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    The discussion around people who “might have died anyway” is really pissing me off. Im sure if it was your 75 year old mother who was dying now instead of in 5 years time you’d be a bit more bothered. People are dehumanising them as if they don’t matter.
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    I have underlying health issues in terms of diabetes and high blood pressure. I'm not planning on dying in the near future and look forwards to many more years of happy life, watching my kids grow up, get jobs, start their own families and enjoy a retirement in 15 years or so. Just because people have underlying health conditions doesn't mean they are imminently about to keel over regardless.
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    I have no idea what any of this means. Sorry. What is basically everybody? What's a Komp? Who taped Trump and doing what? What sitcoms? And what have Man Yoo got to do with it? I feel like I've woken up in the middle of a film and have no idea what's going on. Should I understand this?
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    Yeah well **** you buddy
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    Brian Dennehy 81 y.o
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    I've just done 2 4 hour phone shifts, yesterday and today (and another tomorrow) The general public are morons. "Why have you introduced this new automated system" "Because there's a worldwide pandemic currently engilfing the planet" "when I try to oder one for Home and Bargain, it doesn't recognise it" That's because it's called Home Bargains" "No its not" "Just read the sign on the shop love, what does it say?" "Home and bargain" "No it doesn't love, read it again" "Thats beside the point" "No, it really isn't!"
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    Everyone 'will die anyway' because nobody is immortal. If what you mean is they would have died this year, that is a very small fraction of the total number of deaths so far.
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    Were you baked when you posted this, because this is the kind of post I regularly delete around midnight when I’m battered?! Some of the ‘previous content’ I’ve cleared when it saves a draft post in a thread is amazing.
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    Which July? I'd put it about 50-50 for July 2021.
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    Coming soon to VT Premium: Decoding @Brumerican
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    Glad it's not just me!
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    If we have more time, people will expect us to be able to have made a plan.
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    At least two metres away, please.
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    I don't agree, I think the idea that our fans give more to our game then say Spanish fans or Italian fans or german fans is a pissing contest and we have comparatively poor atmospheres at our grounds what the PL has is unbelievable self promotion and marketing that the rest of the leagues cant touch with then also historical factors thrown in both in terms of colonial legacy and the clubs themselves like I said I think you can actually make an argument that due to the promotion and TV deals / global audience the PL is less dependant on crowds than other leagues, certainly in terms of revenue
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    I've been researching my late father-in-law's wartime record, and it's fascinating. He was a flight engineer in Bomber Command, and flew two tours in Lancasters, in 1942-43. I already had a full transcript of his log book, and had researched the fate of all the aircraft he flew in. Now I'm going through the squadron diaries from the National Archives, which is giving me even more detail on each mission - crew members, bomb loads, weather conditions, flak and fighter opposition, pilot's debriefings - the lot. It's all going into a spreadsheet. I am a happy geek.
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    Sadly, Ron Wylie passed away yesterday, at the age of 86 following a long illness. Ron was an inside forward who made 244 appearances for us between 1958 and 1965, scoring 27 goals. He joined us from Notts County for £9,000 and played 38 league games during season 1959-60, when we were promoted back to Division 1 at the first attempt as champions. One of his 5 goals that season, was scored in our 11-1 home win against Charlton. He went on to score 10 goals the following season and played in both our 1961 and 1963 League Cup finals. Ron then joined Birmingham City, for whom he made 150 appearances before hanging up his boots in 1970. He then went on to coach at Villa Park, before joining Coventry City as coach in 1975 and then from 1978 as their assistant manager until 1981. He then coached briefly abroad, before being appointed manager of WBA in 1982. He left them in 1984 and returned to Villa Park where he filled several roles, including that of reserve team coach, assistant manager, caretaker manager, scout and community liaison officer, until his retirement in 2002. My thoughts are with his family – HEITS!
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    you are the luckiest man alive.
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    Not a very good one, there isn't.
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    I love Home and Bargain, they have some great deals on opal fruits and marathons.
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    Taxi to the Midland Bank please
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    Today’s most stupid question paraphrased: Everyone else is speculating about the lockdown and dates, why don’t the Government join the speculation? Surely it’s pointless any Government adding to speculation that can only be based on too many currently unknown variables?
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    Bet you don't get that with all the posh shoppers who go to Mark Spencer's.
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    That was exactly my argument when I skittled that old lady off the zebra crossing.
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    Surely there is some way of tracking every brexit voter and letting them know they’re up next for the jobs they felt ‘we’ should be doing and not ‘them’. Who had a little flag to wave during the whole debate? Where are they now, eh? Get down the **** farm and pick some lettuce ya brexit Dunkirk spirit not really a racist arseholes.
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    Really? I have to admit in Norway there's always been interest in English football, but I think it's very little to do with what you say. The main reason has been accessability and familiarity. I think to some degree the type of football has also been fairly close to what we're used to in Norway, just better lol, so I'll give you a point there. When I grew up in the early 90's, Serie A was bigger product that the English league. Then the PL got its engine going, but it had very little to do with the British mentality. It was mostly cause it was what we could watch on TV. I like the English culture, and got friends and family over there, but I do however think the footballing side in the stands have gotten pretty average the last 20 years. From a pure atmosphere point of view I prefer football in Germany. Union Berlin have given me better match day experiences the last few years than I've ever had any where else. And the intensity of the players doesn't exist any more. It's a long time since you had the proper English tackles and game intensity that you felt connected to. Now they are all diving all over the place, and I can't really imagine a league filled with more drama queens than the PL. I guess you could argue the Spanish league and the Italian league, but I watch both of those leagues and I can't see much difference. Some Italians are still pure bled Italians and will roll 15 times for the softest challenge, but you got those in the PL now as well. It started way way back, maybe 25 years ago when they started protecting the goalkeepers on the international stage, and it just got worse in England after that. But after 30 years it's hard to stop following it. So I will follow English football to the day I die methinks.
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    Okay, thanks for highlighting the detail, but I still think they're completely wrong, and you could just take my initial post and change the word 'June' for 'September'. The period of partial re-opening is not going to be just three months, barring a surprise medical discovery at a vastly faster time-scale than anybody is currently predicting (most estimates on vaccines I have seen are suggesting the back end of 2021 before you can even start widespread distribution, and more likely later than that than sooner than that). The reason I find their report so annoying is that the OBR did this at the end of the financial crisis as well, predicting huge growth rates that never came close to being realised, and which helped lay the groundwork for the ten years of austerity that we've just been through, so you might have hoped they'd have learned their lesson, but alas, up to their same old tricks. Last night, I listened to a recent episode of 'The Weeds' podcast called 'How does this end?' (https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/voxs-the-weeds/e/68731229), in which they discuss four plans for reopening the economy, and it's a very instructive conversation for how unlike normality what we're going to go through will be. Obviously the context is American, but the issues raised are relevant to us too. To summarise as briefly as I can, the four plans are and involve: a plan from the American Enterprise Institute which involves calling lockdowns 'phase 1' and gradual reopenings 'phase 2', and that there would be a series of automatic triggers to do with infection rates and death totals which would move the country in between these two phases. Phase 2 would involve cautiously reopening businesses slowly, but maintaining social distancing, doing everything very slowly, and just trying to hunker through it until a vaccine comes. I think this is what most people are expecting the UK and the US to do, but it won't lead to a V-shaped recovery; a plan from the Center for American Progress that involves everyone having an app on their phone that constantly traces where everyone in the country is, which combined with hugely ramped-up testing, would allow health care workers to identify who is sick, then identify everyone they have been close to via their phone data over the previous few days, and then send them a message that they need to enter isolation for 14 days etc. This is based on what seems to be working in Taiwan and South Korea, but obviously creating a surveillance state with very little privacy in the midst of a crisis, and very reliant on people following instructions that they will find inconvenient; a plan from Harvard that involves a wartime mobilisation, involves spending $2-3 trillion dollars on increasing testing and IT surveillance, and then creating a medical corps, where anybody who tests as having had the virus or has the presence of sufficient antibodies is drafted into high-risk activities because they're presumed to be immune; a plan from economist Paul Rohmer that involves conducting around 22 million tests per day, enough so that everyone in the American population could be tested every 14 days, which he suggests through mathematical modelling would be enough to seriously disrupt the flow of the virus. The problem being, fairly obviously, that there is currently nowhere near the capacity to conduct anything like 22 million tests per day, and it's not just the chemical reagent that is in short supply, but the nasal swabs and the plastic tips they go on etc etc. All of these plans might work, but each has big flaws, but the key point is that none of them look anything like 'normal', and while some of them might allow for faster economic recoveries (plans 2-4) they are all pretty unrealistic in other ways. I just think the OBR are applying a very flawed idea of what the country and the world are going to look like, in a world where the medical 'facts on the ground' have barely changed.
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    It's odd, at the same time as United are saying that they're going to be one of the only teams with money in the summer and that they'll be able to use that money to bully people into giving them what they want - they're also saying they'll be able to buy people cheaply - surely it just means that when United come calling you raise the price? I'd still be horrified if Jack went for £60m - I consider it to be about half of what we might get for him and I think if he's going to go, we should be doing what Levy does and publicly stating a price - a ridiculously high price - and then letting bidding start off the back of that. If Kane is £200m - then Jack has to be worth substantially more than £60m. I'll be horrified if we sell Grealish for £60m then end up having to pay £30m+ for a Championship winger. Best case scenario is that big bucks United come waving their machismo around, pay £100m for Jack and we're then able to get good value with that money in the depressed market that the rest of football will be operating in. And all of that is without mentioning the absolutely ridiculous way in which football is governed that allows Manchester United to behave like the richest club in the world because of their income whilst ignoring that £400m they owe to banks and the £200m they already owe on transfers.
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    Why do I feel like the anniversary there is doing more of the heavy lifting than anything else that may be more relevant, like the experts view on public health?
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    I imagine these ladies can carry at least 3 corpses per hand
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    That’s what they said at the briefing, but also confirmed there would still be regions and settings (like care homes) where that’s not yet the case. Social distancing is working, trouble is keeping the R0 below 1 when the lockdown is lifted. I wouldn’t put money on this ending in 3 weeks unless new confirmed case are extremely low by then, and crucially there’s a mass community testing regime in place.
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    I think you need to separate the two mate. I can't get my head around the government approval rating but hey ho I can't get my head around anyone other than those without a social conscience voting Tory. It also pisses me off that people who previously haven't really give a shit about the NHS and care workers etc are now lauding them as heroes in some cases because they want to jump on the gravy train and post a few pics/a video of themselves outside their house clapping on FB. However as someone who has always valued our NHS/care workers etc I will be again outside tonight clapping as loudly as I can and will continue to beat the drum for our NHS and care workers in the years to come when all this is long forgotten and many have again gone back to not giving a shit.
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    I doubt there's any actual data on it, but thinking through it logically... The virus spreads in water droplets from your respiratory system. The droplets come from your breath, and more so from sneezes and coughs (as these eject far more droplets into the air). Smoke is partly water vapour and theoretically, if the smoke has come from the lungs, some of that water may be infected. The same is true of vape clouds, though perhaps more so as there's going be greater amounts of fluid in them. But in both cases it's probably only slightly more risky than the breath of an infected person anyway.
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    A line has been crossed. You bring Slade into this you join a small list of people.
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    I thought Evans was outstanding at Villa Park in the league, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, great player
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    Yeah, it's not perfect....
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    Covid-19 is deadly serious not disputing that at all. To put into context 180 thousand people die of heart attacks and cancer a year in UK. On average 17000 people die of normal flu a year in England alone. Football isn't important in the greater scheme of things but life will go on after this. As far as 15000 people being in villa park. I wasn't talking about any time soon. Next year maybe!
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    September is tough to call as it might be during a phase of "business sort of as normal" where you can carry on, but the problem is that decisions are only being made so many weeks in advance. My wedding is obviously off next month, but trying to speak with some companies - i.e supplying the band etc, they won't confirm it or accept force majeure until govt. decisions confirm it so. If we're doing it 3 weeks at a time, I can't start organising refunds or re-scheduling until the week before the date it's supposed to be happening, which is a pain. We've provisionally re-arranged for June 2021, but I can't help but think it's going to be still at risk then, but the venue won't let us re-book to 2022 - they still need permission to hold alot of these postponed 2020 events and weddings in that year as they only are allowed a certain amount per year. Without a vaccine, it's hard to imagine how public gatherings like that really go ahead without either proper testing and measures in place to establish the risk to individuals going.
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    Re: the statistics. Yes there's lag, different ways of recording the same info, different ways of reporting said info and all the normal caveats on the presented results. (Even something like counting deaths from the coroner can be remarkably complicated) What I personally have found interesting is seeing things like the ONS posting links straight to google for some stats. And people suggesting supermarkets prioritize deliveries to the frail etc without actually saying how that's possible when it's hard enough for the nhs to confidently identify someone as frail anyway. The nhs (in England at least) is already contracted to sharing some of its info with Amazon. Remember the Alexa / 111 story last year? The idea that our information is being held by corporations sits uneasily with me. The whole idea of our medical records and data being recorded at all sends a shudder down the spine of many. And health data doesn't really care for the Keynesian perfect model much and as such has been of little interest to many in the field. The icnarc data hanoivillan quoted via Twitter is about as good as it gets in real time and that's the audit trail. People like counting the money. Not so much the dead bodies. This all links back to the whole 'terms and conditions' documentary topic from a few years back. The rules governing govt bodies are different to those in the private sector. What may be information the government has rules over holding, using and so on, May well be used differently in the private sector if you clicked ok on the latest app or really wanted said consumer item. For govt, outsourcing the liability seems commonplace in today's world. To my mind we are past the point of discussing whether this data is collected or not and facing a difficult quandry of who we would like to have it and how it is used in the future. With the 111 link to alexa and so on, it may already be too late to stop the privatisation of a key sector. The nhs/govt having our medical records on file may well lead to problems of privacy and more. But is that better or worse than Amazon linking it to our consumer spending? Would we, the public, be better served by a government agency bound by law? The nhs is one of the largest employment organizations on the planet. It also has public health records compiled over time unlike anywhere else in the world. That is a massive commodity. That it is already paired off into a public/private partnership should tell you how potentially profitable it could be. If the nhs needs money it's sitting on a goldmine right there. Amazon et al aren't in it for the kudos. Much radio output over the past month or so has centered on statistics and I heard last night how everyone has been learning about them being a good thing in relation to believing experts again. People are quick to point to unemployment and lettuces. With x many people unemployed surely outsourcing to Bezos et al is just as mental as getting some manual labour performed if the safety and sanctity of our medical records is concerned. I suppose it also depends whether saving the nhs gets any serious consideration past people's doorsteps and clapping.
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    It’s important that the exit strategy begins soon. Everyone 50 and over was an integral part of our victory in World War II and needs to be able to organise a booze up. Everyone under the age of 50 couldn’t possibly go an entire month without a shitty fast food burger. Let’s get Covid done.
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    Personally I wouldn’t go near an airport or aeroplane until I’ve been vaccinated. No way.
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    That OBR growth forecast is farcical IMO. I really don't think people have got to grips with what is likely to happen over the next few months. It's not like we're just going to get to a day in June, then wave a wand, and everything will be like it was in February again, which seems to be what the OBR are suggesting. Restaurants will likely still be closed, or else operating at 50% capacity as people need to maintain social distancing rules. Clubs and pubs will probably remain closed. Cinemas, theatres, festivals, sporting events won't be open or running. Recreational tourism will be extremely limited, and international tourism may be almost impossible. Without an end to the virus in sight, there will be a constant danger of breakouts occuring, and us having to return to lockdown. More likely than the fastest ever growth in the British economy's history in Q3 (!!!) is a two-year depression as the country struggles to get to 80% of the economy open amid periodic lockdowns.
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    It'll rain when the lockdown ends.
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    I think we've missed his presence up front tbh, but I never thought he was as bad as some of the absolute hyperbolic reactions/comments on here. Him and Samatta could be be an interesting pair together.
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