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  1. While it did sometimes look as if he was holding on too long, we should probably take into account he's waiting for his team-mate to make the move he wants/expects him to. I'm sure we'll see big improvements in this as he builds understanding with the likes of Ollie, Ross and Bert.
  2. He certainly has a lot in common with Best, who for me is the best player I ever saw playing live. I would put Best among a small handful of "best in the world" I have only seen on TV. One of the things that puts GB above Grealish for me was his absolute fearlessness and strength in the tackle. Nobody wanted to get tackled by Best and I'm talking a time when he was facing some real nutters like Ron "Chopper" Harris and defenders got away with a lot more than today. Now Jack gets kicked a lot obviously, puts in his more than his share of tackles and is pretty good at winning the ball
  3. yeah, might as well keep the thread open until he finally signs
  4. "I remember when Villa beat the previous season's champions 7-2. It was a Sunday evening and Villa Park was empty because people weren't allowed to go out..." "Oh come off it, Grandad..."
  5. This option has been raised a number of times. Maybe he can do a job at CF, but the obvious flaw is it leaves us with Trez on the right.
  6. Wouldn't it make sense all round to pay to get rid of Henri? It's been painfully obvious for a while no one else would take on his wages. Wouldn't the cost go down as a benefit re. FFP? (well, it's not my money) I mean, getting Rashica another striker in might be the difference between moderate lower half comfort and another brush with relegation.
  7. Exactly and I can't believe we are going to make the same mistake that almost cost us last season. That's why I don't believe we are finished yet.
  8. Probably not but I would view him as an upgrade on El Ghazi/Trez. Not saying much though.
  9. BigJim

    Dean Smith

    Looks pretty clear now this isn't going to happen, so I would guess you think we won't be comfortable? If so, I'm afraid I agree with you.
  10. Ditto. Absolutely shocking. I very much hope we DON'T sign him.
  11. Let's just hope whoever drew up the budget wasn't relying on large amounts of income from player sales.
  12. We were making such heavy weather of the game that I have to admit to wishing we could bring either Trez or Conor on. Never expected to have that thought.
  13. Not on the bench at Burton: on his way out?
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