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  1. EVERY organisation and Company is plagued by muppets, I've been in exactly this position, it goes with the territory and you deal with it, the problem I have with your suggestion is that any UK based Group would want to a quick profit, and that is where all our problems have stemmed from, it has to be a Philanthrocapitalism. if we can find someone like that great.
  2. I don’t write much here, and comment very rarely – but in my opinion the only long-term way to stability is a supporter ownership model like the German League. Which is fundamentally 50+1% ownership in the fans favour, this is in fact how practically the whole of German football works (there are a few exceptions) with the other 49% been owned by mainly local business or investors. I have always thought because of the figures involved historically (hundreds of millions of £) that this would be impossible, BUT now I feel it is entirely tangible with today’s lower figures been bandied about, at this junction in our history I feel we have the best opportunity to secure our clubs future for generations to come. Is it feasible?, personally I think so – if the fans committed financially and individually to the club on long term basis, most banks would back it –30- 60,000 members contributing £10 a month would have a lot of sway, and to be honest it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of attending matches and being a fan in the great scheme of things. Particurly if they got the equivalent in Season ticket discounts and benefits. As fans/members we would have to have a reality check regarding expectations, we would have to run on realistic budgets, and breakeven year on year, but I am sure it would be balanced by the pride of knowing we own our own club, and nobody could come along and shame us on weekly basis, it may also mean that the players we end up with share a joint endeavour, there would certainly be a new level of accountability. What we need is a genuine leader, a benefactor that really does have the clubs future at heart, someone who has the clout to structure the endeavour, and talk to the Banks and galvanise the fans, and someone who is not in it for profit. Would I pay my subs to be a member of the best club in the world? – Yes Would I be prepared to see the same club in a lower league, but safe in the knowledge that they will be strong (and here) next year and the year after – Yes Do I believe that we would eventually return as one of the stronger top teams under these terms? – Yes Do I want the pride re-installed in my Club even if it costs us in perceived stature, short to medium term? – Yes
  3. People forget what a duffer he was when he first came to us, and that we had completly blown 3 million quid he was so injured, but he slowly got better and better.... how old was he when he finally repaid the faith 29..... 30, fabulous player
  4. DeHavilland

    John Terry

    well... He looks up for it, completely different than the ... Heads down and weight on my shoulders we've seen over the past few years, and I also think the "we can break any player" syndrome, may have also met its match. we will see, but I hope it lasts as long as possible.
  5. DeHavilland


    I genuinely don't get down about the Villa, I view myself as a supporter - not a fan, and take the hard times with the good, but I also can be consoled having been to Division 3 and witnessed the rise back - and that's a big thing for the older ones amongst us "My Eyes have seen the glory of the Villa win the cup" - it gives you faith, but I have to admit Last night I was gutted, I expected a lot more. BUT BUT BUT - Throwing the baby out with the bath water is just not an option at this point, we can not do this again, if we think we have the players and the manger capable of getting us out of this League I think we do - we have to be patient
  6. Out of curiosity - how many scouts did we have at the time? As I recall every man and his dog was a scout for one club or another. I'm not trying to circumnavigate any of the blame - I'm just trying to get a better perspective of the general landscape.
  7. So it was a different era, and if anything less tolerant - and from my perspective, if this had happened to one of my Lads something would have been done about it, no matter what the club did or didn't do, I would have struggled with been complicit in any other childs abuse - let alone my own, I just don't understand what would of been in anybodys minds. Ultimately a parents responsibility to there kids is to protect them, no matter what - putting career and financial reward over anything else, and you shouldn't even have kids, its atrocious behaviour - which I just do not comprehend. If I am been very honest with myself, sure the club would of been the first point of call, but I would of fully expected to get fobbed off - vested interest etc. then it would of been the police, authorities then the press, and anyone else who would listen, failing that I don't know how far I would go. Would I be placated by a sacking? - no way if I thought the perpetrator could carry on somewhere else - which they undoubtedly do without prosecution. I am not defending the club - far from it, I am just questioning the morality and the subsequent complicity of the parents.
  8. That explains a lot, SB got pelters for picking Gabby - who apparently is training hard and all the time this toss pots wagging it like a school kid. I hate this with a passion, making the club, the manager, the fans look like utter mugs, if he was in my company he'd get a slap
  9. I think they did have the gallows... but were concerned that giving him the final push could of brought the back of the North Stand down
  10. Totally agree ... people seem to forget sports like playing poker, you don't show ANYONE your hand, we don't know what hand he has been dealt, fitness, form, stamina etc. Maybe this manager knows how to play his hand better than previous encumbrance ... or he has plain luck on his side, personaly I don't care, either or both is something we haven't had for a very long time
  11. I'm pretty sure that he must know Brian Little very well, not just because of the West Midlands connection etc. But he also had Alex Bruce on loan at Hartlepool, I'm also pretty sure if he didn't think he could do a job for us ... he would have put his oar in ... I have a good feeling about this
  12. Interesting that Tony is there himself, out last chairman couldn't get out of bed
  13. Please ...... just don't get a tattoo
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