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    When I were a lad my mate used to break my leg in the dressing room before the game. Then at halftime I’d rip his arm off at the shoulder and batter our right back to within an inch of his life. Then we’d all drink a pint of each other’s blood before going out for the second half, which in those days lasted for two hours or until more than half the team had died. And if you died you were automatically dropped for next week. You try telling that to lads these days and they just won’t believe you. Snowflakes.
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    I quite liked Smith's comments today post match. I hope it has an effect. He is a man who cares and wants to stay here. I like that and him.
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    Eh, depends on how religious he is. I don't think you can really say this without knowing the guy personally.
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    So many questions have to be asked of Smith at the moment; 1 "players aren't fighting" - you've said this a few times now. Words along lines that we're not commited or didn't show up or started slowly. Can't keep saying it - fix it, it's your job. 2 Why insist on playing it out from the back when clearly none of our defenders can pass?! We have the most mistakes leading to a goal because Hause, Konsa, Engels and even Mings sometimes, aren't comfortable on the ball or, worse still, far too relaxed/lazy with the pass. Southampton are not the first team to see that if you put our defenders under pressure they will crumble. After the first half we were lucky it wasn't far more given the number of mistakes. 3 How do you not know your best midfield yet? Think I can count on one hand the number of times we've had the same midfield from one game to the next. How can't you see that Nakamba and Luiz don't work together? How can you think Drinkwater was a solution? Do you have any idea what to do with Grealish? 4 Why do subs invariably come in the 60th minute regardless of the game? Why aren't we reacting to what is happening? 5 Why are players turning to the bench for advice during the game? Surely they should be drilled to tactics and changes during the week? Today I saw, I think it was Trez, asking who to cover as Hause was out of position. Then when Konsa went off there was mass confusion through the whole team for a good five minutes - if there was a message it clearly wasn't being communicated clearly from the sidelines. Players should be being instructed, not seeking help. I could go on... It's shambolic and only getting worse week in, week out.
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    Twitter is a cess pool for morons where no one is held accountable for vile, stupid or racist remarks. The shame is that shabby second rate hacks like to quote from twitter for click bait purposes. I ditched twitter about six months ago and do not miss it in the slightest.
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    Sod it i'll do it. Cup final next week - gets that distraction out of the way for the run in. Mcginn and davis to come back in. Smith's reaction was a first today, never seen him not defend the team and criticise them to that extent. Surely there'll be a reaction. It hopefully gives smith and the players the kick up the arse that the clock is ticking and we just need to get ooints anywhere and however we can. We still have winnable games left and those players will have a bonus in place for staying up.
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    only problem with all the best fights .com is that the length of the video's give away the duration of a fight, if it is only 10 minutes long tomorrow then you know that Wilder won via KO
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    Has a knack of scoring against big teams, too.
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    Neves was 21 when the dingles got back to the PL last season and their current left winger (Neto) is aged 19. We have an excuse for everything if you ask me.
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    Thing is poor Anwar has been on the end of a couple of bloody noses the last few weeks has he not? Maybe he's a little punch-drunk.
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    I’m not on board with the idea of players making injuries worse because of some old school machismo that has probably been exaggerated over the years to an increasingly bored wife (not looking at anyone in particular here). But AEG is undoubtedly a massive pussy, and football is a contact sport that requires a certain amount of bravery competing for headers, 50/50s, riding tackles, etc. All the best technical players in the world also have this bravery - Messi, Ronaldo... Grealish. We can’t carry an obvious coward in our squad when we are mired in a relegation battle in a league where refs still let a lot of bad challenges go unpunished. And yes maybe he got hurt today (although it looked very innocuous) but we’ve seen enough half hearted jumps and lazy tracking runs to know that AEG is not a fighter. This is the kind of behaviour that (at any level of football) gives a confidence boost to the opposition. We look defensively weak down that whole right wing / right channel, and while Konsa and Guilbert take some responsibility too, it starts with El Ghazi.
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    If that's the case then he (Smith) should take some of the blame for what happens on the training pitch. It does all seem, from the outside looking in to be too nice and friendly of an atmosphere....Remember when Steve Mclaren was England manager and used to refer to Steven Gerard as Stevie G all the time....it just seemed too close and wrong. I don't know if that is the case but....
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    Smith isn't our core issue (IMO) - which is not to say he isn't flawed or doesn't deserve some flak for recent performances. I think he's here for the long run and I'm happy with that - there are some players who really need to step up though. When McGinn returns we should go back to playing 4 at the back. I really believe he'll make a big difference in terms of fight, quality and threat.
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    Not even remotely surprised. It's so depressingly predictable. More often than not we just don't turn up at all in these sorts of away games.
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    Can you summarize the stats for us being 4 at back from the first Leicester game until the first Watford game as well please? Because these were the games where we played a back 4 without Mcginn so you can have a better comparison between the back 4 and back 3.
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    We lost our best players and had to pay £25m to keep mings
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    Ok he had a good game against spurs but two mares in away games. Causes chaos at the back
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    He has his strengths (strong and very good in the air) and limitations (not the paciest and can be caught in possession), he would be much more suited to a Pulis side than to how we are playing. He makes mistakes, but I like him better than Konsa.
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    We can stay up and Grealish will still be gone in the summer. The only difference if we stay up will be how much power we have regarding his fee.
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    If this forum is representative of the clubs fan base we really are a croc of sh*t. Promoted through the play offs after finishing 5th in the championship with a number of loan players and a very small squad once you take out the oldies that helped gain promotion we had nothing going forward. Yes we spent a lot of money but we had to get players in quickly, it hasn’t proved to be a quick fix but there is talent there. Last time we bought a lot of new players the fans decided they were shit , ruined confidence and we eventually got relegated . A lot of these players are now playing regularly at high levels around Europe. Aston Villa well known club worldwide won loads in the past but currently rebuilding it takes time and without fan support will take longer, perhaps will never happen, too many fans expect instant success, ain’t going to happen.. is there a difference between fan and supporter ?
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    I've said a few times that we won't go down. I genuinely believe we have enough talent to stay up. McGinn back improves on that too. But I'm losing faith in the manager. Players don't look coached, what are the tactics? The motivation doesn't seem there from minute 1 in games. So right now. I'm 55 stay up, 45 go down. Last month it was 85 stay up.
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    Cant put enough emphasis on that Spurs late goal, I think its absolutely knocked the guts right out of em, piss poor that though for professional players.
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    I don't think any formation changes really matter at this point. Our problems are more fundamental than that. The team can't defend no matter the formation. And I stress this heavily because due to a combination of luck and great goalkeeping, we've managed to concede a lot less goals than we should have. We have the worst xGA in the league, 7 goals more than next place West Ham.. There is something wrong with how these players are being coached imo. I've been saying this months ago but since then it hasn't changed. As we swapped players and formations, is still hasn't changed. No matter how I look at it, Smith is at fault for the defensive frailties of the club whether its through the tactics he's been trying to play or the coaching. I don't think it will change so long as he's in charge. Yes a lot of them are individual mistakes but these individual mistakes happen because of how much pressure we are always under and that's on the team and therefore, the manager. On the attacking side, its really just been the Jack Grealish show. Everything goes through him. When he's off his game, its pretty much a guaranteed loss. We give the ball to him and hope he makes some magic with it. That's the only effective attacking tactic we have. Whilst I do think we'll likely go down at this point, I definitely don't think its a sure thing. We could survive by the skin of our teeth somehow, its possible. But even if we do, I can't say I'd be impressed with what Smith has done this season. Quite frankly, I don't think the board expected a 17th place finish this season either. I really don't. They were definitely looking to do a Wolves or a Sheffield with the money they put in this season. Edit: Also, I think the team really is better than they are showing under Smith. I don't buy this idea that all our players are Championship standard.
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    If he wasn’t a villa fan, he’d have been sacked before Xmas and loads more would have wanted him out
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    Seeing as this team is bipolar I wouldn’t put it passed them to upset Man City in the cup final and then pull off a few shocking wins in the coming months. As dreadful as they are at times they can also be surprisingly spectacular. Imagine what could happen when McGinn is back. (I hope they don’t rush him back though)
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    This guy is simply not up to premier league standard. He's probably just up to making the bench for a championship side. Woeful.
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    See, when you say that, it makes me think you are a kid, just signed up to the Villa or, you have memory loss in the last few seasons because, believe me, the last Premier League season was by far the worst season of being a Villa fan in my 48 years.
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    So so I, sadly though I can’t see purslow making the call and admitting he was wrong in the new contract - our chest chance of survival is a hopeful new manager bounce - I don’t see smith getting this back on track , he’s out of his depth at this level in my opinion
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    I'd rather Heaton was fit and playing
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    I swear people complain in here when he comes up with excuses most weeks, I sure did last week. Today he's not holding back. About bloody time I say.
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    He can’t come out and defend them after that shocker today
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    Misguided??? Have you been watching us lately
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    I’m excited to read all of the misguided “Dean out!” messages.
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    I promised myself I wouldn't masturbate today. Damn you sir.
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    Yes, I had thought about Harry as well. You have made a very convincing case. I had wondered about the signature, but had been swayed by the location. I guess we may never know for sure. I think however, that you might just have hit the nail on the head. Nice to see both old boy's getting a mention. By the way, I didn't try on quite that many boots, but I did spend a very, very long time looking at the photographs of Villa teams that Harry had up on the shop walls.

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