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    We need to talk about how good Guilbert was tonight. Absolutely superb, up and down the field. Saint-Maximin never got a look in.
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    Just clear the f****** ball, you big hunky dreamboat.
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    Last time Grealish came back from injury we went on a 10 game unbeaten run.. right? 1 down..... 9 to go
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    I was unemployed and probably on the road to bad things when I was young, people lifted me, it's only right to do the same when things are worse.
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    or @mjmooney and @drat01 as i like to call them
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    Withdrawn from the Wales squad for personal reasons. Regardless of what some think of him, I hope he’s ok.
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    Called up to the Brazil squad
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    I remember last season when we got the new owners, and I think it was purslow who was talking about something along the lines of copying the Dortmund method, buying younger players, developing them and either keep them and improve the team or sell them on for profits and replace them with new youngsters. I remember fans creaming themselves with excitement. If people think that players will develop massively and become the finished the article after 15 games, then we might as well scrap our new philosophy and go back to buying overpriced older British players, that end up rotting in our reserves. Wesley has not been flawless, but we the fans really have to be patient and realistic, if fans think posting on a forum or facebook doesnt affect anyone, then you are wrong, it will affect his confidence greatly. The fans play a big part in a players development and confidence. I get this is a forum, but 99% of the posts critizing the guy are not constructive nor created for debate, but merely to bash the guy.
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    This’ll give you an idea of what level I can play at. I was chatting to someone on the sidelines of an old style plastic pitch. The game was going to start so I had to finish the chat and get on the pitch. So I jogged on backwards, did some sort of trip up, landed on my arse, first bounce caused my shorts to get pulled down, second bounce burnt my arse. Laughed it off for about 5 / 10 minutes, but the pain! Subbed off with arse burn.
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    I don’t think Labour would have identified the root cause of the problem as too many nurses and Libraries.
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    Led the Opposition against the absolute worst government in living history, if not longer, and two of the worst tory leaders in the same timescales and somehow managed to have ratings even worse than them and part poll ratings that are around 25%. Labour ought to be romping it. Any competent leader ought to be absolutely streets ahead of the likes of May and then Johnson. His ineptitude and unsuitability will lead to another tory government.
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    My Dad took a group of kids to BMH as they’d been invited to watch The Villa train. The security then wasn’t as it is now and so Dad just parked up the minibus and walked into the changing rooms looking for someone who might know they were coming. He immediately met Brian Little who was an absolute gentleman, knew Dad’s name and said he’d go and find the boss. My Dad thought Ron would say a quick hello and get someone to show them around, but that wasn’t the case at all. Ron was charming, made a big fuss of the kids and took them all out to the first team training pitch, stopped training and set up a match for the kids to watch. All the players were equally wonderful to the kids, everyone got autographs and had a kick around with the team. Dad was so impressed with Ron, the players and the whole club. We were both immensely proud of our football club. I apologise to anyone who has heard me tell this story before on here, but I thought it might be a fitting time to recount it again. Thank you from all of us Ron. Rest in peace boss, you were hard as nails but had a big heart and truly knew people, a man’s man.
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    Now you're just taking the piss
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    What is that, a list of reasons people vote for them?
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    I reckon we will win tommorow ? "Do you want to bet against us ?"
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    Jack said in his post match interview yesterday, that this week in training was the BEST he had ever seen El Ghazi, signs are good!
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    I've been catfishing VT for about 16 years , really I'm a vegan French teacher that rides a bike ,has a beard and votes labour .
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    I thought he was doing better than Target
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    Not a terrible scoreline, but Heaton was easily our man of the match. We're not as good as Chelsea, who knew? Next!
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    . " - Dean Smith https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-dean-smith-chelsea-17357876
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    Brilliant day yesterday, paying for it today with a headache and a hangover after getting back fairly late from Manchester. Highlight of the day was singing 'You're not famous anymore' to the United fans leaving Old Trafford early. Once again we pulled a performance out of the bag; first half we were magnificent, second half a combination of showing them too much respect and tiring let them back into the game. However pulling ourselves back into the game after conceding was a massive statement for the team. Defensively I was a little worried in the second half, notably Mings made a few errors but then made up for it with his goal. The full backs and Konsa were fairly solid throughout, and Heaton was brilliant once again. The midfield worked hard, Luiz was good, Hourihane was good in patches, McGinn looks like he needs a rest. If we can get McGinn back to his best the midfield could really start clicking this month. Both El Ghazi and Trezeguet are proving to be dangerous, and Wesley did enough yesterday to prove there some potential there, he just really needs another goal. And once again Jack Grealish was majestic. He is now the complete the footballer that so many thought he could become when he first become known about in the youth team. He drags the team by the scuff of its neck and creates things out of nothing to get us results. Absolutely phenomenal footballer and a privilege to watch each week. Bring on Wednesday!
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    Yeah, you said that with the Newcastle game. How this ends is you moaning, always, regardless of what happens
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    An utter shameful, disgrace of a man and politician:
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    Said it before. But smith getting promoted and performing an absolute miracle, has helped the memory of Bruce. Without that miracle we would be in the championship, watching Grealish, McGinn and Mings in another teams colours. God knows the state our squad would be in with regards FFP and I'd imagine we wouldn't be challenging. We'd then all be aware that Bruce had **** us big time by being in charge for 2 years and causing terrible long term damage But we got the right man, we performed a miracle and we are where we are. So looking back some see Bruce as not that bad, but for me he was an utter disaster.
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    That's Ironic, because you don't criticise. You shouldn't have to do that....Report it to the club. If you don't go back , he has won.....don't let him win. I think the club will advise you to go back to your seat, they will monitor his behaviour.
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    Apart from 10 minutes at the start of the second half, when err we didn't start.. I thought this was a very good performance. After 30 minutes my Newcastle supporting mate text me to ask if they could have a ball to play with, for me that speaks volumes to where we are as a club and where they are, or more so the management regime we have here. I think we all should be so proud where we've come as a team and I just wish we could cut some of the "under performers" a bit more slack! This club is in a great place right now and our fans have a huge part to play. Grealish MOTM tonight though it should probably be shared with Conor for his contribution. Special mention to Heaton, Taggart and Konsa but I couldn't fault anyone tonight and that includes Wes - which will be an unpopular opinion but I actually thought he did ok today (but should have scored) - I'm definitely not writing him off like many others seem to be. Well done Villa - great start to the week!
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    BBC 10 o'clock news. Focus on South Yorkshire pro-leave area. Lots of "I used to vote Labour, but now I'm backing Boris" stuff. Again. I genuinely have not seen them feature a single pro-remain, anti-Tory area. I don't like conspiracy theories, but this really is looking like propaganda.
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    Tbf you moan about everything
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    Aston Villa Football Club won 10 games in a row. That in itself is a miracle.
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    I don't believe that's all quite right, is it? Darren Grimes won his appeal against the fine given to him. Banks and Leave.EU were fined £70k by the Electoral Commission. They appealed against this and the fine was reduced to £50k in April (I can't see that anything further has happened, i.e. whether they could appeal again). The Met halted their criminal investigation due to insufficient evidence and the NCA's statement said the following: I don't think, in relation to Banks and Leave.EU, that constitutes 'were cleared in court of false allegations made by the commission'. Leave.EU and Banks's insurance company were also fined by the ICO in Feb of this year and though he 'announced' that they'd be appealing, I can't find any information as to whether they have or how that is progressing. Vote Leave (not mentioned in your post, I admit) dropped their appeal against their fine of £61k by the Electoral Commission.
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    I’m running out of superlatives. The stats speak for themselves. Its getting to the point where he’s not just our best player by a country mile but one of the best players in the league. The lad has enough ability and skill to go on and become one of the best players in the world. I just don’t know of many other players that can do what he does. Why does time stand still when he has the ball at his feet? Why are there 4 opposition defenders around him but they can’t get the ball? Why is every single pass so beautifully weighted and nothing is ever over/under hit? The kid is dynamite. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed watching a player at Villa park as much as I have done watching Jack.
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    Boris Johnson is one of the most self-entitled rocket polishers in the history of British politics.
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    Well if you insist Villatalk prediction according to Electoral Calculus National Prediction: Labour majority 444 Party 2017 Votes 2017 Seats Pred Votes Gains Losses Net Change Pred Seats CON 43.5% 318 18.0% 0 305 -305 13 LAB 41.0% 262 45.1% 288 3 +285 547 LIB 7.6% 12 19.7% 43 0 +43 55 Brexit 0.0% 0 1.6% 0 0 +0 0 Green 1.7% 1 8.2% 0 0 +0 1 SNP 3.1% 35 3.4% 7 28 -21 14 PlaidC 0.5% 4 0.6% 0 3 -3 1 UKIP 1.9% 0 0.0% 0 0 +0 0 Other 0.7% 0 3.5% 1 0 +1 1 N.Ire 18 0 0 +0 18 Based on votes to the nearest .1% at time of writing - someone else must have voted for the Tories after your post @wazzap24. Also doesn't include Scotland as not sure of % etc of Villatalk in Scotland and their share of votes etc... So SNP could be skewed somewhat.
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    Needs to seriously think about playing Mcginn up front. He’d hold the ball up better than Wesley. He’d shoot better than Wesley. He’d dribble better than Wesley and he passes better than Wesley. Genuinely think we’d be a better side with him up top and Nakamba in midfield alongside Hourihane and Luiz.
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    Apropos of the general discussion about the NHS, and American healthcare, some tales of the latter from Twitter:
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    Couple of interesting points from the documents that I have glanced so far (I've put them in spoiler to shorten the size of the post!): From the 2nd set of meetings 13 - 14 November 2017 From the 3rd set of meetings on 21 - 22 March 2018 From the 4th Meeting 10 - 11 July 2018 From the 5th set of meetings 2 - 7 November 2018 The 6th Set of meetings from 10 - 11 July 2018 is merely the summary and agenda rather than the full read out which is included in the other documents. However these points are noted: What does come across (IMO) is , but there are clear progress on them. They are certainly non-committal from the UK, but it is the last few quotes that are particularly telling. These really are initial negotiations; The UK seems relatively non-committal on the whole; There is discussions around Patents in Pharmaceuticals, with discussions starting on 2nd set of meetings; There needed to be clearance from higher up to discuss the patents issue (cannot see further reference to this though); Health Insurance, albeit may be more in the private sector rather than removal of NHS; USA clear it will be more beneficial from a hard Brexit; We've signed Continuity Agreements (don't recall reading about that!); A free trade agreement would also be a non-starter if the UK was to remain in the Customs Union and Single Market; That a trade deal was unlikely to be concluded by the end of this presidential term (November 2020 - this was when the Brexit date was 31 October 2019); and A lot more seems discussed in 6th set of meetings that no detailed notes for. These are lengthy documents and quite technical, so I haven't read everything and if I have misinterpreted anything I apologise in advance. Are they interesting? A little, curious to see the discussions set out. Are they significant? Only in so far that there is open dialogue around a lot of trade issues. The position of the USA remains pretty clear though, and that may be a massive sticking point to a Free Trade Deal. Whether they insist the NHS being a part of that I am not entirely sure...
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    It doesn’t translate as hating cricket, it switches sports. The group you are referring to / looking for are known as ‘plays golf’.
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    Court system is already over capacity and to be fair just because it is going to be prosecuted quicker isn't going to stop people carrying knives. Rather than try and deal with the symptom, maybe try and sort out the causes as to why people the carry knives? As you say, Tory populist rubbish.
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    for £70m and £150k a week id rather tell haaland he can treat us as a 2 year stepping stone

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