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    Last time Grealish came back from injury we went on a 10 game unbeaten run.. right? 1 down..... 9 to go
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    Went to the U23 game this evening and I've got to say I like the new facility - there's a grandstand, a two storey building for dressing rooms and erm stuff for the U23's, a floodlit pitch, all the right technical stuff they need and even a kiosk; wi' cheps. New Bodymoor Heath feels enormous - the drive from the main road to the academy gates gives a real impression of the size of the place - it's huge! Anyway - that's badly described - have some photos instead:
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    Aston Villa Football Club won 10 games in a row. That in itself is a miracle.
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    Somebody contacted me on social media and said they had received 2 'b' envelopes, so he just arrived at my door to do a swap. Social media with something positive
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    Great news. No other team, in the top 2 divisions, has improved as much as we have over the last 12 months under Dean's leadership. Must be pretty devastating for our rival fans to see us turn from a floundering error prone basket case into a team that produces exciting football with a team of young players who's room for improvement is vast . Thanks Mr Smith, you have stirred a giant .
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    If a programme notes that someone has not turned up and doesn't empty-chair them, that is tantamount to accepting the position and moving on. The point of empty-chairing is to give a constant visual reminder that there was a legitimate expectation that someone would be there, and they have chosen not to be. That's why they don't like being empty-chaired. Which in turn is why it's worth doing it, for something like a leaders' debate.
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    MON was just a poor man's Mourinho.
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    Well deserved. Stability and everyone pulling in the same direction is brilliant.
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    Twisting yourself into a right mess here guv. He didn't have a poor start and remains our best player when he plays centre mid. Opposition fans said he was bad did they? The ones who still wet their pants every time his name is mentioned that he dives and isn't as good as Maddison or various Leeds players. Wouldn't use them as a reference point.
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    I think the game on Monday and in particular, the clean sheet will give the lads a lot of confidence. Consistently losing leads and subsequently matches must take a toll and we just need to learn how to win, how to close games out. Hopefully Monday gave the side a foundation to build on for achieving that.
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    True. Untill things go wrong. Then you can hear a lot about how bad the squad was trained/unbalanced etc, etc, by the former manager. But in this case I think Smith is genuine in his praise. He seems genuine. I'm neither pro nor against Bruce. He was here, did a decent job but failed in doing what we wanted him to do. And I doubt we'd be promoted today of we'd kept him. But he was not a catastrophy either, IMO.
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    Its rude to even contemplate it.
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    Said it before. But smith getting promoted and performing an absolute miracle, has helped the memory of Bruce. Without that miracle we would be in the championship, watching Grealish, McGinn and Mings in another teams colours. God knows the state our squad would be in with regards FFP and I'd imagine we wouldn't be challenging. We'd then all be aware that Bruce had **** us big time by being in charge for 2 years and causing terrible long term damage But we got the right man, we performed a miracle and we are where we are. So looking back some see Bruce as not that bad, but for me he was an utter disaster.
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    SGC - I have a feeling that anything that carries the Premier League badge can't go on youtube because of licensing issues - I went, we won six nil, it was freezing. I'll add a bit more when I've regained the feeling in my feet.
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    Gazza,.... Smith isn't going sign Benteke. Trust me on that one, although 5 years ago he had the talent.. but now in 2019 he hasn't the correct attitude/personality for one and is absolutely lazy! He certainly isn't a Smith type of player to sign! Also Benteke is on £120k a week now!! It ain't going to happen mate!! Zero chance..
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    Great news. I love the way he likes us to play and his commitment to getting better all the time. An attacking manager who likes to gamble for wins rather than play safe to not lose. Definitely my cup of tea.
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    The timing of these posts filled me with great joy....
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    If he had better distribution, he would be incredible. Even just throwing it out quicker to get us moving faster would put him in the top 5 keepers in the league imo.
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    What about in 12/13? Smith would get him back to that form in my opinion
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    If we get relegated, he’s the man to get us promoted again. If we don’t, he’s also the man to push us on to the next level. Good move by the club after years of bad decisions in terms of hiring managers and the extending the contract of those clearly not cut out for the job.
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    It's a matter of perspective, isn't it. Obviously if you had a spare £2.5m, you wouldn't be giving away life-changing sums of money, but if you gave away £5k a pop, which is still nice sum of money for doing absolutely nothing whatsoever, you could give that 20 times and that would only be £100k.
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    If you cant retire early and look after immediate family with 2 million or more then you are a **** idiot. Of course you arent going to live like a celebrity but neither are you going to ever worry about OVO Energy sending the bailiffs around over an unpaid heating bill.
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    How many votes does Sol Campbell have?
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    Didn't mind these so much cos the Berol felt tips you got with them lasted ages
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    Not the first time he couldn't see a receiver. I'm so sorry.
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    His core voters are on the whole climate emergency sceptical
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    Listening to Johnson on Nick Ferrari. In a nutshell: Won't release Russian report into interference in our politics even though 'there's nothing there' Won't go on Neil because 'I want to talk about my policies and not the media' Says that people are misquoting him on his words about kids from single mothers. Even directly to a single mother who called him out for it. How can anyone listen to this empty shell and think 'yep he's our PM'. We are ****.
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    Best Australian Album Ever. Tame Impala / Cybotron / Kanguru / Russell Morris and a bunch of others, absolute goldmine of slightly obscure loveliness. But then it has the words Amorphous Androgynous on the cover, and that's just a stamp of guaranteed quality.
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    I think we should attack them to be honest. We can score, not sure we can keep a clean sheet. I can see Marvelous coming in for either Luiz or McGinn. It'll be noticeable how good McGinn is once he's out the side I reckon. A fired up John McGinn coming on at 65 mins when it's 1-1 would be a delight to behold.
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    If he's on the bench he's fit. Could well not play for us again and imagine he'll get released in the summer as I assume his contract will be up then. Edit: Maybe could even leave as soon as Jan as guess he might still want to get into Welsh squad for euro 2020.
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    Its friggin winter here dude, he's more likely to die than get fit
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    Has there ever been an example where a manager when asked a direct question about his predecessor by a journalist has answered anything except polite platitudes? I'm sure there has been but 99 times out of 100 it's nice guy, difficult situation, best of luck and so on.
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    Well the irishman is...... Long & feels long...... Good but was ready for it to be done 2 hours in. De Niro's eyes are quite distracting all the way through.
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    I think it's a subconscious reaction to being called a virgin by somebody in this thread because I played WoW ages ago. I can't just say I've just got my leg over in case they don't believe me, I've got to prove it by having a pregnant lady on my arm. Bloody expensive game, I tells ya.
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    I think that was his best game for us, much better when he drifts inside same as Jack on the left. It leaves room for Guilbert to work the wing. He's missed a few sitters now If he could just start finishing a bit more consistently he really could be top draw. .
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    Ha Ha.....spot on Mount and Maddison are fine players.....I think where Southgate is wrong is Jack offers something slightly different to them.imo...They are more direct granted, but if jack played in a team with their players at their clubs he would score more too. Jack has to be chief cook and bottle washer....He has to do the lot with us. I have rarely seen a player with such a deft weighted delivery or pass and his ability to go past players is absolute class......ironically, I actually think he is a lot better than what a lot of folk think he is. Jamie Carragher is certainly a convert to join the Illustrious list of Merson and Sherwood. He is special, alright.
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    It was the best game ever back in the day. Every time I resub I end up getting Mrs Nayson pregnant, and if that happens again we've got to move to a bigger house and I can't afford that right now.
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    Suarez and Sterling didn't give a shit about Liverplop tbf.
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    If I was to win a huge amount of money like that coupe who won £109m, I simply don't know what I would do. I'd obviously leave my current job but i'd need to do something as i'd be dead in 6 months if I didn't have a purpose! I guess travelling would be a start but i'd probably end up buying a pub or hotel and run that. When I say run it, I mean employ a top team to manage it and i'll waft around the place pretending to make a difference!
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    Jack said in his post match interview yesterday, that this week in training was the BEST he had ever seen El Ghazi, signs are good!
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    I’m running out of superlatives. The stats speak for themselves. Its getting to the point where he’s not just our best player by a country mile but one of the best players in the league. The lad has enough ability and skill to go on and become one of the best players in the world. I just don’t know of many other players that can do what he does. Why does time stand still when he has the ball at his feet? Why are there 4 opposition defenders around him but they can’t get the ball? Why is every single pass so beautifully weighted and nothing is ever over/under hit? The kid is dynamite. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed watching a player at Villa park as much as I have done watching Jack.
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    Omg Bruce has questioned whether it was a foul on Jack! Come on Steve you can do better than that.
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    Knew it was ours when andy Carrol came on
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