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    10/10/2019, Deano's 12 month anniversary as Villa boss. 15th ish in the championship when he took over?, to 15th ish in the Premiership on his 1 year anniversary as manager? Not 2 bad my son, not 2 bad.
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    People don't trust politicians. That's hardly news. We now live in a world where there is no 'truth' - everything can be spun and completely stubborn denial of facts is seen as a legitimate response. You show a politician what they've said or done in the past in black and white and they'll simply deny it happened. There is no reasoning with that stance. The press are largely in the hands of the politically motivated and will choose to slant things in one direction or the other, or simply omit the story if it doesn't fit their agenda. A 'fact' is now a dirty word that is either conspiracy or scaremongering and expert opinion is dismissed as geeky, unreliable pomposity. It is a scary, scary time for the UK and the world. The masses largely wish to follow and will go down the path of least resistance which leads to populism and easy soundbites. Party politics is broken and takes away the idea of a person representing you. Brexit is the epitomy of all this. The only way I can see through this is to ask the people on the front line. Go speak to your doctor, your policeman, your teacher and your business owner. Go speak to the people in the factories and those working in retail. I have. Nearly all, to a varying degree, can see only bad times ahead if Brexit is to happen. Some got there immediately, others eyes have been opened whilst some still, shockingly, are ambivalent to the whole situation. However, not one has been able to suggest life will get BETTER for them or their industry should we leave. We seem to have universally accepted it's damage limitation. But, most surprisingly of all, this doesn't stop leavers wanting to leave. I'm not sure how it was achieved but 'Leave means Leave' seems to have become more embedded in society's psyche than any concept before it. It's almost been brainwashed. The belief that an idea, concept or even choice can't change is remarkable. I think, given another chance, the public would vote Leave again, purely because 'Leave means Leave' in the face of any concrete reasoning. That is a terrifying indictment of humanity. No-one is talking about what will IMPROVE at all and yet people still want to go through with it? Your freedom to travel will go. Your money will be worth less abroad. Costs will rise. Supplies will be hit. NHS will strain or even crumble. Jobs will go. Academia will suffer. Tensions will resurrect in Ireland. Funding for projects will plummet and workers protections will evaporate. This isn't a political stance, this is that scary reality that the government (pro brexit) acknowledge but they still want to do it. On the upside? Nothing. Not one thing is mentioned. How scary is it that NOW (not 2016) the choice should be so ridiculously obvious that there shouldn't even be a debate going on about carrying on from anyone other than those wishing for Britain's financial and societal destruction. So why the hell are we still here?! The best I've heard is we might, might, stand still. Hell of a gamble that. Please. One person, whatever your political stance, tell me why leaving could be seen as a good thing. What part of our world will get better? One thing, one light at the end of the tunnel, one shred of comfort for all this madness. I need something. Even a no-deal couldn't give me the relief of a quickly pulled plaster, negotiations would still be needed in multiple areas for a generation. I dispair. I really do.
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    Thanks. Yeah it was good to be out. Bizarrely I actually was better than I've been out and about in a long time. Still not great but not bad. Today especially. Successful couple of days. Mostly. Hopefully.
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    Living up to his name. He was Nakamba all day.
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    I'm not saying this is literally must-win, but it's the first game this season after everything that's gone on recently around VAR that has the feeling of must-win about it. We cannot continue to let these 'easier on paper' games pass us by without picking up 3pts at some point. Away to Arsenal does not dictate our season, but home to Burnley very much does. Having already lost to Bournemouth & Palace, plus letting 10-man West Ham off the hook, we find ourselves 3rd bottom. Another failed attempt at a win would make this very worrying indeed. We're certainly playing well enough. We just need to see these out and hope the officials don't **** us again. I predict we will win this. Grealish will go full beast mode and grab this one by the scruff of its neck. I get the impression he's getting very pissed off with not getting our just desserts. 2-0 Villa.
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    I would pay good money to see this. I’d go for Jack as baby Jesus, Wesley as a somewhat controversial Joseph and JT as Mary.
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    People's mindsets seem to tend to fall into one of two very different viewpoints. Type A are essentially 'outward lookers'. So they might think: "Yes, I'm from (say) Birmingham, but I'm also from England. I'm English, but I'm also British. I'm British, and also European. I'm European, but most importantly I'm a member of the human race". Type B are the 'inward lookers' - the 'Balkanisers': "I'd rather be a white European than a different race. I'd rather be British than European. I'd rather be English. Being a Brummie's better than being from elsewhere". And so on, down to the football team. Kids are stabbing each other over postcode 'loyalty', for heaven's sake. There is a mutual incomprehension between the two types. The 'A's see themselves as kind, tolerant and intelligent. They see the 'B's as malevolent, bigoted and stupid. The 'B's see themselves as proud, loyal and steadfast. They see the 'A's as weak, naive and traitorous. I don't know how we can bridge this chasm.
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    I get that a lot.
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    Well, that's me staying out of On Topic for another week.
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    I think it's a genuine shame that someone who has (other than the made-up percentage on the radio - last year?) largely sought to take interviews and respond to questions asked with more than just the party line, and seemed to try to tackle issues in his ministerial portfolio(s) with a seriousness often absent in recent times, feels that they cannot continue in national politics. That's from someone who doesn't share much, if any, of his politics. And we're left (in the Tory party) with the likes of Francois, Baker, Dorries, Raab, et al.
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    I think there are some massive over reactions on here this evening but I can understand people’s disappointment under the circumstances. But this comment for me is disgraceful.
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    This. Not the greatest performance but we should chillax a little.
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    Many fans are reserved in their view of Smith, and breakdown each performance as they see it, not everybody is so eager to cast judgement on how the season will progress so easily. I'm neither flippant nor fickle when I talk about Dean Smith. That doesn't change week-to-week. I'm really pleased with what's happening and optimistic about what's to come. He has my full support, and has had since it became apparent to me how impressive his ability to come in and make changes necessary to turn this club around as a footballing entity. His immediacy in establishing a framework for how he envisioned us playing football allowed us to turn what was looking a very mediocre season into an exciting and successful one. It became apparent to me early on, even as results went the other way, that we were going to be capable of achieving our goal of promotion should we persist with Smith's plans. This campaign thus far, I've only really been disappointed with the showing against Crystal Palace. That's the only game where I feel like we were down and out of the contest. I have said previously, given time and encouragement, Smith will lead us to greater performances and create an identity and culture that will give us every chance in any game. We saw it in the Championship. There were some growing pains and a lot of fans started with their doubts about results and Smith's pedigree and if he was up to the challenge. In the end, he accomplished what two managers of notable success, with an absolute war chest to buy players, failed to do. He got us promoted. I don't know because I've never spoken or worked with him, but I get the feeling Smith is diligent with regards to developing his understanding of what's required of his role. Now that we are where we want to be division-wise, we must re-assess what we need to survive and even thrive. I firmly believe Smith will be integral in us achieving and ascending.
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    He's not exactly playing as a winger, more of a number 10 to be honest coming in off the left. I prefer him in this position because it keeps him higher up the pitch, we're a much better side by having him consistently further forward whilst the likes of Marvelous do the dirty work in the second third. Another very good display, that's three in a row now. A combination of him adapting to the pace of the league and now in a better position for him.
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    Get in!!! Now score 3 more so we can go 2-0 up.
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    That Sokratis handball was a blatant pen. The ref missed it, fine but wtf is VAR doing? You can overrule a millimeter offside that no human could possibly catch in real time but a ref missing a handball isn't a clear and obvious error? All they're doing is just protecting the referees from any criticism. Scrap the whole thing if this is how it's going to be honestly. The state of officiating in England is farcical. I thought the Championship was bad but the PL is absolutely no different.
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    Still haven't even begun to tire of listening to Dean Smith. He never gives stock answers. Always gives intelligent, relevant responses to questions and regularly impresses with his levels of detail and approach. Particularly loved the fact i) he didn't get involved in the Mings/El Ghazi ruck ii) the reason why and iii) what he was doing in the meantime.
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    We are romping our division and look dead certs to go up. Now you might be bothered about that or you might not, but it's yet another little indication of the way in which our owners want to see this club represented. It's a lovely little sign of our underlying health.
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    Sorry guys, you simply don't win 5-1 away in the Premier league and get relegated the same season. Absolutely tremendous result!!
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    Smith out - is it me or does he seem to take 7 games with a BRAND NEW TEAM OF PLAYERS - to start bossing things. Not good enough.
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    Later in the thread in which that border pic (above) appeared, it was referred to as an RMZ - remilitarised zone. And:
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    We should play with Douglas and Marvelous holding, with Jack, John and one other floating behind Wesley and taking up wide positions. We'll be flying soon enough. We're almost there.
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    I got my induction day for my new job for this Friday, which means I have just 2 days left of doing the school pick up The "ah **** it, I'll leave it here" attitude to parking is mind blowing
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    This is clearly more difficult for some people to explain and for some people to understand. There are people out there that aren’t thinking of themselves as ‘Spanish’ heck they might not think of themselves in those geographical terms at all on a normal day. But when the subject comes up, they’ll happily say they are European, or Catalan, or barceloni, or even Spanish, depending on the context. I’m not suggesting they rush up to strangers to state their European credentials whilst fist slapping their chest. I know lots of these people, in work and in social circles. If you haven’t met them on your extensive world travels, that’s absolutely fine. You’ve met one now.
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    Initially, but I'm sure they'd fall apart eventually.
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    aaaand he’s got a really big cooooooock sorry, just trying to fit in with some of the other fans we have.
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    I have to say one of the most destructive things about recent narratives around mental health has been the way it revolves around the "emotional display" - talking to people, confessing your feelings to people, embracing your illness, etc. The problem is that a lot of men are not big talkers or emotion sharers. And this is not because we are "ill" but because that is our personality. So when "touchy-feely" people step in to help us, they just alienate us and make us feel emotionally stunted and socially inadequate. The best book I have read on mental health is Jason Fox's Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows. Not because I fancy myself as having the same mindset and traumatic experiences as a special forces soldier, but because he has a personality type that feels closer to who I am as a person. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health. If you aren't clicking with a mental health treatment or strategy, don't be afraid to ask for a second or third opinion. The number one most important thing with mental health is to always believe that the improvement exists somewhere - you just maybe haven't found it yet. That belief (a correct belief) will carry you through anything.
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    I knew we wouldn't win 4-1. Heaton - deserved a clean sheet. First half with some of the heart attack defending he had to make a couple of good saves, second half far quieter and will be gutted to have conceded. Guilbert - Not his best game. In the first half absolutely everything came down his side from Nore-witch. Did his usual getting forward but it doesn't work as well with someone like El Ghazi ahead of him and leaves us exposed. Engels - Quiet game for his standards, as the defences at both ends went walk about. Couple of good tackles but not the composed performance he's had so often so far. Got an unlucky injury at the end which hopefully is just a sore one. Mings - Cleared everything, again and again. There was barely a corner he didn't fling himself at. He does the flashy defending, throwing himself at everything, for good and bad. Dropped Heaton in it at the death and sometimes could do with keeping things simple. At the moment feels like he's making an error a game that hurts us, with 89 minutes of brilliance. I also don't think I'll tire of seeing him galavanting up the pitch. Targett - He finished a game! He was really good! The left looked much more balanced with him there, and he has a nice cross in his locker. With Grealish floating around ahead of him he offers 2 options - an out attacking wise and a safety blanket on the back foot. Good game. Nakamba - Marvellous. McGinn - A quieter game for SJM, but no less a good one. Hustled, harried, broke from midfield all game, got his customary 4 shots a half from the next postcode and really could have had at least 1 go in - early in the first half he had an absolute peach of a curler just whistle wide. Hourihane - Got on the scoresheet, kept Norwich busy all game. He is far less eye-catching than the rest of the midfield but he quietly goes about being a constant threat. He's also a chippy bastard and seems to enjoy winding up his opponent at times, which we've never really had. He got in Aarons head. El Ghazi - Assists, always an out going forward. Can't complain too much really. Early on his crossing was a bit shit, but then so was everyone's. Good game. Grealish - Pretty much given a free role and was everywhere and involved in everything. Officially he was on the left wing I think but he was literally everywhere. Tracking back making tackles you'd expect a DM to make, driving forward like a box to box man, throwing in some nice crosses. A constant threat, everything good we did went through him and got a deserved goal too. Wesley - Bounced back from a bad game in the best way. Work rate through the roof, holding off players, dropping back as an option, and some lovely clinical finishes. Deserved the hat-trick, he'll get some stick for the pen but there's plenty of worse efforts that go in. He's still rubbish in the air though, he doesn't seem to want to jump. He's a work in progress, and he will be for a while, but he's dangerous. He has good feet, good control. He needs to work on his positioning a little more, he's hanging on the edge of the box at times he should be charging for the 6 yard box. Trezeguet - Came on, worked hard, probably should have had a shot when he chose to do the worlds worst back heel to Grealish. He was unlucky that the game had kinda gone by then. I fancy him to scorea few when he breaks the duck. Konsa - Picked up where Engels left off. Didn't look out of place at all. Luiz - He only scores crackers. Comes on with 10 minutes left, gets the ball just outside the box, and from there it's all perfect. The nudge out of the feet, the brilliant strike, the flight of the ball perfect, the curve... It was like he playing Fifa on easy with Barca. Beautiful goal, perfect. In many ways this was a really odd game. In the first half neither side seemed keen on having a solid defence and our defending was of the heart attack variety, and going forward we wasted about 6 opportunities in the first 10 minutes through shit crossing or bad positioning. And then we knock in 2 nice efforts, and Norwich seem to forget how to defend entirely. Then we miss a pen and Norwich decide to channel all their efforts into attack and you can feel the goal coming. Then the second half comes, Grealish scores a lovely goal and Norwich absolutely collapse. By the 65th minute Norwich are just trying to get to the whistle and get home. They only score because we have our characteristic brainless moment and nearly chuck it in ourselves. We kinda blew Nore-witch away.
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    Lol. This is too perfect.
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    I honestly think that collectively as supporters we all just need to calm down a bit. Obviously after the Arsenal game and yesterday the immediate reaction is like a punch to the gut, but we have to have perspective. Its very early, and we have had our ridiculous expectations realigned. There was always a chance that we might do a Wolves, and we all hoped that would be the case, and even the club’s leadership made sounds about us not just being there to make up the numbers. Equally there was a chance we would do a Fulham, but I don’t think that will happen either based on what we have seen so far. We have shown we can be competitive against established Premier League teams. We have had good spells in every game we have played, and look like we have goals in us now from all over the pitch. We have been unlucky at times, and naive at times. There is room for improvements on and off the pitch, but what else could we realistically have expected. As things stand, it looks like we are going to be fighting to survive and we may be in the mix down there until very late in the season, maybe even the last day. That should not be a surprise to anyone. But we are playing our football our way, which we as fans enjoy watching, and while the results havnt been there, it’s at least been easier on the eye than our most recent experiences in the premier league. We also have a load of new players who are still settling. Wes is the biggest concern, but to be fair to the guy, the only alternative to him is Davis, and he’s hardly a thoroughbred at this level (although I do think we should give him a chance in the next game). The other concern is Taylor, so hopefully Targett can stay fit, as he could be key. I don’t think we need to panic unless we start to get cut adrift by the time we get 15-20 games in. As it is, there is very little between the teams at the bottom of the table, and I regardless of points, I would only really be concerned at this stage if I was a Watford or Newcastle fan, as they for me have looked poor apart from the odd positive here and there.
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    Targett should be nailed on first choice LB. Failing that it should be Hause. Taylor shouldn't even be on the subs bench he's a fraud of a footballer. I can't put in to words how bad I think he is.
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    Munchian butterfly.
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    The only explanation I can think of for not making the subs is that he genuinely thinks the bench is not of sufficient quality and that he doesn’t trust them.
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    People should have to pass an IQ test before they are allowed to purchase a plane ticket and enter an airport.
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    Summary from the weekend - Nathan Jones finds Scott Hogan under the couch cushions Bree (Luton) Away at Derby (2-0) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.16. Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Away at Oldham (1-1) - Substituted after 55 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.03. Green (Preston) Home to Barnsley (5-1) - Not in the squad. Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Home to Shrewsbury (0-1) - Came on after 79 minutes. Whoscored.com rating of 6.46. Hogan (Stoke) Away at Swansea (1-2) - Came on after 64 minutes. Scored. Whoscored.com rating of 6.95. Touch count - 6. O'Hare (Coventry) Away at Rotherham (4-0) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. WhoScored.com rating of 6.56. Sarkic (Livingston)Home to Celtic (2-0) - Played 90 minutes. Assist.
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    I thought it was class of Deano to matter-of-factly criticise Wesley in public, without scapegoating him for our results or undermining his confidence. Just said he performed below the standard he's capable of, but that he'd seen enough vs. Everton and Arsenal to justify his place, and gave him an opportunity this week to rectify it. That's how you give a player a kick up the backside without losing his loyalty. One of the best things about DS since he arrived is I can't think of a single player who has been "exiled" from the team and lost interest. He seems to give everyone a fair crack, and even the bit part players seem to give 100%. Similar story with Hourihane, who obviously felt very aggrieved after being dropped, but has fought his way back into the team. Same with Douglas, who would be wondering why he's only got 20 mins today, but has nonetheless scored an excellent goal. This genuine squad game will really start to bear fruit as we get deeper into the season, and fatigue, suspensions, injuries, etc. kick in.
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    It’s strangely Orwellian isn’t it. Somebody stood at a podium pledging to make people less free, and they all clap. Truly some mass hysteria has got to these people. Applauding their own personal freedoms being restricted. Applauding their children’s and grandchildren’s freedom of movement being restricted. Proper **** up in the head people.
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    Hope you guys are ok. I have 2 or 3 good mates but 2 are from work and 1 I've only recently got back in touch with and we catch up monthly and while it wont be the same as when we were teens it's a start. Loneliness really gets me sometimes. I cant win. I love my other half and her kid but sometimes I just want to disappear for a few days down to the coast which she understands completely. Most of the time I crave and love solitude then occasionally I crave company but if everyone else is busy then its that forced isolation that hits hard, makes me feel trapped. Doesnt help growing up with all of us so busy and with relationships/kids/other commitments. We put our social lives last when it should be top of the list really. Theres a large group (probably more than I think tbh) of posters here all in a similar situation. If anyone wants to arrange a regular VT social group meet up thread or something I'll be in for that. Ive always wanted to meet a few other posters and even if it's people who have differing opinions on here, in real life we are probably just your average guys who would get on. I'm not the miserable scrote that I come across on here and besides, I dont share the same opinions as my actual mates always. A few drinks in a central location or something once or twice a month. We dont need to be the best of friends but we do all have hobbies and interests that are similar and it may be awkward and stilted at first but then when isnt it when people meet for the first few times. I know I'd benefit from it but if it's a shit idea then ignore it. Just an idea.
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    No, we need to still give Wesley time, even if we don't really like like it. However, Davis needs to come on earlier once it's clear Wesley struggles, which was the case yesterday.
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    A mate at the game reckons, we were good first half but poor second, Hourihane did nothing throughout, Wesley worked hard but was ineffective and Davis looked better once on and deserves a start. I think Wesley has kept his place because he needs time and as another poster has said they have to try to keep his confidence up and hope he improves. It’s tricky for any coach to drop a record signing. However perhaps the kid needs a break and reset himself. Davis deserves a go but the same applies to him, he’ll need time and patience. There’ll be people calling for him to be dropped the first time he misses a chance. We’re a young, relatively inexperienced team that haven’t played together for long and need handling with a certain amount of care. Throwing them and for that matter the head coach under the bus at the first sign of trouble would be disastrous. Until January we have what we have and need to be positive and support the team, through thick and thin. We are football supporters not film critics. We can judge, but still be supportive. We’re not perfect but people saying we’re going down after 7 games is pretty poor and really doesn’t help. The majority of people felt that 17th would be success but now some seem to be amazed that we’re struggling. Did they expect us to get half of the points in the first few games then tail off?
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    The Prime Minister. How the **** can you, in good conscience, support a thing like that to lead the country?
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    What's happened is the premier league. That's what's happened.
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    Something around here certainly is.
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