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    Are there lots of strikers who would want to join us? Yes. Are they all suitable? No. Probably a very small percentage. Are there strikers we want that, because they are high profile, might need convincing to come/ extra shmoozing? Possibly, yes. Are there 3 parties in a deal, including greedy duplicitous gobshite agents making even simple deals unnecessarily complicated? Yes. Is it more important to get it right for the next 5 months than the next few weeks? Absolutely. Do we all want the best possible players we can get in this window, even if we have to wait and go short for a few games? I would hope so. Is it worth arguing over? No, but in lieu of news, why not.
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    Joleon Lescott is not the answer to our problems.
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    Yeah, so I went back the past 5 seasons and 15 teams and there's pretty much no difference between the points gain of a newly promoted team in the first 19 games of the PL and in the rest of the season. In fact, the mean difference is near 0 points(0.067 to be more exact and yes the standard error is way too high for this to be significant). Only 8 times in the past 5 seasons did a newly promoted team gain more points in the first 19 games than they would in the next 19(the highest being Leicester in 14-15). The other 7 times, they would gain less points.(the smallest being Watford in 15-16) TLDR, there is no evidence to suggest a newly promoted team would become better over the course of the season as they gain more PL experience nor is there evidence of the opposite.
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    All their goals have come from their players ? That’s not overly unusual is it ?
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    Southampton kept Hassenhutl. You're chatting nonsense.
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    Personally I think it’s far more annoying when people like to make out that it’s a simple thing. Its complex, it ain’t football manager, some people genuinely don’t seem to realise that.
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    It’s very easy to attract good players when you are European champions and 15 points clear at the top of the league, a little tougher when you are pitching a relegation battle and only a handful of wins in the season.
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    Not much happening on the transfer front then. Just pairs of posters going off to hack each other to pieces with machetes over various hypothetical issues that in reality have no definitive answer. It’s all opinion guys - just let it go.
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    The bit quoted is about re-loaning a player. We are allowed as many loans as we like from overseas clubs (so long as that club owns the player, and isn't re-loaning), but there is a limit on how many loan players you can have in a matchday squad (to avoid the situation we had with Watford a few seasons back, where most of their squad were loan players). All the limits you see people talking about (e.g. 2 loans, 4 over course of season, goalkeeper, etc.) are purely for domestic loans. It's frustrating that the league doesn't make this clear, but they don't seem to be very good at communicating rules (see also: VAR). Just to illustrate this, Fulham last season loaned in two PL players: Chambers (Arsenal) Fosu Mensah (Man Utd) And 4 overseas players: Schurrle (Dortmund) Rico (Sevilla) Vietto (Atletico Madrid) Nordtveit (Hoffenheim) 5 of those deals were agreed in the summer window, and 1 (Nordtveidt) in the January window. All were until the end of the season. So I think we can be pretty sure that loaning Reina does not affect our ability to loan one more PL player. We cannot, however, loan any more Chelsea players. I'm sure I will have to explain this again in a few pages
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    Tom Heaton is out for the rest of the season. Sarkic can now go back out on loan. Back to Livingstone if we all fancy it. Nyland has had a taste of the big time, he has done well and will still play tomorrow and in the cup semi final second leg, I imagine. Minimum. He now gets to understudy a legend of the game for 4 and a bit months to continue his development, all being well. Pepe Reina gets to play football, we hopefully get all of the aforementioned upside. If he's shot, we have a capable deputy. Or the other way around. Milan get his wages off the books. Win/win for all concerned.
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    For the first time in years and years, I try to watch every single Villa game simply because of this boy. He’s just incredible to watch. He’s essentially responsible for me liking an entire sport again and I’ll be absolutely gutted the day he leaves.
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    In fairness, not everyone is posting in their first language, and in football speak "unforgivable" is often used to describe things as trivial as a misplaced pass. I laugh sometimes at the thought of people wandering around the world speaking English they have picked up off football forums. TOURIST WALKS INTO SHOP. SHOPKEEPER: Hello, how can I help you today? MAN: For ****'s sake you useless ****ing word removed. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see you need to stock ****ing Toblerone. Clueless. My dead nan could run a better shop than this.
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    Shocking news. A technical failure seemed so plausible. I guess they meant "technically it struggled to fly after we technically shot a missile at it".
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    No thanks! I don't want this club to change its name to Wayne Rooney's Aston Villa
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    Transfer window ends on 31 January. Judge it then. You can line up all the deals you like in early Jan, but any sensible selling club will be looking around for higher offers before committing. That's why most transfers go through on deadline day. The only ways to sign players early are: you're the only club at your level interested in the player (e.g. Drinkwater probably) you're the only club the player is interested in (i.e. Liverpool, Barcelona, etc.) you pay way over the odds. I'd say we've done a good job if we've pinned down Drinkwater and Reina, get a striker in time for the crucial fixtures against Brighton and Watford, and then get a winger by the end of the window. I'm impressed by how the club is run by the new ownership, and my opinion has been pretty firm on that since they arrived.
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    Do you honestly think you have thought of this but no one in the entire management structure of the club has managed to figure out that it would be better to sign a player at the start of the window than the end? Really? Or could the answer possibly be that it is more difficult, given our current circumstances, than you are making out?
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    I have a feeling we will get one good result at home against one of the top 6 this season, and I think everything is set up for it to be this game because absolutely nobody is expecting it. We have no strikers, we're conceding goals, they're in good form, and many people have written this off as a dead rubber. Here's what will happen. They will have all of the ball in the first half. We will have the odd good moment, inevitably involving Jack, but overall the possession/shot stats will massively favour City. Then we sneak a goal just before HT from a set-piece (foul on Jack, then a Mings header). The second half goes even more in City's favour. We retreat and retreat. All of the game is played in our last third. Nyland is a wall. Jota comes on for Trezeguet and is similarly ineffective. There's a heart in your mouth VAR call that goes in our favour. Smith subs Lansbury on for Luiz for no good reason on 80 minutes, then Lansbury touches the ball once in the remainder of the game. Far too much time is added on. City have a final attack. We head it clear. Jack takes it to the halfway line by himself to relieve the danger. The final whistle blows. Everyone breathes for the first time in seven and a half minutes. Or maybe not. It's Friday afternoon and I'm killing time until the weekend starts. But you've got to have a little hope, right?
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    It's a horrific punt that I'm convinced would send us down. Besides the fact he hasn't scored **** all in 2 and a half seasons he's badly injury prone. I feel like everyone is taking crazy pills that wants him in. It's absolute madness
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    The think with Piatek he has to ask himself what happens once Kane is back in April? Is he going to happy playing back up to him? Because that’s what he’ll probably be provided Kane comes back the same after his injury. Whereas I’d say he would be reasonably confident of retaining his place, if he plays well of course, once Wesley comes back next season. Does he want a 3 month career at Spurs or does he want to have a long term ride to the very top with the Mighty Villa?
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    Whilst true, that's the reason he's here. Because McGinn isn't.
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    Thanks for doing all of this. I guess an objective analysis would be to take the top 11 or top 14 appearances for each team, and then count how many of those players joined that season. This isn't perfect, because perhaps you have a key player who misses a chunk of the season with injury, but starts every game he's available for. Here's that figure for the 8 clubs you listed, taking the top 11 appearances (yes this is very sad, I don't care): Wolves (18-19) - 5 new first team players: Jimenez Moutinho Rui Patricio Jonny Traore Cardiff (18-19) - 3 new first team players: Murphy Reid Arter Fulham (18-19) - 5 new first team players: Seri Rico Chambers Le Marchand Bryan Newcastle (17-18) - 2 new first team players: Joselu Murphy Hull (15-16) - they were in the Championship. Do you mean 14-15 or 16-17? They got relegated in both of those seasons. Bournemouth (14-15) - they were in the Championship. Assume you mean the following season (15-16), in which case it was 2 new first team players: King Afobe Leicester (13-14) - they were in the Championship. Following season (14-15) it was 2 new first team players: Ulloa Cambiasso Burnley (13-14) - they were in the Championship. Following season (14-15) they finished 19th? Is this the one? So I'm not sure what that all proves really, but the equivalent stat for Villa this season (so far) would be: 7 new first team players Wesley Heaton Guilbert Targett Nakamba Engels Trezeguet So we are an outlier in terms of how many new faces are in our first team, even compared with Fulham. And we have Luiz and Konsa in the top 14 league appearances. So 9 out of a typical match day 14 have been new players. I'd hazard a guess that the average number of new first teamers in the steady performers (or teams who tail off) is lower, but it's a hell of a piece of work to analyse!
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    You say jokes like him, like he wasn't completely justified in wanting to go to bigger and better things. He took the league by storm, he was a top premier league striker and he had to fight relegation under Paul Lambert for 3 years. Of course he would want out. It didn't work out for him but our demise after he left certainly doesn't mean the joke was on him. It's taken us years and he's still at a better team than us.
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    Good that both Brighton and Burnley lost, fingers crossed for a Watford Bournemouth draw tomorrow and that would suit us.
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    He never actually went on strike as he was working as a union man throughout the strike and getting paid. So he’d be more of a false number 9.
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    Yet we've already signed Drinkwater, it looks like Pepe is coming in and the young lad Barry. So players are coming in, just not the ones you want.
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    Just need to call him "Slappy Joe" and I'll think someone has returned from the grave!!
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    No chit-chat, 32-week bans and goal post-mortems - the five-a-side club with a 14-page rulebook
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    I will happily debate intelligent discussion but a nonsense post gets the response it deserves. If a poster is arrogant enough to claim a problem is easy to identify and simple to fix, implying that gross incompetence is the only reason why it has not yet been fixed, they had better put forward a lot of strong evidence to back up such an extraordinary claim.
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    What I expected: more chat about Benteke. What I got: advice on best-practice for brothel use. And there’s still 20 days to go!
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    I know what you mean. Been watching Villa since 1968 and enjoyed watching Jack more than any other player. Truly sublime. I see people comparing him - or dismissing comparisons - and to be honest I’m not really interested in that either way.For me, I’m happy to say part of the joy I get from watching him is indeed that he is a Villa fan...(what’s wrong with that ?)...and so may well be biased.....but he has touches of Gazza in his balance and weight of pass, touches of Best in his dribbling/ running at pace with the ball, vision, dancing feet in a tight spot, and has lit up the darkest days we’ve had for years. And he’s scored truly great goals. I will miss him when he’s gone - although fingers crossed we rise so rapidly he won’t have to - but unlike any other player we’ve had i will take an interest in his future and would be genuinely excited seeing him play surrounded by absolutely top players, as I think he will look as good as anyone in a top side. It is a genuine privilege to watch him play.
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    Yes, I see the dilemma here: Option 1. Sign shit player on day 1 Option 2. Try to sign better player who fits into overall plans for club on day 20, who we cannot sign earlier because, reasons. I like option 2. How about you?
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    Why? Reina has been there and done it, he’s played in the Champions League and World Cups. He’s played at the top of the game, he’s experienced, I expect him to come straight in and be our number 1 from the off
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    I get your point but ultimately Sarkic is a villa player and his first duty is to villa. If management think they might need him then that’s that. I’m sure if he’s not ultimately required he’d be sent back out but he’s now standing in at 3rd choice right? I don’t think Kalinic even comes into the discussion. Every squad needs 3 keepers. I’m sure he’s disappointed but equally, if he’s ultimately not needed, he will be sent back out if that’ll help his development. As for Nyland, my heart says I feel bad for him but my head says Reina will be an obvious improvement to a keeper who, although is playing well, has been so shaky in the past that if we can secure the services of an excellent keeper whilst we are trying to stay up then why wouldn’t we? We’d play Heaton if he were fit irrespective of Nyland’s form so it makes sense to being in a keeper of a similar quality. I think this one makes sense.
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    Have a day off mate.
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    Nah it's because he's shite and doesn't score goals.
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    Continuing to ruin the game for everyone except the stattos.
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    I must have watched a different keeper. Yes, the defence was awful, yes, it was new league, yes he only played a handful of games...but I must say he is the stiffest and least agile goalkeeper I think I have ever seen play for us. What do you look for in a goalkeeper - agility, reflexes, speed, reactions. He didn't show any of them to me.
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    Yes you’ve changed my mind. You obviously know better than professional football management staff about how easy it is to buy a good striker in our position. I suggest you get your CV over to club ASAP, it sounds like you could really make a difference there.
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    I don't know how you can be so vehement that hes bad at his job when you dont know what he actually does What's suso done this week? If the answer is I don't know then you can't say "**** all" or he's not doing it right
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    Wishful thinking. Isn't the last one from Dawson's Creek?
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    Every window I think it'll be different, but every time the club is criticised for not getting in the best [insert position here] within a week for ££. Do you really think its that easy? Of course targets have been identified, but they all rely on agents, clubs, other players - the whole merry-go-round. We will do our business, but inevitably it is complicated. Having urgent needs makes it harder, not easier.
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