the opportunity to leave, however, teams offering £70m-£90m is not a given right now, so his whole point is kinda redundant as Jack probably won't force a move.
  9. I wonder if that inteview was before or after he jumped on the Rashica bandwagon to say we were in for him?
  10. Fabrizio Romano is basically the transfer journalist, if he's tweeting it I'm fairly confident we will get him.
  11. Just signed Neil Etheridge, supposedly for £2m, how the **** did they get him for that when we were quoted about £10m+ for him last summer!?
  12. He's been linked with Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Newcastle from what I can see, who have supposedly been interested since April.
  13. Not sure if this should go here or in the speculation thread, but looks like we're trying to sign Carney Chukwuemeka's brother.
  14. Phew, it's a good job Smith has faith in Kesler, was getting worried we looked a bit light at RB.
  15. Just go read the Rashica thread, it was basically the same thing.
  16. Can't wait for the NSWE Out bedsheets when fans are finally allowed back at VP.
  17. There's a bit more to it to be fair that makes a fair bit worse. They're not just violating England's camp rules and quarantine, they are also violating Iceland's rules around quarantining and therefore risking it spreading either to the England camp or in to Iceland if they are carriers and unaware. Also aside from the general global pandemic stuff, Foden has a longtime girlfriend and a kid at home, which makes it that bit extra scummy. They're both idiots simply.
  18. Both getting sent home apparently and won't be involved v Denmark.
  19. It's a video that is not being filmed by Greenwood or Foden as they are both in it, and is presumably not from any of the other England players, therefore it's filmed by someone who is not supposed to be there.
  20. We almost went bust and weren't violating FFP. FFP did **** all to stop how poorly run we were by Xia.
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