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    Just received some rather bad news re my Uncle today. He’s been in hospital for four weeks after suffering a stroke at home. 72 years of age. Caught Covid19 whilst in hospital and was having good days and bad days. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for all the family. Nobody has even been allowed to see him at all. Now just heard that my Auntie, Niece and Nephew have been called to the hospital to see him as there is nothing more they can do! Truly, truly gutted, as i like him a lot and hope the hospital are wrong. We have a lot of football banter when we see each other and he’s a big baggies supporter. Now I’m just flat as a pancake with the news. It’s a cruel world we live in sometimes. Boing Boing Uncle Pete and please just keep fighting.
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    Hi everyone, long time VT member but haven't posted in recent times. I've kept my interest on everything Claret n Blue since JPA days, I've followed everything that happened during the Lerner era and I was very happy with promotion to the Premier League. I just wanted to say hi during these difficult times, here in Colombia we've had an expected inept government doing absurd things and people not taking the situation seriously enough. The hospitality and tourism sector has been hit the hardest economically speaking and I recently got fired as I worked at a restaurant and obviously was very difficult to maintain the income flowing to sustain the staff. Fortunately I have enough savings for a couple months so I shall be alright. I hope every Villa supporter can get through this in all levels and wishing you all good health and fortune. Cheers
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    Well my mother in law is now on ICU with Covid.... been in and out of hospital over past 2 weeks. Has got worse day by day this week. Her and my brother were the two people i worried about when this all became real early March.. Shes battled cancer recently...im just praying she pulls through this one Currently on CPAP before the next stage being Ventilator... trying to stay positive as much as possible but genuinely worried where this is leading.
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    Liverpool are difficult in this. They've got a huge and peculiar fanbase - it's peculiar even by the one eyed standards of football fans, a strangely fundamentalist attitude prevails - their own fansites will often ban talking about certain topics if they feel they're critical of the club. There's an attitude to supporting Liverpool that's peculiar to them - I'm sure that's true of all clubs to an extent but Liverpool's is particularly pronounced. That fanbase is experienced and proficient in campaigning - part of the reason why the Liverpool fanbase is quite so peculiar is linked to how hard they've had to work to get justice for Hillsborough - and rightly so - they're very used to coming together to work on things and it's left them with even more of an "us against the world" attitude than the rest of us. They're organised, potent and effective - there are an awful lot of journalists that don't want to be on the bad side of the Liverpool fanbase. They're the best side in the country - they are, it's silly to say otherwise - they're head and shoulders the best team in the league in the 2019-20 season. They're Champions elect and it's difficult to see any way in which they shouldn't be given the title at this point in any of the proposed ways to finish this season. They've not won the title for a very long time, they've had to watch their rivals win it a lot in that time and they've had to suffer a fair bit of banter from fans of other clubs when they've come close and dropped away - this matters to them - not just the winning, but the justification if you like of their support, that they're "right" that winning the title returns their integrity. It's important to them that they shut us up - that we're left without anything that starts "Yeah but...." The combination of those things - the combination of the importance of winning the title properly and the massive chip on their shoulder, and their ability to deploy that chip has resulted in the ridiculous situation whereby for most Liverpool fans, the only "proper" way to end the season is to play the games; to let them complete their destiny, to let them win properly, integrity is key to justification. Liverpool cannot live with an asterisk. As such, they see any discussion around cancelling the season, or around the various solutions for finishing it early as direct attacks on their integrity, even when those arguments come with the sensible and obvious tag "Liverpool should be declared champions" - the arguments aren't discussed, they aren't even listened to - anything that comes with an asterisk is despised, shot down with rants on how we all hate them, and how we're all "ABL" and just United fans having a moan. Any perspective by the Liverpool fanbase appears to have disappeared. Liverpool should be declared Champions in any situation in which we do not play the remaining games. That's my opinion, I think it makes sense, I think it reflects the way they've played this season, the points they've got and what they've deserved. Liverpool fans will not accept any situation where the remaining games are not played. Therein lies the further problem - you see, the statement above is a complete lie. Liverpool aren't interested in playing nine games - they're interested in playing just enough games to remove the asterisk. There has been no more virulent advocate of increased breaks for players or of less fixtures than Jurgen Klopp, and judging by the reaction from the supporter base when they sent their youth team to Villa Park, the fanbase is behind him on that. (I suspect they'd be behind him if he said they should all wear a top hat, but that's beside the point). If we complete the season this year, we're about to go into a two and a half year stretch of football where the expectations on players and clubs to complete fixtures will be more extreme than at any time in football history. We have a world cup starting in November 2022 - that's 30 months away - during that time we'll have a European Championships next summer, two full campaigns of European club football, plus the end of the current one and the start of the 2022-23 one, we'll have World cup qualifying, an AFCON, two European nations cup competitions, two World Club cup competitions, two full FA Cup competitions and the end of the current one, and two full League Cup competitions plus the start of the 2022-23 one; Oh, and the small matter of the end of this Premier league season, the whole of next season, the whole of the season after and the start of the 2022-23 season. We'll have clubs like Wolves potentially starting their 2020-21 Europa league campaign before they've finished their 2019-20 campaign, we'll have a 2020-21 season that barely has a break before the Euro's start and then a curtailed pre-season as players come back for the 2021-22 season - we'll need the 2022-23 season to start early to make room for the World Cup , so a limited summer break in 2022 as well. It is going to be utter chaos. I can feel Jurgen Klopp's eye twitching at the thought of it. With that in mind, if we do play the remains of this season out, and Jurgen wins the first two games of Project Restart - does anyone really believe he won't take the whole of the first team and put them in cotton wool immediately? Once the asterisk is removed, Liverpool's desire for sporting integrity ends - and relegation places will then be affected by who gets to play Liverpool's youth team in the last seven games. It's not just the rest either - if Jurgen can win the title in a game or two, he can then concentrate on preparing his side for next season properly rather than rummaging about in the ashes of this one - Manchester United will be competing hard for a European place long after the boys from Anfield have their feet up. Of course, it's not just Liverpool that applies to, there will be other clubs that very quickly don't care and will be eyeing up one of the only periods of rest available for a couple of years - not to mention the competitive advantage of spending more time preparing for 2020-21. The last few games of the league could be reduced to a simple contest of who still cares, It'll be comical; a farce. I don't want to be relegated on that basis. No one thinks playing nine more games is important for sporting integrity. Liverpool fans want two so that they can kill the asterisk, the Premier league just wants product so that they can collect the money. It's ridiculous. We're asking Liverpool fans to accept that they're Champions, to live with that asterisk and to know that they've earned the title without finishing the games - and we're asking despite the fact that we're the people that have pushed them into having to defend against the asterisk in the first place. That's a big ask for them, it's hard to swallow - but they're asking us to swallow a lot more, they're asking football to give up an awful lot of its integrity in order to accommodate their own.
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    My wife went to the Dr's yesterday for a check up, complained of a bit of kidney pain... Baby girl born this morning! She's early and tiny but Dr's say she's OK, the wife is still being treated for the kidney so hasn't seen her yet! Corona means I can see the baby but can't visit my wife again until she changes to a different ward in a couple of days time, it's also a new build hospital which opened yesterday so has no phone signal or WiFi which last night was an absolute killer and probably won't get better as I sit home alone Home kit is in the basket
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    Some of you may remember Pete Bosworth from the early days of VT. He has been particlularly bad with the Virus and has been in the ICU - Good news now though on his progress, still some way to go but fingers crossed etc
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    I have been quite surprised by how many people would shrug and offer up the last 8 years of other people’s lives to be able to ‘get back to normal’. Normal being sitting in traffic, working in an office, grabbing a costa coffee, shuffling around Primark of a weekend. I’d want something a bit more inspirational than that to kiss goodbye to a quarter of a million people.
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    I'd be OK with that solution.
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    Aren't all circles neverending? I'm not sure you fully understand circles
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    Just imagine being one of those people that have lost their job, missed the birth of a child, lost a parent and not been able to visit them, missed a funeral, caught covid because you couldn’t afford not to work in a petrol station. Now you find out the rules only applied to you, not to them. ’They’ can use their common sense, just like when they suggested they wouldn’t have died in Grenfell because they’d have used their common sense. Absolute monsters the lot of them.
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    I couldnt give a **** if we go down at this stage, this league is a **** farce
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    A couple of ex-Villa players who are now Sky pundits made our case on Soccer Saturday, concerning both relegation and neutral grounds. Merse said, "You cannot relegate Aston Villa with a game in hand, cause if they win that game they move up places." Alan McInally said "..it certainly wouldn't advantage Aston Villa..six home games, that's a lot and of course we have that game advantage, at the moment in time that would actually take us above Watford and West Ham, so I ain't having the neutral grounds...To think you're going to play on neutral grounds, is a complete and absolute nonsense for me, I ain't having it, not one little bit." Well put lads. Nice to hear our cause getting an airing for once! We ain't having it!!!
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    The most unfair way of going about it would be to promote teams that haven't earned it and relegate teams before they deserve it. Until 38 games have been played the season isn't over and placings shouldn't be awarded. If you can't finish you cancel and void.
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    After Life. It is a hard watch for me. Wife died two years ago this coming Wednesday. The only difference between the main character and me is he is a fat clearing in the woods and has a dog. I am thin and, well, I like to think that I am not a clearing in the woods. And I have a cat. She is deaf and drives me crazy. I am sure there are a lot of folk on here that have had similar losses. Grief does take many paths. Having said that pretty much everything he said I have voiced at one time or another and still do. So it is not a typical Gervais comedy but there are laughs. I hope for a third season. Three game of thrones actors as well for the those that think “who the f*** is that and why is he so familiar”
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    Still the comparison with flu! FFS who got that idea in to people’s heads? We have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen with flu. It’s ugly, its a killer, we know the parameters. Covid was potentially an exponential problem that could kill hundreds of thousands in the UK, collapse the health service and leave millions with permanent or long term health issues. The contagion rate appears far higher than other diseases. We don’t fully understand who is at risk or why. The death toll of 20,000 / 40,000 is because we had lockdown. But the whole system is being undermined because we don’t know who has it, and at the same time as not knowing who has it, we’ve failed at a governmental level to provide PPE when it was available. So we have a new disease, highly contagious, health professionals without protection attempting to treat patients. I’m going to struggle to discuss that without mentioning government or numbers or morals.
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    They operated on his fireplace?
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    Hey folks. I'm back. Had a very difficult couple of days. Over tired, the kids playing up, worried about the business but busy enough that I can't get everything done. And there's a pandemic. My reasoning for writing what I did wasn't so much that I can't ask for help, it's that I always put a line through the names of anyone I may turn to because I figure they're relying on me for something. Even though, rationally, it doesn't work like that. I'm an introvert by nature, even though I have an outgoing personality. I love being the centre of attention but I also find it exhausting. I need time on my own to recharge my batteries and, as with any of us who don't live alone, that's been in very short supply lately. Thanks for the support. I always know it's there, and often that's all I need.
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    A really useful piece from an American expert on where risks occur. I've provided some excerpts below, but you should read the whole thing, as it's very readable and contains a lot of useful information, including clear case studies of infections (and some support for the 'singing causes more transmission' thesis I was on about the other day): The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them 'We know most people get infected in their own home. A household member contracts the virus in the community and brings it into the house where sustained contact between household members leads to infection. But where are people contracting the infection in the community? I regularly hear people worrying about grocery stores, bike rides, inconsiderate runners who are not wearing masks.... are these places of concern? Well, not really. [...] So now let’s get to the crux of it. Where are the personal dangers from reopening? When you think of outbreak clusters, what are the big ones that come to mind? Most people would go to the cruise ships. But you would be wrong. Ship outbreaks don’t even land in the top 50 outbreaks to date. The biggest outbreaks are in prisons, religious ceremonies, and workplaces, such a meat packing facilities and call centers. Any environment that is enclosed, with poor air circulation and high density of people, spells trouble. The biggest super-spreading events are: Meat packing: In meat processing plants, densely packed workers must communicate to one another amidst the deafening drum of industrial machinery and a cold-room virus-preserving environment. There are now outbreaks in 115 facilities across 23 states, 5000+ workers infected, with 20 dead. (ref) Weddings, funerals, birthdays: 10% of early spreading events Business networking: Face-to-face business networking like the Biogen Conference in Boston in March. [...] Indoor spaces, with limited air exchange or recycled air and lots of people, are concerning from a transmission standpoint. We know that 60 people in a volleyball court-sized room (choir) results in massive infections. Same situation with the restaurant and the call center. Social distancing guidelines don't hold in indoor spaces where you spend a lot of time, as people on the opposite side of the room were infected. The principle is viral exposure over an extended period of time. In all these cases, people were exposed to the virus in the air for a prolonged period (hours). Even if they were 50 feet away (choir or call center), even a low dose of the virus in the air reaching them, over a sustained period, was enough to cause infection and in some cases, death. Social distancing rules are really to protect you with brief exposures or outdoor exposures. In these situations there is not enough time to achieve the infectious viral load when you are standing 6 feet apart or where wind and the infinite outdoor space for viral dilution reduces viral load. The effects of sunlight, heat, and humidity on viral survival, all serve to minimize the risk to everyone when outside. When assessing the risk of infection (via respiration) at the grocery store or mall, you need to consider the volume of the air space (very large), the number of people (restricted), how long people are spending in the store (workers - all day; customers - an hour). Taken together, for a person shopping: the low density, high air volume of the store, along with the restricted time you spend in the store, means that the opportunity to receive an infectious dose is low. But, for the store worker, the extended time they spend in the store provides a greater opportunity to receive the infectious dose and therefore the job becomes more risky. Basically, as the work closures are loosened, and we start to venture out more, possibly even resuming in-office activities, you need to look at your environment and make judgments. How many people are here, how much airflow is there around me, and how long will I be in this environment. If you are in an open floorplan office, you really need critically assess the risk (volume, people, and airflow). If you are in a job that requires face-to-face talking or even worse, yelling, you need to assess the risk. If you are sitting in a well ventilated space, with few people, the risk is low. If I am outside, and I walk past someone, remember it is “dose and time” needed for infection. You would have to be in their airstream for 5+ minutes for a chance of infection. While joggers may be releasing more virus due to deep breathing, remember the exposure time is also less due to their speed.' more on link (please do read it all): https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them What we need is less park-shaming, and more pressure on employers who are planning to reopen offices to make those offices safe according to these factors. You are far, far, far more likely to catch this virus, or spread this virus, in the office than you are in the park or your street.
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    That’s probably because you’re a fair weather fan who’s doesn't really understand what ‘supporting’ a team means. I had a great day at the semi final against Leicester and also a great day out at Wembley even though we lost. The two last minutes winners against Brighton and Watford were also great moments. Everton at home was one of the best nights at Villa park in years. Hugging the fans around me when we scored late goals is what it’s all about. We take what we can get. But you continue to be embarrassed mate.
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    99% of us have been as obedient (or co-operative as @chrisp65 rightly put it) as we have been asked to be. This has always been a soft lock down in comparison to a lot of countries. In fairness the odd knob head flouting lock down rules to hold a house party or sunbathe on the beach dwindles into total insignificance in comparison to the government allowing, in fact actively encouraging, 250,000 people to attend Cheltenham at the same time as Northern Italy was locking down The government went into this ill prepared. That same government was then led by a PM who took pretty much the whole of February off and when he re emerged in March gave it the big un about shaking the hands of coronavirus patients. The government then locked down too late and has been playing catch up ever since. Sorry I am not having this diverting blame to the public. This Government have blood on their hands but I am sure enough people, and enough of the media, will turn a blind eye whilst they frantically try to wipe it off or rub it onto someone else. In fact it seems some are already helping them to do so.
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    Thanks guys. I had nobody to talk to last night and I just needed to tell someone. It's pretty tragic that some anonymous strangers on the internet are the only people I can turn to, but I really appreciate it. There was no big turning point, no big argument. We just slowly grew more and more apart, mainly because I'm a miserable son of a bitch, and I respond to every problem with silence, to the point she didn't even feel able to talk to me anymore. We'd basically just been cohabiting for months, not in a relationship. The wedding turned in to a big millstone neither of us was looking forward to. I filled in a form to get some therapy last night. I wish I'd done it months ago before I pushed away the one person that actually cares about me. We had a long chat this morning. I stopped just short of literally begging her to come back. It's done, my revelations came much too late. I think we'll genuinely stay friends. In between sobbing like a little girl, I'm happy about that. She's put me on the path to being a better person, I think.
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    My son in law's grandmother has dementia and his granddad has been struggling to cope with her at home for a good while. Before the pandemic broke out his granddad had a major health crisis of his own, requiring bowel surgery - so (very reluctantly) agreed to the old lady being moved into a care home. He was still recuperating when the pandemic broke out, and he immediately brought her home. Now at the time, we all thought this was a really bad idea, given their situation. But with what we know now it might well be that he saved her life.
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    Yes I remember the famous hamstring muscle pandemic of 2005
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    I'm confused - the biggest issue with London and central London is parking - and you'd like to address it by adding more cars? Again, sorry, a bit confused - how would that help with public transport? Wouldn't it just concentrate the number of people travelling into shorter timeframes? Again, wouldn't this just mean more people packed into fewer trains? I don't, and I'm always quite surprised when I read people from London complaining that the rest of us don't understand how horrible their still-centralised, publicly funded, integrated mass transit system is - particularly when the level of investment in that system is many, many times higher than the level of investment in other cities. From outside London, we see a system that gets billions and billions invested in new lines, new stock, new stations and massive capacity while the rest of the country suffers with deregulated bus and train services that are chronically underfunded. In short, I don't think you'll find much sympathy outside of the capital, because the system in London is so much better than the system elsewhere, and we helped pay for that.
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    I still think the idea that protects most people's interests is stopping the league now, having no relegation, electing Liverpool champions, inviting 2 teams from the Championship, giving the parachute payments to the football league and giving more games to Sky and BT next season to show. You've got basically 3 months to build up the players' fitness, sort out contracts and transfers, hopefully an antibody test will be ready by then and possibly better treatments too. It just makes sense to me, even if they did decide they had to start a new season behind closed doors or even neutral venues, at least they would start off under the new rules rather than having the rulebook thrown out the window with 9 or 10 games left which would be utterly farcical.
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    I just finished week 5 of couch to 5k and ran for 20 minutes for possibly the first time in my life. I'm about 9kg down in 6 months, but 3kg since lockdown began. Could be a lot better off if I'd cut back on the booze earlier but I'm going to leave this covid19 lockdown bollocks behind in the best shape I've been in for years. Should have a couple of extra kettlebells coming tomorrow as well.
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    She moved out tonight. Everything I touch turns to shit.
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    Football is absolutely not essential, no matter what anyone tries to tell us. Why would we put the lives of doctors and nurses at risk just to satisfy the money rich Premier League? We need to remember what is at stake here; peoples lives - not promotion, relegation, etc. We need to concentrate on what really matters. Saving lives, getting essential operations up and running again. To hell with the football. it's only a game. People are dying.
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    Do you have kids ... If so would you isolate from your 5 month child and not hold them and see them daily for months just over a game ?
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    The pandemic has, in the middle of all the very unfortunate suffering, also offered a chance for reflection on so many things that has become a norm in our lives and culture, also including football. Why do I follow Villa, what makes winning or losing games actually matter to me, what do I get back that is worth the time and money I spend on it? (though I'm a foreign fan that watch most games alone on tv) This time last year I took a 12 hour bus ride just to be in London when we played the final, despite not having a game ticket. Some people though I was crazy but celebrating with other fans after the game was easily my best moment as a Villa supporter., well worth the rough bus ride (next time I'm flying back though!) I understand why Liverpools fans for example are dying to get their hand on the trophy, but I dont get why, after waiting 30 years, they're pushing for it to happen now. Do you really want that moment to happen when you're unable to celebrate it properly? I'd love to see Villa give their best shot at fighting for relegation but I want to do it while feeding of the crowd, by going through the emotions as group, winning and losing together with the rest of the fans. Even if I'm watching alone at home you sense the crowd in the stadium, they affect your experience. What does it mean to score the 85th winner to seal our survival when theres no celebration from the fans, no singing to give you the goosebumps, no sense of shared joy or despair? Wtf is football without that? If the season goes on with no crowds I'll prob watch the Villa games, but it'll def not be the same. And I'm afraid it'll taint my relation to and affection of football for a very long time. Cause it'll prove once and for all what has been becoming more and more obvious every year. Football is all about money, and the fans is just another cog in the money machine.
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    It must be any one person to meet at a time, as opposed to one specific person to meet as often as you like. If it's the latter, I'm off out to find the most attractive woman I can, sneakily engage her in conversation, remind her she's now met me and isn't legally allowed to meet anyone else then move to arrangements on where and when we'll meet each day until phase 2* begins. *Phase 2 of the government's plan obviously, I rarely make it to phase 2.
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