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  1. Prime example of why Hutton should be nowhere near our team, a massive liability in defence.
  2. I absolutely agree it does depend on the player and the situation, and I can see why it might be prudent to hold on to Clark given our current lack of options at full back, but I can't see him being anything more than a 3rd/4th choice backup.I'd rather us focus on trying to upgrade on Taylor or Elmo and just have them as backups if we want to improve that area, and I don't think we'd need to break the bank to do so, which makes keeping him as a cheap option less of a big deal. If it was a season ago, I would absolutely be questioning letting him go when on the verge of a financial meltdown. It's not that I don't want these players to break through or get the opportunities here, it's just I don't get why there's always these questions of why don't we hold on to x, y or z player when it's not like they have obvious star potential, like for example Grealish.
  3. (This isn't aimed at you eddiemunster, just had to get something off my chest about these types of social media posts I've seen loads of today.) Realistically, how many players have actually done this to us? And how many players have we released that we should have realistically held on to? The only players I can think of that we let go in the last 15 years that we maybe shouldn't have are Cahill and Albrighton. All the others that get brought up are players we released or allowed to leave whilst a Premier League team, it would've been planning for failure to keep hold of the likes of Bannan, Stevens, Robinson, et al., just because they might get in our team now. They weren't good enough for us then and they're not good enough for where we were, now. Clark seems to be the only one out of that lot to have actually done anything with a good spell at Port Vale (except Lyden, but he seems permanently injured and is 23, only a couple months younger than Grealish for example), and I'm sure he'll have a good career on the boundary between Championship/League 1 level like many of the other players we've released, but I don't see why we should be keeping hold of him if we are aiming to go back to the Premier League, it's planning for failure if he's never going to realistically be at that level. Maybe some of these players will make me eat my words, but I just don't see it, it's much more likely they join the likes of Kinsella, Donacien, Burke, Williams, Lichaj etc. It's not that I wish these guys bad luck or anything, quite the opposite, but I just don't get why we get these yearly threads about how we're so stupid for letting go youth players x, y and z, and then everyone forgets about them about a year or two later as they go on to play at much worse levels than us.
  4. Not sure where I saw it now, I'll have a look. Edit: Found it It even shows the one with the best case for a dive twice to push up the counter.
  5. Anyone else seen the video a Leeds fan made of all his "dives" yesterday? It even has a little dive and fouled counter. Oh, and of course a "fair tackle" counter that goes up to 1, I imagine you can guess which tackle that is. The thing is though, almost every "dive" is an obvious foul, to the point that even some of the Leeds players aren't really arguing, yet when a Leeds defender scythes him down after the ball had gone it's counted as a dive. There's an argument that there's 1 dive in there, but it was still a foul, it was the one from Phillips really early on when Phillips was pulling him back for about ten yards. It genuinely amazes me how blinkered fans get when it comes to Grealish, I guarantee if any of his "dives" were from McGinn, most people wouldn't bat an eye at it being a foul.
  6. It's funny, I've seen this photo shown to quite a few Leeds fans who suddenly go quiet about the "diving" all game.
  7. A perfectly good tackle apparently. It's staggering how often people equate "winning the ball" with "not a foul".
  8. **** me, looks like he's obliterated his boot in that tackle.
  9. Bielsa and his assistant are better at English than I thought, though I'm surprised Sky got them to commentate.
  10. We need to calm down a bit I think, everything's a bit frantic at the minute.
  11. To be fair to Bruce, hes securing us a playoff place as it stands, with Jedinak starting at CB too!
  12. In our last 5 games we have played 4 direct playoff rivals, with one of those rivals being derailed by losing to us, the other three are all directly competing with us still. If that's just "outplaying weaker teams" that you can't really judge him on, then you're basically saying the only games he can be judged on are his losses and our last two games of the season.
  13. I think if McGinn had started there would've been a good chance we'd have been down to 10 men after the Grealish incident. I like McGinn, but he'd just come back from his second yellow card suspension this season, a Derby game isn't the type of game to throw someone of his temperament straight back into the team, especially after the midfield played so well last week.
  14. That's what you said yesterday, so which is it? We just have to win, or the scoreline doesn't matter? Just give it up, it's getting boring now.
  15. Imagine being the officer who gets to walk into that pricks cell and tell him who scored
  16. Right, well if that's your point then fair enough, but your original one was bollocks.
  17. But you said before Grealish and Tuanzebe were injured we had too many draws due to our defence. We only had 3 and 2 were because of referee mistakes...
  18. We had gone unbeaten in 7 though, and from the 3 draws in Smith's first 10 games - the games Tuanzebe and Grealish (with the exception of Stoke) were available for - we were kinda screwed over in two of them. In the 5-5, our defence was shit, but Forest also only had 5 shots, at least 2 of which should have been easily saved. Plus we had a goal that IMO was wrongfully disallowed, so we could have easily won that one if we had Kalinic or the Ref did his job properly. And in the 2-2 against West Brom, they created practically nothing other than their goal from what I remember and then they equalised in the last minute with Rodriguez punching the ball in that the Linesman inexplicably didn't see despite staring right at it. Another referee mistake that cost us 2 points. With Stoke game, I didn't watch so I can't comment on it. But of the 3 draws that constitute "too many", at least two we should have won, mainly through poor officiating. Hell, you could argue in the last month and a half the refs have cost us at least 6 points if you include Sheff Utd. Then our defence really went off the rails with the Leeds match, the first that Tuanzebe missed, which it's also worth remembering Taylor was injured for. So when our defence really got bad, we had only 1 senior CB available (who was also injured) and no LB, resulting in a back 4 consisting of 3 RBs, until Taylor came back and Elphick was recalled. And we only had 2 fit CBs when we managed to get Hause/Mings so Chester could be rested, which has been what, 2 games now? Is 2 games with a fully fit back four really long enough to fix the issues we had with the taped together defensively line we had for over a month and 7 games? now I'm not saying our defence is stellar, but we have had some pretty shit luck since December and some glaring holes that we couldn't really do much about. We have problems, but a lot of them have been caused by missing players, it doesn't help that they're also our best players, we might've limped along better if we were missing Chester and Hourihane instead of Tuanzebe and Grealish.
  19. It is and it isn't. It's not just that we are missing Grealish, but more that his absence has totally unbalanced our midfield. Without Grealish the rest of our midfield are effectively pushed forward. Because we don't have a like for like replacement, we're forced to play McGinn further forward in a role he's nowhere near creative or technically good enough for and where his closing down and harrying is less effective, which means we miss his energy further back as Hourihane is nowhere near mobile or energetic enough to fill McGinn's role when he's pushed into that role. And the three that effectively replace Hourihane all have their own problems. Whelan's legs are gone, and I think he knows it, so he seems to play at about 50% when he starts so he can make the second half, though IMO he has been brilliant when coming off the bench recently, he just can't sustain it for more than 30 minutes. Jedinak can't run or pass, so he's practically useless at replacing anyone in our midfield. And Bjarnasson can run around a lot but not much else, which makes him almost more useless than Jedinak who at least head the ball and foul. So it's not just that Grealish is so good we're lost with him injured, but that without Grealish our entire midfield is less effective because they all have to play roles they're not suited for. He's not the sole issue, but our other midfield issues are solved with him back. As a side note, when we were linked with Fer most were excited because they thought he'd be a hard tackling DM, but he'd more likely be Grealish's back up as our creative player and help rebalance the midfield. Which is also why I think Carroll signing was irrelevant to Fer, as some have suggested we panic signed him instead of Fer, as I reckon he'll eventually replace Hourihane in that deeper playmaker role.
  20. The match is recognised as a super cup by the FA, so it is an official match.
  21. FIFA rules state you can only be registered for three clubs in a season and play for two. Tammy played for Chelsea in the Community Shield... No Premier League team is wasting the kind of money Chelsea would want for someone that would sit on the bench for 6 months. He's not being recalled to be sold, it's all paper bollocks.
  22. Because it's impossible to have a weak link in a team. By that logic, Heskey used to be one of our best players. Just because our 3rd best RB is better than our terrible LB doesn't mean he's one of our best players.
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