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  1. He has to go. Hes clueless. He thinks hes playing football manager at home. Our midfield never has any shape & has no dynamism which means its bypassed far to easily. He cant set up the team to defend a lead & his only answer to conceding is to throw on strikers everywhere and hope for the best.This is something you do in the last 10 minutes not at half time like hes done a few times this season.
  2. I wish the season would end now. Watching Villa is a horrible experience. This team is nothing short of an embarrassment. Im yet to see a worse team in the final 3rd than us. We really are diabolical. Our build up play always involves going sideways, No midfielders make late runs into the box, our strikers off the ball movement is terrible & our crossing accuracy is woeful. I could go on and on. The club is in ruins on & off the pitch but its on the pitch everyone else has access to witness the car crash we have for a team and point & laugh which is the bit that truly hurts as a proud fan.
  3. Haito

    Carles Gil

    We are so poor in the final 3rd we will never see the best of Gil. He has very limited options whenever he recieves the ball in attacking areas and ends up dribbling too much. Hes not in Coutinho/Silva class dont get me wrong, but in a more intelligent attacking team he would be very very useful.
  4. His influence in games is minimal. Occasionally threatens but definately needs to be on the bench instead of starting as we cant have passengers.
  5. We need to win games now and the fact he bottled it today worries me. 2nd half we had great momentum and were really on the front foot. We had some great opportunities that nearly all stopped with misplaced passes from a very tired Veretout. Gil /Grealish or Traore to replace him for the last 15 was crucial and the fact he was afraid to make the change that was so badly needed was not good at all...
  6. Hes not fit enough. Was absolutely out on his feet after 70 minutes. Wasted 3 great counter attacks with terrible passes in the 2nd half. Replacing him with Gil/Grealish after 70 was an absolute necessity but Garde bottled it.
  7. Garde bottled it today. We had great momentum 2nd half but the one player absolutely out on his feet was Veretout. He wasted 3 great counter attacks with woeful passes as he was done in. He absolutely needed to be replaced with Gil/Grealish on 70 minutes. Garde missing this was criminal for me.
  8. He has his weaknesses but at this time he is crucial to us. He can create and make things happen. Definately should stay in the first 11.
  9. Haito

    Jordan Ayew

    He's lacking confidence which has to be expected until he has got used to the league. Think time on the bench will suit him. Coming on for the last 20 minutes when games are stretched.
  10. Think Gabby/Ayew/Sinclair will be alternating alot. They are all far too similar to be all starting. Gestede will lead the line and two from Gil/Grealish/Traore will start most games leaving one position for Gabby/Sinclair/Ayew to fight over. Ive said for three years now Gabby can still be an important part of the team but only from the bench coming on against tired legs. Hes too one dimensional to be starting every week.
  11. Haito

    Paul Lambert

    Pulis or Moyes id snap your hand off for one of them. Both would improve the team organisation and get more out of these players. Lambert continues to make the same mistakes week in week out. What other manager waits until we concede another goal before making important changes. We need a proactive manager not a reactive one.
  12. Haito

    Paul Lambert

    If he stays. Lerner is playing chicken with his investment as if we go down were worth about 30 quid & if lambert stays we have a very good chance of going down. Lambert is a joke. He always waits to we concede a second goal before making changes that then become pointless. The team has no movement,flow or creativity. Pass,Pass,Hoof, Chase, Repeat. Its like watching a piss poor pub team.
  13. Said for a while now. Hes not good enough regularly enough to be a starter. I think he would be best utilised from the bench for the final 20 mins of matches.
  14. Lambert should have got in experienced CB cover instead of wasting funds on Grant Holt. This was a huge mistake with Okore out all year. Baker is far too rash and clumsy to be starting in this league. He is a blood and thunder defender and he is brave to be fair to him but his timing is atrocious. Time after time this year he has gave away stupid penalty's and dangerous free kicks. The worst of it is he isnt improving his timing either as today showed.
  15. I think if we do get a new owner and a decent attack minded manager, Gabby will rightfully be relegated to the bench as his output is nowhere near good enough to be starting every game. His first touch is terrible, He isnt creative and his goals tally is poor. I think he still has a place in the squad as he would be a very useful weapon to bring off the bench fresh for 25 minutes or so but he should not be in the first 11 week after week if we are to improve.
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