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  1. alexpayne

    Pre-match thread

    Albion only really started caring about wolves because of circumstance. We were well out of their league and they were battling more with wolves at the time. Since Albion came back to the prem in the early 00’s they’ve changed their rivalries on a season by season basis. They’re a strange bunch.
  2. alexpayne

    Pre-match thread

    Been Albion away 6 times and never seen anything more than gobbing off between the fans and a very minor scuffle on a train platform once. You our get off the train/tram. Home fans one way, away fans the other and it’s 2 minutes walk to the away end. Don’t get me wrong I **** hate the baggies, but it’s nowhere near the same as the blues. There isnt the same intensity and hatred when we play the Albion as when we play blues. The Albion fans absolutely hate us but they’re terrified of us.
  3. alexpayne

    Aston Villa Home Support

    I've only ever known Villa as a Prem side, playing mainly the same teams and going the same grounds year in year out. This season feels like a breath of fresh air too me. I'm seeing us play teams who I've never seen before and come to VP with a lot more enthusiasm and I'm enjoying the new grounds to visit and the local derbys. I could go another season if we stay down but that would be it for me, I wanna win promotion and get back up there. Also, insanely, we drop down a division and ticket prices for away games fall!
  4. alexpayne

    our support if we went down

    28k average if we went down, big promotion games and the shit would see sell outs. Away attendances would be huge
  5. alexpayne

    Martin O'Neill

    Can we stick a nail in Pubeheads coffin please?
  6. alexpayne

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Answering my own question,,1071385
  7. alexpayne

    Football Manager 2013

    I just thought that we'd have a little bit of money compared to Rangers who are still in money trouble.
  8. alexpayne

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I thought that about Carson. Lets be honest, it never works out for them, relegation looms. Are they any closer to admin?
  9. alexpayne

    Football Manager 2013

    I can't get any reaction unless I lose or win on last years or the demo. No transfer budget with Villa yet you get a budget with Rangers I found slightly strange...
  10. alexpayne

    Paul Lambert

    We needed someone like KEA because our midfield was powderpuff and had no bite and no one with some compusure, I think he's playing well if I'm honest. I thought Ireland would be the link between Bent and the midfield, but he doesn't do enough for me, I like him as a composed midfielder but I'd rather get a really clever creative midfielder in thats on the same wavelength as Bent
  11. alexpayne

    Paul Lambert

    I actually think the thing we lack is a creative midfielder and width in the formation, he only had pre season to see for himself whats going on with the team, lets see what he does in January but in the meantime, hope N'zogbia and Albrighton discover what there supposed to do. Lambert has his hands tied
  12. alexpayne

    Paul Lambert

    I heard a rumour the big orange thing in the sky comes from David Moyes arse
  13. alexpayne

    Paul Lambert

    Did Lambert walk into your house on Christmas day and piss on your tree?
  14. alexpayne

    Greatest Ever Players

    Best player I've ever seen live would be Rooney, Ronaldo never seemed to play well at VP Zidane and Messi would be the best I'ver ever seen on TV, Torres really was unplayable and I think he'll find that form again soon
  15. alexpayne

    Football Manager 2013

    Whats the general feel so far then? Worth getting?