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    Congratulations Villa - on holiday in Majorca, bought a Sky subscription just to be able to watch the game on my mobile phone while at the beach, fell out with the Mrs, who screamed at me, saying, “I thought you were a Hibby”, and went mental when SJM leapt like a fine Scottish salmon to head the ball out of the flailing arms of the statuesque Rams keeper - cue the most lusty rendition of the SJM song ever heard in the Med! Now very much looking forward to following Villa next season in the Premiership. Occasionally I look back at the original post at the start of the season when you were thinking of signing John McGinn. I think it says something like, “Anyone know much about him?”... Aye, you do now! UTV!
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    Looks like he has no problems with gates, that's #1 recruitment criteria for forwards at Villa!
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    Dean Smith when asked, "Why were you shouting at your players to get up whilst 2-0 up? Surely you could have sat back and played it safe? Why take the risk?" " My philosophy is this : 1-0, 2-0 or 5-0 up: never ever settle for it, you must be hungry for more. If you do sit back not only are you inviting the opposition to get back into the game but you are showing them mercy. You have to look at the bigger picture, I don't only want us to destroy our current opponent's. I want to breed fear into our next ones "?
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    So, an interesting meeting - I'll not repeat the answers in depth as the club are writing up notes which will be published in the near future, what I will do is give you my initial feelings on the new man in charge and some of the things discussed. Christian Purslow, Chief Executive, head honcho and lest we forget, investor (He describes Eden and Sawiris as partners). He's very professional, he's clear, concise, organised and serious. If you imagine what a Chief Executive of a slick company would be like; he's like that. He's smart, posh and carries a certain gravitas. I was going to put that I like him, but I'm not sure that's quite right - he's a very serious man, easily the least likely of all of those in the room to make a fart joke and he's capable of both not answering a question whilst answering it and answering a question whilst not giving the answer at all very adeptly. In short, i'd buy snake oil from this man readily, he's convincing and trustworthy, if he'd spent an hour telling me pancakes were pillows I'd have believed him. If saying I like him might not be the perfect description, I think it's definitely right to say I like the idea of him running my football club. He spoke clearly on how he believes a football club should be run and that there was a lot of work to do in order to get ours where he'd like it. He told us he'd inherited numerous areas he'd like to improve. "A lot needs to change; a lot will change." That'll be focused on the football and he's clear that in order to function well a club with our infrastructure needs to be at a higher level - within that, he was very clear that he won't be making any false promises and that we won't be taking crazy bets chasing that dream. In terms of playing structure he wants us to be able to buy and develop players, to find ways to add value to our squad, good players, developed by good coaches that either help us or provide value - what he was describing was the opposite of what we've seen in the last few years where we've signed older players on big money to try and do a quick job and then found ourselves holding the (very expensive) baby and with nothing to show for it. The future is described as being one of "strategic, not tactical signings". I for one find all of that immensely reassuring. I think it's the right way to go. I think we've needed it for a decade or more. We now have a Sporting Director, a Commercial director, a Finance director and a Legal Director - all reporting to Purslow and all accountable for their business areas - he was keen to stress that for him this means that where there's a problem, he can have one conversion and address it. I suspect he doesn't mess about. There were a couple of points made that he wanted to be clear on and for us to pass on: Stadium renaming - it isn't happening. It's not been discussed, it's not being discussed, it's not up for discussion, the story hasn't come from the club. Breakaway League - you may have seen the story that said fourteen Championship clubs were considering breaking away from the league - it's also bunkum - like everyone in football, we're looking for the best TV deal for us and for the league that we can get, but breaking up a league we founded? Not happening. On FFP, without too much detail, Purslow is still talking confidently - we won't break the rules, we're not looking at loopholes - we're looking to be sensible but we're likely to be active in January at a sensible level - without knowing where we'll be next season, spending a massive amount on individual players would be reckless, but there's the opportunity to do things in January. He spoke about the importance of showing that we're moving in the right direction in relation to the FFP rules. He helped write them, I'm hoping he knows. Tony Xia remains a shareholder and will be for the foreseeable future - the removal of the Recon label from Bodymoor Heath was part of the deal around the sale. We would consider selling naming rights on the training ground if the right type of company were interested. Throughout, probably the thing that impressed me most was that he spoke about standards, his personal standards and those that this football club should expect to have - he isn't happy with the way those standards have been maintained in some areas, he's working on those. I very much got the impression that this is a man who wants the very best for this football club, because the very best is what he wants to be associated with. When he talked about sponsorship, shirts, our media output, our PA system and indeed anything around the way the club does things, he talked about wanting to be a leader, wanting to find people who were at the right level to partner with the club, wanting the right personnel within the club. There was a confidence in the sanctity of our place in football - this is not a man who will ever devalue the idea of Aston Villa and for me that's very good news, I have a great deal of confidence in the quality of our future sponsorships and partnerships. We were also introduced to Paul Tyrrell - the clubs new man in charge of communications or marketing or media or all of that (you would be correct in thinking I didn't quite catch his job title) - he's an altogether different character, but made a very good first impression. There are lots of questions which will be in the notes which Paul answered around media content, AVTV, social media and so on, so again I won't go into detail in advance of the club releasing the notes, but he's a likeable man with good experience in the game at Everton and more recently Derby - he seems to have a genuine love for the game and for the stories of football, he speaks well about the areas of his expertise and is clearly a man who knows a thing or two about running the media output of a football club. He seems genuinely excited by the job and the club and I'm hopeful he'll make a difference. There's quite a lot more to come on the notes, I may have said too much, I may have missed out something obvious - once the notes are out, I'll add more. In short, on this evidence, Purslow is quite impressive and we're starting to put together a staff that can serve both him and the club well.
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    VT lads on tour @Michelsen , @Stevo985 , @mjmooney And myself
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    I'm a dad, we have no idea. And:
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    Depending on how long you have been married mate that's just natural, don't worry about it happens to us all......
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    Some good news... been asked to be best man at a wedding in Poland. Barely spoken to the lad since school but he said he has no-one else he can trust so I've got the honour. Best thing is, i don't have to sort the stag do out as some sap is doing that. Result!
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    going home tonight my fiancee is going be my full time carer until walking without use of a pod. Onwards and upwards once home hope to be able post more on VT using my laptop instead of phone as much prefer that. UTV. Goal now is to get out scouting again by end of season.
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    So sorry to hear the news Chris. I had one myself 15 months ago so I know what a shock it is. You always think of it as something that happens to someone else but in our case we were that "someone else". Recovery will be a long hard road but each day/week can bring slight improvements that can in time become big ones. Keep doing the physio day in and day out, it really does work. It is very tough to start from square one again with things like hand, arm and leg movement, I always said "onwards and upwards" and so it proved. Aim to get as near as possible to how you were before your stroke in the fullness of time. Improvements can continue to occur for two years after the stroke and I can vouch for that happening in the first 15 months. Writing, typing, gripping, balance and in time walking (with the help of a crutch and then a walking stick) are things that will hopefully start again/improve with constant exercise. Missing Villa games was tough for me as was being unable to do my VT match player ratings but I now get down to games again can drive and use buses. I walk very slowly but I have found fans around the ground and staff/fans inside the ground to be very kind and understanding. Try to maintain a very positive attitude Chris. You will have the support of your family (to whom this will have been an equal shock) and of your friends. Hard working and caring hospital staff and physios will be giving it 110% to get you back to as near to where you were as is possible. Please feel free to message me as someone who has "been there" at any time should you wish. Get better each day mate!
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    just got in Heard uncle Albert dribbled past 10 men and rounded keeper for goal .. class !!
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    10/10/2019, Deano's 12 month anniversary as Villa boss. 15th ish in the championship when he took over?, to 15th ish in the Premiership on his 1 year anniversary as manager? Not 2 bad my son, not 2 bad.
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    Best of luck, Scott.
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    Absolutely wonderful this... Click into it to see the full image.
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    Gone are the days of Mon throwing huge money at prem players. Or lambert on cheap gambles and Sherwood with a mixture of potential or terrible people. Players signed under this regime will be to fit a system and will be the right people. Whoever that is I will back until Smith and Suso give me reason not to. In January they signed an injury prone lb, a young kid not good enough and recalled an unwanted keeper. It changed our season. Believe
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    It’s the same every single window. Things are happening behind the scenes but take time especially at this stage of the summer. Meanwhile the press link us with everyone as they use their transfer tumbola to literally pull names from a hat in what can only be described as throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks. Occasionally they will get a name right and when they do they trip over themselves to report how the deal is progressing despite not having a clue. Normally they get way ahead of the reality then when it doesn’t conclude to their BS timescale they throw out additional BS about issues or other clubs. Every year people buy it, listen to their guff and go apoplectic that things “aren't happening” or aren’t quick enough or people have gone on holiday. Its the absolute definition of silly season. The club started preparation for this window, with a plan for the PL immediately following the Milwall game. They were as prepared as possible. These things take time, we’ve cleared the decks, we’ve identified targets and we’ve made approaches. We need to just sit back, wait patiently as possible and trust the people running our club at all levels who I would argue are the most capable (collectively and individually) in at last 12 years. There is a huge huge amount to be done, we need to significantly improve the size and quality of the squad, I’m sure Smith, Suso and Purslow are abundantly clear about that and working on nothing but that issue. I’d also point out you don’t hire a guy like Suso and then work with a Martin O’Neill blinkered transfer market approach. So relax, try and enjoy your summer oh and whatever you do, don’t take any notice of Alan Nixon or Gregg Evans! They really haven’t the first clue, I know this for a fact. Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring!
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    Bruce finished Chester’s career by leaving us so exposed at the back. Chester played on during our injury crisis knowing that it was probably going to cost him his career. 99% of players would not have done that. He deserves every credit and we should keep him on the playing staff for as long as he can meaningfully contribute on the pitch. Let’s help him get his badges and then offer him a coaching position as well. We owe him - it’s as simple as that.
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    That's a brilliant performance, worked hard to a man and Mings/Hause give us a real resilience at the back - they're both big, strong and quick and Mings is a really good leader of a back four. Credit to the two full backs for playing an astute simple game and not trying to do too much. I thought the midfield was outstanding at times including the old fella that came on at the end. McGinn looks like he's missed the game and he's as fresh as a daisy - he was our best player for me. Front three are still a little concerning, El Ghazi is inconsistent but working hard, Abraham isn't quite clicking and Green is working his socks off but not dominant. If they click, we're in. Picked the right side, made the right subs, played the right way - well done to the manager. This is a really good win.
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    Have to say Grealish's conduct and attitude today was amazing. Had to deal with being attacked, a truly hostile atmosphere, endless hacking challenges from the opposition and he still stood strong and scored the winning goal. Impressive.
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    Out of interest when was the last time you had your hard drive checked?
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    I got engaged last night. It was as much a surprise to me as it was to anyone else.
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    I am on holiday with Mrs Lifeboats in Cyprus. A few days ago we were pondering a visit to a tourist attraction. "Don't worry," declares Mrs Lifeboats "I saw that yesterday. I know where it is". She is to navigation what Myra Hindley is to babysitting and I should have known better. So off we trot and 15 minutes later we arrive at the local bus station. I am thinking something must be wrong because Mrs Lifeboats regards all forms of public transport as disease ridden cess pits. Is she really taking us on a bus ride? "Err.........I saw this yesterday and thought it must be a tourIst attraction because of ALL THE BUSES THAT KEPT ARRIVING FULL OF PEOPLE.
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    https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/07/24/trezeguet-on-joining-aston-villa New Aston Villa midfielder Trezeguet has paid tribute to Ahmed Elmohamady following his arrival at the club on Tuesday. Unlucky mate
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    Question that’s been bugging me for a while and it relates to this thread. If brentford are full of £20m players how come they are so average in terms of what they actually achieve. Watkins, Maupay, Benrahma, Swayers, Konsa all seem to get talked about as PL players. The remaining 6 players in the team must be really bad to pull them down to half way in Champo.
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    One of my favourite players over the past 3 seasons, especially in his first and second with us. He almost single-handedly dragged us to the playoffs last season taking over as the main goal threat in Kodjia's absence. Granted he's looked past it at time this season but he's always given 100% in games, his tracking back being his main asset this season when at times our defence needed all the help it could get. He seems to have been a great figure in the dressing room throughout his time at the club, and that has come across on the pitch. Feel pretty sorry for him, second time he's achieved promotion yet never managed a full season in the Premier League. Unfortunately his age has now caught up with him and we will be looking at younger players over the summer. Good luck for the future Albert, and thank-you for playing a part in getting us back where we belong.
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    I can picture it now....
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    This was him in the first half alone. I heard he was seen on Venus during stoppage time.
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    Conor Hourihane?
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    I think its petulant and sums up the modern football fan to want a manager out so early
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    Starting to think the club is secretly run by our medical team in some sort of Umbrella Corporation style thing were the football side of Aston Villa only works as a front to bring in crippled people they can study and experiment on.
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    Bit unfair, he seems like a nice lad
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    40 years old today! Guess I should start acting like an adult soon.... Maybe!
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    Congratulations folks. Delighted that you’re back up again and loved seeing SJM’s progress over the last season. lot of very proud hibs (and st Mirren I’m sure) fans of how well he’s done, think his popularity is testament to his attitude and character.
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    Sooooooo ... my plans have changed. Guess I'll see you at Wembley
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    This is your problem right here. You STILL haven't accepted how far we have fallen and that it might take a bit of work to put it right again. Deluded and entitled.
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    In other news... i think liam rosenior is by far the most knowledgeable and balanced pundit on tv right now. Always provides a good insight and tells it accurately.
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    Interesting game that, we were the better side by a distance and I was confident we'd win from the opening minutes - but we played like a pre-season game - it was sometimes slow, sometimes disjointed, sometimes slick, sometimes excellent - we look like a team that are trying to figure ourselves out - we're having a pre-season during the season and it'll have done our players some good to have gotten another ninety minutes under their belts in a win. Neither full back excelled, but neither let us down - Hutton played a couple of bad balls early and a wasted a cross, but he settled and did okay - he's one where you can sometimes see him fighting against the urge to whack it into the corner for a striker to chase - he's not natural yet in this system. Frankly I think he's earned a little time to get used to it. Taylor looks more comfortable game on game - now he has to prove he can be more than that. The centre halves look like they're getting to know each others games - Chester scored and his goal line clearance was outstanding but for me Tuanzebe just edged him for man of the match, I thought he was excellent, he's good on the ball and in the second half his recovery pace was really good. I thought all three of the midfielders did well, Jack catches the eye with his ability on the ball and the way he moves the team around the park, McGinn with his dogged bursts and ability to suddenly hurry a game, but I also thought Hourihane was decent in a controlled role behind them. Grealish's goal, whilst not a flashy one was a goal full of real quality, the little bit of shoulder movement from Abraham to turn and the finish from Grealish were both out of a division one higher than this one. I was impressed with Abraham - he didn't have a great game - just couldn't quite find that last bit of luck, touches went the wrong way, a defenders thigh deflected a flick, the ball fell just where he couldn't hit it - all that stuff - but he never stopped and right through he was alway exactly where you'd want him, showing for the ball, occupying defenders and presenting a threat. If he keeps up the good habits, the little bit of luck will find him. I thought Adomah worked hard and seems to be bustling himself into some sort of form - he needs a moment of his own to spark his confidence. Kodjia is full of confidence and moments of his own, he just needs to keep bustling - defensively he can be a liability, but occasionally he can do things going forward that other players can't - it's a balance for him. The moment at the very start of the second half when he ran through and squared the ball for Abraham then stood in front of the Holte End after the miss with his arms wide as if to say "See, you want me to pass it and we don't score" was just odd, a little bit too ego for me - I'd be interested in the opinions of those that were in front of him. Late in the second half, his dribble and seventy yard burst was brilliance - taking all the pressure away from our defence - even if the free kick he won at the end of it was laughable. One of a number of hilarious decisions on the night and a few that weren't at all funny. Fpe example, our second goal I'm not sure was a free kick, but Chester bundled it home well - he can't stop getting on the end of things at the moment. Still, the Bolton players were incensed. One day we'll play a game with a referee who protects Grealish and Mcginn - today it was McGinn's turn to be the subject of some really unpleasant lunges - one in the first half I thought could have been red - it happened right in front of the referee who let play go on before coming back to McGinn later, confused as to why he was on the floor - the two footed high lunge from ten seconds before already gone from his teeny tiny brain. There were a number of dangerous challenges on McGinn in the first half and he insisted in showing his cuts and lumps to the ref as he went off at half time - I'm surprised he still believed the ref could see. Mr Langford can go on the list of people who'd be better suited to other work. He was horrendous throughout and what resulted was a game in which a player might have been hurt. Thankfully no-one was, despite the best efforts to persuade us otherwise of the All-Lancashire face grabbing display team. I don't think I've ever seen a team so keen to roll around covering their faces with their hands, I counted about eight, none of whom were touched. I wonder if they play pee-po in training. This week's winner of knob of the day - Craig Noone - fouls, moaning and rolling about constantly. Mentions for Joe Williams and Pawel Olkowski - good effort boys but it was Noone's night. Bolton are horrible - there's just nothing to recommend about them. I'd sooner watch four hours of Judge Judy. In the end we never looked like losing, we looked like we're trying to do something we can't quite get to grips with, yet there's enough there to suggest we might click at some point and hopefully we will - we'll have to do it quickly though, the fixture list gets a bit more serious from here on in. If I had to sum us up on tonight's performance I'd say we played a little bit like Arsenal would if they were pissed as farts and had spent much of the night in Snobs.
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