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    Roy deflated Zaha overrated Benteke infuriated Villa not yet relegated
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    Can you **** believe it, we score a goal for the first time in god knows how long, just as my missus decides to walk past the TV, And stands in front of it moaning because I’m screaming “move, move out the way!” Just as the ball goes in.. so I missed the goal.. Brilliant!
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    What joke? Us getting relegated is a joke? I don't find it funny. It hurts me. I suppose, being a Leeds fan, the joke is strong with you.
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    Watford have 34 points and an 8-goal better goal difference than we have. Their remaining games are West Ham (a), Manchester City (h) & Arsenal (a). It is not unlikely, that they will not pick up another point from those games. Should that happen and we win tomorrow, we would need a further 5 points from our remaining 3 games (Everton (a), Arsenal (h) & West Ham (a)), unless they lost their games so heavily, that their current goal difference advantage evaporated, then 4 would be enough for us. There is therefore a chance, but we would need to pull off an escape, that would have Harry Houdini applauding. Even if they got 2 points from their games, which is the very maximum that I could see them getting, then 3 wins and a draw from our last 4 games, would see us finish above them. If not, West Ham could lose or draw at home to Watford, lose at Manchester United and at home to us on the last day, which would leave us needing 5 or 6 points from our other 3 games to finish above them. Failing the other two happening, Brighton could get nothing, or no more than 2 points, from their remaining games (Southampton (a), Newcastle (h) & Burnley (a)), leaving us needing 10 or 12 points to get above them. Bournemouth face Leicester (h), Manchester City (a), Southampton (h) & Everton (a), so I've written them off, like we've been written off! The great escape is on then. All we need to do is to find the ability to slip into top four form overnight. Make it so Villa!
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    Stop being "normal" and having a life. Come and join us depressed people for 90 minutes.....
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    Results not gone for Villa.......either their own or other teams in the relegation zone. Teams I have followed in the past have also been in this situation and all fans want to see now is some fight from the players and management. Worst thing is for them to roll over tamely in these last 4 games without giving it their all. At least show some passion for the badge. McGinn on the wing.........not for me Occasionally played wider for us but he was not up against the speed and strength of fullbacks in the English Premier League. 'mon Villa
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    Douglas already moving to win the ball back the 2nd he released his pass. Bloke is light years ahead of this showr.
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    I’d play him a bit wider, on the bench.
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    Douglas Luiz is younger than Keinan Davis, plays in midfield, and has scored more goals in less than half the appearances.
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    Quick shoutout for Hourihane and Elmo. They’ve done brilliantly coming in today.
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    Trez... scoring two goals... it’s like a weird twilight zone episode.
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    On the Palace goal that was ruled out I don't get the handball rule anymore but Ayew takes Reina out. I'll take a decision going our way for once.
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    Need to get trezeguet off at half time done nothing as usual
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    If VAR had given that decision on a ball Villa got in the net, this place would be in meltdown. A massive let-off, just like the non-award of a goal in the Sheff U match. We have been poor so far.
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    Zaha an absolute banker to score too after this.
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    Mathematically we can stay up. I have accepted relegation. If we roll over and go out without a whimper I will be bloody annoyed, if we play as we can, win the next three and still go down. I will be bloody annoyed that we didn't do it earlier . No pleasing me today
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    Oh God that hashtag is depressing. And also very fitting.
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    People looking to Dyche should remember he was relegated with Burnley in their first season in the premier league but the club stuck with him and were promoted the following season. They haven't looked back since. Not saying it'll work out the same with Smith but doing a hard reset every season will take us nowhere if we want to build a consistent style of play and ethos.
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    Watched “can you ever forgive me” tonight .... what a great film , never thought I’d be sitting here saying I enjoyed a film with Melissa McCarthy in it but she is great as is Richard E Grant who plays Richard E Grant . You get a few films that you’d happy watch over and over again and this one makes the list , wish I’d have watched it sooner
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    All 4 are accountable for this mess of a season
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    Please also no more Hause. We look better without him imo. Having Elmo at RB looked a much better balance.
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    Completely disagree. Worked hard, looked for the ball all day, held it up, carried it, linked play
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    The best worst player ever we've ever had.
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    Once again we prove this team can play very well. Smith isn't getting the best out of them most weeks.
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    That stamp should be a retrospective red. That's not just dangerous play, it's an assault with no attempt to play the ball.
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    Elmo offers far more at RB than Konsa. Glad Hause got injured.
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    I don't know why Elmo doesn't take free kicks, the man can cross a ball like no other in this squad.
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    A proper centre half and a proper bloke. We could have done with him this season. I went to a chicken in a basket thing at Villa Park, many years ago where Jack was the speaker. Loved his smirk,when he was asked about the Leeds "little black book". I also went to a World Cup evening that featured Jimmy Greaves and 9 of the winning team, at Wolverhampton Civic Hall some years ago, when he talked about the final and "our kid" Bobby. Sad to see the team leaving us, one by one. RIP Jack.
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    I had this last night, bloody good stuff.
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    I've given it some thought now and then lately. I've gotten kinda numb from it all, but I'm by nature a relatively stubborn and competitive person, and I don't mind fighting for something a long time to achieve what I want. I think we got to have patience and rally behind what the club's trying to do now. It's a highly competitive league and we came up as the runt of of the litter, coming up through play off with an aged squad with exceptional loaned players. The promotion was a big deal for the club, but it left us with a quite impossible task of building a new team over one summer. Most people understood quite early it would be close to impossible to get it right in the space of 2 months. We had to spread £ 127 million relatively thin, to fill all gaps in the squad. And even then we were stuck with championship quality players like Hourihane. Unfortunately our scouts missed with our big signings, like Wes. It's obvious the recruitment was the big fuckup on our part. I'm a fan of Deano, but I won't disagree with anyone saying he should have done better either. It's been a collective learning curve. Ultimately the project the club set forward with Deano, Suso etc. involved rebuilding the club. From the academy, style of football, general philosophy, bringing kids through, making the club profitable, bringing the club into the 21st century in all aspects. It will be bumps in the road, and it does mean we need to have some longterm goggles on. Maybe we need to rebuild in the championship for another season of three. But personally I just don't see the point of the blame game at this point. I'm a pretty vocal critic of Wesley, but I'll leave that alone now and just hope he comes out banging with more confidence against worse teams. Maybe even Davis will relish a season with more pitch time. I'd like us to keep Deano and let him continue. Hopefully add some more fight into the team and develop further. The only thing I'll be clear about is that I want us to sign more English high quality young players from the championship. Players that knows what it's about. Players that can develop into PL players. Players with fight and a bit of drive. I'm a firm believer in that an English core is pretty essential in whatever division you're in.
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    Look at what Smith started with in June: Strikers :Davis, Kodija Midfielders : Mcginn/Hourihane/Grealish Defenders :Taylor Hause Guilbert, Elmohamady Keeper : Steer, Nyland, Kalinic You can't have Mings and El Ghazi if you are giving him stick for the money he spent in the summer as they are included in that outlay. By the way that's in June - so we had a small window to build and coach up a premiership squad. What he started off with is mid-table championship stuff - if you don't believe it, imagine what taking Abraham, Mings and Tuanzebe would have done to us last season. The money was spent awfully that's on Smith and Suso but the amount has to be viewed in the context of what we started off with.
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    Getting promoted after finishing 5th thanks to a mid season purple patch. Dismantling the promotion squad by some necessity and some design. Losing McGinn Heaton and Wesley to long term injuries. The 5 sub rule allowing teams with huge squads to eviscerate us with 60 minute substitutions. Probably some naivete from Smith, but he was at a disadvantage. Successful promoted squads always have settled teams. We were a victim of our success. I would not sack Smith
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    As we're going down I'd want west brom, Leeds and Fulham promoted as they're consistently competitive championship teams who would be serious challengers to promotion next season. The rest are much of a muchness.
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    I honestly don’t understand the calls to keep him here next season. There is a losing mentality around the club right now stinking the place out. It’s going to be a pretty quick turnaround before next season starts. What makes people think Smith is going to change that? The players clearly aren’t giving there all for him. What is he going to do to make them give 110% in the dog fight that is the Championship? We have been in a relegation fight and the players should be running through brick walls for him, why aren’t they? Is too soft, is he just one of the lads and they don’t respect him. He threw the towel in against Man Utd, how can the players respect him after that? He did a miraculous job during the 10/12 game spell to get us up, but I honestly believe he fell upon a winning formula helped in the main by Jack’s return and having some of the best players in the division at his disposal. Let’s not forget the dozen or so games prior to that when we were absolute dog shit. I also recall there several people then saying the players weren’t good enough. For me there has been far more bad than good under Smith and that is why we need to go our separate ways and have a fresh start. I fear if we keep him it will be more of the same next season and he’ll get the bullet around Nov/Dec and we’ll have wasted another season in the Championship.
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    Foreigners, it's all their fault.
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    I really couldn't give a shit what fans of any of those teams think.
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