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    I saw a Chinese teenager with acne today on a train in Northern Holland by the coast, it might be the last time that occurs in my life. Have a nice day.
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    Hi Danny, I just wanted to apologise for my stupid comment made yesterday. there is no defence for it, but I am indeed very sorry. Keep up the posts and UTV
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    Hi, Not sure it will work from where you are but you never know. Fingers crossed and that. http://thewatchseries.to/latest Neil
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    Hi, can you get to this website ? http://thewatchseries.to/ For watching everything for free. Just an idea, I use it every day. Regards. Neil D
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    Hi, in reference to delivery charges from Asia, some companies do NOT charge for delivery from China for example. Try dx.com and look in the MVP section, that stuff comes direct from the UK or in teh main section that comes from China but still free delivery. Hope this help and stuff.
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