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  1. Every time I see Bentley written I die a little inside. We should get at least twenty million for downing. Then we need to see if we can get a good replacement in. Eljero Elia, Balazs Dzsudzsak, Shaqiri, Guardado, Krancjar or even Sinclair. If its tbe first two we'd have a better winger in a 433 than downing imo. If it were the others then we would have an able replacement to rotate with Marc and have money left over to bring in another good player.

    Jarvis, Bentley, Etherington, Barton etc are all going to be overpriced, too old, a general twunt and all are not good enough. We can get better, younger, cheaper players than those both in this country or abroad

  2. I think players like Makoun should make use feel positive about next season.. Yes we have lost Young and may lose Downing, but we have Makoun, Delph, Albrighton if we keep Downing we have one strong midfield. It's not all doom and gloom even if it feels like it right now.

    TBH - a midfield of Makoun , Delph and Albrighton is the stuff of nightmares. 2 of them are pretty injury prone - and the other will I feel crumble under the weight of expectation.

    I think we could get away with starting with one of those.

    all of our midfielders are best suited to working in a midfield 3.. Its the best way to set our team up. If we can get a brute enforcer as a DM then we can use any mixture of players imo. Definitely 2 of Albrighton, Delph and Makoun. Maybe not both Delph and Makoun... But only because they are so similar. You wouldnt put Bent and Chicarito as the only 2 forwards, because they are similar.. Same kind of thing for Makoun and Delph.

    Doesnt mean they are terrible. Just means we have options. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Rather that than have first XI and then nobody.

  3. I think hes a very good player hes just taking some time to adjust. He was great vs Utd and he won VTs man off the match already twice... Hes good eough. No doubt about out in my opinion but I worry he won't be used by mcleish whatsoever.

  4. Ancellotti has quoted, he's not really bothered if he gets the sack from Chelsea. He has also stated if this happened he would want to stay in the Premiership not particulary with a champions league club, just as long as it was a challenge.

    I think he had a bit of a fallout with Abramovich over the Wilkins situation and to be fair Abramovich has showed us before he does hold grudges and does not forget.

    "Ancelloti we are waiting for you!

    Ive already expressed my views on Moyes and would think/hope we are bigger than to take Hughes as our manager!


    Maybe some truth in the rumours then.

    Ancellotti + Wilkins would orgasmic.

  5. Everton have never qualified for the Champions League.



    Not into the group stage no. But they got 4th and were then robbed. Got knocked out by Villareal, which, as qualifiers go (Spurs vs Young Boys) is a pretty hard qualifier.

    But saying they didnt qualify is similar to us saying we havent qualified for the Europa League recently.

    edit: Villareal away once > Rapied Wien away once

  6. Really pisses me off when people usa Makoun and Bradley to bitch about GH considering they didnt cost barely anything/nothing and are adjusting to the league/probably wont be here next season. Its pathetic

    A lot is in response to this notion that houllier is a god in the transfer market

    Its a ridiculous response considering Makoun has been here for less than 6 months, has been banned, injured and away with family whilst needing to adjust to the league. Only cost us 30k wages and a pittance at £4m. Even if he's just a squad player he is a much better value squad player than we currently have.

    Bradley was free and is clearly considered a Reserve. Somebody who can do a job if required ( a la a repeat Injury Crisis ) but isnt near the first team. He's also completely free.

    So. Houllier can buy (at the very least) squad players for better money and better wages than previously (Only NRC was a first teamer under MON to be on less than 40k a week). He also has CL experience (more than any other player at the club. Sounds like a sound investment to me.

    And spends 0 money on making sure there is somewhat competent backup in the event of an injury crisis?

    Oh dear, thats so terrible, I completely understand how these two players are a major part of anti-houllier. Whatever will we do with squad players who have played CL recently and making sure we arent **** if our midfielders get injured and have to play Salifou. Disgusting.

  7. Makoun can tackle, he's just adjusting to the league. Shocking how many people writing him off already.

    He'll be a very good player for us next season, if not he'll be a great squad player.

    Really pisses me off when people usa Makoun and Bradley to bitch about GH considering they didnt cost barely anything/nothing and are adjusting to the league/probably wont be here next season. Its pathetic

  8. Also you can read the quote from Moyes two ways:

    “The last thing he needs to hear is someone talking about his job but I’m not interested in it, so that answers it.”

    The key phrase could be "his job". Once GH goes its a vacant position - very different IMO.

    Yeah. But he could just say

    'the last thing he needs is hearing people talking about his job, im already at a great club and i love it here and have a lot of respect for Houllier'

    But He categorically says he's not interested in the job. Imagine if MoN said at the end of last season he wasn't interested in the Liverpool job and then 3 weeks later left us in the lurch to join them? We'd be fuming and I doubt Moyes will go back on it now he's so clearly said no.

  9. I think he'll be very important for us next season..

    But even if not, he's cover for anywhere in midfield and he'd be a squad player with Champions League experience, not old and past it, definitely usable, only on 30k wages and only cost £4.2m. Thats more than good enough for a squad player, he doesnt need to set the world alight when you consider that.

    I still think he'll be very important but if not, thats fine too. We could do with more players who can play in multiple positions, have played CL recently and are on low(er) wages.

    Makoun as a Squad Player>Sidwell/Beye/Heskey/Warnock/Pires as squad players.

    It's also good that if he did become just a squad player, that we'd have some experience in there too rather than a good first team + the back up is all 22 yrs old.

  10. Hughes wouldn't get a good reception, just because you don't like him? Bottom line is whoever the next manager is will have fans support due to the last one being shit.

    No thats not at all what I meant, I'll support the team etc.

    What im saying is that I would think the fans would just be 'meh' I cant see the majority of villa fans being over-joyed with Hughes. And I cant see the media making a massive fuss over it either. Generally, If the Media talk it up a lot more people wont be as quick to jump the gun if results dont go right straight away.

    What I mean is that Hughes would divide fans imo much like we've seen this year and if it didnt start well I think we'd turn fairly quickly.

    Where as I think with more media backing and a bigger name such as Moyes or the others mentioned people would be more willing to give time.

    I will support whoever comes in to be honest. But I would always be much more apprehensive with Hughes, McClaren etc than I would be with Moyes or the others.

  11. If we sign Hughes, I suddenly start posting like fran. I'd be devastated with Hughes considering the available options if we really want to push and compete.

    Who do you want?

    Although Moyes would be my first choice, i'd be happy with Mark Hughes aswell, who I think it's more likely to be.

    Moyes, Rikjaard, Deschamps, Hiddink, Van Gaal, Capello, Ancellotti (some obvious long shots, but think the first 3 are gettable. Capello obviously likes our players, the other 3 obviously very much longshots).

    Those would be my first choice. But i would also put Lambert, Coyle and Stojkovic before Hughes or McClaren because they just dont inspire me at all. I'd be so 'meh' with Hughes or Brolly. I'd really find it hard to be excited through the summer and it would take some great signings + hitting the ground running for me to be convinced they were good enough. Where as the others i'd be willing to give time to if im perfectly honest.

    I have no faith in Hughes or McClaren and I think most fans would turn quickly too, as well as neither of those would be perpetrated greatly by the media with the club. I think any of the others would get good reception and PR for the club, which would in turn get fans off of their back for a bit longer whilst they are adjusting the team etc.

  12. I know Moyes is probably the best choice on paper, but I find Hughes and McClaren to be more exciting for some reason...

    Also, am I right in saying that McClaren is the only British candidate to have won a trophy in England? (2004 League Cup)

    This isnt meant as an insult. But I dont think I've ever disagreed with somebody as much as I completely disagree with 95% of the things you post.

  13. I'd be upset with Hughes, we can do better. Im sure players like him and its good he gets on with Tevez and Robinho... but we wont have the wages to attract players of this calibre no matter how much they like Hughes.

    We dont have an enormous amount of money to spend but enough to sign some quality players and a few bargains. Sounds like Moyes written all over it. We have three things he hasnt managed to get at Everton - Good wide men/wingers, A great goalscrorer and some money. Now if we can coax him here to get the defence and bits of the midfield sorted we'll be aces.

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