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  1. If we don't get ESR, then i would hang on and get Eze.
  2. Not sure about Pickford there tbh, Far, Far too negative, Mount is never a no 10. Rice and Phillips too slow and predictable, Saka out of his depth, Sterling average at best. Move Mount back, move Sterling inside, and put SJG and Foden on at H/T
  3. Too much baggage with Mbappe etc. Anyway, not sure he is as good as he is made out. A bit like Sterling, Sancho, Rashford, plenty of pace, little product.
  4. Whats this website that V4E recommended about transfers please.
  5. To beat Italy, imho , we need Jack and Foden in the team, I like Mount, but he is not a No10, and Rice and Phillips need to watch a video of Busquets from last night to see how to pay that role
  6. The ONLY player in world football i would swap SJG for is Foden..........although I might be tempted by Pedri
  7. Now Sancho has signed for Ure, do you think James would be worth a £20m bid?
  8. Foden, Chilwell, James, all play for suppodesly big clubs, and aren't playing. If i am being honest, SJG and Foden are our best footballers, and will play well together, Sterling, and i am not fan, has done enough to keep his place. Despite Jenis the Penis, and St Rio over the top praise, Sancho is a work in progress, and Mount, is good , but not as good as SJG and Foden. For me, and i was quite happy to see GS have a word with Jack on the final whistle, if we are to win it, we need SJG and Foden in the 1st team. Thought Henderson and Bellingham looked better than Rice and Phillips as well.
  9. I think pace is overrated in todays game. What did Sancho do in the final 1/3rd. Rashford come on and gave the ball nearly every time he had it. He disappoints me Rashford, when he come on the scene i thought he was going to be a hell of a palyer, but he hasn't developed for me tbh. I thought Mount was better 2nd half, he drove forward and looked better.
  10. Henderson and Bellingham are a better combination than Rice and Phillips for me. Maguire and Kane are our key players, Sancho , Sterling and Rashord are not as good technically as SJG or Foden. We should beat Denmark, and might beat Spain, not sure about Italy tbh
  11. I think Jack and Foden will be on 2nd half. IF we are to beat, certainly Italy, if not Spain, we need better quality on the pitch than tis 11. Sancho has never done anything in an England shirt for me, and i think Mount is lost in his role.
  12. Sterling off the ball is very good. Sterling on the ball, for me never makes the right choice.
  13. I've had to mute the commentary, Jenas does my head in.
  14. Didn't need to make the challenge, give him the oppurtunity to go down. I think Chiesa could make Italy into winners tbh
  15. I don't think Rice or Phillips are either good enough on the ball, or quick or mobile enough. He has to try and get either Bellingham or Mount in the middle imho
  16. V4E do you think, IF we play Italy in the final, Rice and Phillips should play?
  17. is there anyway you can mute Jenas the Penis?
  18. Swiss no 5 looks a good defender
  19. That co-commentator doesn't shut up. Have to say Pedri is the best footballer i have seen in this competition so far. I think Spain have a good chance against France, They move the ball in the middle of the park really well and quickly.
  20. Gundogan, De Bruyne, Foden, Sterling, Mahrez, Silva.........not sure another attacking midfielder is their priority tbh. The only attainable player i have seen in the last 12 months, who could get anywhere near Jacks quality is Eze, and he is out for 9/12 months. I would buy Eze regardless, i'm not convinced Citeeeh are after Jack yet, maybe next season, but not this. Time will tell, we sold Gray, and signed Withe, we sold Yorkie, and signed Merse. Life goes on
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