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  1. Imagine being the officer who gets to walk into that pricks cell and tell him who scored
  2. Right, well if that's your point then fair enough, but your original one was bollocks.
  3. But you said before Grealish and Tuanzebe were injured we had too many draws due to our defence. We only had 3 and 2 were because of referee mistakes...
  4. We had gone unbeaten in 7 though, and from the 3 draws in Smith's first 10 games - the games Tuanzebe and Grealish (with the exception of Stoke) were available for - we were kinda screwed over in two of them. In the 5-5, our defence was shit, but Forest also only had 5 shots, at least 2 of which should have been easily saved. Plus we had a goal that IMO was wrongfully disallowed, so we could have easily won that one if we had Kalinic or the Ref did his job properly. And in the 2-2 against West Brom, they created practically nothing other than their goal from what I remember and then they equal
  5. It is and it isn't. It's not just that we are missing Grealish, but more that his absence has totally unbalanced our midfield. Without Grealish the rest of our midfield are effectively pushed forward. Because we don't have a like for like replacement, we're forced to play McGinn further forward in a role he's nowhere near creative or technically good enough for and where his closing down and harrying is less effective, which means we miss his energy further back as Hourihane is nowhere near mobile or energetic enough to fill McGinn's role when he's pushed into that role. And the three that eff
  6. The match is recognised as a super cup by the FA, so it is an official match.
  7. FIFA rules state you can only be registered for three clubs in a season and play for two. Tammy played for Chelsea in the Community Shield... No Premier League team is wasting the kind of money Chelsea would want for someone that would sit on the bench for 6 months. He's not being recalled to be sold, it's all paper bollocks.
  8. Because it's impossible to have a weak link in a team. By that logic, Heskey used to be one of our best players. Just because our 3rd best RB is better than our terrible LB doesn't mean he's one of our best players.
  9. His goal against us in that 2-2 draw was the turning point under MON and we've gradually gotten shitter ever since.
  10. The hero we needed, but not the one we deserve. Someone else would've stuck it top corner and kept Bruce on for a little longer.
  11. Matt Law is a Villa fan, he's probably been aware of the issues as long as most fans, even if he doesn't get down to games.
  12. And Sheffield Utd. And Wigan. And Crystal Palace...
  13. The article this came from apparently got changed within half an hour of being posted and the bit about Bruce now reads, "Despite the opposition from fans towards Bruce, it is understood there are no plans to dismiss him at this stage."
  14. I know it'll likely be a loan, but it will be funny if we manage to get Fulham's first choice LB signing after they nicked their second choice Bryan from under our noses. Maybe they did us a favour if they think he's better
  15. IIRC, that was the original plan, but I think the FA have a rule about not having stars above the badge, unless they don't symbolise anything like Man City's old badge.
  16. Loan window is open until the end of August, we've still got plenty of time to strengthen.
  17. The Kevan Grealish twitter account has been active since 2012 and has been tweeting about Grealish since he was a youth player with us, that's one massive long con for what was an unknown 16-year-old Grealish in 2012.
  18. Twitter rumours are saying he's already signed the contract but his agent reckons it doesn't stand If that's true this could get ugly.
  19. Piss off Fulham, just sell Sessegnon to Tottenham in exchange for Rose if you want a LB ya bastards!
  20. You seem to have gotten very angry and shouty whilst typing that, are you Jack Grealish?
  21. The biggest problem with these suggestions that he's had a promise broken that he could leave is that they were based on us needing to raise funds for the club, surely he'd realise after the takeover that was no longer the case? Why would he be upset now when it would've been clear we'd reject offers since the takeover?
  22. He seems to play a similar role to Hourihane, and I've seen Celtic fans saying they wanted him to replace Brown, so I'd guess he'd play the opposite side to Grealish against stronger sides with someone like Whelan/Jedinak playing and maybe at the base of a Grealish - McGinn - Hourihane three against weaker sides. Assuming Grealish stays that is.
  23. This makes the most sense to me from all the rumours. It doesn't matter how big a Villa fan he is, of course he's going to be disappointed as it's a big opportunity to play in the Champions League and maybe the England squad, but it always seemed a tad ridiculous that he'd be "disillusioned" with his boyhood club and try to force a move. Hopefully, I'm not eating my words by 5pm tomorrow.
  24. It's a good job he hasn't then, isn't it?
  25. I think at this point it may just be we don't want to sell to Spurs after Levy's tried to dick us around all summer, again. I reckon we may even sell to someone like Chelsea for less than Spurs would be willing to offer.
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