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    I’ve got hearts on fire and burning heart from Rocky going on in my head lol the songs while moving leg again first Time in nearly 3 weeks I feel like Rocky balboa lads been pushing myself since 5am to move Leg and worked thanks for all your kind words. It means a lot
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    Piss off glory hunter!!! ?
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    Morning all, I'm a Hibs season ticket holder so thought I'd join your forum to give you an insight in to John McGinn and what to expect if you manager to sign him which I sincerely hope you do. John McGinn is probably the most loved Hibs player within the support and the club and has been since he joined 4 years ago. During this time we've seen him develop from a rough diamond with potential to a genuinely top quality midfielder who IMO should be Scotland's first choice midfielder right now. John's biggest attribute is his spirit, you get these players every so often like your Gerrard's, Schole's etc that have the ability to lift a team and drive them on. John will bring that in abundance, if a game is going against you he will single handedly give everything he's got to drag the team back in to it through grit, determination and fight. On the flipside, if you're winning a game well John has the classy side of his game as well, excellent strength, ability to spray 50 yard passes with ease and a very decent turn of pace. He also has a wicked left foot on him and the majority of his goals tend to come from drives from outside the box including two 25 yard strikes in a 2-2 draw at Celtic Park last season. He will dominate the midfield in most games he plays and Scott Brown who's been the Celtic captain for 10 years said last season McGinn was the most difficult midfielder he's ever played against in Scotland. The bigger the game, the bigger the performance you'll get from McGinn and he will never ever be accused of hiding. In my opinion John McGinn will be an English premiership player within 2-3 years whether it be with Villa or another club. From a Hibs fans perspective Villa would be a cracking move though. Best of luck for the season ahead and hopefully you guys get promotion!
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    Dean Smith when asked, "Why were you shouting at your players to get up whilst 2-0 up? Surely you could have sat back and played it safe? Why take the risk?" " My philosophy is this : 1-0, 2-0 or 5-0 up: never ever settle for it, you must be hungry for more. If you do sit back not only are you inviting the opposition to get back into the game but you are showing them mercy. You have to look at the bigger picture, I don't only want us to destroy our current opponent's. I want to breed fear into our next ones "?
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    Absolutely, utterly delighted. I've really admired Smith's work for some time now, both at Walsall and Brentford and anyone who witnessed our games against the later in recent times should be the same. Some were taken in by the glamour of Henry but I firmly and have always firmly believed Smith is a far better suited appointment to where we are as a club. That has nothing to do with him being one of us. The way Smith approaches the game is what I've been desperate to see at VP for years even before the arrival of Bruce. I can't wait to see what he will do with Hogan! At last we've a manager with a real philosophy based on coaching and passing the ball, that takes control of games rather than trying to strangle the life out of them or scrape through them. With Terry's knowledge of the players and club and unquestionable defensive coaching potential I really do think its a great combination. On the Smith the Villa fan thing, a couple of thoughts. What an incredible moment this must be for the guy having once swept the Holte End and won't be nice to have a manager to gets the club and the fan base, who embraces what the club is, was and could be again. A manager who will share our expectations, hopes and dreams rather than down play our chances. Exciting times.
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    When Dean Smith arrived, it was generally agreed that he had inherited a squad with some serious flaws. In addition it was widely thought that it would be difficult to get these players playing a more attacking style. He’ll need time was the general consensus. However he did quickly get us playing much better in regard to both performances and results. Recently we have had a lot of injuries, including 2 of our best players and performances have inevitably suffered. Incredibly some people are now, after only 14 games in charge and with barely any opportunity to bring in players, are questioning Smith. I find this unbelievable. I also hear people questioning why we haven’t signed players in one position or the other. It really beggars belief that anyone with an interest in football can’t see that it isn’t as simple as a trip to ASDA. People are even questioning why there aren’t any rumours, as though rumours from the internet are equivalent to hacking into the club’s private email account. I know we live in a world where people expect everything now, but a bit of common sense please.
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    So, an interesting meeting - I'll not repeat the answers in depth as the club are writing up notes which will be published in the near future, what I will do is give you my initial feelings on the new man in charge and some of the things discussed. Christian Purslow, Chief Executive, head honcho and lest we forget, investor (He describes Eden and Sawiris as partners). He's very professional, he's clear, concise, organised and serious. If you imagine what a Chief Executive of a slick company would be like; he's like that. He's smart, posh and carries a certain gravitas. I was going to put that I like him, but I'm not sure that's quite right - he's a very serious man, easily the least likely of all of those in the room to make a fart joke and he's capable of both not answering a question whilst answering it and answering a question whilst not giving the answer at all very adeptly. In short, i'd buy snake oil from this man readily, he's convincing and trustworthy, if he'd spent an hour telling me pancakes were pillows I'd have believed him. If saying I like him might not be the perfect description, I think it's definitely right to say I like the idea of him running my football club. He spoke clearly on how he believes a football club should be run and that there was a lot of work to do in order to get ours where he'd like it. He told us he'd inherited numerous areas he'd like to improve. "A lot needs to change; a lot will change." That'll be focused on the football and he's clear that in order to function well a club with our infrastructure needs to be at a higher level - within that, he was very clear that he won't be making any false promises and that we won't be taking crazy bets chasing that dream. In terms of playing structure he wants us to be able to buy and develop players, to find ways to add value to our squad, good players, developed by good coaches that either help us or provide value - what he was describing was the opposite of what we've seen in the last few years where we've signed older players on big money to try and do a quick job and then found ourselves holding the (very expensive) baby and with nothing to show for it. The future is described as being one of "strategic, not tactical signings". I for one find all of that immensely reassuring. I think it's the right way to go. I think we've needed it for a decade or more. We now have a Sporting Director, a Commercial director, a Finance director and a Legal Director - all reporting to Purslow and all accountable for their business areas - he was keen to stress that for him this means that where there's a problem, he can have one conversion and address it. I suspect he doesn't mess about. There were a couple of points made that he wanted to be clear on and for us to pass on: Stadium renaming - it isn't happening. It's not been discussed, it's not being discussed, it's not up for discussion, the story hasn't come from the club. Breakaway League - you may have seen the story that said fourteen Championship clubs were considering breaking away from the league - it's also bunkum - like everyone in football, we're looking for the best TV deal for us and for the league that we can get, but breaking up a league we founded? Not happening. On FFP, without too much detail, Purslow is still talking confidently - we won't break the rules, we're not looking at loopholes - we're looking to be sensible but we're likely to be active in January at a sensible level - without knowing where we'll be next season, spending a massive amount on individual players would be reckless, but there's the opportunity to do things in January. He spoke about the importance of showing that we're moving in the right direction in relation to the FFP rules. He helped write them, I'm hoping he knows. Tony Xia remains a shareholder and will be for the foreseeable future - the removal of the Recon label from Bodymoor Heath was part of the deal around the sale. We would consider selling naming rights on the training ground if the right type of company were interested. Throughout, probably the thing that impressed me most was that he spoke about standards, his personal standards and those that this football club should expect to have - he isn't happy with the way those standards have been maintained in some areas, he's working on those. I very much got the impression that this is a man who wants the very best for this football club, because the very best is what he wants to be associated with. When he talked about sponsorship, shirts, our media output, our PA system and indeed anything around the way the club does things, he talked about wanting to be a leader, wanting to find people who were at the right level to partner with the club, wanting the right personnel within the club. There was a confidence in the sanctity of our place in football - this is not a man who will ever devalue the idea of Aston Villa and for me that's very good news, I have a great deal of confidence in the quality of our future sponsorships and partnerships. We were also introduced to Paul Tyrrell - the clubs new man in charge of communications or marketing or media or all of that (you would be correct in thinking I didn't quite catch his job title) - he's an altogether different character, but made a very good first impression. There are lots of questions which will be in the notes which Paul answered around media content, AVTV, social media and so on, so again I won't go into detail in advance of the club releasing the notes, but he's a likeable man with good experience in the game at Everton and more recently Derby - he seems to have a genuine love for the game and for the stories of football, he speaks well about the areas of his expertise and is clearly a man who knows a thing or two about running the media output of a football club. He seems genuinely excited by the job and the club and I'm hopeful he'll make a difference. There's quite a lot more to come on the notes, I may have said too much, I may have missed out something obvious - once the notes are out, I'll add more. In short, on this evidence, Purslow is quite impressive and we're starting to put together a staff that can serve both him and the club well.
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    Class. Jack Grealish is a player with class, he has that silky touch, the sway, the vision and ability to do things that other players can't. He's also rapidly shaping up to be a young man with class - character, calm determination, the ability to inspire and to lead and to not lose his head when other are. There is much to be proud of for him today. Our opposition showed a complete lack of anything resembling class, from the idiot running on to throw a punch at a player, the thousands applauding him for it, the steward trying to stamp on a players ankles, a manager and a club statement so desperate to say "individual" and "throw the book at him" but so lacking in taking any kind of responsibility for their own supporters or arrangements, right through to the sad angry youngster posting pictures of a grave. They're a shocking club, with shocking support, that have shamed the name of this city for a long time. It's not an isolated incident, it's not one idiot, it's the culture of the club, their ethos and it's time they were properly punished. We were second best for large parts of the game, we didn't play at all well, we got it tactically wrong for most of the game and heck, we even rode our luck at the end - but we didn't sacrifice our dignity or our class - we didn't lower ourselves to their level. I hope we never will. 0-1 is not the extent of our victory.
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    woke this morning with my left arm and hand starting to move freely.... Finally taken exactly week longer than left leg.. Can make a fist and walking currently with a frame lol. hopefully fingers crossed going home February 4th. Can't wait as so bored in hospiral. UTV
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    So... the man who often gave an impression that he would live forever is no longer with us and so ends a chapter in our history that for many of us is as long as our support of this great club. I'm unusual in that my formative years as a young fan were spent in the warmth and comfort of the the William McGregor Suite in the old Trinity Road Stand (a topic I won't dwell on at this time for obvious reasons...) rather than the wonderful chaos of the Holte. Doing so gave me a different perspective on the game but also on Doug. I saw him up close, in person, away from the camera lens that he loved so so much. Truth be told he wasn't all that different when there was no camera, he loved an audience, he loved to tell a tale of his own greatness (real or otherwise... frequently otherwise) and he liked to be king of his castle. I can't say I ever warmed to him all that much. Many platitudes have and will be made regarding Doug, some true others as befitting the man are at best bordering on revisionism. People say he loved the club more than anyone else, he didn't. People will say he was Villa trough and through, he wasn't although he came to be in a way. Those old enough to have lived through the Doug years know the good and the bad of the man and his tenure at the helm of our great club. I won't pay a tribute to him I don't mean, but what I will say is that with Doug's passing ends an era. For those of us of a certain age, Doug has always been there for good or bad, at the forefront or in the background. With his passing for me, it feels like the last link to the club and the era of Villa that I grew up with and for that at least I'll always remember him fondly. When I heard the news this morning, the first thing I thought was that is absolutely peak Doug. We appoint Smith, he is set for a hero's welcome and Terry for a big welcome back against Swansea and Doug passes away bringing the spotlight back on him. I can't help but thing Doug would enjoy that somehow, he really did love being the center of attention. RIP Doug you old rascal you'll certainly be remembered.
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    This fixture always brings back memories. It was the first away fixture I ever went to around 50 years ago My dad took me. The old chap is 90 now, with early dementia. Poor old bugger cant remember how to use the remote for the TV But he can remember the whole team that played that day
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    So... with Smith's second game a little over 24 hours away I find myself excited ahead of a game, it has been quite some time since I felt that way. It isn't so much an excitement of anticipation of the game itself, its more that its the next step on a journey. Unfortunately we are at the time of year when those steps are going to be coming thick and fast and there won't be that much time on the training ground. The excitement and anticipation is more about progress, about seeing coaching in effect, about seeing a team working towards something rather than just striving for something, there is a marked difference between the two. Smith had a few days with the players, 1 or 2 in some cases but it to me at least was clearly evident that things have changed at BMH and that signs of change were already out on the pitch at Villa Park. We played higher up the pitch, we started on the front foot with a clear attacking mentality, players were in their correct positions, wingers were higher up the pitch, the defence was higher up the pitch. We worked har harder and faster to win the ball back, I thought to a small degree we used it better as well. Not bad for a few days work most of which was non ball work. Promising. But what is more promising is listening to Smith talk, I could listen to him for a considerable amount of time I'm sure. This compared to a manager I've not been able to bare listing to for more than 12 months. That isn't really about them as individuals its about what they say, their attitudes to the game, they couldn't be further apart in their views. I won't dwell on the man before Smith, I've nothing new to add about him and I want to look to the future and the future is so musher brighter when you hear a manager after a in talking about areas that need to be improved such as ball retention. I would like to think even the most ardent of Bruce supporter or supporter that was reluctant for us to make another change can see the vast difference in their respective approaches to the game. For me I think Bruce looks even more outdated ever time Smith speaks and talking about when he speaks, its so lovely to hear a local accent from the guy running our team! I thought Smith got everything right on Saturday including the subs, some of the stuff I've seen on here and elsewhere in relation to Grealish is utterly ridiculous. If him being substituted somehow makes his departure more likely then I hope he goes on January 1st. Not because I want him to go, far from it, but if we were in a situation of such a scenario then we should remove him or any player from the club at the first opportunity. Thankfully I don't buy this thinking at all. Back to Smith, what I've found interesting about his public appearances so far, other than hearing about his views on the job/game, is how he has handled the 'Villa fan' thing. It would have been so easy to jump on it, to tug on the heart strings, to talk about our shared passion. Smith hasn't gone near any of that, in fact I'd say on at least two occasions I've heard him down play it, distance himself from being a Villa fan even. That to me is interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, it shows a self belief. He isn't playing to the crowd, he isn't buying himself time by saying "I'm one of you", he isn't making a big deal of it the way someone like Gregory did when he arrived. This is a guy saying I'm a professional, there is a history there but I got this job and I took this job on merit not because of who I supported as a kid, that is some self belief and backbone and he is right he didn't get this job for any other reason than his coaching performance and pedigree. I'm hugely impressed by that about him because lets face it somewhere inside there is that kid from the Holte, the kid that went to Rotterdam. Just imagine being him right now, but he would rather talk about phases of play, resting in possession, setting traps, working without the ball, ball retention...... that is what I've wanted from someone in charge of our team. Not talking about having a right good go, rolling sleeves up and working hard' because those things alone don't win football matches any more on a consistent enough basis to be successful. I'm excited about tomorrow, not because I think we are going to win. Not because I can't wait to be entertained or I think we are going to play like Barca. But because it will be interesting to see more evidence of coaching, to see signs of improvement, of development and to get a glimpse of hopefully what we will become under Smith. Unfortunately due to our start to the season results are all fairly crucial now if we are to have any chance of getting back into promotion contention but I honestly think how we play is more important than the results. If we get that right the results will follow. Exciting times to be a Villa fan, I've not really felt that since O'Neill arrived even if I was briefly win drunk under Bruce before the reality of his approach sobered me. Anyway... I'll shut up now! It's just nice to feel passionate about Villa again after what I think have been largely two dire years irrespective of the wins.
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    That was weird. I mean just weird. We looked weird in our set up and selection, Wigan played a weird sort of tactic, the referee was mungo-bongo, some of the goals were weird and we won in the 93rd minute. Weird. In terms of our line up, on the opening home day of the season, we elected to play with four players out of position. Tuanzabe, Jedinak, Elmohamady and Hutton all having a little go at their hobbies from the outset. We looked like it for a bit, then we scored and settled, and then we had a moment and then we looked horrible for a while. Wigan seemed to play a long ball game into midfield and then aim balls into the box for their strikers to run away from - there's some talent and movement there, but I'm not sure how it works. Anyway, I'm not so worried about them, we've enough trouble trying to figure out how we work - because make no mistake, we were poor for huge parts of today's game and we've started to take liberties with lady luck. I think it's probably easiest to go with the players as individuals: Nyland (4) I'm hoping he was nervous. His kicking was poor and he looked ropey on crosses. There was a high ball in the box in the second half which he worryingly ran under until it was behind him. I can't really comment on his shot stopping as I don't recall him having to stop one, he looked calm enough and a reasonable organiser, but if you can't claim a cross or distribute the ball at this level you're going to struggle. I hope he's better next time out. Tuanzabe (4) I'm told he's a good young centre half. I'm not sure about that, I don't think I've ever seen him play there; I can however confirm that he's not a right back. He's not got a lot a aggression and he seems to want the game slowed down to a pace he likes - that's not going to happen. He didn't offer a massive amount going forward (but then he's probably a centre half playing at right back) and he was at times a liability defensively. We've got loads of right backs, I'd like to see one of them get a go. Jedinak (5) He's great in the air, he's a commanding presence, he's positionally good - he has lots of the tools you need to be a good centre back. It's just the ball he struggles with. When you're a defensive midfielder, playing one or two horrible passes a game will sometimes get you trouble - when you're a centre back they'll get you goals conceded. If he could pass, he'd be a good centre half. He can't. Chester (8) I thought he was man of the match, somehow marshalled a nervy keeper, an unpredictable partner, bambi, and the Scottish Cafu through ninety minutes whilst pulling off a number of decent tackles and interceptions and steering Wigan strikers into less dangerous areas. We must imagine Sisyphus happy. Hutton (7) Looked like a man a little too keen to taste glory again at times and maybe overdid things, but he was solid and added much to our forward play - I particularly enjoyed the first half spin drag past their right midfielder which got him a round of applause from the whole ground, including the opposition manager. Bjarnason (6) He's not quite as assured a defensive midfielder as Whelan and sometimes doesn't pop up where you expect him. We looked a little less secure with him there. What he does offer is additional mobility and the knack of arriving at the back post in the 93rd minute. Good boy. Grealish (7) He's a class act on the ball, he was good today without ever quite adding anything to his extensive highlight reel. What was good to see was that he seems to be on the same wavelength as his new midfield partner. There is promise in the idea that he might not have to shoulder the whole workload. Space may be appearing near Jack soon. McGinn (8) Sound the klaxon, release the balloons, break out the bunting; we have a player. A very promising debut indeed. There was industry, he's a terrier charging after the ball with his head down, nibbling at the opposition and not allowing them time, there was endeavour with some great direct running through the heart of the pitch, carrying defence into attack, and there was artistry in some very good set piece deliveries both from free kicks and corners. Goes about his business with gusto and is hard not to like. Bravo. Green (5) Didn't really threaten all game; I don't think he had a shot and I also can't say as I really remember a cross. He was diligent, he stuck to his work and he did his bit defensively, but I'm not sure that's what we were hoping for. More to do. Elmohamady (5) He makes me sigh. He's so risk averse that he won't take a player on, he's got a good right foot when he wants to put a cross in, but if there's an easier option he'll take it every time. He's not got the desire to play on the wing for my money and he's a little too soft for a right back. I'm not a huge fan, but he's the manager's favourite so I suppose I need to get used to it. Kodjia (4) The shadow of Jonathon Kodjia. There was no threat in him today. Admittedly the centre half spent a good portion of the game trying to pull his arm out of his socket (with full permission from the weird referee) but Kodjia seemed content to get near to the defender and offer his arm. When we wanted him going forward he was on his heels, when we wanted him coming back, he was away. His copy of the script didn't seem to have arrived and when he's a little off his best he's a long way from good. I worry for him; over the last two games I think he's earned a place on the bench and he looks like a player who might be part of our past rather than our future. Subs RHM (6) Gave us more danger in fifteen minutes than Jimmy did in eighty six. He looks a live wire and I think he merits a start, at least in the cup. Adomah (5) he looks a little out of sorts and I think would welcome a return to the left hand side. Not quite at the races today. Hourihane (6) can consider himself a little unlucky not to have started, but might have to get used to it - there's a challenge for him now to up his game. What he did do though was to whip in a lovely little ball at the end for Bjarnason to get onto and win us the game - a reminder that he might just be capable of meeting that challenge. The crowd was good, the referee was awful, it was fantastic to be back at Villa Park, but everything was just ever so slightly out of kilter. I wonder if this might be a dream. Still, overall, it's hugely pleasing to have six points from our opening two games, but there are questions about the managers selections, about our cohesiveness as a unit and about individuals that have played. The gap between our better players and our lesser players is huge and to succeed this year we'll need to get everyone onto the same page - we're not there yet. Onwards.
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    She did it! Not long got home now, and having a beer. Wife and the little boy will be in hospital for a couple of days. The c-section went exactly the way it's supposed to. Except the bit right at the end, while they were sewing her up, that I got a bit green and had to step outside for a couple of minutes. Felt like I was going to hit the deck! I hadn't even been watching! It was very nervy for both of us. A long wait as we didn't start till 4pm in the end. When they brought him out and we heard him start crying I burst into tears. We've both been so scared about the actual delivery that we're now really excited about having a baby in the house. It's a huge relief. Little girl was dead excited to meet her baby brother too. She made him a card at nursery, and I brought her in to see him tonight. He doesn't have a name just yet. We're going to get to know him first. Thanks so, so much for your support, guys. It's funny, really, that my last child was born in Canada so we had a support network there, and this one was born in England so we have a support network here too. Apart from me and the wife, though, some of you guys are the only ones that were "there" for both. This community blows my mind sometimes.
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    Don't be alarmed by the radio silence on here now from Hibs fans, we are all in mourning, the mood around E.R at the moment is like somebody has died! In 25 years I've never been so gutted about a player moving on but that is for purely good reasons. He will be an asset to Villa and I reckon a legend one day. Couldn't be happier he's chosen to go to a huge club in England and really test himself. It also says a lot about Villa the fact that Celtic matched both Villa's offer and personal terms, John and his family are all Celtic fans and he's still chosen to sign for you guys. There's no risk about this transfer from your end, Super John McGinn WILL be a huge success. Just out of interest, how easy/difficult is it to get tickets for Villa Park these days? I hope you don't mind but I'm adopting Villa as my English team now and would be keen to come down for a game or two once the season is in full swing! UTV. GGTTH.
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    Been walking since weekend without pod and don't plan use again and can do squats for exercise and helping to get legs stronger. Finally managed go out and to hairdressers for first time since before xmas other day boy did my hair need a cut was starting to look like Stig Of The Dump) walking getting easier daily for me and feet feel sore first thing in morning only. Lost so much weight now down to 12.5stone now after eating better since hospital and feel so much better for it and following healthy eating plan by having cheat day today watching game on Sky tonight Going to go to Man City vs Spurs game in April for the game of my choice Man City and my scout friend sorted for me and aiming go Villa game end March/Early April and hopefully to Port Vale or Crewe scouting next month or April. Had cancel my FA Talent ID Level 2 for end month that i booked last October so going rebook by end season or for next season as going try go up different level's (,3 and then 4 within nec few years) and they only do the course during a football season.
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    It was. He came on, changed the game for us to win and had thus had enough in the tank to absolutely run the show tonight. Absolutely perfectly managed.
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    I do find it comical, when I hear journo's relate to Aston Villa Fans being demanding. I think its so Ironic. We went down winning 3 games all season. We have been in the top 2 for 6 days ( that stat has tickled me pink, I think its shocking) We are currently sitting at 15th in the championship. DEMANDING..... Now that's what I call fake news......We are an owners dream....what was it 35,000 the last Saturday game? We must be amongst some of the most tolerant/Patient fans in the football league. We have got some front us villa fans , we expect to win now and again you know.
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    Linked with £7m player from club X: ' 'why can't we find these unknown gems from the lower leagues before they cost millions? Our scouting network is rubbish' Linked with unknown (possible) gems from the lower leagues: 'Who the f##k is that? I love football fans.
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    Got married, again won't bore you all with shitloads of pics but here's one post-ceremony. Photo credit to the lovely Mrs @Designer1 Susan Guest Photpgraphy.
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    Well sod a lot of you lot and your negativity. I for one am excited about the prospect of Henry. We know where Brucie's ceiling is, and it's with hoof ball and being a nearly team with some shocking winless runs, and some impressive runs of wins. For me, to get the furthest in anything you have to take gambles, sometimes they fall flat and sometimes they pay off... As a player Henry didn't really have a ceiling, he ended up banging the goals in for one of the biggest clubs in world football, playing under managers like Guardiola, Rijkaard and Wenger. He's clearly retained a lot from those days, you can tell just by the way he speaks about the game. He's a lover of the game, is well respected and could bring sexy back to Villa Park. If it doesn't work, fine, but at least we gave it a shot rather than sticking with Brucie and looking on with jealousy after someone like Monaco take him on and he turns out to be the next Deschamps. At least we gave it a shot.
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    Hi guys Our very own @Villan4Life, Chris sounds like he is in a bad way. I have come across this on Twitter - It sounds like the poor fella had a stroke New Years Day, and is in need of the Villa and football family. Please click the link and have a look. Love and best wishes going out to you Chris for a speedy recovery for you! Villan4Life’s Go Fund Me Page Mods - please move if necessary.
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    My boys and I. We participated in a charity cycle in support of MS Australia. 82kms from Sydney to Wollongong...
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    Wotcha all. Brentford fan here. Quite happy to see Dean get his dream move. He did a decent job at Brentford but the feeling is that he didn't really quite achieve as much as he could have, but who knows? Just a potted history but Smith came into Brentford at a time when we were happy with Lee Carsley as our caretaker, who took over from a disaster of a Dutch manager. What struck me was that Smith didn't really do anything with the team and a run of 10 defeats in 13 games in the league was followed by a run of 7 wins in 9 to convince the fans that he had the ability to take us into his full first season. His next season was interesting because of our inconsistency. I remember clearly that our style of football wasn't all that (inconsistent) and we had a streaky patch where a fair few fans were calling for his head because we felt our squad was underachieving. However, a patient board and his ability to turn results around saw form improve and we finished the season quite strongly to finish midtable. It was at the end of this particular season when we started to play some really attractive football and therefore convinced Brentford fans, after 18 months, that his honeymoon period was over. Into last season and the style of football had carried on from the end of the previous season and we looked great on the eye but the results were appalling. However, it was only a matter of time before results would pick up and they did. The football was outstanding at times, with a squad that we felt should be in the playoffs. But, our inability to counter most of the big clubs, sloppiness, concession of late goals, meant that we kept dropping points far too often and we finished outside the playoff places. Fans glossed over it by saying how close we were and the unfortunate start to the season. Into this season, and we've played some great football again. Easy on the eye but has flaws. It requires unbelievable fitness levels and if we're only slightly off our game, we can look really ordinary. We also have struggled against teams who press us high for the entire game. Dean Smith just didn't seem to have an idea on how to counter this, as for me, the signs were there last season. Teams knew that if they could force mistakes against us high up the pitch, we looked very vulnerable. So, whilst our football is easy on the eye, whilst Dean Smith is undoubtedly a great man manager, I'm concerned for him at Villa. He won't have or is unlikely to have the same level of patience shown. It took over 14 months for our team to start showing the attractive football that we play. And our recruitment policy has always been to sign players who are comfortable on the ball. We had a few streaks of poor results that put him under pressure, but against pretty awful teams. Dean Smith never seemed to get a grip on teams that could press us for 90 minutes and a lot of Brentford fans will argue that the improvement in our style of football coincided with the appointment of ex-Brondby manager, Thomas Frank, who is tipped to be the new Brentford manager. Brentford fans also talk of him being a cog in the machine. He benefits from a scouting system that has come about from our owner and his two DoF's who are his people. He benefits from a large number of other coaches who work on and develop many areas of our game, and he benefits from a unique analytical system where we have a number of analysts feeding information to the bench that enables him to make better informed decisions. This analytical system is also employed as part of our scouting system that enables us to assess players on every aspect of their game. For all these points made, Brentford fans pretty much believe that we're in a great position to get in a manager that might make better use of our squad. Had Dean Smith stayed and failed to get us into the playoffs this season, he would seriously have underachieved. And the feeling is, like we sell players at the top of their value, we've let Dean Smith go at the top of his. Villa is a totally different animal to Brentford. Different expectations, different pressure, different squad with bigger egos, and my fear is that Brentford was the perfect fit for him and Villa will be a step too far. I hope not, because he's an incredibly genuine person, and he's incredibly likeable in person. Please give him time and I'm sure that for all the negatives/concerns I've mentioned, he will have gained more experience during his tenure at Brentford, so everything I've said might become totally irrelevant. It's also interesting to note that Brentford fans don't begrudge him his dream move. He leaves on excellent terms and with our best wishes. P.S. any questions, I'll happily try to answer them. Obviously it's a busy forum so I'll answer what I can when I can.
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    A few months back a lot of you were very supportive about my wife's miscarriage. I got to really see what a good community VT is and especially @VILLAMARV & @NurembergVillan who were very supportive. So now that all the arguments about Bruce have ended (and before we we all start arguing about the next guy) I want to let you all know the good news that we are now expecting our first child at the end of January! It's a boy and I think the "Aston" is a great name but the wife is not sold on it yet!
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    Collins on his way also
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    The first 19 games of our last two managers: Smith: P:19 - W:7 - D:8 - L:4 - PTS: 29 Bruce: P:19 - W:7 - D:5 - L:7 - PTS: 26 Just for interest, how were the first 19 games under arguably our best manager for years: O'Neill: P:19 - W:5 - D:10 - L:4 - PTS: 25 What about other high flyers? How were their first 19 at the clubs they're managing? Farke: P:19 - W:6 - D:6 - L:7 - PTS: 24 Jokanovic: P:19 - W:5 - D:6 - L:8 - PTS: 21 Add in to the mix, because you can, the 'excuses' of a widely injured squad with no settling, the complete lack of a defensive set up when he joined, operating under tight FFP restrictions in January, our best player out for most of that time and a chocolate goalkeeper, and he hasn't done too bad. But no. We're Aston Villa Football Club and unless our manager hits the ground with 19 W's under his belt, it's bedsheets out at dawn.
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    going home tonight my fiancee is going be my full time carer until walking without use of a pod. Onwards and upwards once home hope to be able post more on VT using my laptop instead of phone as much prefer that. UTV. Goal now is to get out scouting again by end of season.
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    Had anyone else noticed this on the extended highlights....
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