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    I wouldn't say we would have thrown it away if we didn't make the Playoffs from this position now. Whilst it's nice being in 6th spot, it is somewhat of a fake position with a few of our competition still to play 1, or even 2, games. We're still chasing rather than being chased. It's more than feasible we're still 4 points from the playoffs. Obviously rather have the points than the games in hand though but I wouldn't say it's even ours to throw away as it stands. The mini run has been great but until we're in the top 6 on a level footing with everyone else then I don't think we can really be that upset if we don't make the playoffs. We've done remarkably well to even be in with a shout after two appalling spells this season. I still think the odds are stacked quite heavily against us; this run needs to carry on, we can barely afford to drop any points and we need a few other teams to fall off the pace. I think people assuming we're making the Playoffs have got a little carried away, it's still going to be a hell of a fight. I'm just pleased we're still in it.
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    I popped to my local mosque and posted a card through their door. Just said that I stand by them and am proud to know that there is a mosque in this town, for people to go to. Just don't want them to feel alone. This island is VERY racist, very negative, toxic, and I just want them to know there are people who stand by them as their brother. I'm atheist, but I can't stand any form of hate.
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    Yeah, but could he do it at a side that has won their domestic title for the past 7 seasons? I mean, that’s the real litmus test here.
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    In Europes top 5 leagues this season Most Goals: Messi Most Assists: Messi Most key passes per 90 minutes: Messi Most free kick goals: Messi Most Dribbles: Messi 37 games, 39 goals, 21 assists.
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    wrong froum , I think you want mumsnet needless to say that's a no from me ... from the limited amount of articles I've seen i get the impression its mainly a load of bollocks , this weeks coconut oil was last weeks vinegar and acacia berries before that ..
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    We now have our place in the top six. The battle is to stay there. Derby and Bristol City may have a game and two games in hand of us respectively, but we have the points on the board. City must also visit Villa Park and neither of these teams are currently winning games for fun, are they? The likes of Preston, Forest and Wednesday are behind us, so they would need to have a better finish than we do to the season, in order to overhaul us. As Ron Saunders once said at the business end of a very successful season, “Do you want to bet against us?” Yesterday’s fourth successive victory has taken us into the play off places. Who would have thought that likely just a couple of weeks ago? The win has left us just a point behind Middlesbrough, who must now fear being overtaken by the team that knocked them out of the play offs last season and completed the double over them yesterday. They are in our sights now and so is promotion! Eight games of this season remain, or could it be 11? The international break has come at a time when we are on a tremendous run that looks like it could sweep us into the end of season play offs. We must use this break to our advantage. Let’s hope that players who are on international duty return to us fit and that a couple of those who are currently on the treatment table, near fitness during this period of club inactivity. We currently have the look of a team that is putting together a late run to make the play offs, that other clubs will not relish meeting in them. Clubs that enter the play offs on the crest of a run of good results, often take the promotion spot from teams that have finished above them over the course of the season. We could be that club this year. If we can play as well as we have done in the last 4 games, in our final 8 games of the season and then do the same in the 3 play-off games, it just could be on, after all! The high winds and second half rain were not conducive to good football. Tony Pulis must have welcomed the conditions then and our visitors from Teesside might well have been reminded of a summer’s day back at home! They may have come to Villa Park to park the bus, but they left it in the club car park and their usually solid defence was breached three times. Villa were not to be distracted by the weather conditions. We dominated this game from start to finish. If it had been a boxing match, it would have been stopped before we applied the coup de grace on the 88th minute. I don’t want to tempt fate, but it seems that our defence might now have reached the point where a two-goal lead can prove to be enough to secure a win. My player ratings from a game that left us surprisingly and unexpectedly optimistic, about our play off prospects are: Jed Steer – 6 – Not unduly troubled by the visitor’s attack but appeared both confident and assured. Ahmed Elmohamady – 7 – Another solid performance from Elmo, who is doing more than a bit to make our defence look increasingly and reassuringly solid. Kortney Hause - 7 – Solid, unflustered and looking increasingly confident, alongside Tyrone in the centre of our defence. Tyrone Mings – 8 – His towering presence in the centre of the defence is increasingly impressive. He has so much time on the ball, is unrushed, confident and is the rock on which our defence is currently built. His was an inspired signing! Neil Taylor – 7 – This was a no-nonsense defensive performance, which is exactly what we have been looking for from him. Keep it up Tayls! Glenn Whelan – 8 – MOTM – Didn’t put a foot wrong yesterday. I can’t recall him playing better in our shirt than this. He was the cog in our midfield engine and allowed Jack and John to move forward knowing that he was on hand behind them. Hit a 52nd minute shot from the edge of the box wide of the left-hand post. It must have been nice for him to hear the crowd acknowledging his tremendous performance yesterday. Andre Green – 6 – Substituted after 65 minutes having not over troubled Friend on the right. John McGinn – 8 – Scored one and made one, what’s not to like? Headed a 1st minute El Ghazi cross over. Hit a nice ball to find El Ghazi in space on the edge of the box for our first. Grealish played a ball inside for Abraham that ran past him for John to pick up and run with to the edge of the box before hitting our second into the right-hand corner of the net. Jack Grealish – 8 – Hit the foot of the near post on 62 minutes, having ran inside the box following a short corner. Gave another captain’s performance, led by example, teased opponents with his skills and his presence created space for his teammates. Had a 36th minute shot from the edge of the box deflected wide on 36 minutes. Anwar El Ghazi – 7 – He looks a little like Ronaldo to me from a distance (I must get my eyesight checked), he doesn’t play much like him yet, but this was a bright, encouraging performance from Anwar. Hit our opener on 28 minutes, when he was found unmarked on the edge of the box by McGinn. He proceeded to run into the box and slot the ball past the keeper and into the far corner of the net nicely. Grealish made a strong run forward from inside his own half, before finding him just inside the box but his 50th minute shot was hit just wide of the far post. Tammy Abraham – 7 – Worked hard, stayed busy made some nice forward runs and led the line well. The only thing that was missing was his 22nd goal and that will come another day. Hit a 61st minute ball from Elmo over on 61 minutes and a shot from the edge of the box wide of the right-hand post 3 minutes later. Substitutes: Albert Adomah – 6 – Replaced Green on 65 minutes and hit our third 23 minutes later, when he tapped home from close range after Randolph had been unable to hold a shot from Davis. Jonathan Kodjia - 6 – Replaced Tammy on 72 minutes. Keinan Davis - 6 – Made a rare first team appearance yesterday, coming off the bench to replace El Ghazi on 75 minutes. Elmo found him on the left of the box on 88 minutes, from where he got into a shooting position before curling a shot towards the far post that Randolph obligingly spilled for our third. Up the Villa! John Lewis
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    This reminds me of the people I work with, majority of who claim to be Atheists. Im Muslim, whilst most of them accept me for who I am, there is this one guy who always has sly little digs - always passes a comment about me not drinking or eating halal meat.. once even said to me I'd never find him playing with imaginary friends and such. I just ignore him or laugh it off, don't really like getting into debates. Well it was interesting over xmas, as every year I always swap shifts to work 25th December to allow my colleagues to have xmas with their families. Well this chap approached me about swapping shifts so he could have xmas off. When I reminded him about his Atheist belief and imaginary friends he got all embarrassed. He then tried to justify it by saying its not a religious thing. Of course I swapped but it felt good to make a point.
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    After the Middlesbrough game Aston Villa have 57 points out of a possible 114. The final projected points total will currently be 69 points that is points after 46 games. Basing this off last seasons final table will put us 9th. There is still 24 points to play for giving us a maximum potential points haul of 81 points. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since the appointment of Dean Smith the new projected points total would be 70 points that is points after 46 games. That has included of 1.25 PPG from Steve Bruce and the current 1.615PPG from Smith. Using 1.615PPG over the remaining 8 games. Basing this off last seasons final table will put us 9th.
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    Don't get me wrong, I do think Chester is a better defender than Hause, but... it's hard to deny that that Hause and Mings are forming a fantastic partnership. With 8 games to go, and a need for Chester to get back to full fitness, would you risk putting Chester back in seeing as every game right now is so crucial? Chester always seems to be great with some CB's and not so much with others. His game looks completely different depending on who he is playing with. He might be brilliant with Mings, not sure I'd risk it this season....
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    I think Morrrisey sang about this back in the day.
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    Pascoe is brilliant. I find her and Katherine Ryan make me laugh more than any other comedians these days.
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    Goals from direct free kicks since the start of the 2011/2012 season: Juventus - 29 Messi - 25 Real Madrid - 24 Lyon - 22 Roma and PSG - 21 Liverpool - 19
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    We should just sack McCormack..........if we can't find a good enough reason just spike his food with cocaine and then perform a random drugs test.......
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    Same here,. first few were tediously slow. It does improve though, to a point where it's quite interesting.
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    its cost how many hundreds of millions and its been how many years since the last big new stadium was built? unfortunately these horrendous soulless bolt together identikit stadiums have stopped the idea that brand new stadiums should be the best in the country why would they aim to build the 8th best stadium in the country? they're not Everton
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    Tbh, I was drunk when I wrote the Leicester thing, so tried to outdo that with the Burnley and Yorkshire thing (and yes, that was the point)
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    Burnley have got it in the bag?
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    The care in the community assistant trying to re-integrate a permanently befuddled 1970s Trot up against either the escaped satanic spirit from an exorcism, a Satirical experiment gone horribly, calamitously wrong or yet another god-botherering, sociopathic clone of T. May trying to channel the bitter, seeping, putrid essence of Thatcher. "Interesting" as you say.
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    Just about I think. It would help massively if one of those wins was against Bristol City. Edit - there are only 4 more home games, I hadn’t realised you’d essentially covered that already. Basically if we beat Bristol City, I think we’ll do it.
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    Assuming the content of the tweet below is correct then my earlier cynicism was misplaced.
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    I think it would be Taylor that is sacrificed when Chester comes back.
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    We seem to have some very likable characters in our squad now.
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    I don't even know what it's advertising. Instant channel changer.
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    Ever noticed these International Breaks always seem to come when we are about to start a run? Cue an injury or "knock" to a key player on internationals or them needing a "rest" just to unbalance equilibrium and momentum ffs.
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    I would say we are probably where we could best expect us to be given what Bruce left us with and after the ups and mostly downs of the summer - and given how long DS has had with this squad. Regardless of injuries as that is just part of the game. We have a chance now but I am nervous Jack or Mings gets injured and we just lose the edge we've currently got and end up getting draws all the time.
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    Summary from the weekend Bree (Ipswich Town) Home to Nottingham Forest (1-1) - Played 90 minutes. 6.62 whoscored.com rating. Clark (Port Vale) Away at Swindon (0-0) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. De Laet (Melbourne City) Away at Sydney (0-2) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Away at Bury - Game postponed. Gardner (SHA) Away at Preston (1-0) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. 6.66 whoscored.com rating. Guilbert (Caen) Home to Saint-Etienne (0-5) - Played 90 minutes. 6.32 whoscored.com rating. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Away at Bury - Game postponed. Hogan (Sheffield United) Away at Leeds (0-1) - Unused substitute. McCormack (Motherwell) Away at Hibernian (2-0) - Not in squad. McKirdy (Newport County) Home to Cheltenham (1-0) - Came on after 90 minutes. O'Hare, Callum (Carlisle United) Away at Forest Green (1-1) - Played 90 minutes. Prosser, Alexander (Brackley Town) Away at Altrincham - Game postponed. Taylor, Corey (Walsall) Away at Sunderland (2-1) - Substituted after 73 minutes. Tshibola (Kilmarnock) Away at Rangers (1-1) - Came on after 69 minutes.
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    I had to use Google maps to see your route since I've never been to the UK.
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    I keep looking at those last 2 games and worrying. Bloody Leeds and Norwich. I hope we are mathematically guaranteed in the playoffs by then!
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    It's Farah. They've trying to move on from 80s sports slacks for years.
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    I would have quite liked Puma. No idea if they make good kits, but I find the brand pleasingly retro for some reason. Maybe it’s because my first pair of proper boots were puma kings, a bit of nostalgia creeping in. But if Kappa make good kits then fair enough. I haven’t bought a new one since 1998/99 anyway. As long as they’re not hideous I don’t really mind.
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    It's quite strange hearing Muslims in this thread saying that this is a toxic environment to be in, and then you go onto a lot of Brexit commentary and hear it's the immigrants and migrants that are creating a toxic environment. People just don't like "difference" do they? Change is scary to a lot of people, while I sit here digging the fact that this planet is growing ever smaller and travel and access to see and experience other cultures is just easier and easier and I love it. Then an Australian goes to another country to kill people of a different faith, but who (to him anyway) may or may not have been born and lived in NZ for generations - what a leap of faith! I mean, the **** cheek of it to be honest, I dunno what's happened to the person who committed this atrocity, but I hope he one day realises what the **** he's done, and that he's a **** dickhead.
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    I’m not as bothered as I was a week or two ago. Regardless of the expected punishment, they won’t be in the play off hunt, they won’t be relegated. Their season essentially ended when we beat them on their turf. As we may face our own questions regarding FFP, if their punishment is minor, at the very least we’ll have some reassurance that we won’t have anything to worry about - if indeed we do at all. I know the Pederson thing is something else, a factor that we don’t have to worry about. If that’s the main talking point for the panel then that’s fine with me. And I’d like to see some sort of action regarding the pitch invader etc, what action I don’t know, but something. I doubt a point deduction is likely or even the correct action. Restrictions on attendances make more sense to me.
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    Presumably it means we've got first dibs if no one else bids, if someone else bids more than us we have to match their offer to still have first dibs.
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    Just give Villalad21 a bit more time and I'm sure he'll oblige for you
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    No one has mentioned his shot from inside his own half!? Shame the wind did not catch that as would have been goal of the season! I actually thought he shanked a pass to El Ghazi out wide in reality but still looked good when Randolph got worried for a second or two.
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    It was a day to treasure Out at 10am Telford to Cannock, pop in to moms and dads in Hednesford for an hour, then to my daughters spent an hour with the grandkids, then to my sons in Heath Hayes for an hour with other grand kids. My turn to drive me and son to the match . Park in electric avenue, Bacon and cheese burger from outside the social club, pint of Guinness in the Holte . Brilliant brilliant display from all players fantastic result. Soaked on way back to the car. Nearly an hour to get back to main road, dropped off son in Cannock, arrive back in Telford ten past seven. Mrs T had dinner ready. Fell asleep twice watching TV. Told to go to bed at 9:20. Dreamt of a return to Wembley beating Baggies in the final. will actually have a smile at work tomorrow until I bump into the Wolves fans
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    Glad he's getting back to form. I thought he was very good last season. He's been poor this season and I'd suggested here before that maybe it was his partnership with Snodgrass that made him seem better than he actually was. Maybe he was just another victim of the defensive uncertainty we've had for much of this season.
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    I think there's a case for giving people space as comedians. When Sara Pascoe started out I really didn't think she was very funny at all. Either I've tuned in to her sense of humour, or she's developed and grown in to the roll but I really enjoy her material currently. It might be a generational thing, but I'm ok with Brand, she's not my fave but I'd watch her all day before I gave Michael Macintyre 10 minutes. Another controversial one for you, I think Sandi Toksvig can be quite funny. I prefer the newer QI's than the one's with Fry in them.
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    Summary from Tuesday night - Scott Hogan's struggles continue Bree (Ipswich Town) Away at Bristol City (1-1) - Unused substitute. Clark (Port Vale) Home to Yeovil (3-0) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Home to Crewe (0-0) - Unused substitute. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Home to Crewe (0-0) - Came on after 59 minutes. Hogan (Sheffield United) Home to Brentford (2-0) - Substituted at half time. 6.22 whoscored.com rating. McKirdy (Newport County) Away at Northampton (1-0) - Came on after 90 minutes. O'Hare, Callum (Carlisle United) Home to Notts County (1-3) - Played 90 minutes. Taylor, Corey (Walsall) Home to Portsmouth (2-3) - Came on after 70 minutes.
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    Summary from the weekend & Monday night Bree (Ipswich Town) Away at WBA (1-1) - Played 90 minutes. Assist. 7.07 whoscored.com rating. Clark (Port Vale) Home to Mansfield (2-1) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. De Laet (Melbourne City) No game this weekend. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Home to Oldham (1-1) - Not in squad. Injured. Gardner (SHA) Home to Aston Villa (0-1) - Ineligible to play Guilbert (Caen) Away at Rennes (3-1) - Not in squad. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Home to Oldham (1-1) - Came on after 73 minutes. Hogan (Sheffield United) Home to Rotherham (2-0) - Played 90 minutes. 6.48 whoscored.com rating. McCormack (Motherwell) Home to Hamilton (3-0) - Not in squad. McKirdy (Newport County) Away at Colchester (3-0) - Came on after 53 minutes. O'Hare, Callum (Carlisle United) Home to Swindon (2-1) - Played 90 minutes. Scored. MOTM. Taylor, Corey (Walsall) Home to Fleetwood (2-0) - Unused substitute. Tshibola (Kilmarnock) Away at St Mirren (0-1) - Came on after 89 minutes.
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    Sorry I thought the rolling around crying with laughter smiley would have provided enough of a hint that this was a light hearted comment after we had just beaten them. Jesus go on an expedition to find a sense of humour won't you.
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    Premier league player, easily. I cannot believe we got him.,

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