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    Congratulations Villa - on holiday in Majorca, bought a Sky subscription just to be able to watch the game on my mobile phone while at the beach, fell out with the Mrs, who screamed at me, saying, “I thought you were a Hibby”, and went mental when SJM leapt like a fine Scottish salmon to head the ball out of the flailing arms of the statuesque Rams keeper - cue the most lusty rendition of the SJM song ever heard in the Med! Now very much looking forward to following Villa next season in the Premiership. Occasionally I look back at the original post at the start of the season when you were thinking of signing John McGinn. I think it says something like, “Anyone know much about him?”... Aye, you do now! UTV!
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    So, another weekend has come and gone. A weekend that most people in the world won't have ny memory of in a few years time or so. But for 69 swedish Villans it will probably stay in their memories forever. Although, some will probably never remember some parts at all. But we've had a great time. For me it started on Wednesday. Flight to Manchester, with what I suspect was a couple of manure-fans going over to watch their game against barcelona. I think I know which one of us who was the happier later that night. Their I met a friend from the really grim north of Sweden, Gällivare which is north of the pole circle, and then a train to Rotherham. A nice little town. There we met two more friends from Stockholm to get to the hotel. A hotel I'd booked and of course I never checked out how close to the arena or train station it was. It was at the other end of Rotherham. We spent some time in taxi's that night. Suffice to say I won't book the next hotel. But in the end, after the game, we didn't think much about it. You saw the game, you know how it was. We were just chuffed. I have to say that I felt a bit robbed by the ref when he gave them a penalty which we thought never was a penalty and upon that sent Mings off. I guess we all did. But in the end it didn't matter much. But I guess this was shortly after that: Oh, and I met Drat in a pub just before the game. Then it's Thursday and time to go to good ol' Brum and meet up with around 20 newly arrived swedish Villans. Two beer on the train, and then we're off. That's pretty much about it. A rather quiet night with a few beer. A few new ones who settled in. No scandals. Then on Friday it all kicked off officially. The rest arrived and by the time they did, around 10, we took a taxi to VP and then Aston Tavern and never looked back. We were all having dinner together at the hotel and were told to expect one or more secret guests. And they came: So we had a few beers with these guys. I bought them all one. I think they got a bit pissed, actually. I know Shaw did. But they were great to hang out with. And after they left we left for Craven arms. I don't know why, but we always go there at least once. For me, I don't think this was the best idea, but it wasn't the worst that night. I came, took a piss, had a beer, and then it wasn't hard for my friend to talk me into going back to the hotel. The thing was that I'd promised another friend that he could stay in my room that night. He was meant to stay at couple of friends place but they weren't at home, or something, and I was alone in a single room. Of course I said yes, but somewhere along the night I forgot about that. Can't understand why. He called me about 5 times, knocked on the door, and in the end he just walked down to the reception and got a new key. When he came into the room I was lying on the bed fully clothed as if I'd just taken two steps in and fallen down on the bed. And was pretty much how I woke up but with a nagging thought in my head: "Where the hell is my jacket?" I had a vague memory of me thinking that I'd left my jacket on the room which I was quite sure that I hadn't. And I hadn't. It was gone. With my match ticket and slightly less important my passport. I felt a little panic for a while, but I was quite sure that if I'd left it anywhere it was at the hotel and then there could be a chance that someone had found it and left it in the reception. Someone had. One of us said that they'd called out in the speakers to ask if someone had forgot his jacket. I never heard that, of course. But Saturday, match day, no problem with the jacket so back to Aston Tavern to knock on the door. They didn't open untill 11, so of course we were a bit too early. But we got in in the end so we could drink our beer. Then up to Holte pub and, well, you know. Then it was time for kickoff. But before that I met the great Blandy, great even though his taste for music is less than great. Always nice to meet you, sir. 2nd time ever, but still. That's when I had my 2nd burger and that plus breakfast was pretty much what I had that day. I think I've taken the phrase "Eating Guiness" a bit too far. Anyway, game on! And again, you were there, you know how it was. We could've won 4-1, and apparently it was because their fans were sat on Witton. As good an excuse can ever get. And McGinn was still runinng. The best thing for me apart from the 3 points was that we showed that we could play quite well without Jack and Mings. And here are the Villa Sweden after the game: And I think you can guess what happened next. Holte Suit, Hyatt's hotel bar, then I went up to my room to change my shirt before I left for some pub or somewhere to eat. My mistake was that I sat down on the bed. And then I lay down just for a few minutes. Sunday, rehab day. Not much to tell. 8 of us left for Leicester as my friends son, the former Villa youth keepr Viktor Johansson, plays for leicester now and they had a game against liverpool that day. Unfortunately the scousers won 6-0. Not that good. Back again, and then I had a bus leaving for Stansted at 1 am and a flight 8:15, which of course was delayed, and now I'm back home. A bit tired. The thing is that this might seem like a lot of grown ups just on the piss, but there are som many funny things happening, and so many injokes that would take too long time to explain and it would still be hard for you to understand the fun in it, but we always have a great time. Always. Most of these people I only meet this one time a year, maybe two, a few more often as we live close, but we spend so much time together when we're over, more or less every awaken second, and we shair so many stories and do so many funny and silly things during these weekends that some of us are more or less like best friends. And when we meet there are always big smiles and I can't remember anyone ever getting angry at another person. We're simply just having a great time. And we'll be back in a year. Just wanted to share this with you all. It got very long, and if you're still reading I'm quite impressed you're still awake, but I thank you! UTV
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    Looks like he has no problems with gates, that's #1 recruitment criteria for forwards at Villa!
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    Hi, visiting KRC Genk and (biased) Samatta fan. Is Samatta good enough a striker for Villa and the Premier League? I think he will be sufficient for your needs. He isn't a clinical finisher, but I'm sure he'll score his goals. He's a fairly good allrounder. He's quick, a good header, pretty much two-footed. His biggest attribute is his work ethic. He's a very dynamic striker, in games he doesn't score or he isn't efficient, he's a constant threat for defenders. He always will do his defensive work and never hides in games. Last season he had a big amount in our league titel. With his goals, work amount and leadership. He will be missed, not only for what he did on the field, but especially outside of it. He's an absolute fan favoriete. He's always positive, always smiling, a great teamplayer and a leader on the pitch. In Genk he already has his song on the tune of KC and the Sunshine band - give it up. Nanananananana Sama-goal, Sama-goal, Sama Sama goaaal. Please keep this in honour
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    Well that was an interesting evening. Genuinely not pissing about here. Felt fine until Tuesday despite wife showing symptoms over the weekend but mild dry throat & occasional cough appeared before relatively light chest pains & difficulty breathing kicked in. Actually seemed to improve a little by the time i woke up but cough & breathing worsened during the day to the point where i am struggling to take any sort of meaningful deep breath at all. Doesn't feel like i am about to collapse or anything but breathing isn't fun and having to stand up every few minutes to try and get some sort of deeper gulp of air.Standing in the garden definitely seems to aid this at least somewhat. Assessed & told it looks like i definitely have it but not tested or hospitalised. Repeatedly asked about any blood coming from either end (there isn't) & still able to hold a conversation without having to stop to try and breathe every few words and this seems to be the cut-off point at the moment for whether you are going to end up in hospital or not. Treatment/advice is drink water, take paracetamol, wash hands, do not leave the house for 14 days, avoid other people. If breathing difficulties worsen over the next 3 or 4 days and/or any signs of blood call 111 (999 in extremes). Unless you are pretty much about to drop dead (which hopefully i am not) it seems you are not getting tested or going anywhere near a hospital. Now off to bed & will hopefully wake up in the morning Cheers to those who showed concern & stay safe out there. This isn't much fun.
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    These are days you remember. The sun shone, we sang songs and we were royally entertained by a team deservedly rewarded with an eighth straight victory. Individually they impressed - El Ghazi was a livewire all day, taking on the left back time and again and beating him. Taylor was busy and determined behind him. Bruce was right, Jedinak can play centre back - it just took a better manager to get him there, Tuanzebe played like he hadn't missed a beat, Elmohamady is a revelation at the moment, Hourihane Hourihane'd, McGinn McGinn'd and Whelan Whelan'd wonderfully. Adomah is learning to live without pace and making it look easier all the time and Tammy Abraham has the calmest twenty one year old head you will ever see. Individually schmindividually - this is a team, a team blessed with a fantastic attitude; positivity, determination, courage, responsibility, togetherness, belief and lots and lots of hard graft - what's more, Villa Park feels like it's part of that team, I can't remember a time when the team and the fans felt so closely joined together. This team tries; it's full of players that play for Villa like you and I would play for Villa if we were any good. The atmosphere at Villa Park is special - we're all in this together - genuinely together, not in a sloganeering way, genuinely together. What's more - the attitude and the atmosphere is developing the ability to transcend personnel - if I'd told you three months ago we'd be beating a playoff team with Jedinak at centre half, Steer in goal, Elmohamady, Lansbury and Davies you'd have thought I was crazy - but each of those players has slotted in and given us something good. The whole just seems to take on any new part and make it better - the team is making the players more and the team is taking the supporters with it. On the game, I thought the first half was fairly even, both sides had chances - they missed a header and had a goal ruled out for offside that looked marginal (with the comic sight of Weimann refusing to celebrate until a Villa player told him he didn't have to anyway) we forced a couple of saves from their keeper including one which from where I was sat was clearly impossible. Bristol City and their angry manager would have gone in at half time thinking they were a match for us and might take advantage of our missing players. We came out for the second half and upped it a gear. A gear Bristol City haven't got. A gear no one else in this division has got. From the start of the second half until they scored on 78 minutes we were brilliant - we could have had five or six. I have no idea if the penalty was a penalty, but once they're given you get on with it - their reactions were very poor and do them no credit. Seven bookings on the day and eight if you include the manager. Our players don't go in for that - they're too busy working their socks off and creating chances - Davies had a couple, McGinn on a run in from a short corner, Hourihane a header and a shot, Jedinak off the line, shots from El Ghazi - it's almost too much to remember the detail. And today, and right now as a Villa fan, the detail doesn't matter - the feeling does - the feeling that this team won't give up on us, they won't shy away from the work, they'll give you what they've got and expect the same from you - the feeling that we've forgotten how to lose, that we can't lose, that we won't allow it to happen. It's not like any other love, this one's different because it's us. It might well take us all the way. Days to remember, dreams to be had.
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    Can’t understand the above comments. That was a good performance with a team that isn’t full strength agains the team that finished fourth and were runners up in the CL and have improved since then!!! Good effort. This team isn’t getting relegated.
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    Can open a gate, great start.
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    Just a moment to give credit to the real orchestrator of this day.
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    Congratulations Villa...sorry to see you go Best way to do it..Get out of here as quick as possible, as I enter the 20th sodding year of it FFS!..Still I'm not bitter....... (much) I suppose Steve Gibson will just have Us and Frank lampard F.C to sue now. You deserved it...bet the last 15 minutes were a laugh and a half though, I honestly thought you were going to get 3 or 4, ..Those 2 goal leads are a bugger. Any road upwards, best of luck next season...I'll pop back and post when we get back Can you get a modem for a f.ookin' Ouija board? all the best andy
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    It is good to see the disappointment of yesterday handled with humour, we are all craving new arrivals so the lack of a promised one yesterday could easily have been greeted differently. I was very very fortunate for an extended period of time to get unbelievable information from someone who was directly involved in our dealings. It taught me two things, that the press in the main literally haven't a clue what is going on. Some of what they write is accurate, in that I can think of examples where we will have enquired about a player, one of a number for a position. The press report it, then they run on and on with it making up all kinds of things about the deal being close, stalling for x or y reason or failing because of z. I can think of plenty of examples of this where I'd ask the contact I had and they would dismiss them out of hand. That is the media, it is what they do. They get a sniff of something from a club, player or agent and they make the rest up, sometimes they just make it up entirely. The other thing it taught me is that even when you are getting something from someone as close to things as it is possible to be, things change. We saw it last summer with Joe Bryan, that sort of thing happens all the time okay perhaps not as dramatically but it happens all the time. A deal is agreed and set to be signed only for a club or agent to ask for more, move the goal posts etc. I can't imagine how hard it must be trying to get deals done. These days info coming out of VP is far far far harder to come by, there are still snippets but not the stream there once was which is perhaps an indication of the improvements in how we are run, frustrating as that might be at times. Cynicism of ITK especially on Twitter is wise, most is utter fantasy but some can be genuine or at least it was genuine at the point it was heard but unless you have a very direct in then your info is never going to remain current. Look at the well placed people calling Butland as "done" almost 2 weeks ago now, it is never done until its signed and even then there can be a surprise or two as those who remember David Unsworth can testify. So don't burn Delphinio on a cross just yet his username is punishment enough. Right now our squad looks threadbare, so much so that anyone rocking up early for the kit launch should take their boots but I've complete faith in those running the club at all levels. We will be negotiating with multiple clubs and agents, a number of deals will be close and the much needed new signings will arrive and probably very soon. It is though only a month ago today that we triumphed at Wembley, a month isn't a lot of time. Yet we've done good business in terms of the players we've moved on and those we've recruited so far. So have faith in Smith, Suso and Purslow and ignore the press!! We've come a long way in a month, in another month I think our team/squad will look very different.
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    You'll get cramp before you've even finished off Tuanzebe, I reckon.
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    What a finish, the noise was unbelievable, my arms hurt, my voice is done for the week. It was incredible - joy, relief, the bursting of frustration, it was pure, justified, passionate noise - it fills your lungs and your ears and your chest and your heart. I love coming out of Villa Park at times like that, people bound, they smile, they shout, they sing in the street - it's a collective energy, something that's in all of you all at once. I love this f***ing game. We won that on effort, we haven't got a striker, we occasionally looked lost without one, but we've got heart and legs and the players we have overcame the players we don't have. I thought we deserved it, we edged it on the night and we were the team that wanted it most. Watford scored early and played the spoiler - assisted by what I would have to say is the weakest display of refereeing I think I've ever seen. It wasn't a Kevin Friend comedy of bad decisions, Atkinson got a lot of decisions right - it's just that he didn't take any action on any of them - he should have booked Foster for time wasting with ten minutes left in the first half - a warning the first time, then a booking the second - he didn't do that, he didn't even do it on the fourteenth time. There was a point in the second half where Watford had a throw in, a player walked over to take it, got to the ball, turned around and walked away, then another walked over and had a look at it without picking it up - Atkinson waved his arms around and slapped his thighs with frustration - as if he'd forgotten he was the referee. By the time Watford got their first booking I'd counted five that should have already been issued. The Watford staff are currently trying to turn this game into one that they only lost because Tyrone Mings didn't get a second booking for handball - which was at least consistent - no one got a booking for anything - which meant that Watford time wasted constantly for an hour, it meant they stood over every free kick, it meant they marched every throw in half way down the field, it meant they chopped Jack Grealish down whenever they felt like it - it meant they took the mick out of a referee that had no control of the game whatsoever. And they got exactly what they deserved. I thought Nakamba was brilliant, he won the ball back more often than Drinkwater gave it away (which is some going), Grealish at times looked like he was on his own against Watford and very nearly winning, Douglas Luiz's finish was better than he's getting credit for and Targett got forward really well. Of course we look ropey when we get trapped passing the ball around at the back - that'll fix itself some when we get a striker on the field. We had moments where we looked awful - but there were moments of talent like Reina's double save, and there was effort and determination in every Guilbert slide, every Trezeguet chase and every battle with Watford's behemoths. And then there was that finish. Hugs with strangers, screams, fists to the sky...just the most wonderful full stop on a sentence that said "Up yours Deeney!" This win won't keep us up, but seasons are made of moments and this moment will help us an awful lot. It's one a lot of players will remember, and not just Ezri Konsa. What a debut night at Villa Park for Pepe Reina, and imagine if you will how young Indiana Vassilev feels as he gets into his bed tonight....a couple of weeks ago I watched him bag a couple of goals at Bodymoor Heath in front of a hundred people - there was a smattering of applause - he's just been involved in something just a little bit more extraordinary. Tomorrow he gets to stroll into Bodymoor and tell Tyreik Wright and Jacob Ramsey and Mungo Bridge what that felt like, tomorrow he's king of his world. Tonight, maybe just a little bit, and just for a moment, we were all king of our world.
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    Most famous Villa fan is my old man Alan Taylor Sadly as I write this he is in Stoke hospital with only a few days at most left in this life. He is 91 years old and has kicked every ball, headed every cross and saved every shot for over 80 years. As a youth he would cycle to Villa park and some away games as far as Coventry from Cannock to watch his team. He has been there at every cup final from early 1930s. He has Villa scarfs draped across the bottom of his hospital bed. No one on here is more famous than my dad
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    Didn't know where to put this, so I started a new topic. I don't know if it's the case, but I get the feeling that over the last years and especially the last months there have been a level of criticism towards our players that I haven't been used to on here. I started supporting Villa as a kid in the early 90' and more or less idolised the players, having posters on the wall etc. It didn't come to my mind to criticise the players, they were my heros. In the good old mailing list I don't remember having the level of criticism towards the players that I see on here nowadays. I don't really get the negativity against the players who wear our colours and who should be our heros. Especially when they work hard for the team, do their best and don't step out of line. No need to say there should of course be room for different opinions, criticising performances, attitudes, questioning ability etc, and of course we all have our outbursts and write things in anger and disappointment, but in some of the threads there is almost like an animosity against some of the players, constant negativity and overreactions. Perhaps it's a general social media trend, people think it's alright to just spontaneously blurt out whatever they want, writing things they wouldn't say in person, I don't know. Just know that I don't like it, it's immature and lacks the respect I want Villa supporters to have. I'd prefer that attitude to stay on twitter or wherever. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, just a general feeling I wanted to share.
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    I will be forever grateful to Fulham, for preventing our promotion that year.
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    This thread is indicative of the problem football has on the whole - impatience. We're not just trying to build a team of football players. We nearly went out of existence in July 2018, 18 months ago. I don't think people remember back that far. It's mental - we shouldn't even be in the Premier League this year. We've had to rebuild an entire infrastructure, from top to bottom, whilst being able to pick 11 players to go and play football at a professional level - competitively. Dean Smith has been with us for 15 months, Suso has been here for 15 months, Nassef, Wes and Christian have been here for 18 months. The incredibly rapid rise we've seen since July 2018 has been nothing short of meteoric. Our squad was breaking up before our very eyes, we were hours away from losing Jack on the cheap to keep the club afloat and had Nassef and Wes not come in when they did, I'd hate to think where we'd be at this moment - probably looking enviously up at Sunderland. So you'll all have to forgive me in thinking that this thread - and many other threads incessantly moaning about how shit we were for 45 minutes against Brighton away or that a player costing "£10m!!!!!!!!!" hasn't performed to the stupidly high expectations of you and your ignorant, unrealistic and lacking in any form of common sense buddies - is absolutely ridiculous. And I'm sat here, thinking "pfft.. we're actually doing pretty **** well all things considered". How we're even in the Premier League is beyond me. Then we've had an entire squad build over 1 summer. Think about that. We lost all of our senior players, and all of the responsibility fell on the shoulders of a 24 year old. We're 1 point away from getting out the bottom 3. Have you forgotten the season we got relegated? We finished with 17 points! We've already beaten that, with a completely new club, more or less. It's astonishing. There are improvements to be made - but ffs, can we give the heirarchy the time to do it please? Our fan base is very demanding.. I don't like it, but what can you do? We won the league a million years ago, and have I ever told you about when we conquered Europe? Sometimes, once we've pulled the trigger on yet another hapless manager, who did well to start, then went to shit (again) and it keeps happening, you think - what difference does it make? To me, the current set up looks good. We're acting like a professional club. We have aims and ambitions and we're not being stupid doing it (like spunking money on a striker). What if we go down? Well, we'd have the same manager, largely the same squad and I'd be very confident that we'd come up again. As far as I'm concerned, we must see this through - through thick or thin. Are there extenuating circumstances which may alter my belief? Yep, there is. Is Dean Smith my "God"? No, he's not. But he performed a miracle to get us up, sooner than expected, we are competitive in the league (despite a couple of kickings), unless things go obviously south, quickly - then we, as a fan base, must stick by him and team. SUPPORT THE CLUB.
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    The meeting happened last night and whilst it wouldn't be fair of me to offer up the details prior to the notes being released, I'll give you a couple of bits about the feel of the meeting if I may. Firstly, Christian Purslow and Paul Tyrrell came to us a few minutes late from another meeting, and Mr Purslow left a few minutes early at 21:15 to go to another meeting - these are very busy people - getting promoted comes with a lot of work - work they're doing right now - work that consumes their time. We were in the room for nearly three hours. That's a lot of time to give to us, you can pay lip service to fans in a much shorter time if you want to. These two gave a huge chunk of their evening to a group of fan representatives and insisted on answering every single question on our agenda - for me, that says good things about them and hopefully good things about how the club thinks of fans. He's an impressive fella our CEO, he's clear, he's sharp and he'll let you know what he thinks. He doesn't sugar anything for us and he 's very protective of those areas of the club where he needs to be protective. I've been in meetings with a few of these chaps now and some of them could be accused of trying to be a bit matey, a bit "ahhh football eh lads!". Not this one; Purslow is all business. I think he'd throw me under a bus if was the right thing for the club, I think he'd fight the entire league on our behalf, I can't imagine him being intimidated by any agent or player. He's never been anything but polite, charming and erudite in these meetings, he's exactly as you see him in interviews, but there's something about him that says stone cold killer. I like this a great deal in the man that runs my football club. When the notes are out, there are a few parts where I'll add my feelings and impressions on some of the things that were talked about - there's some quite positive stuff. In short, it was three hours where the club talked through every issue - no distractions in the answers, no stories about the old days, or in-jokes, just straightforward professionalism and answers that were always clear and to the point. There's nothing earth shattering to come - but lots of small bits of progress that hopefully point in the right direction.
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    I love this football club, I love Villa Park, the lights, the noise, us. I love what the game does to me, how it makes me feel, that it makes me feel, how it brings me together with the people I love and creates memories that don't fade. I love the cold, the smoke bombs, the passion, the songs, this team, all of it, the bad times and the way they make the good times so good, the times where you wonder why you bother and the times like tonight when you just know it's perfect and always will be, I love Jack Grealish, I love late goals, I love this football club. Aston Villa FC. I love it. Also Egypt.
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    Thanks for all the best wishes guys. I really appreciate it and it's uplifting to see such warmth from a load of people I have never met at a time when I'm isolated in a bedroom. My 6 year old son keeps popping up the stairs to ask how I am and if it's gone yet. It's a grounding experience.
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    I've been told today that I've got it. I'm really ill and weak. It all started around 7pm last night when I suddenly became colder than I've ever felt in my life. I was shivering and shaking uncontrollably and no matter how many layers I put on, together with the duvet and blankets, I simply couldn't get warm. From 7pm until just after 11pm last night I was like this and lost all my energy. I went to bed last night and just couldn't sleep because of the aching and pains all over me. I took paracetamol but they did nothing. Then, halfway through the night, it flipped from feeling cold to sweating profusely. I couldn't cool down no matter how I tried. I was awake all night and talking jibberish according to my girlfriend who could hear from the next room. I've had a really nasty headache since around 4am and despite taking paracetamol it will not go. I've also lost my taste and appetite. I also feel nauseous. I've been told to stay in one room alone for 7 days and my son and girlfriend have to isolate for 14 days. I called 111 but simy couldn't get through and it kept cutting off. I went online to do the symptom checker and it simply says to call 111 - waste of time. I called my GP and got a consultancy and he diagnosed me as Covid-19. He pretty much said to take paracetamol and drink lots of fluids and do not mix with anyone until after 7 days. After 7 days, I can hug my son and girlfriend again. He also said that with my pre existing lung condition - lifelong Asthma sufferer plus weakened lung from a previous blood clot - I need to hope and pray that I don't get the pneumonia part of the virus as it would be tough for me to fight it. He said that's the part that is killing people. I was advised not to go to hospital unless I'm fighting for breath and cannot speak a sentence as they won't do anything for me because they are concentrating on those that are life-threatened. Just got to hope I stay snot free now.
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    What a result. Shit game management by Smith though. What the hell did Elmo, Davis or Trezeguet actually bring to the party?
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    Omg what is wrong with people. If we are beating Spurs away then we should be competing for the league. Villa looked competent. Looked like a top 14 team. That’s all we need for now!!!
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    Observations: We go to Wembley an awful lot because we’re fkn massif Nyland was a fkn boss again Jack Grealish pisses all over Maddison Elmo cross was hella underrated Trezeguet may actually learn confidence tonight Samatta knows how to be in the right place Pitch Invasion was bit OTT but we’re a crazy bunch who love our club Purslow loved slapping Grealish arse a bit too much Brendan Rodgers last 2 cup exits in 5 years have come at the hands of the almighty Leicester are an excellent side but we’ve proved we’re good enough for the PL in these 2 legs Keinan Davis is a massive plus for the run-in
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    If you hate Smith: shit performance, we invited the pressure in the second half and got punished for his tactical naivety. If you have a modicum of realism: an absolutely superb performance with no recognised striker, third choice keeper, away from home against a very good side. Great fight and besides a niggle to El Ghazi, looks like we survived without any injuries. Bodes well for a real scrap against City on Sunday.
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    Wow, so much negativity and over reaction. FFS people, we are a work in progress and we gave West Ham a bloody good test, Heaton was not troubled all evening. Yes we have work to do, and we lost the plot a bit after the sending off, we misplaced a lot of passes but these players have played 5 league games together and more than held their own against an established top half team. We had by far the better chances and on another day could have won that by a couple of goals. It saddens me to see our fans tearing into our own players after a game. FFS get behind the team. This is a season of transition and we have a lot of work to do, but anyone would think we had just lost to Accrington Stanley.
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    I was there on the 7th of August 2016 to watch us lose 0–1 at Hillsborough. Almost 5000 villa fans given a rude awakening on a sunny Yorkshire Sunday afternoon. All of a sudden it didn’t seem like it was gonna be as easy to get out of this league as I had originally thought. It didn’t get much better. Di Matteo’s side kept snatching draws from the jaws of victory and by the time I next watched us away it was at Preston on the 1st of October. We were schooled by Daniel Johnson and Callum Robinson and lost 2-0 with Ross McCormack missing a late penalty. Ciao Roberto. Midweek at Reading and Steve Bruce ushered in a brave new dawn thanks to a last gasp Jordan Ayew penalty. So Sally can wait. Things picked up but despite the cavalry arriving in January (Hourihane, Lansbury, Hogan(!) and Taylor(for Ayew!)) our season fizzled out with a Jimmy Danger injury away at Blackburn. Meanwhile, Huddersfield Town somehow found themselves taking ‘our’ place in the big league. In came the men. Terry, Snoddy, Elmo and Whelan: proper blokes to get us promoted. It was an old fave in Gabby that got us a point at home to Hull on the opening day of 2017/18 before we were humiliated 0-3 by Premier League bound Cardiff City the following week. The season went by and we were there or thereabouts. We broke some Bristolian hearts on NYD and Snoddy stepped up in the last minute at Bramall Lane. The ‘best team ever seen in the championship’ were dismantled 4-1 at VP but we conceded 3 to QPR three days later. When all was said and done we shut Boro out over two legs to reach the play off final. I couldn’t go as I was an usher at a mate’s wedding. Blessing in disguise. The guard was about to change. Snoddy had earned his place in a premier league side, we couldn’t afford Terry and Johnstone was poached. New owners crucially allowed us to to hold on to Grealish, even though he said his goodbyes away at Hull. Another chastening afternoon in Sheffield followed and the writing was on the wall for Bruce despite a McGinn wonder goal giving us a taste of what might be to come. It all came crashing down in a whirl of cabbage and a missed Whelan penalty. In came ‘one of our own’ Dean Smith and after a good run folllowed by a bad run folllowed by an incredible run we find ourselves at today. Hutton at home to blues. 5-5. A Christmas gift to Leeds. You can’t say it wasn’t entertaining. Enter Tyrone. With our defence tightened up and the return of the prodigal one (announced in style with an any-other-season-goal-of-the-season volley) we went from also rans to the ones to watch. Derby, Blues, Forest, Boro, Blackburn, Wednesday, Rotherham, Bristol City, Bolton and Millwall. Wow. Up stepped heroes old and new to make history - McGinn dragged us through at Forest and Jimmy Danger bailed us out at Rotherham. Team spirit won out repeatedly. We got past the Tesco Bus and here we were at Wembley again. For me, from the first whistle, it was never in doubt today. We ‘stepped up’ as the Sky advertising hoardings had demanded and Frank Lampard’s Derby County didn’t. My MOTM for the first half was El Ghazi. He probed and looked up to the occasion . He was rewarded on the stroke of half time with the most important goal of his career so far. Second half we stepped it up another gear and man of the match/ season/ my life John McGinn was everywhere. Big game performance from a big game player. Derby got a goal out of nothing but I didn’t feel overly worried. Today was our day and it didn’t seem like we’d do anything other than get back where we belong. Overall, it was a fantastic Wembley performance - something we’ve seemed unable to do over the last few years (that beautiful day against Liverpool apart). Steer was solid - has earned his place in the team come August for me, tough decision for Deano with Kalinic available though. Elmo continued his impressive run of form - solid as anything and complementing attacks nicely. He seems to have forgotten how to be the liability that cost us over Christmas. Should be a decent squad option in the prem. Taylor see above. Much maligned but an important part of our end of season run. Will be replaced but can stay in the squad for me. Mings and Tuanzebe. Sign them up, that is all. Great partnership. The midfield was great. Hourihane justifies his inclusion and I’m excited to see him as an option off the bench next season. Grealish did what he does - many of the tears I cried at the end were for him. Our captain! McGinn also did what he does, what a man. Tenacity personified and got a goal to boot. El Ghazi should be signed, he’s ready for the Prem. Adomah will be replaced an rightly so but he put in a decent final shift today without looking overly threatening. Tammy didn’t get much of a look in but did the hold up thing well and I hope it’s not the last we see of him in claret and blue. I’d like to give the final word to Dean Smith - seems a thoroughly great guy and in the midst of my happy tears at full time, the sight of a Villa fan lifting the trophy having galvanised the club and masterminded this incredible run kept them rolling down my cheeks. TL;DR It’s been a slog in the championship. I’ve enjoyed it mostly. We deserved it today. It was one of the best days of my life. I cried a lot at full time. UTV.
  35. 37 points
  36. 36 points
    @PaddytheVillan “We haven’t looked like scoring, and have no premier league quality players to bring on. This will not happen - it will end up being damage control and we definitely won’t score, except maybe with one moment of magic from Grealish. You can quote me on this after the game“
  37. 36 points
  38. 36 points
    I'll be there. I've been a Villa fan for 40 years, and this will be my first ever live Villa game. I am already nervous.
  39. 35 points
    Enjoyed this on their forum
  40. 35 points
  41. 35 points
    Nigel Spink, pictured here having a shit next to his car, reckons a new goalkeeper remains a priority for us this summer. Maybe there is some truth in the Mendy rumours.
  42. 35 points
    VT lads on tour @Michelsen , @Stevo985 , @mjmooney And myself
  43. 35 points
    Another all-English final as well. Amazing stuff.
  44. 34 points
    Imagine if we’d gone up 12 months ago. Most of the money would have gone in paying off debts and dodgy deals involving Xia and Wyness. The squad would have been full of the likes of Sturridge and Austin on 5 year contracts at £80K a week. We’d be back in The Championship and almost bankrupt by now. Makes me shiver to think about it. The 2018 playoff final was the best game we’ve ever lost.
  45. 34 points
  46. 34 points
  47. 34 points
    John, John, the whistle has gone! You can stop mate!! Please!!!!
  48. 34 points
    Deano, you've made me truly fall back in love with the Villa. It'd gone stale. Even when we were winning games last season, apart from Wolves, it just didn't feel right. Now, though, I'm hook, line and sinkered all over again. Thanks.
  49. 33 points
  50. 33 points
    People as usual are over reacting. Very disappointing to lose in this fashion, but again we competed extremely well and without our talisman. We’ve just played the best two teams in the league, one has won every game, often in the dying minutes. That’s why they’re at the top. Yes it has happened to us before this season, but we’re on a very steep learning curve. Time and patience required. Before the last two games people were hoping we didn’t get a Southampton style hammering. Support the team!
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