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  1. You have Roderick, so would only need one more Portuguese CB to fit a traditional back four. I imagine the point wasn't that Wolves could field 11 Portuguese players in their current system, just that they could field something like a 4-5-1 with only Portuguese players if they signed another CB.
  2. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but the Milner stuff is twitter BS. It's based off one random account that claims the Liverpool Echo has said we're interested, but there is nothing on their website or social media pages.
  3. It was Rhian Brewster, the original said they had bid £25m for him.
  4. Assuming that TransferMarkt's stats are correct, amazingly it is true! Three GKs have saved penalties for us in the Premier League and kept a clean sheet, however, none of them at Villa Park. Bosnich in a 0-0 draw at Everton in 98/99, Thomas Sorenson in a 2-0 win at Man City in 06/07 and Brad Guzan in a 1-0 win at Norwich in 13/14. Funnily enough, it even holds up in the Championship and again with GK doing it away from home, with Nyland in a 1-0 win at Swansea in 18/19.
  5. 10 men that barely left their own box and was the 4th best defence in the league last season.
  6. Not very? Sheff Utd wouldn't have been camped in their own box for an hour if it was 11v11 and we would've had more chances.
  7. Celtic supposedly only want around £15m for Kristoffer Ajer, I reckon we should try and tempt him here at that price, would make a good partner for Mings and can step up to midfield too. May be a bit fanciful though, as Milan are interested too.
  8. Don't think it's a pen, but definitely enough in it to not get overturned.
  9. He's looked really dodgy these first two games, three goals Leeds have conceded now that he's directly responsible for. Could've been four when he completely lost Hector on a corner earlier.
  10. Really hope that decision is upheld, it's about time fouls were given even when players stay on their feet.
  11. Jesus, that was awful from Fulham. Off the back of a player ducking on a corner and bounces to a completely unmarked player at the back post. It's gonna be a toss up between them and WBA for bottom, and they'll both be far adrift of 18th I think.
  12. His teammates have said he does too. It's similar to Aguero, who can speak English, but very rarely gives interviews because he's not confident enough.
  13. https://bcfc.com/news/articles/2020/scott-hogan-is-back-at-blues/ Cheers Blues!
  14. Good job we got him signed up this morning, he might've pulled out had he waited 24 hours
  15. Jesus, what's happened to Elmo's crossing? It was the one thing he was good and they've been shocking today.
  16. Errr, wasn't their striker a mile offside in front of Nyland?
  17. They also said that it's significantly bigger than the one in his previous contract.
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