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    I agree totally. On the Favourites......I don't think Dean will fall for that old chesnut and he will be telling the players accordingly. Derby have had a formidable last game and their form guide is on par with ours depending on how many games back are considered.....Dean will be reminding our lads of that and any repeat of last years showing will dump us out once again. Application is key, no passengers, no sight seers.....total commitment from all.
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    Breaking: Theresa May has said we'll put the same song to them next year. Confident it's a winner.
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    Pretty fair assessment that, refs down here should grow some balls and protect players. All season it's been like the 80s, seems you are allowed "one for free" to say hello and a "reducer" only gets you a yellow. That's bollocks IMO and hurts the game, it allows more physical teams an advantage and is bad for good footballing sides. We got openly bullied by Leeds and Albion and the officials did nothing about it. I read @OutByEaster? 's post about the semi final, and I don't think him thinking that Albion should have had 8 or 9 more cards of the two legs is an exaggeration by any stretch. Agree also that that sort of football causes injuries both to the perpetrator and the victims, Gazza ruined his career by going in like a clearing in the woods with a reckless challenge, football is full of people going in too hard and ending up hurting themselves. Just accumulating knocks over a season played like that will **** you up. We're favourites against Derby and we will have to deal with that, in a lot of ways Lampard's team talk is a lot easier he's just got to play on the underdog thing and he should get a reaction. We have to play the expectation and the occasion as much as Derby. Hopefully it'll be a good open game as that's what will suit us best, that said if Lampard tries to play it cagey he'll be hurting their chances as I don't think they are capable of that really. Who knows, this waiting will kill me!
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    Put 50 quid on us to get promoted after the last Derby game at 33/1. Losing this final would be a considerable double kick in the crotch now. Was thinking of cashing out for a grand but I don't think I should tempt fate, I don't want to be personally responsible for derailing the season by messing with the gods.
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    You lost the 2nd leg because you lacked discipline. Both tactically and because you had a man sent off for being dirty.
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    Gee, thanks armitage shanks, that’s really informative.
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    I think Derby will suit Villa and vice Versa. I think the 2 physically strongest teams went out for the very reason.....they relied on it too much and it caught up with them....Injuries can be bad luck, but they can also be a result of how a team plays....its a trade off. Personally, I think some of your players, similar to Albion have a clattering style of defensive work and is liable to turn a game in to a war as opposed to a game of football....I hope I am not being too harsh, but that is my take, as Opposed to Norwich who seem more intent on playing/working the ball. I also think Leeds and Albion showed an element of desperation (to go up), in their play an additional element of the above comments. The Cooper & Casilla moment was an epitome of that creating a reckless moment that I agree did derail you. When you say Derby was the weakest....it depends what weakest means? physically you might be right, perhaps us next, because we are not physically blessed either....but both teams have the ability to create quality moments. The final will be a close encounter and of course I want Villa to win.....but I hope the best footballing team wins. Finally, Leeds are a good team in many ways, wish we had full backs with the intensity of Ayling, but with a bit more composure and humility, Leeds could go far....... and you will be back challenging next season.I just hope once again a footballing team wins the thing.
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    Almost makes you cry https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/revealed-crucial-phonecall-saved-aston-16297059
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    Burger King's response to a police request that McDonalds in Edinburgh stop selling milkshakes for the duration of the bell end's visit.
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    Look, the policy of the Labour Party is incredibly straightforward, as set out at the most recent Labour Party conference, and voted for by members. This is the agreed policy, as being implemented by Labour's leadership. I'll summarise it for you, at a level all of you can understand. Let me be clear, the policy is, wait, look over there. What kind of bird is that?
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    Read somewhere that 86% of clubs who return to Wembley after losing the previous play off final.........win
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    I dunno, Lyon women would run Man City close because they’re the world’s most dominant sports team
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    Its ridiculous. Their record makes it look like they are in some of the crap 2/3 team leagues in Europe, not a league where everyone gets 150 million a year just for being in it. The last 2 years they have won 5 out of 6 domestic competitions, winning 84% of their league games averaging nearly 3 goals per game. Barca/real/celtic/bayern/PSG etc arent getting anywhere near that despite playing league 1/2 level opponents every other week. Liverpool lost 1 game all season and still couldn't stop them winning the league. In total they played 61 competitive games this season, they won52, drew 3 & lost 6, scoring 169 goals. today was the 11th time this season they scored 5 or more goals in a game
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    Iceland with Palestine flags, that went down well
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    As long as it’s Alex and not Darren.
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    Couldnt win that one either.
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    For those who don't read the introductions; Afternoon all. Congrats on making the playoff final. You have every reason to be confident here as you are massive favourites. The feel amongst us Rams is that we almost have no right to be here but we're enjoying the ride! Word of warning though. At the moment we are nothing like the Derby you have played previously. On our day we can beat anybody, although our defence is a bit of a calamity at times (especially from set-pieces). Our best forum if you want to pop by is dcfcfans.co.uk May the best team win!
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    Can't decide whether to go grammar nazi on 'would of', or just point out yet again that the Wembley pitch is the same size as Villa Park.
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    Obviously difficult for him when he is marked out every single game, but I just wanted to say I think it's absolutely outstanding he took a penalty. As a Villa fan, our captain, most whinged about player in the league, all the bullshit the last 2 weeks, being kicked all over the pitch every single match, then go on after 120-130 minutes of football and take a penalty that is crucial for a possible promotion. He had a lot to lose and took it anyway, and scored. Have to take your cap off to that.
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    Hi Visiting Ram here, thanks for allowing me to pop in prior to our visit to Wembley - if you want to know anything I don’t cover please ask. wembley great iconic venue dreadful for anyone north of Watford hideous to get to and earn expensive but it’s our clubs so we have to be there. pre season we were in for a rollercoaster season excellent results vs wolves and Southampton and the lampard overhaul was underway. Fairly average results early on but we were starting play football again after Rowett bored us stupid last season, then boom we played Dean Smith’s Brentford who were top of the league we won superbly 3-1 and soon enough we were at Manchester United again and yes to win there is always magnificent ( I have actually been there to see it on 5 occasions) we followed that up with victories over sheff United and we out played Chelsea at their place but lost 3-2 having scored 4 of them, by Christmas our lot are shattered and you can tell but we still posted wins at Norwich and Southampton lots of injuries haven’t helped helped for our annual feb-April slump best results and performances Brentford home 3-1 WBA away 4-1 Sheffield United home 2-1 Norwich away 4-3 Bristol city away 2-0 WBA home 3-1 Leeds Away P/O 4-2 we are a young team this season and lampard has done well with them, yes we have some profile loans from premiership clubs which actually means nothing if they can’t do it on a pitch but these ones can - Tomori from Chelsea our player of the season, Wilson from Liverpool who has 18 goals this season a winger but he isn’t a winger he cuts inside and shoots and does it very well but we have asked him to play central midfield many times because of injuries, also Mount from Chelsea 19 yrs old he will be very good and unfortunately he got injured and missed 3 months this season. We have some extremely good youngsters coming through of our own (just won the national premier league u18s) and Jayden Bogle 18 has played a full season at right back and mason Bennett (debut at 15) is now 22 and is seriously underrated by opponents and has been to total game changer on so many occasions this season. i did go to both Villa games this season and at our place we probably should have been in front at half time but 2nd half we deserved nothing and the away game at villa park ( great day out apart from the football) we put out an horrific team but apparently we were riddled with viruses at the time but no excuse for that performance we play football or at least try to and whilst the media like to call us FLDC we are a proud football club and every season is an event just a quick reference to the Leeds away play off game - we knew we were more than capable of beating them but they deludedly believe do they had won because we were naff against them this season ( even though we caught their spy twice) a few seasons back we beat Hull 3 times and lost once total score 8-3 Hull won at Wembley that season. play off record at Wembley QPR - we lost with the best side in years WBA - we won with the worst side fielded by us at Wembley Leicester - we lost after totally out playing them (refs fault) worse day ever let’s have a great game and a good day ( championship is still better to see your team win most weeks and follow our teams if the result is negative but our clubs need the money sadly )
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    We seem to have history with this. Remember the whole Kozak broken leg debacle?
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    I like the way they've integrated calculus into a pub sign.
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    This. We are favourites because what has come to pass is a 7-0 scoreline between us and Derby. And because of the perception that securing a playoff place sooner equates to superiority. Derby will have to do more soul-searching than us to find a way to come out on top of this fixture. That, in my mind, doesn't mean they are any less likely to come out on top. It just means that they must change the dynamic from what has come previously, to something that can provide.
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    Can't wait until May 24th when Labour tell us what side they were on. Could make it close.
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    Henceforth I will only be referring to Tammy as Kevin.
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    Maybe we should go for his brother, Timmy Abraham, who has scored against us in the HK 7s.
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    Ah yeah but they spent a lot of money so it doesn’t count.
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    If people want to go vegan, good for them. Good for their health, for the sustainability of the world etc. I don't get the whole moral discussion it always leads to though. Neither the "you're a bad person for eating meat and I'm a good person for not eating meat" nor the "you shouldn't do anything positive or good, because you're doing some other thing that's not". Both arguments are ridiculous.
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    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/bobby-gillespie-calls-madonna-total-111400940.html Well said that man!
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    Even better than Schteve Maclaren?
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    It's hilarious people just dismissing the achievement. A domestic treble is the minimum that should be expected and isn't an achievement I swear if Man City won every single game they played in a season and won everything there would still be people saying it's not an achievement.
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    Of course Manchester United would have done the domestic treble in 1994 until.........
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    Ha, and here the is the thing, hardly anyone gives a **** about womens football and it is absolutely **** shit, not even Conference standard. BBC's agenda is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Where did Pulis fail time and time again, exactly? Taking Stoke from a midtable championship side to a stable PL side? (and where are they now). Taking Palace from bottom, 4 points through a third of the season, and leading them to a comfortable midtable finish? Or was it finishing midtable with WBA? And getting sacked when they were 15th - only for them to be comfortably relegated by seasons end? Yes, he hasn't done a great job at Boro, but he's hardly been a disaster. The Championship is a bit of a cluster of a league anyway. His football is far from my taste, but to suggest he just fails over and over is as far from the mark as it gets. It seems being British and playing a direct style of football = shit, regardless of the actual outcome.
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    Well, thanks to the kindness of @Rugeley Villa it looks like I'll be in block 233. Are we having a VT meetup?
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    i'm currently in the queue, just to see if the people who are now eligible can get better tickets than I got a couple of days ago. Sorry if I'm holding you up.
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    I don’t think that’s necessarily true. They were well organised to carry out their game plan, which was very simple, sit deep, defend in numbers and hope for a mistake. They got their wish, particularly in the first leg, which made their plan even more attractive to them. It’s always easier to look committed when defending than when trying to be creative and break teams down. Even at home and with the scores over both legs level they still didn’t attack us, except on the break. I thought once down to 10 men they might have a go for the last 10 mins to avoid playing another 30 mins a man down, but they defended even deeper I’m not knocking The Albion as the plan almost worked, but I think we were as committed as them but perhaps it didn’t always come across. We were certainly the only team committed to playing with any attacking intent. I also think if the ref had done his job properly, a lot of Albion’s “commitment”, would have been rewarded with cards, which would have ended in them being reduced to 10 men earlier or us being fouled less and creating more from open play.
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    February 2015, I think, same trip as Chernobyl. I'll see if I can dig out the snaps. How about you?
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    my tactical observations / musings. Why we took so many short corners. They were playing 5 across the back with three central defenders, all very tall, very strong in the air. I understand going short to try to change the angles and timing. But we should have put more shots in from outside the box then. Crosses: at least 80% of our crosses landed on the far side of the 18 yard box (overhit) This can happen if you're hoping to switch the angles, hit a runner on the weak side (avoiding the 3 big tall goons clogging the middle). So it may have been deliberate. but it can also happen when you have too much Adrenalin. I suspect some of both. I've not seen anyone else comment on this, but one of my frustrations was how often we rolled the ball slowly to a teammate. It gave WBA time and opportunity to step in and cut out the passing lane, which happened far too frequently, or at least it meant our player was already closed down before receiving the ball. It's one of the reasons we got into so much trouble trying to play out of the back early in the second half. It's also why many of our attacks, stalled out. I'm not talking about playing the ball quickly in the sense of one-touch play, but in the sense of hitting the ball with pace. As I pondered this, to me obvious and alarming trend, I noticed that the balls we hit that went too slowly were always on the ground. So what causes that? An overly long turf, or an overly watered pitch. I've known coaches to deliberately take an opponent out of a strong passing game by over-watering the pitch so those rolling balls on the ground, die. it makes the defensive task much easier. I have no way to know if WBA left the turf a little long or over-watered the pitch, but I did notice that they watered it pretty heavily at halftime and quite a few players lost their footing at different points all over the field. so I am suspicious at least. Wembley won't have the "home" groundskeeper on their side. In the first match, the referee clearly wished to protect the players, especially the "stars" in this match, the referee clearly wanted to let the players play quite physically. (witness the no call against Mings that led to their goal, the no card to Brunt for the first heavy tackle on McGinn, and many others. The problem is, WBA players are largely Hosses. Big, strong, physically agressive. It's much more their style to bully and beat the opponent into submission. Similar to Junxs, I didn't think he had any particularly horrible calls, and he had several that were very good. However, the referee's approach to the game gave the WBA game plan an advantage. All that tactical pondering aside. DAMN ! what a match, what a win. We only need one more.
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    Just as a general point, if you want to persuade people, sometimes you have to give them a reason on their terms, on their favoured ground. So if you want to persuade a militaristic, republican, or someone with relatives in the military, or etc. then saying how your "thing" might be beneficial to their interests is much more likely to succeed in persuading them that to say (in this example) "climate change is real and will affect poor people in far off lands really badly" - when the audience doesn't give a stuff about that consequence.
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    When Lord Nelson died, he was five feet tall. His statue in Trafalgar Square is fifteen feet tall. That's Horatio of 3:1.
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    The wife asked if I loved her or football the most. I said “open your legs and I’ll show you”. Nutmegged her.
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    Got dragged along to a club with the wife. There was a guy on the dance floor going mental, twerking, breakdancing, spinning, moonwalking, back flips, the lot. He was the centre of attention. My wife turned to me and said "See that guy? 25 years ago, he proposed to me and I turned him down". I said "Yeah I see he's still **** celebrating."
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