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  1. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    I would be fuming if I was made to catch a coach, and in any case it wouldn't make much if any difference, because they'd still need to clear the whole of the Cov road and the roundabout. I just hope they get the same shit treatment as we did, hope they get an hour long lock in and a magical mystery tour all around Birmingham...
  2. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    You weren't supposed to walk back to town at that point, the idea was you had to get the train for a complete unknown reason, its just that so many ignored it and did it anyway they had no choice. We went left there, **** waiting for the train there was around 1500 Villa fans in that shitty escort. It was shit, they should have closed the Cov road off outside the away end and let us straight out and escorted us down to the same Island, locking off all the pubs in Digbeth and the one on the top of the roundabout. Apart from them jumping on fences and taking a swing at someone from over the fence before throwing a coin **** all of note happened, as predicted.
  3. alexpayne

    Pre match thread

    Each to their own, but I absolutely love these derbies and it really took the edge off going down knowing we got 2 games against these ****. So many memories good and bad, but when we beat these its definitely up their with the best feelings.
  4. alexpayne

    Aston Villa Home Support

    I've only ever known Villa as a Prem side, playing mainly the same teams and going the same grounds year in year out. This season feels like a breath of fresh air too me. I'm seeing us play teams who I've never seen before and come to VP with a lot more enthusiasm and I'm enjoying the new grounds to visit and the local derbys. I could go another season if we stay down but that would be it for me, I wanna win promotion and get back up there. Also, insanely, we drop down a division and ticket prices for away games fall!
  5. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    This is what I'm saying, people have built Albion up to be something that its not because its all we've had in the last few years. The tension and atmosphere when we play the shit is huge. Not helped by the fact last season was dog shit and even though we beat them, it was a smaller crowd than we all expected and it was a massive anti-climax
  6. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    Yeah for me it took 10 years of Villa to experience a real derby, when I started going it was mid 90's early 00's so big games were Cov and Man U. But it all changed when they came up, I hated watching us lose 3 0 on the telly, all their cnut fans on the pitch and I experienced first hand what a second city derby was on 03/03/03. Its been pure hatred ever since. But some of our fans aged below 20 won't have been Small Heath away, the won't have really noticed that tension that comes with playing blues. All they'll know is Albion and that drum and some shit song about Popeye. I dislike Albion, and its got a lot more heated in the last few years, but I **** hate Birmingham City.
  7. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    I personally know and know of plenty.
  8. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    Its the bollocks they come out with. All Villa fans are posh glory hunters who vote Tory, next minute we're the tramp historians who don't have homes. As I said, generally they're all just mouth. Don't wear colours, stick together and it'll be fine.
  9. alexpayne

    Pre match thread

    0 2. About 4 smoke bombs too go off at the final whistle, Jedinak to score a free kick in the second half and Kodjia to score the 2nd on 82. Pandemonium
  10. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    It ain't a walk in the park. I've been twice before and never had my head kicked in. Few bottles to dodge but thats about it. Its not as if we're going to Syria. I'm pissed off theres a lock in n all, put a line of police across the blues fans outside the gates of the away end, let us walk down the hill. However, if we do win, 30 minutes extra taking the piss will be fun. The timing of this is great, some of the lads who have started attending away games in the last 3/4 years and think Albion are our main rivals will see what a REAL local derby atmosphere is. Outsing the Albion with that shitty drum every year, Sunday will be red hot, bring it on
  11. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    Well OTT. It's just Blues. Just because they shout Zulus gonna get ya before making their way back to their nursing home don't make them scary. They're the biggest keyboard warriors on the planet.
  12. alexpayne

    Away fans lock in

    Except for the fact they'd get pissed off and invade the pitch, The stewards wouldn't be able to hold their fans for 30 minutes nor would they want too.
  13. alexpayne

    Ticket info

    Anyone know roughly how many tickets sold?
  14. alexpayne


    Which station and what was the pub called?
  15. alexpayne

    Ticket News

    I would suspect that Wigan would not do this as thousands would turn up. Doubt it, if we're safe pre game interest will drop off a bit We'll pack this place out regardless of whether or not were safe, can see us taking 8k + regardless of whether or not we have tickets.