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    Lots of overreactions. They are flying and have torn better teams than us a new one this season already. If AEG scores instead of hitting the bar, if Engels was ready to come on for Mings for their first then maybe we go in to half time at least level. Not saying we deserved a point or anything but come on. We aren't shit, our objective this year is 17th or better. No need to panic, Smith is still great, we have some good players, we had a bad day then lost discipline and injury forced our hand on subs a bit but we aren't shit. We now have a run of games where we can get some points on the board. 7/8 points from the next 5 games will see us on course for our objectives with the option to get a striker in Jan.
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    Lost to the best team in the league at the moment, who just won their 8th straight game. We weren't very good ourselves but the impending meltdown is going to be too OTT.
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    Hey, well look as long as you will be ok for £200 a month, **** the rest of them. To be honest, anybody that can’t afford that is probably not worth keeping alive anyway. No brainer, that pretty much sums it up.
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    Sharp versus blunt. In general play, in the stuff that happens between the boxes, we matched them, we had plenty of the play and we created opportunities for things to happen in their box - they did the same to us - the difference tended to be that Leicester are a six foot hooded man with a straight razor in a badly lit alley and we're a four year old with a nerf gun at the wacky warehouse. They are clinical in finishing off attacks, they're quick, they're smart and they finish - they didn't misplace much in the final third and the whole team plays to make sure the strikers can score goals. For us, we're the opposite, we're good at getting to the opposition box, but from there things break down, we overplay, we get clogged up, we don't threaten, the whole team plays to make up for our lack of threat - for me, we matched Leicester outside of the final act of scoring goals - but it's the final act that counts and they were a class apart from us at doing it. In the first half we huffed and puffed and eventually got a goal we deserved through Grealish, I thought 2-1 was a reasonably fair reflection of things and I felt we were still in it - we opened the second half well and then after four minutes gave away a corner on the break and decided not to mark the most obvious threat that Leicester have from set pieces - game over on 49 minutes. It was the worst bit of defending I've seen at Villa Park for years - a corner floated over to the man everyone knew the corner would be aimed at and him allowed to head unchallenged and unmarked into our net. It finished things - sometimes even when the opposition have advantages, you still have to not beat yourself. I thought tactically our style suited them more than theirs suited us - we try to play with the ball and get high up the pitch, they break and murder you with pace - and whilst Jamie Vardy may be a truly repugnant piece of human filth, if you give him space to run into he'll score goals for fun. We gave him space all day. They're smart, they play with seven behind the ball then break with two very quick strikers and a clever attacking midfielder in Maddison and they're hard to stop without numbers staying back - it's a good system - most teams leave more men back, which is one of the reasons that they have such a good defensive record. They're hard to attack because you need to stay nervous about the counter and we attacked more than most teams will, largely because we have to attack twice as much as most teams do to score. Wesley, Wesley, Wesley. It's now been at least two whole games since I can recall our only passable striker having an effort on goal - that's not two games since he scored, that's two games since he tried to score. He works hard at times, he can be a nuisance to defenders - but he's not a goalscorer and he's not a goalscoring threat - and we desperately need someone who is. Kodjia was always selfish and unreliable, he's now also old and disinterested, Davis is injured - which means we either have to stick with Wesley for the next four or five games until we get to the window - or we have to find a system that doesn't need a striker - neither of those things sound like a good idea to me. It's a big problem. It was a strange game - I thought in some ways the 4-1 scoreline flattered them, but then it's also true that they could have scored another two or three quite easily - if we'd made anything of our huff and puff it could have been different - but we didn't and more worryingly perhaps we can't. Their fans were very good on a strangely quiet day at Villa Park - they were very respectful of the applause for Ron Saunders at the start of the game and earned the right to be annoying at the end, it's a great time for them and they're enjoying it. They're really well organised and whilst Brendan Rodgers is a weirdo who you wouldn't leave alone in your house, he's proving a very good football manager. Good luck to em. We got a bundle of things wrong, tactically and in our play and we were punished. On top of that we've further exposed a massive glaring weakness that we don't have the ability in our squad to address. It's been a difficult day. I don't think we need to panic, thankfully we're now through a very tough group of fixtures with a much friendlier looking set of games ahead of us; I still think we'll be fine this season. Leicester will make the Champions league on this showing, we'll stay up reasonably comfortably I think - but to make this game different next season we're going to need reinforcements at the business end, because today was pat-a-cake against a dagger.
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    I remember us being told on many occasions it's really hard to play against 10 men, so you'd think this chap would be a huge asset.
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    So you ignore the absolute miracle performed to get us up? If you're going on this. He got us promoted and has us sitting in our target place. Seriously what the **** else did you expect 12 months ago? Because if it was more than this then you must have been on crack.
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    I am totally devastated. I shed a few more than a tears when I heard this. We knew it was coming but it is still so hard to take. After the misery of the 60s, Ron lifted us up and made us a great club again. He, above any player renewed Villa as a force and was my all time hero. I had the great fortune of spending some time with him about 5/6 years ago. When I asked him what made the difference when he joined the club in the 70s, he simply said “the fans”.. I pressed him, saying surely it was the players he brought in or the work ethic he instilled etc etc . But he insisted saying “No, at the the time finding those who wanted to play was easy, but the fans were something else.” We talked later about the 2nd replay of the league cup final at Old Trafford v Everton with him saying something along lines of how important the fans were that night. You had to be there but he was right, we literally drove the players forward. So sad RIP Ron.
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    My Dad took a group of kids to BMH as they’d been invited to watch The Villa train. The security then wasn’t as it is now and so Dad just parked up the minibus and walked into the changing rooms looking for someone who might know they were coming. He immediately met Brian Little who was an absolute gentleman, knew Dad’s name and said he’d go and find the boss. My Dad thought Ron would say a quick hello and get someone to show them around, but that wasn’t the case at all. Ron was charming, made a big fuss of the kids and took them all out to the first team training pitch, stopped training and set up a match for the kids to watch. All the players were equally wonderful to the kids, everyone got autographs and had a kick around with the team. Dad was so impressed with Ron, the players and the whole club. We were both immensely proud of our football club. I apologise to anyone who has heard me tell this story before on here, but I thought it might be a fitting time to recount it again. Thank you from all of us Ron. Rest in peace boss, you were hard as nails but had a big heart and truly knew people, a man’s man.
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    You call getting us promoted against all odds sentimental value? He's not in the job because he's a Villa fan. He's in the job because he's the best manager we've had in a decade. Literally performed miracles to get us in this position. But I guess we should sack him and get in Sam Allardyce or something.
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    My hero. That "Want to bet against us?" moment, with the look on his face, still gives me goosebumps.
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    Liverpool FC informed by the FA that they won't be eligible to host any England matches if they don't allow The S*n back into the Anfield Press Area LFC informed the FA they didn't wish to be considered for any England games. Credit where credit is due
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    Multiple layers of sadness this evening. At his passing. Remembering how he made a team far better than any of us had a right to expect. Remembering how badly he was handled by the board leading to his totally unnecessary departure. At his illness in later life. The word “legend” is bandied about a lot on this site but Ron was the only one who really earned the title. A truly great man and manager. RIP Ron ”Do you want to bet against us?”
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    Christ the overreactions are incredible. Lets get some things straight: 1) We were playing the second best team in the country, and one of the most in form teams in Europe. They were always going to be better than us. 2) We've just come up from the Championship after a 3 year spell away from the PL. Games against the top 6 were always going to be hard and we came into the season expecting a few beatings. 3) Just because we spent some money over the Summer doesn't mean we have a fantastic team straight away. It's going to take a few seasons of fine tuning, players finding their feet, more signings, coaching etc before we really get the best out of the team. Some people are acting as though we should be beating teams like Utd, Chelsea, Leicester. Today we were poor, no doubt about it. But Leicester were really very good, probably the best side we've faced this season. At times we tried too hard to force openings, misplacing passes, taking too long on the ball. Grealish didn't have the best of games but he's being hindered by those around him. Defensively we were poor, however Vardy and Ineacheo were a real handful and we didn't deal with the long ball to them well enough; we were also massively hindered by the loss of Mings. McGinn desperately needs a rest. Wesley needs taking out of the firing line if all we are going to do is utilise him as a target man, which is not what he is; unfortunately I have no idea what he actually is. Smith however doesn't seem keen on giving Kodjia a run out. Games like these aren't the games that will define our season, it's the games coming up that are the important games and where we must pick up points and performances. We move on after being taught a footballing lesson, the same lesson that many teams in this league will face from Leicester this season. Sheffield United next week and the battle to stay in this league begins.
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    I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it. Tories are scum, and if you vote for them next week, this is the kind of shit you're complicit in. Tax cuts for the rich while this is happening in our hospitals. Proud of yourselves?
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    We play long balls to Wes but he’s terrible at bringing the ball down, laying it off or even muscling out his marker. Then when we break we overplay the ball and swing in a cross to who? Leicester looked dangerous every time they went forward and it could have been 1-7. Great day at Villa Park with my daughter regardless of the result. UTV
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    I dont understand people who dont understand that we just got through our worse part of the season (game wise). 1.Few games we can climb up masively. 2.Look at our next oponents !!!
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    Indeed. We were very poor today, but the problem is that those who have been hoping we’d play like a Top Half side have slated decent performances, which leaves them nowhere to go with a poor performance except into utter despondency. We were very poor. It happens. The result in itself is neither here nor there, the performance does matter and needs to be improved upon, which I’ve no doubt it will. The real important games begin now and for 8 of the next 9 League games. We need 4 Wins from those. I don’t think that is beyond us.
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    Praying ref shows Wesley a 2nd yellow at this point to suspend him for next game
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    Make a change Deano you doughnut ffs.
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    Blew the half time whistle just as Wes was going to dribble 20 yards and beat the keeper. **** refs.
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    No no, great cross from him for the goal. I'm more worried about you being happy.
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    Such sad news. He did so much for our football club and we will forever be in his debt. I said we should have named a stand after him some years ago, we certainly should now. My thoughts are with his family. HEITS.
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    As you grow older, you notice that some things become "your" things. And they are often from the same era. Like, for me, the '82 Spain WC is the one and only WC. In the same way, for me, Ron Saunders is the one and only Manager of Aston Villa. As a foreigner living far away from Villa Park, I firmly believe that without Ron and his achievements I would not be a Villa fan today. For that, my forever thanks and respect to Ron. May You Rest in Peace, My Manager.
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    Its really upset me too.....I often refer to him and what he did, because i believe, he got it right.....he knew the balance, he knew the square pegs and square holes....He knew how to attack and defend, when necessary....never sacrificed one for the other. Work rate was his Mantra.....no one has come up with a substitute for it yet.....He was so aware of how to win. He didn't suffer fools gladly, but defended his players fiercely if they deserved to be defended. I met him twice and shook his hand, proud to have done that. 110% Great man. Ps if we emulate any of his teachings tomorrow, they will know they have been in a game.
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    Your health and wellbeing is provided for by the NHS. This is how you came into the world safely, how you were protected against childhood illnesses, how your employer can maintain a workforce without paying daft sums to rentiers. If you prefer a system that leaves many people uninsured and dying on the street, or committing suicide because they can't afford the drugs and can't stand the pain, or don't want to impoverish their surviving relatives through the cost of caring for them (as happened before the NHS), that's pretty sick. The irony is of course, that your preferred solution is still insurance. Only, except it being national insurance, that looks after all of us, it's insurance for those that can afford it, and everyone else can go sit and spin. You clearly have a bigger income than most people. Instead of being grateful for the life chances that brought that happenstance upon you, you would argue that poorer people should die in pain to satisfy your ideology, or perhaps your wish to revel in your advantages. The good news is that the NHS, if properly funded, can deal with all kinds of sickness, perhaps even yours. If they can fit you in, you won't have to pay.
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    Well, we'll see about that piss poo piss man!
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    Guilbert is a better player than Elmo, but I think we want DS to rotate the squad, and Elmo is probably one of our better backup players. After the Chelsea game, you could argue he deserved to start again. It was a marginal call really. Is it Hourihane plays at home we all agreed, or Hourihane plays against weaker opposition? My sense is that Hourihane has been earmarked for the weaker teams who give us a bit more time and space (and more set piece opportunities). I think Conor would have really struggled today against Leicester - they were so compact and they were pressing and hustling at a pace none of our players (including Jack) could really handle. If your account is correct, that is a huge **** up. But the story Smith told was that Mings wasn't sure if it was cramp or a pull, so was given a chance to run it off. Can anyone clarify? I'm 100% in agreement with @terrytini on the Smith situation. We have to give him time, especially as he has achieved roughly what we hoped he would achieve at the start of the season. And he has reliably delivered in the "must win" games.
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    We still do to be honest. Everyone 8th down are in the same fight imo. We've just went through the worst run of fixtures of any team in the league and we're somehow still not in the relegation zone. That's heartening. I just hope heads haven't gone down.
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    It's not just about this match. 1) Wes is getting poorer and never gets subbed since Davis was injured 2) McGinn has been ineffective for months now 3) Even Mings has been making more and more bad mistakes 4) The non stop merry go around of who plays out of Connor, Luiz, Wes, El Ghazi and Nakamba has got out of hand. How can these players learn how to play together when they never know who out of them will start? 5) We have one formation and one set of tactics if it doesn't work in a match it's game over 6) Love him or hate him, Kodjia can't do any worse can he? Even if he isn't the magic answer we all need Playing Elmo today for Guilbert was also baffling.
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    This is just ridiculous.
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    Just a prediction but I think On Topic is going to piss me off.
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    Haven't really paid attention to the game or score, but let me guess: 1) blah blah we are sh*t terrible relegated waaah (playing against the current second best side in the UK) 2) Wesley is to blame, sub him he's rubbish OMG. 3) our midfield is terrible ( because it is struggling against one of the best mids in the league) 4) the end is nigh here come the horsemen of the apocalypse.
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    Still don't see Wesley getting involved. Bring on Trezeguet for him and push AEG in to the middle.
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    A few observations. (1) If Joshua vs Ruiz 1 was akin to Tyson vs Douglas, then the rematch was akin to Douglas vs Holyfield. In that fight Douglas came in 15lbs-20lbs overweight and looked awful. In last nights fight Ruiz was overweight by a similar amount and it really killed him. Joshua coming in lighter and deploying a back foot strategy meant that an already heavy, flat footed guy in Ruiz had to move more with even more weight on him. It was stupid, he looked like he trained in Taco Bell for the fight and to hear him after the fight as he was too heavy just shows he didn't live and train seriously enough after winning the titles, very disappointing. (2) Joshua was very Klitschko-esque (Wladimir that is). More than ever he boxed tall, using his height and length, used his footwork well, rarely engaged and won the fight with his jab and throwing in the right hand and left hook behind it at the right times. Ruiz struggled to get in on him. Very much a Wladimir style. (3) Like Wladimir though he looked very vulnerable when his opponent got inside. Ruiz landed some very good shots, but not often enough, I gave Ruiz 3 rounds. When Ruiz did land Joshua looked hurt, his legs would dip and he'd look confused and anxious. Wlad would often look like this whenever he'd get tagged. (4) Ultimately this new weight and style is what Joshua should be doing to be successful, he's optimising his height and arm length. It will be boring, he will be knocking people out less, but it keeps a fighter with clear gifts, but also clear vulnerabilities, in the right equilibrium.
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    When you're a responsible grown up with kids of your own it'll all make sense.
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    So they lose...Maguire, Kante, Drinkwater, Mahrez.....all top profile players. and still build a side like that...with a manager , not being there long. I think their recruitment, and coaching staff.....needs a pat on the back.
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    Just thought I would drop in to say I dont much like Vardy. What an insufferable ass.
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    Listen, our schedule was atrocious. Short week with ManU-Chelsea-Leicester is a tall order for a young team. We were competitive today but we could have done better in all three phases and that has to leave us fans a bit optimistic that even small improvements can go a long way in improving our results. We are a decent team that definitely has potential but we lack composure and that will come with time. I think targeting a veteran in midfield this window, maybe on loan, would go a long way. Also, Heaton is such a good GK.
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    Yeah and in 12 months he took us from mid table in the championship to playoff winners and promotion, so not a bad 12 months.
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    See, you’re wrong. And this is an argument that has yet again crept into the debate because we’ve all forgotten what a decent striker should do (hopefully Vardy has shown some on here what a decent striker is like). Wesley shouldn’t be a back up to anyone in this squad. He simply isn’t good enough. He wouldn’t have been good enough to be a back up striker to Abraham last season. He’s not good enough full stop. In any sense of the word.
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    Just short of halfway through the season and this post is aging reasonably well.
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    Fred on Should never have been left out
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    Management's fault. Down to Smith.
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    I genuinely don't get it. Look IMO he hasn't been good enough for a while and has drifted away from the initial promise he showed in his first 8-9 games and I really do have massive concerns about his capability to actually lead the line and do the things a striker should do. But it's as though people just want him to fail here, I really don't get the nastiness and determination in the criticism some on here dish out. I really want him to push on from the clear promise he has shown at times, I really want him to be a success here over the long term.
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    A wonderful video. Very sad news, RIP Ron.
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    He was before my time but any Villa fan worth their salt must know about what he achieved at Villa. Promotion and a league cup in his first season. Nearly 60,000 locked in at Villa Park v Sunderland. Villa 5-1 Liverpool. 'Devastation pure and simple' Managing one of the most widely regarded entertaining Villa sides since the war to a 4th place and a league cup win. The epic three game final v Everton. Rebuilding the team to get Villa's first league title in now over a 100 year spell. As the official history of Villa old VHS video said- 'Withe and Shaw went together like bacon and eggs- and together they sizzled' Having over 15,000 Villa fans at Highbury to win the league. Only using 14 players in one season which will never happened again. A testament to the high fitness level he preached. Ron Saunders was a tough old school manager but the regard that most of his former players had to him says it all. Brian Little still referred to him as 'Mr Saunders' even now. He helped drag Villa from the Victorian era kicking and screaming to the highest summit of English football and laid the foundations for our greatest night in history. It was a shame that he was not fully appreciated at Villa Park after his sudden departure in 82. A combination of his dislike of Ellis and general disillusionment of the game met he rarely came back to Villa Park. It is now surely time to fully show our gratitude to Ron Saunders at Villa Park in the future redevelopment plans. RIP Ron Sanders. A true giant of Aston Villa FC.
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