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    Good on you Deano.
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    Last time Grealish came back from injury we went on a 10 game unbeaten run.. right? 1 down..... 9 to go
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    We doing poop stories, cos I have a cracker. Some of you may question why I share this so readily, given the embarassement factor but it's just one of those stories where it'd be selfish to keep it to yourself only. So I met a girl (not gonna lie, on Tinder) back in 2015, think it was around June time we started meeting up and dating. Anyway, got quite serious quite quickly and perhaps 3 or 4 months later I think it was, we were invited to her family's annual get together at a relatively posh Italian place in Newton-le-Willows (posh for me anyway, considering my background). So I figured ya know, be like close family, usual kind of shit.........we arrived and there was about 40 of them there, cousins, second cousins, old neighbours......a lot of people. I get a little bit uncomfortable in these kind of situations anyway so it was already a stressful kind of evening but it was okay, we started the meal, all was good, smashed through two courses and had a couple of beers and a glass of wine or two. Everything was going swimmingly, chatting away with her Mum and Dad who we were sat next to and who I'd met a few times already, hadn't met anyone else though really before. So after the main meal, I needed a slash, headed off to the toilet which was right on the opposite side of this fairly large restaurant, we were positioned about as far away from the toilets as possible anyway. So off I go - now I have to add at this stage, I felt absolutely fine, in fact after a few drinks I felt better than fine. So I go to the toilet, walk in and there's a few little kids messing about but they quickly exited leaving me alone, toilets were quite small, couple of urinals and one cubicle. So I start pissing in one of the urinals and halfway through, as often happens I needed to fart, so fart I did - and to this day, it will haunt me as one of my worst ever decisions. From nowhere came an avalanche of diarrhoea, it was horrendous, right down my legs - the works. I actually laughed initially but then after a second or two the realisation set in. I hopped into the cubicle quickly to assess the situation and it was about as bad as you can picture. I was wearing jeans (my favourite jeans) and they were caked in it, my pants were obviously a write off but there wasn't even a bin in there so I had to just roll them up and 'hide' them behind the toilet (they weren't hidden whatsoever). I realised I didn't have my phone with me, absolute panic stations. In the end I just had to wipe up what I could, put my jeans back on and then had to walk across the breadth of the restaurant to get back to my girlfriend, pulling my shirt down over the back of my jeans in some attempt to hide the carnage (oh and by the way, the restaurant was packed). Told her I had a problem and we had to go outside, explained the situation and showed her the damage. We talked for a while about what to do, before settling on my having had a crazy bad migraine from nowhere an needed to leave, which we did, me remaining outside whilst waiting for a taxi. I then had to hover over the seat in the taxi as best possible, all the while trying me best not to have a total breakdown. To compound it all, when we got back to her house, I cried. She's still with me to this day believe it or not. ***apologies if I've shared this previously on here***
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    Yes. I hope they would and think that they probably would have done, too. And if the Labour leader were the current PM and had been making similar noises to the Tory party yesterday (comments about C4 licence and so on) then we'd have been hearing about the second coming of Stalin.
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    Yes I think they would. There is a bigger issue here really. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister. He should be leading by example. Last nights debate was the biggest issue facing our country, although I know a lot of people have been brainwashed into thinking Brexit is all that matters. Why wouldn't he want to debate that. Put across his vision for the future and how under his government will tackle such a serious issue. Any leader worth his salt should want to. I have read the bollocks defending him about wanting to hide from being scrutinised and the election is his to lose. FFS are people really going to vote for a man that is scared to face the public or be grilled by certain people for fear of not being able to stand up to that scrutiny. Is that how low a bar we are setting for the person who is going to lead us into our most important period as a country for donkeys years. I don't get it I really don't. The man is not fit to lead a pub darts team let alone a country. He has one policy he wants to focus on which is Brexit and then gives no substance and comes out with phrases like oven ready Brexit vote Tory and on 31st January you will get that ping on the microwave and Brexit is done. It is absolute tripe he is spouting as Brexit will be nowhere near done and the only way we get out within the next year is on a catastrophic no deal. The man is a pathological liar who refuses to be scrutinised and millions of people in this country are going to vote for him to become PM. I despair I really do.
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    Have to say, trust issues aside, he is doing a fantastic job. From the day he came in really. Didn't we sign Jack to a new contract on his first day or something? Appointed Suso and Smith. Suso has been astonishing too. From Mings right through to Konsa, Nakamba, Luiz. Getting it done. We're on to a good thing here.
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    Went to the U23 game this evening and I've got to say I like the new facility - there's a grandstand, a two storey building for dressing rooms and erm stuff for the U23's, a floodlit pitch, all the right technical stuff they need and even a kiosk; wi' cheps. New Bodymoor Heath feels enormous - the drive from the main road to the academy gates gives a real impression of the size of the place - it's huge! Anyway - that's badly described - have some photos instead:
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    You know Gove was never invited and Johnson turned down the invitation? Johnson is running scared of any public TV appearance where he may look an idiot, it's not an isolated incident, he also has a history of avoiding Channel 4 because he fears they will scrutinise what he says and not let him get away with his bullshit as much as other more fawning channels. I think they were perfectly justified in doing what they did.
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    Has anybody who ever said 'I don't have to justify myself to you' ever been anything other than utterly wrong about what they'd done?
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    Aston Villa Football Club won 10 games in a row. That in itself is a miracle.
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    Bosnich will always be king of the white line for me.
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    I am in awe of the members of the public who risked their lives to save others. They truly are amazing. I would like to say I would do the same thing. I've always said that to myself. I'm not sure in the moment whether I would.
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    Somebody contacted me on social media and said they had received 2 'b' envelopes, so he just arrived at my door to do a swap. Social media with something positive
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    Saw the video too, good to see this word removed getting lit up.
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    I'd disagree with you here and I think it's where a lot of people mis-label Grealish. He's a very good player in the opponents final third, he's got quick feet and he can go by a man - but his real strength is in transition. He's a perfect transition midfielder and it's one of the rarest things in the game. For me Jack's number one strength is his ability to pick a ball up ten yards outside his own box and turn that situation into one where the ball is very quickly moved to the opponents box. He can run it the length of the field between boxes and he can create one-two's that get it there and he can draw in a midfield and pass beyond them - there aren't many players in the game that can do all of those things. If you look at good teams, this is very often the thing they miss. It's exactly what the England national team hasn't got - we have players who can do great things once they're in the final third - Sterling and Rashford out wide, Maddison in the middle - but getting the ball from the back line to them is difficult - Grealish can do that. He can do a lot of other things besides that, but doing that is in my opinion his greatest strength. When Mourinho took over at Chelsea he talked constantly about the transition from back to front and how it was the most important thing in the game, Guardiola always says that his job as a coach is to get his talented players on the ball in space around the opponents box and that it's then up to them from there - he works an awful lot on transitions. Grealish gives us the ability to turn defence into attack better than most in this division - Klopp does it with full backs getting into the spaces his forwards make - we do it down the middle. His ability to be more than one type of midfielder means he's still able to do a lot of that from a wide position - he's a very versatile footballer - like you, I'd agree that from a wide position he can worry less about responsibilities elsewhere and concentrate on his strengths - I think the position suits him, but I think he can play both wide or through the middle without any difficulty.
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    Stay up or get relegated he's the man for many years to come and I bloody love it.
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    It basically takes major moments in her reign that she was involved in and dramatises them as part of a wider plot or theme - so the first 2 series basically dealt with her early reign and the political crises of that time against a backdrop of Prince Philip being a clearing in the woods.
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    There are only 2 teams in this league that really 'scare' me on any given day, but I still fancied us to have a go at Man City and Liverpool. Which we did. And Spurs. And Arsenal. And United, Chelsea and Leicester I expect and I'm also sure the results will come. I think you can say Deano is doing OK in the Premier League, yeah. Like a duck to water.
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    Have a feeling he'll score against United.
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    I loved MON but I love dean smith more. I'd happily let him take us down, I think hes done more to bridge the connection between the fans and the club than any other manager and he cares about the club.
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    In terms of thinking long term definitely. MON left us needed too much of a rebuild.
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    Great news. No other team, in the top 2 divisions, has improved as much as we have over the last 12 months under Dean's leadership. Must be pretty devastating for our rival fans to see us turn from a floundering error prone basket case into a team that produces exciting football with a team of young players who's room for improvement is vast . Thanks Mr Smith, you have stirred a giant .
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    To me that would be a sentence handed down by a judge
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    It's all a massive bunch of bullshit. His dad's as much a tw@t as he is. His whole going on Celebrity Jungle thing and then coming out saying he was actually a 'remainer' but that they all still get along because that's what families do - I think it's all total manufactured crap to paint Boris in a better light. I'll bet Stanley is as fervent a 'leaver' as Farage and I'll bet he had to work so, so hard to come across as anything but that in the Jungle. I'm just losing the will on this entirely now, it just feels like you're swimming against an inevitable and unstoppable tide of shit.
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    Yet more evidence of the contempt Marr is held in by his colleagues . . . 'not being allowed to go on his show' is here being used as a punishment.
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    If a programme notes that someone has not turned up and doesn't empty-chair them, that is tantamount to accepting the position and moving on. The point of empty-chairing is to give a constant visual reminder that there was a legitimate expectation that someone would be there, and they have chosen not to be. That's why they don't like being empty-chaired. Which in turn is why it's worth doing it, for something like a leaders' debate.
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    You mean the same position he played the whole of last season? I know it's a step up in level, but it's not like this was some magical new role that Jack was given at the start of the season. I don't think Jack moving out wide was a reflection on his performances, but more to do with shoehorning Hourihane (or Douglas + Nakamba) into the team. And if you watch them play together, there's quite a lot of interchange, Conor sometimes taking up the wide position, and Jack still doing a lot of the same defensive work in the channel that he was doing before. The point is that Jack really didn't have a "poor" start to the season. He made a couple of defensive mistakes which stick out, but he was mostly very good. I think if the Palace goal had stood, the narrative would be quite different. And bear in mind you were talking about dropping him from the starting 11 and selling him, and calling anyone who disagreed the butt hurt Grealish fan club. Slightly revisionist history you've cooked up recently about you recognising Jack's tactical weaknesses in the centre mid role.
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    On the February 22nd we were on forty-four points, nine points off the play-offs and Bristol City who were in sixth place on fifty-three points had two games in hand, Middlesbrough who were in fifth also had a game in hand. We then went on a ten game winning run to not only qualify for the play-offs but also keep the momentum to actually win them, I'd find it hard to disagree with anyone who'd call that miraculous. Also if wasn't for the injuries to Grealish and Tuanzebe I think we would have finished second in the league, our form since Smith came in was better than Leeds and as good as Sheffield Uniteds.
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    Fact of the matter if we end up coming 15th then that is job done.
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    When I was queuing to enter the stadium on Monday night I was stood behind some little kid. To my horror they let this kid in without searching her! Whilst they frisked me up and down quite vigorously. Due to the recent events at star city shouldn't the kids be searched as well? She could have concealed weapons or flares in that frozen backpack. I was on edge all night knowing there were kids in the stadium.
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    He doesn't know more than me. Guy in c6 trinity lower 3 rows from the pitch taught me all I know. "Forward. Go Forwards" Not everyone can take in that kind of tactical knowledge.
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    It's also important that fans have realistic expectations. We came up through the playoffs as the #5 team in the Championship. Develop a progressive style of football and stay up. That's it. Anything else is a bonus.
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    Purslow is so switched on. Really knows how to handle the media, lets the players and coaches take credit for the performances on the pitch, but he has been a massive factor in our resurgence.
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    I think all of that is true, but I don't think it'll happen. I think the ambition, the know how and the investment is in place - if it doesn't work out, then he'll need to leave, but I genuinely believe we're at the start of a really interesting period for the club and that Jack will be more than willing to see how that pans out.
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    I see Boris has got a Christmas tree up outside #10. It’s only November still, what a word removed.
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    Well deserved. Stability and everyone pulling in the same direction is brilliant.
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    But he had 1 centre back for nearly 3 months, best goalkeeper was on loan. We started 3 right backs, a crippled Chester and Nyland in vs Leeds Was a bloody miracle
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    Red Cafe know what they’re on about.
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    Tory snowflakes massively triggered by Channel 4. It's a leaders debate ffs. If you can't produce your leader than you should be expect to be empty-chaired.
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    Did you know that if you have a jacket potato with chilli con carne for lunch and then get home and find your wife has made enchiladas, you can’t get off the toilet the following morning?
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    Because he has a bum knee, has scored 4 in 58 and is on £120k/w at palace.
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    Just thank god he is a massive Villa fan. Any one else would have gone when we were relegated, or been picked up by a top flight team in our Championship struggles or would be imminently baling out in January for a top club. We are so lucky to enjoy watching this mercurial talent play for our club. It's a true privilege.
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    It's not just wanting to play for the club, its having footballers who appear to actually want to play football. You can picture the likes of Guilbert, McGinn, Grealish, Nakamba, Targett etc all wanting to go and play football in a park, if they had a spare hour. The guys you mention, and the likes of Gabby towards the end seemed to find football more of a chore, or even a hassle at times.
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