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    Nailed it. I think everyone in the ground would have agreed, too, John. Well, except the manager, obviously. And even with one up front, surely the onus would be on the midfield to get close to the striker and to run past him? Clueless, wasn't it. Oh and wasn't it Chester rather than Terry who gifted the ball to Brentford?
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    Nice one John. As someone else who knew Pete Wyper well, l add my condolences to his family and partner Wendy. A great Villa fan , he will be sadly missed.
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    You people don't ask for much, do you? Episodes on time, episodes uploaded in the right week. Bloody ridiculous.
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    Think Pearson would have bought as much as risk as any if I'm totally honest. RDM has a big task on his hands and I just hope he's up to the job. Big clear out needed.
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    Moving the links to blogs up is a good idea (even if it was only as a way of stopping Game of Thrones spoilers!). I never clicked on them before because they were pretty much invisible, hopefully this sends a bit more traffic their way. The world needs another Villa Review soon though. Dr X is such an interesting character that he practically demands a show.
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    Hopefully a few people will remember to click "Follow" at the top of the blog and set their notifications in their profile to alert them....
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