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    Short of a call-up to the national team he is though.
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    Glides across the turf. It’s like watching a swan go past a bunch of dogs paddling after a ball.
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    I was still miffed at how we defended that free kick...or didn't defend it. We have to be smarter when dealing with giant players.....there was also 2 of their players free at the far post, just in case Webster never scored......We have to pick up on players better than that.
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    Since you’ve brought up abusive language, am I the only one who is uncomfortable with the My Old Man song? It’s one of our best known songs and yet I think thousands of fans singing c#&t is just wrong and does us no credit. I’m not a prude and I’ve often used terrible language at games. You can understand why over the last 10 years! But that’s just frustration spur of the moment stuff and I try to keep it down, especially if there are kids and ladies near. In these modern times when we’re trying to be a forward thinking all inclusive club I don’t think that there’s a place for a song with the C word included. It’s too late to change it obviously, so just drop the song.
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    He's a joy to watch isn't he
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    I don’t think the country does know for a fact how difficult it is to leave. In fact, it really isn’t. What it’s proven, is it’s difficult to negotiate from a position of not really knowing what you want. Plenty of people will be just as convinced as ever that it is perfectly easy to leave, but politicians didn’t really want to. Add in to that some right wing chancer snake oil salesman with wall to wall publicity and the next election or referendum could get really nasty.
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    They wouldn't do that, it would instantly mean the first referendum was invalid
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    Bet you Pep is watching him closely after a display like that. imagine if he had gone to Spurs last season for 25m. Would have been tragic. Thank you so much NSWE
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    It's the only way I eat fruit!
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    When he is at his best i think he is world class, he goes past players like they are not there, only world class players do that.
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    & From the thread starting with this tweet: I think this may feed back in to something I suggested the other day about the Tory election campaign that might run on the back of this (Parliament agreed to it but then later didn't go through with the required legislation) if the implementation legislation fails to go through. Could they not point to this as saying that the House of Commons resolved the matter (as amended) and that was the decision of the Speaker in a ruling?
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    Next 2 games we need to have Douglas holding with Marvelous. Our midfield has been way too open recently. Brighton just had the freedom of VP to do what they wanted, and they're not even half the team City is. We'd get ripped to pieces if we play like that against City. I know he's been good since coming in, but having Conor play against City would be suicide. Having Douglas sitting also has the added benefit of freeing up McGinn to basically play as an ACM without much worry. We'll be really dangerous on the break with Jack, John and Trez floating behind Wesley.
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    From my recollection Given was terrible for us! And played second fiddle to a resurgent Guzan most the time?
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    I woudl love to hear wht Dean is saying to the players in the preperation for these next two. He's been on the David side of the David and Goliath games a lot (Walsall and Brentford) so he must have a few psychological tricks up his sleeve. I don't think he can talk up the consequences of losing though, it has tobe about freedom and playing your own game and seeing what happens for me... If Dean can manage to have us mid table safely at the end of the season he'll have done an incredible job for my money. Just over a year ago we were mid table in the Championship with a team that mostly played like they'd never met before.
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    I'm hoping we replace Taylor with someone in January though. Someone who is decent value and the equivalent standard of Guilbert but on the left who can run Targett close.
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    Targett applied a Matt finish in the dying seconds of this game to break the hearts of Brighton fans and players alike yesterday. His late, late winner sent us up into mid table above our visitors and prevented VAR from robbing us of another two points. Quite why VAR chose to overrule the match officials and cancel out Hourihane’s well hit 42nd minute goal is beyond me. It certainly was not a clear and obvious error by the match referee, to not rule that Wesley’s attempt to reach a cross from Guilbert at the far post, represented an illegal challenge on Ryan as he flapped at the ball. Yes, Wesley’s arm was raised, as is invariably the arm of anyone who tries to climb in the air to head the ball. To adjudge that to represent a foul on Ryan is taking protection of the goalkeeper, way too far. This decision left me wondering, how many of Andy Gray’s or Peter Withe’s headed goals VAR would have ruled out?’ Brighton started brightly yesterday and scored a 21st minute goal that we could see was coming, from a Gros free kick that was floated towards Webster on the left edge of the 6-yard box. The defender had unforgivingly been left unmarked and he proceeded to head the ball back across the face of the goal and into the far corner of the net. Having been reduced to 10 men on 35 minutes, our visitors still posed an occasional threat to us during the second half. They came into this game with confidence following a surprising, yet well-earned win against Spurs. Their performance yesterday, should probably have seen them coming away from Villa Park with at least a point, against a Villa side that had struggled to find the scintillating form, that had put Norwich to the sword before the international break. Our visitors made their long journey back to the South coast yesterday, having failed to register their first ever win at Villa Park and having been denied a point by our late winner. This was because for once, we were able to find a way of beating both 10-men and VAR. VAR really does need sorting out. We are in mid-table despite VAR, which again intervened as the players had been about to re-start the game. It had also done so in the first half of our last home game, when it cancelled out McGinn’s goal against Burnley, as the players lined up for the re-start. It is rapidly killing the spontaneity of goal celebrations. When the ball has crossed the line, fans at the game are now in fear of its intervention until the game has been re-started. Goal celebrations, which are such a joyous part of attending a game, are therefore now understandably becoming muted. Brighton had enjoyed the better of the game before Mooy’s sending off. Having escaped an early booking, he could have no grounds to complain that he had been harshly treated on collecting 2 yellow cards so soon. Perhaps he was still finding difficulty in coming to terms with England’s earlier convincing World Cup win against the Wallabies! Another 6 points would see us match the total number of points that we were able to accumulate during the whole of the last season that we spent in the Premier League. This like the Norwich game before it, could have been considered a potential 6-pointer. It certainly represents a welcome win, given that our next two league games are against Manchester City and Liverpool. We were not at our best yesterday, but we didn’t resort to hoofing the ball into the penalty area as time was running short on us and winning on your “off days” is a necessary habit to acquire for any successful football team. We stretched our unbeaten home run to four games yesterday, came back to win the game having been a goal behind and have now won our last two league games. These results have seen us go ahead of Manchester United in the league table. I must admit that I rather like seeing that again, it has been far too long since that was last the case! My player ratings from a game that left us singing “Sweet Caroline” again when the final whistle sounded are: Tom Heaton – 7 – Got down to stop a 26th minute Maupay shot at his left-hand post. Maupay then played a nice ball on for Connolly, whose 31st minute shot from right of the penalty spot was prevented from giving them a 2-goal lead by Tom’s left foot. He gathered another Maupay shot at the second attempt on 45 minutes and did well again when he saved a 66th minute Montoya shot low at his left-hand post. Frederic Guilbert – 7 – Hit a couple of nice crosses into the box, including the one that produced our equaliser. Bjorn Engels - 6 – Played his part in the centre of our defence. Tyrone Mings – 7 – A solid performance. Matt Targett – 7 – Scored our winner with the last kick of the game. He was found by a well weighted 94th minute ball from Jack and coolly hit our second from the left edge of the 6-yard box, past Ryan and into the far corner of the net. Anwar El Ghazi – 4 – Had a 29th minute shot from the edge of the box blocked by a defender and hit a loose ball that had cannoned off Ryan wildly over the crossbar on 42 minutes. He really should have done so much better from only 6 yards out. He also headed a nice 67th minute Trezeguet cross harmlessly wide of the far post. Anwar can and needs to do better than this. Marvelous Nakamba – 6 – Left with a lot to do by himself in the middle yesterday. John McGinn – 6 – Some way off his usually very consistent best yesterday. Found the side netting with a shot on 37 minutes and had an on target shot blocked 3 minutes later. Hit a 65th minute shot over the bar, after Jack had pulled the ball back to him on the edge of the box. Jack Grealish – 9 – MOTM – Pulled the strings in our midfield yesterday and made good runs forward. Scored our equaliser and created our late winner. McGinn found Jack just outside the left of the box, he then played a superb ball between 2 defenders for Targett to hit our late winner. Jack had earlier started and finished the move that produced our equaliser in the 2nd minute of first half stoppage time. He ran forward with the ball before finding Wesley near the edge of the box, who in turn played the ball out wide to Guilbert whose low cross eluded a defender and Ryan before being bundled home by our captain. Conor Hourihane - 8 – Wrongly given a booking on 19 minutes and thereby conceded the free-kick from which Brighton scored their increasingly likely goal, having made a perfectly fair tackle and won the ball. Unluckily hit the left post with a 23rd minute free kick from 30 yards out. Conor was even more unfortunate to have VAR cancel out what would otherwise have been a 42nd minute equaliser. Ryan had been unable to deal with a cross aimed towards the far post by Guilbert for Wesley, the ball ran to McGinn who played the ball to Conor, whose accurate shot beat the keeper and found the top left-hand corner of the net. He attempted to turn in a 51st minute Targett cross, but hit the ball directly at Ryan, who blocked it and El Ghazi failed to turn in the loose ball. We missed Conor’s midfield contribution following his 63rd minute substitution, which led to Brighton at least initially, having more of a say in the middle. Wesley – 4 – Hit a 53rd minute cross over the bar and struggled to make any impression against defenders who looked like extras from “Land of the Giants”. Substitutes: Trezeguet – 6 - Replaced Hourihane on 63 minutes and looked worthy of a start next time out. Douglas Luiz – Replaced El Ghazi on 76 minutes. Hit an 88th minute shot from outside of the box a couple of feet wide of the post, having been teed up by Jack. Not on quite long enough to gather a rating. Keinan Davis – Replaced Wesley on 76 minutes. Not given long enough to earn a rating. He did however, do very well to take a 93rd minute cross down on his chest, before turning powerfully back towards goal and then hitting a shot from a wide angle, that Ryan fingertipped wide of the far post for a corner. Up the Villa! John Lewis
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    I think the biggest positive for me ignoring the 3 points, is how we mentally came over dropping points against 10 men.
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    What's sad is that there are still people who act like this, and that there are Villa fans that do so.
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    Does anyone know what he actually did? I’m probably being thick but I can’t think of much that could be considered a homophobic gesture. Pretending to bum your mate I guess, but I’d be surprised if that got someone kicked out.
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    That woman on question time who couldn't see why we didn't just leave the day after the referendum. This is why we have parliamentary democracy. I don't believe in any sort of intelligence test to qualify to vote, but executive decisions must be in the hands of those who are trained, and paid to do it. That way, we are at least know who to blame when they screw up, and we can effectively fire them in an election. Who's going to fire the 17.4 million if/when Brexit proves catastrophic? You, me and the man on the Clapham omnibus do not have the information, nor the time, nor the pay grade to make those sort of decisions. It's not our job, never has been. Throwing it to a referendum was not just stupid and irresponsible, but it set a dangerous precedent.
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    And it will never be "right" anyway as the game and rules are up for interpretation and ambiguity. Even the offsides are not clear enough however many lines they draw on the screen to show what they guessed to be correct. Goal line technology works because only the ball is moving. The goal and goal line is static. Football isn't static, too many moving parts.
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    If anything stay showed yesterday they have enough quality to stay up. I think had they had 11 men we probably would have lost that. We were not good enough. Maupay was excellent. I think we should have gone in for him personally.
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    I think that after today there will be a clamour for from people outside of villa. I had a good root around in Twitter/ Facebook last night and other fans, even those who hate him, tend to agree that he should be in the England team. I have to say though I was shocked and annoyed at how many people seem to really dislike him, whether it be for his hair, socks, or perceived diving tendencies. Bizarre. I did start to defend him a few times til I realised the futility of it. Hopefully the more people pay attention to his actual football the more they will see him for the class act that he really is
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    I come to VT for the Villa gossip, I stay for the hypothetical moose vs. lion debates.
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    Over 9 years ago, @sir_gary_cahill called it with Jack. Credit it where it's due - notwithstanding the obvious stopped clock being right twice a day jibes Adam Johnson's life took a dark turn, but back in 2010 he was shaping up to be a huge talent. It was big call to say he'd be 10x that player, but he absolutely is. We're fortunate to have Grealish in our team. I hope he lifts a trophy for us, for himself.
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    VAR is an absolute shambles. Before it arrived my concern was it might give TV viewers some fun but would be dreadful for actual spectators, and so it is. Celebrating a goal is the ultimate buzz at a football match. It was always tough if you started to celebrate then glanced over at the Offside flag - but you had the opportunity to do just that. This, is nothing like that. Ive yet to talk to a single fan at a game who doesn’t want it scrapped. Take today. Their goalie doesn’t appeal. The defenders don’t. The Ref and Lino give nothing. Not a single fan was worried. The players, on both sides, thought it a goal. So, where ( regardless of whether you think there WAS a foul) was the Clear And Obvious Error ? There wasn’t one. And I’ve rarely seen such anger from fans. We aren’t paying £500 a year to wait for a guy on an industrial estate to tell us what we’ve seen.
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    It was awesome... I think the atmosphere stayed quite positive and there were no longer dull spans. Even if we didn't play well until the sending off, there was many scoring opportunities for both teams... compared to my expectations I thought it was pretty much at par, taking into account the full house. Stadium was beautiful, I love it when it's empty with the bench colours in all their glory, but I loved it even more when it was full.
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    It was when he'd been saying the whistle will blow as soon as the ball is cleared after the corner and had been non stop talking about it for nearly a minute when he went "well, 4 minutes was indicated and now we've played......3 and a half" then just went silent for a few seconds. You could hear the realisation hit him and it was hilarious
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    Hilarious quote from the Brighton forum: "Villa were terrible but will stay up as they have the refs and premier league in their pocket. They are a more marketable team you see." Of course we have the refs in our pocket, especially Kevin Friend. It's all part of the PL conspiracy to only keep teams in the league who are marketable, as opposed to a more fair system of, I don't know, points for winning games? In fact, Hourihane's disallowed goal was specifically to set up that last minute winner - it's more marketable that way
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    Funniest thing was when the commentator was counting down the stoppage time, saying we already played the 4 minutes when we only played 3 Then he realized his error and coolly played it off like he didn't.
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    Second best until the yellow and then we upped the tempo and deservedly equalised second half we struggled against 10 men for the third time this season , suggests Smith needs to do some work in this area . lot of players with off days today but Grealish made the difference , Southgate will still ignore him though Something has to be done about this **** VAR though
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    VAR has just chalked the goal off and the game ended 1-1.
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    Thank god Kevin Friend wasn’t reffing this game for that Grealish assist.....
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    Well, I'm not talking about the political statements he does or doesn't say, I'm not politicizing him, I'm watching him talking about people who are struggling, procrastinating and how to debate and discuss with other people, and I think he makes a lot of good points. That he's been politicized by alt-rights, leftists is beside the point for me. I just see him trying to give people the power to say "regardless of how small it is, I can make a difference" and it's a message I like. Making people feel better about themselves (and ultimately other people) is a good thing, especially for mental health. Anyone who carries around a pepe flag is an imbecile who I wouldn't want to know, but if he can help them out in any way, fair play. People are too eager to see which side someone's on now-a-days and it's **** boring. He has detractors from the left and the right, which to me signals he's somewhere in the middle, or doesn't car to actually release his personal bias. Stop politicizing everything, it makes the world a bit brighter. The lobster stuff is by the by as well. I haven't read the papers he has, I dare say @Chindie hasn't, I'm probably gonna have a quick google to have a glance at how accurate the comparison is, but it's an interesting take, not designed to piss any particular group off as far as I'm concerned.
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