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  1. Definitely adds to the feeling that we need more goals from somewhere. There has to be another striker/free-scoring winger in the plans.
  2. Apparently in Cat A Belmarsh? What could possibly be the reasoning behind that (if true)?
  3. I don't particularly want to defend him, he broke the law and should face consequences. But maximum security for contempt of court? Come on. He's been in a few punch-ups, he's not a serial killer. It's all so over the top. But what worries me far more is, as I said, the spectre of violence in the streets if anything happens to him.
  4. It's hard to see how that's not absolutely the intention. Unbelievably stupid to put him in the lion's den. If anything happens to him there will be mayhem on the streets.
  5. Good thinking. Definitely start Henri for Jack, and give some or all of the others you mention at least 30 mins as well. Is Axel fit?
  6. Absolutely with you on this. If we start with Jack against Leeds they will lay into him from the start. The potential disadvantage of losing him far outweighs the advantage of keeping a winning run going. Plus if they are kicking Jack, there's a considerable risk SJM could get sent off.
  7. BigJim

    Tom Carroll

    Certainly somewhere on the left. From a very limited range of Youtube clips he looks more one-footed than Hourihane, if that's possible. But at least he seems a bit more interested in moving off the ball.
  8. I thought he said something about not getting clearance for Easah to play? Perhaps I misheard... Is clearance necessary for players returning from a loan outside the country?
  9. Looks like the Adomah deal is off - because TA didn't sign?
  10. Generally good stuff but I thought Jack had an indifferent game (this from one of his biggest fans). Also, it seems to me that he and McGinn seem to want to take up the same space left of centre. They both seem to prefer playing there, and Jack doesn't look so threatening coming in from the right. This is something that needs sorting: do we have the coaches to do it?
  11. Jake did some good stuff but made quite a lot of mistakes under severe pressing by Yeovil. I think he's good enough technically to persist with - the mistakes will grow less with experience - but I just can't see Bruce risking him very often in the league. When we thought we would lose JG and had no inkling of McGinn coming in, it looked like Jake's big chance. But now? Loan out asap.
  12. What on earth was up with Hourihane? Never seen such a shocking display. Perhaps he feels his place is under pressure from the new lad. If he puts in another performance like that he could lose it for a long time.
  13. One may smile and smile, and be a villain (The snake proved Shakespeare right)
  14. Maybe Levy should call Timmy Sherwood to ask him what he's worth. 60m was his valuation as I recall.
  15. No, but the way things are going, if we don't sell Jack we will wind up with the mother of all FFP holes

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