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    Looks like he has no problems with gates, that's #1 recruitment criteria for forwards at Villa!
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    VT lads on tour @Michelsen , @Stevo985 , @mjmooney And myself
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    Eh? Not in Dean Smith world/reality surely? We have just come up, were competitive with City and Liverpool and were 10 mins away from beating a quite incredible Liverpool team. Those aren't huge mental blows, they are reasons to be very confident we can stay up this season and reasons to not be afraid of anyone in this league. We are improving all the time if you ask me, a lot of people who had not been following us would have thought we'd get embarrassed badly at the Etihad and at home to Liverpool. We were a million miles from that. We appear to be a good Premier League team, a year ago we were playing like strangers and mid table in the Championship after we'd nearly gone bust in the summer. Now we're disappointed we didn't become the first team to beat Liverpool for a very long time. Huge mental blows. **** off.
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    I'm a dad, we have no idea. And:
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    Depending on how long you have been married mate that's just natural, don't worry about it happens to us all......
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    Some good news... been asked to be best man at a wedding in Poland. Barely spoken to the lad since school but he said he has no-one else he can trust so I've got the honour. Best thing is, i don't have to sort the stag do out as some sap is doing that. Result!
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    going home tonight my fiancee is going be my full time carer until walking without use of a pod. Onwards and upwards once home hope to be able post more on VT using my laptop instead of phone as much prefer that. UTV. Goal now is to get out scouting again by end of season.
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    So sorry to hear the news Chris. I had one myself 15 months ago so I know what a shock it is. You always think of it as something that happens to someone else but in our case we were that "someone else". Recovery will be a long hard road but each day/week can bring slight improvements that can in time become big ones. Keep doing the physio day in and day out, it really does work. It is very tough to start from square one again with things like hand, arm and leg movement, I always said "onwards and upwards" and so it proved. Aim to get as near as possible to how you were before your stroke in the fullness of time. Improvements can continue to occur for two years after the stroke and I can vouch for that happening in the first 15 months. Writing, typing, gripping, balance and in time walking (with the help of a crutch and then a walking stick) are things that will hopefully start again/improve with constant exercise. Missing Villa games was tough for me as was being unable to do my VT match player ratings but I now get down to games again can drive and use buses. I walk very slowly but I have found fans around the ground and staff/fans inside the ground to be very kind and understanding. Try to maintain a very positive attitude Chris. You will have the support of your family (to whom this will have been an equal shock) and of your friends. Hard working and caring hospital staff and physios will be giving it 110% to get you back to as near to where you were as is possible. Please feel free to message me as someone who has "been there" at any time should you wish. Get better each day mate!
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    just got in Heard uncle Albert dribbled past 10 men and rounded keeper for goal .. class !!
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    10/10/2019, Deano's 12 month anniversary as Villa boss. 15th ish in the championship when he took over?, to 15th ish in the Premiership on his 1 year anniversary as manager? Not 2 bad my son, not 2 bad.
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    Best of luck, Scott.
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    Absolutely wonderful this... Click into it to see the full image.
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    Some interesting stats: We are 5th in the league for shots per game, and 3rd for shots on target. According to whoscored ratings, we are actually the 5th highest rated so far this season. The table actually makes for interesting viewing, with the top and bottom 4 the same (albeit slightly different order). The only real major outlier is us being 5th, which kind of reflects how well we've been performing without necessarily getting the points. We're 4th in the league for chances created and 2nd behind Man City for assists. In Jack Grealish we have the 3rd most frequent chance-creator in the league...the most from open play, tied with Kevin De Bruyne. Predictably, we're also the 5th highest scorers in the league. Unsurprisingly we're the most fouled team in the league, but also the team that concedes the most shots per game. We're #1 in blocks per game as well as 5th for clearances per game which is unsurprising given that we have Tyrone Mings in defence. Given that a year ago we were floundering against teams like Ipswich and Preston in the Championship, the fact that we are now performing like this in the PL is truly astounding. Dean Smith deserves all the credit in the world for turning us around like this in such a short space of time. It's been a decade since we were able to hold our own in this division, and we're now doing so in style with a young, growing team and staff. We've had to suffer for years, but we can finally say we have a PL team to be proud of.
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    Gone are the days of Mon throwing huge money at prem players. Or lambert on cheap gambles and Sherwood with a mixture of potential or terrible people. Players signed under this regime will be to fit a system and will be the right people. Whoever that is I will back until Smith and Suso give me reason not to. In January they signed an injury prone lb, a young kid not good enough and recalled an unwanted keeper. It changed our season. Believe
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    It’s the same every single window. Things are happening behind the scenes but take time especially at this stage of the summer. Meanwhile the press link us with everyone as they use their transfer tumbola to literally pull names from a hat in what can only be described as throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks. Occasionally they will get a name right and when they do they trip over themselves to report how the deal is progressing despite not having a clue. Normally they get way ahead of the reality then when it doesn’t conclude to their BS timescale they throw out additional BS about issues or other clubs. Every year people buy it, listen to their guff and go apoplectic that things “aren't happening” or aren’t quick enough or people have gone on holiday. Its the absolute definition of silly season. The club started preparation for this window, with a plan for the PL immediately following the Milwall game. They were as prepared as possible. These things take time, we’ve cleared the decks, we’ve identified targets and we’ve made approaches. We need to just sit back, wait patiently as possible and trust the people running our club at all levels who I would argue are the most capable (collectively and individually) in at last 12 years. There is a huge huge amount to be done, we need to significantly improve the size and quality of the squad, I’m sure Smith, Suso and Purslow are abundantly clear about that and working on nothing but that issue. I’d also point out you don’t hire a guy like Suso and then work with a Martin O’Neill blinkered transfer market approach. So relax, try and enjoy your summer oh and whatever you do, don’t take any notice of Alan Nixon or Gregg Evans! They really haven’t the first clue, I know this for a fact. Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring!
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    Bruce finished Chester’s career by leaving us so exposed at the back. Chester played on during our injury crisis knowing that it was probably going to cost him his career. 99% of players would not have done that. He deserves every credit and we should keep him on the playing staff for as long as he can meaningfully contribute on the pitch. Let’s help him get his badges and then offer him a coaching position as well. We owe him - it’s as simple as that.
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    That's a brilliant performance, worked hard to a man and Mings/Hause give us a real resilience at the back - they're both big, strong and quick and Mings is a really good leader of a back four. Credit to the two full backs for playing an astute simple game and not trying to do too much. I thought the midfield was outstanding at times including the old fella that came on at the end. McGinn looks like he's missed the game and he's as fresh as a daisy - he was our best player for me. Front three are still a little concerning, El Ghazi is inconsistent but working hard, Abraham isn't quite clicking and Green is working his socks off but not dominant. If they click, we're in. Picked the right side, made the right subs, played the right way - well done to the manager. This is a really good win.
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    Have to say Grealish's conduct and attitude today was amazing. Had to deal with being attacked, a truly hostile atmosphere, endless hacking challenges from the opposition and he still stood strong and scored the winning goal. Impressive.
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    Out of interest when was the last time you had your hard drive checked?
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    I got engaged last night. It was as much a surprise to me as it was to anyone else.
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    I am on holiday with Mrs Lifeboats in Cyprus. A few days ago we were pondering a visit to a tourist attraction. "Don't worry," declares Mrs Lifeboats "I saw that yesterday. I know where it is". She is to navigation what Myra Hindley is to babysitting and I should have known better. So off we trot and 15 minutes later we arrive at the local bus station. I am thinking something must be wrong because Mrs Lifeboats regards all forms of public transport as disease ridden cess pits. Is she really taking us on a bus ride? "Err.........I saw this yesterday and thought it must be a tourIst attraction because of ALL THE BUSES THAT KEPT ARRIVING FULL OF PEOPLE.
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    We need to talk about how good Guilbert was tonight. Absolutely superb, up and down the field. Saint-Maximin never got a look in.
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    https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/07/24/trezeguet-on-joining-aston-villa New Aston Villa midfielder Trezeguet has paid tribute to Ahmed Elmohamady following his arrival at the club on Tuesday. Unlucky mate
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    Question that’s been bugging me for a while and it relates to this thread. If brentford are full of £20m players how come they are so average in terms of what they actually achieve. Watkins, Maupay, Benrahma, Swayers, Konsa all seem to get talked about as PL players. The remaining 6 players in the team must be really bad to pull them down to half way in Champo.
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    I can picture it now....
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    This was him in the first half alone. I heard he was seen on Venus during stoppage time.
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    Conor Hourihane?
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    I think its petulant and sums up the modern football fan to want a manager out so early
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    Starting to think the club is secretly run by our medical team in some sort of Umbrella Corporation style thing were the football side of Aston Villa only works as a front to bring in crippled people they can study and experiment on.
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    Just clear the f****** ball, you big hunky dreamboat.
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    40 years old today! Guess I should start acting like an adult soon.... Maybe!
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    Congratulations folks. Delighted that you’re back up again and loved seeing SJM’s progress over the last season. lot of very proud hibs (and st Mirren I’m sure) fans of how well he’s done, think his popularity is testament to his attitude and character.
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    Sooooooo ... my plans have changed. Guess I'll see you at Wembley
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    This is your problem right here. You STILL haven't accepted how far we have fallen and that it might take a bit of work to put it right again. Deluded and entitled.
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    I said it a couple of weeks ago and it's coming true. There's a very good chance we'll be quite shit for a few weeks. Everyone is stepping up to a higher level and we're bedding in new players. It will take time. I've seen enough in the two games to think we don't have anything to worry about long term. I just hope the fans don't get on the team and the management's back while we get up to speed. Everton next which could very easily be another loss.
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    Should, should, should. Entitlement. We are entitled to nothing we haven't earned. At the moment we are exactly where wr should be. Our history makes us a 'big' club? Well, sure, but history counts for precisely the square root of **** all - just ask Preston or Blackpool. Right now, Norwich (not to mention Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Watford, et al) are 'bigger' than us - and they've earned it.
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    I can't recall anyone on here saying that Whelan is a spectacular talent. He's a decent pro who has 'done a job' for us. Do we now need better than him to move on? Of course we do, but I don't think he's been quite the failure that some people are making out.

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