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  1. Yeah I'm a Spurs fan. As it stands we don't have any free dates left to play a rearranged game unless/until we go out of the FA Cup or Europa League but as you say it's unlikely we'll get to the final in both, though it's not impossible. I am actually on the side of Villa fans here, if other games have been called off for similar reasons then you can't go and make Villa play. Ironically though I think that by you cooperating and going ahead with the Liverpool game the other day that has given other teams/fans and maybe even those in power ammunition to say well you played that game, so you can play this one as well. I wouldn't want Spurs to be made to fulfil this fixture if the shoe was on the other foot though so I can't sit here and say that you should play it. If we could play Fulham instead then that would be ideal but then we'd probably want it on the Wednesday(as scheduled) whilst Fulham will argue that they can't because they then have a game on Friday. If we were to go all the way in both comps though I don't know what would happen as our fixture would have to come after the season has finished but I can't see the PL going for that.
  2. Spurs are in the Europa which has an extra round compared to the CL so as it stands Spurs would have two additional games compared to City(if Villa gets called off).
  3. He actually made more tackles and completed more successful dribbles than any other player on the pitch tonight.
  4. His natural position is where you have Bjarnason/where Hourihane usually plays. Anywhere else and you're just going to get one good game in four from him.
  5. Somewhat ironically you also have Onomah, whose main attributes actually do suit a deep-lying midfield role, being shoehorned into attacking positions.
  6. Front six of: Onomah Hourihane Snodgrass Grealish Adomah Hogan
  7. I would be surprised if we sold him, he's rated very highly by the club. There was a story going around that Pochettino wasn't impressed with his attitude upon returning from the U20 World Cup(where he was one of the standout performers), apparently Onomah came back a little too confident and that was one of the deciding factors in allowing him to go on loan. Pochettino also seemed narked at constantly hearing people suggest he hadn't been playing him in his best position which all throughout his youth career is central midfield, I think there was a case of him saying to Onomah to go and prove him wrong but as we know, so far Bruce has pretty much used him the same way - in fact he's playing even further forward with you. I do still think that you're not even seeing half the player when he's asked to play in the final third, he would show a far higher and more consistent level if he was played deeper but as long as he's playing and contributing positively then that's the most important thing.
  8. Move Onomah back to Hourihane's position with Grealish #10.
  9. I don't know how it works but it's a shame that it appears to be one or the other as they're nothing alike as players, the two of them could quite easily play in the same side.
  10. If Bruce played him in Whelan's or Hourihane's position you'd see the quality he has, he's not going to do anything when being tasked with some kind of target-man type role.
  11. No, he played 90 minutes. Think I accidentally left the time-stamp on but the video should play from the start now rather than from near the end. I'm a big fan of his, as a (deeper-lying)central midfielder. Anywhere else and he's not worth the bother.
  12. He always looks like that when he plays so far forward.
  13. Is an Onomah/Hourihane CM2 completely out of the question? Those two seemed to dovetail nicely against Colchester(not the greatest of opposition admittedly) and it would allow you to get another attacking player in the side which I think you desperately need right now.
  14. Difficult to say. He's a decent size(could still do with adding a bit more muscle) so should be able to handle himself well physically but despite that he's not really the "get stuck in" type like a Glen Whelan for example, he'll no doubt do his part but he won't be flying around into tackles, he's someone who'll look to intercept and close down angles etc. On the ball he has a lot of ability but a lot will depend on where Bruce uses him. He's best suited to a deep-lying or box-to-box CM role where he can receive the ball and drive forward, he also has a decent passing range and shows composure under pressure. If he's mainly used further forward as a #10 or out wide(I'm not sure how you're intending to setup?) then he won't be nearly as effective, he's not a natural final third player, he's more the type to help supply those who are.
  15. 100% CM, you won't see the best of him further forward. Here's a good compilation of his U20 World Cup performances if you have the time to watch - https://twitter.com/YedIin/status/873962696122613760 (Spurs fan in peace here btw).
  16. Yep, he's a massive fan of Edwards. I'm glad Tim is doing well and it's great to see RHM get on the pitch today, if there were more managers like Tim at the top level then I believe England's national team would be in a much better state.
  17. There's some talk that he's in the squad tomorrow.
  18. Attacking 442 is what Tim did with Spurs when he first came in as well, he wants the fans onside and the best way to do that is to attack from the off and hopefully get a few goals.
  19. Any positives you feel he can offer Villa? A lot. Short term he should give the club a lift and it will help if the fans buy into him and create a positive atmosphere. I think he's a good judge of player, when he came into Spurs, he favoured a young lad(Bentaleb) over far more experienced players with big reputations and price tags, it took a lot of balls to do that and he's been proven right as Bentaleb is now a key 1st team player for us over those established names, he also brought Kane in ahead of Soldado, a move which wasn't met positively with Spurs fans but again he's been proven more than correct on that one. I wouldn't like to guess where you'll end up this season if you were to hire him and there probably are safer options but long term I think he'll do a great job if he's given a chance. He 100% believes in developing young/home grown players over buying, he'll build a team that the fans find easy to get behind, any blasé players putting in minimal effort will quickly be shown the door - no matter who they are. He hates players who aren't good on the ball and he sets up to play attacking football - which could go some way to explaining why we had a high win % as well as a relatively high loss % and little in the way of draws while he was here. Anyway, I've met my posts limit for the day so this'll have to be the last one. I like him and if he is appointed it's good to see a young British manager getting a chance at a big club, he'll do well if you support and stick by him imo.
  20. A combination of reasons. For one I think fans were just disappointed in general at how the season was going by the time AVB was fired and Sherwood took over, Spurs fans have always been a bit precious and just saw it as us giving up on the season instead of giving him a chance. Some believe that Sherwood was poisonous behind the scenes and helped AVB get sacked - personally I think he did that all by himself. Tim's personaility will rub a lot of people up the wrong way, he says everything as it is, some fans will like that and others would rather he were just like most other managers regurgitating stock answers. Pochettino has lost 8 in 25 so far in the premier league. Fairly similar records. Sherwood's record was worse than the bloke he replaced. He got found out very quickly and ditched by Spurs. An egotistical idiot and a tacticial dunce His total management career stretches 4 months and some are creaming themselves over him - beggars belief! Easily a bigger mistake than McLeish if he turns up which looks increasingly likely We have turned a respected, historic club into a complete laughing stock Sherwoods record was worse than avb? Not from what I've seen. AVB W17 D4 L5 Dim Sherwood W14 D4 L10 That record(AVB's) is heavily padded by 8 games against sunday league opposition in the early rounds of the Europa whilst Tim's [cup] record includes games against the likes of Arsenal, Dnipro and Benfica - slightly tougher opposition. League only Tim took 42 points from 22 games, AVB took 27 from 16.
  21. Will he keep his salute for when Benteke scores? When? Is he really a word removed? In short - probably. He's certainly no shrinking violet but is that really such a bad thing for a football manager? He has total confidence(or some would say arrogance) in what he's doing, he certainly won't be fazed by the job at hand. As an outsider, Lambert to me always came across as a bit of a wet lettuce, almost as though he was just thankful to be there. Tim's certainly not there to make friends, he'll back himself against anyone. He riles opposition fans but his personality is much easier to get behind when it's your club he's in charge of.
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