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    If Everton hire Ferguson it willl be like the mamagerial lovechild of Paulo Di Canio and Tim Sherwood
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    If anyone understood the importance of a successful Aston Villa it was Ron Saunders. He was a straight shooter, who didn't suffer fools as many a player found to their cost. He also brought some great players, our greatest captain, Dennis Mortimer, one of our greatest centre forwards, Andy Gray, who, despite scoring 30 goals in one season, was shown the door for having the temerity to question the training methods the manager was famous for. He was eventually replaced by some journey man called Peter Withe, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks, Sir Ron, for giving me some of the happiest memories ever, may you rest in peace.
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    My hero. That "Want to bet against us?" moment, with the look on his face, still gives me goosebumps.
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    My Dad took a group of kids to BMH as they’d been invited to watch The Villa train. The security then wasn’t as it is now and so Dad just parked up the minibus and walked into the changing rooms looking for someone who might know they were coming. He immediately met Brian Little who was an absolute gentleman, knew Dad’s name and said he’d go and find the boss. My Dad thought Ron would say a quick hello and get someone to show them around, but that wasn’t the case at all. Ron was charming, made a big fuss of the kids and took them all out to the first team training pitch, stopped training and set up a match for the kids to watch. All the players were equally wonderful to the kids, everyone got autographs and had a kick around with the team. Dad was so impressed with Ron, the players and the whole club. We were both immensely proud of our football club. I apologise to anyone who has heard me tell this story before on here, but I thought it might be a fitting time to recount it again. Thank you from all of us Ron. Rest in peace boss, you were hard as nails but had a big heart and truly knew people, a man’s man.
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    Looks like we woke Manure from their slumbers! People are worrying about relegation, which is understandable but, we've played all bar Liverpool of the so-called big boys away from home. We still play both Mancs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs at home. We - the fans - will have our chance to make a difference and will probably need to. We have not hi g to fear from the teams in the bottom half. We just to make sure we take our 'A game' to those teams when we play them.
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    I hope Bournemouth get relegated for no other reason than to make them rue selling Mings to us. And I don't even think Mings is worth 26 million.
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    Pepe Guardiola
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    Shut up and have a cherry bakewell. ~Kipling
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    There’s more!!!! #therealkeenansback
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    I borrowed some money from an Aussie mate and now he won’t stop calling me. So annoying! It happens at all times of the day as well, sometimes when I’m fast asleep. It’s not even a huge amount and I know he’d just waste it on going out with women who he never gets anywhere with. I’m purposely ignoring him now to wind him up.

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