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    He says whatever he needs to say to win an election. Once he’s elected again nothing can be done about it.
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    VT must be a blessing for you. A way to communicate with outsiders.
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    91!! What a fantastic age! Enjoy the match mate and more so enjoy her company - I lost my mum last year and I would give anything to see her this Sunday.... Just not whilst the match is on
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    That's OK our record in the last 20 mins of games is pretty solid this year.
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    A useful (and still updating) thread reminding us of the human cost of the 'hostile environment' policy:
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    Really has cemented his place in the team for me, love his style of play.
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    "Has managed to get 5 grapes stuck under his f%£^$£"^ while playing hide the fruit bowl at a church meet".
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    Probably my first, last and only post in this thread. If it wasn't for a few Friday Guinness, I wouldn't have dived into any dreaded politics at all. I personally don't care how anyone voted in the referendum. My own family was split. All of us rational, intelligent, well-meaning people. I have long since stepped away from the whole thing on account of the venom, labels and stereotypes from the chaos-mongers in the media. There are successful European nations inside the EU, and successful European nations outside the EU. Both possible results were perfectly reasonable outcomes for the 650 public servants (MPs) at Westminster to implement, in conjunction with fellow professional people in Brussels (rather than everyone on all sides regressing to the playground sandpit). I highlight your point, @NurembergVillan, only to make the minor observation that the campaign to leave the EU championed a reconnection with the 2.5bn, largely non-white, members of the Commonwealth – over what was viewed / portrayed as protectionist EU policies – and an immigration system that would put EU and Commonwealth citizens (of all colours) on a level playing field. I think that point is sometimes in danger of slipping down the Orwellian memory hole, so I mention it here and tiptoe away, back to my preferred position of non-combatant in this. Peace, love and respect to all of you. I hope everyone can play nicely. Back to the Guinness...
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    So now it appears Ukraine president Zelensky was all set to go on CNN announce the investigation of Biden until Congress stepped in to get the aid release a couple of days before he was scheduled, and then he promptly cancelled the appearance. Wonder how the White House and GOP will spin this development and where the goalposts will move to. 1. It was a normal, perfect call with nothing inappropriate being said. Decision to withhold aid was to apply pressure to end corruption. --> Transcript is released 2. Nothing wrong with asking for a favor amid general pressure to address corruption, and there was no quid pro quo. --> Texts between ambassadors released 3. Ambassador incorrectly interpreted it as a quid pro quo when President and Sondland had explicitly said it's not. --> Testimony by several officials reveal aid was being withheld pending announcement of investigation. 4. It can't have been a quid pro quo because Ukraine didn't know that aid was being withheld until they agreed to open an investigation. --> Testimony reveals Ukraine were told specifically what they had to do to get the aid. 5. It may have been a quid pro quo, but it's not a crime and doesn't rise to the level of the "high crimes and misdemeanors" mentioned in the constitution. Besides, it wasn't really a quid pro quo because Ukraine never agreed to do what Trump asked and the aid was released anyway. Trump should be praised for releasing the aid. --> It's revealed Zelensky was scheduled to go on CNN and do exactly what Trump had demanded. 6.???? My guess: Zelensky's planned appearance on CNN was because part of his platform in running for President was to clean up corruption and this investigation was a logical follow on to that and had nothing to do with any pressure from Trump and his team. You'll have to ask Mr. Zelensky why he cancelled the apprearance.
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    Used to have the best log flume ride ever..........
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    He was sent home as he had the flu & the concern was other players getting sick. Nothing says you can't go to the casino when you are under the weather. Was it the best move after being sent home ? Probably not but really not shameful.
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    That'll probably be him out until March then.
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    Without wanting to speak for Tony, I expect he's not "putting his trust" in a click poll on the Surrey Online website, merely sharing some anecdotal information. Does it tell us anything? Yes, it answers the valuable question of which party's voters are most likely to respond to an online poll if they happen to be looking at, or are directed to the Surrey Online website. Does that information have the same value as a sample group of 10,000 people across the country where you have tracked that group's voting intentions and record across all local, European and General Elections for the last five years and how that has changed over time? No. Think of it like a transfer rumour- what is the source, what is their methodology and what is their track record for accuracy. Then decide whether it's useful information or not.
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    Anyone else think kingman is a sky shareholder or related to Rupert?
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    But also less pressure in gambling by buying unknown talents. You'd imagine we won't have gone to get McGinn if we were in the PL.
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    I think he is gradually settling and getting better, not just because of his goal, but that will help......just settling in, getting used to the surroundings and feeling part of it all
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    There is more time and less pressure to develop in the championship.
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    It’s harsh on Grealish but I think when an international manager knows certain players and they are doing well for their teams. It’s hard to drop any of them. Plus it’s too soon after his injury so better for Villa that he will be fresh for Newcastle. Jack continues to work hard for us he will be called up eventually.
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    Obviously drunk Prime Minister incoherently contradicts what the official Government documents say about his own DWA. It's impressive just how bad he is at all this.
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    Southgate is the sort of nob that thinks he knows more than anyone now he is in the England job. The reality of the situation though is that he got the position by default. He gave good head at a time when the FA wanted an Englishman in charge and only the dinosaurs were willing to take the job. He was the typical passive nice guy coach the FA always hire given the opportunity. Not anywhere near the likes of Howe, Smith and Wilder. He is and is proving to be without doubt just another wankstain excuse for a manager. Championship level at best.
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    I have always had a sweet spot for Southgate, despite leaving us for Middlesbrough. But now he must have gone mad. He says he sees Jack as a winger, and then says he is behind Hudson-Odoi, who has 2 starts in the league this season. Madness.
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    I've just come back from an opportunity to demo a new augmented reality technology that's being developed primarily for use in surgery. The glasses allow you to visualize a 3D raw dataset of a CT scan floating in front of you (a skull in my case) while still seeing the real world. Your physical position determines the cut plane of the CT slice, so if you move or lean forward it's as though you are gradually slicing further into the skull, seeing sinuses, eye orbits, etc. appear and vanish as you progress. You can also reach out and grab the object and move it and rotate it, seeing slices from different angles as you do, and move it toward you or away instead of moving yourself toward it to change the cut plane. If you see a slice you want to keep available, you say, "slice" and you can look up and see standard CT slice images from that exact point in the 3 orthogonal planes and they'll stay there as you continue to manipulate the object. A surgeon could have this available in front of him/her immediately above the real patient to help visualize where he needs to go, what the organ/lesion looks like, etc. They'll be able to record surgical procedures and play them back for training and use it for simulation. They also have an anatomy tool that allows you to reach out and manipulate a body, grab organs and structures and pull them out and look at them. Absolutely mindblowing!
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    You’ve forgotten more than one language, that’s more impressive that knowing them if you ask me
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    Dean Smith injured Jack? Wow I didn’t know that.
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    I'd have my doubts on him being faster, but definitely bigger and taller and most likely stronger.
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    Have a word. She is wronger than wrong. On your side. I bet she is a stand up wiper too.
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    Urban dictionary is your friend. Slang term for something wonderful or great, used commonly in Melbourne. Struth, Ruth, that was a fair dinkum grouse feed, chuck some more shrimp on the barby (BBQ). Is the kind of bogan language you will find down under.
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    It was the 11th when he went down and it was a hell of a long count. I think other fighters would have been waved off had they not been Nonito.
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    He is probably right about that. But to suggest Johnson is better... well I think I may have to disagree with that...
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    What a joke, he gets in that England squad and he shines as one of the best. Just shows Southgate wouldn’t know what to do with someone like Jack and his attributes. Barkely has been playing well for England so I can see why he has got in, but surely there must be space for Jack. I genuinely think Southgate has a chip on his shoulder about Villa, I said it before but during the World Cup, he mentioned his time here it was just Palace and Boro. Yes he called up Mings , but he’s the only left footed centre back playing at that level. Heaton was in the squad before joining us.
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    You have to remember he plays for Chelsea. That automatically makes him a better player.
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    Don't care. I'm very happy for him to be underrated. Just means we'll keep him longer.
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    But surely poor finishing is a teams own fault and a result of poor play, or not their usual standard of play......25 shots is very noble, but part of being a good team, is converting them in to goals and goals in to points....ultimately they did that, mainly due to will and determination to over come their lower level on the day. even great teams have form fluctuations and off days....their impressive level of possession stat, was just a feature of their play, but not the conclusive factor. On another day, is not an answer........football is all about on the day. Teams who win leagues are primarily the most consistent ones by definition....amongst many other things.
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    Transport is the main issue for me too. Whenever I get the train to Villa Park it always results in walking back to the City centre after the match as the queues for the train are ridiculous. It shouldn't be that difficult to put on enough trains to get people back to Birmingham after the game and we should be making it easier for people to get public transport to and from the ground to cut down on the number of people driving.
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    I have had only praise for Luiz, even when he made that initial rookie error of letting the ball pass through his legs at the top of the box, it was right idea wrong end of the pitch. when I found out we were in for him I did some research and came across a City fans blog who scouts their development and academy players. He was adamant that Pep and staff were very excited about Luiz and saw him as Fernandinho's replacement, which is a big role to fill, when you consider Fernandinho's influence. Upon hearing this I was very eager to see Luiz play, and from the moment I did, I have been very impressed. However, I think those calling for him to play forward are mistaken. Luiz has the vision, touch and passing range to be a very effective DLP, so I could definitely see him play alongside Nakamba, both in holding roles. What's nothing short of fantastic for us, is that Luiz also possesses the doggedness, reading of the game and adequate physicality to be a pure defensive midfielder too. Lastly, he has the composure, technical ability and creativity to be very handy when going forward and in the final third, but I don't think he's an attacking midfielder personally. For me, he's like a hybrid between Mascherano's reading the game defensively, Pirlo's decision making and range of distribution and Modric's finesse and technique. I mean at 21 years old we have a very capable player already, and I truly hope we see him achieve his career aspirations right here with us at Villa.
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    Bit random but, you came to mind the other day and I wasn't even on VT or a computer. I think I was reflecting on something you'd offered some advice to me about. Which lead me to recall some of your other posts. You've got a good humour about you.
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    Yeah I recommended this earlier in the thread. It's terrific
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    They were below us for the entire season until this weekend, after we played the top 2. Calm down. We're not finishing below them.
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    Not a flawless performance, but a very very good one. I like him a lot.
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    Job and kid, mainly. Watching my first full game in 3+ years right now in a hotel lobby in Bangalore.
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    Botafogo 3rd kit by Kappa. It's lovely, why can't they do a nice kit for us?
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    I once took the pee out of a pirate. He was furious.
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    We both said things that were misleading, 'Mr Longtime' You can keep the watch, I'm amazed it came back out.

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