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    Even for all of the valid flaws of the current Labour Party, it does boggle the mind that anyone in say 95% of the population can look at Johnson vs Corbyn and think Johnson's the man for me.
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    Now just imagine the bits you don't know yet. The bits that pushed the rest of us over the edge. They're **** insane.
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    Because I’m the type of person who can browse Netflix for about half hour for something to watch, before then giving up because of no longer being arsed, I’m going to start playing a game with this thread...that is to pick a random page number and chose one of the films mentioned within that page. And tough **** if it’s a bad film, serves me right for being an indecisive word removed.
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    OMG. I have been away for a couple of weeks and just invited my 91yr old mom to Sunday dinner. FFS forgot all about the match. Cant shout cant swear. Cant put her off as she was so pleased when I asked her. Agghhhhhhhhhhhh
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    I do this in a pub after a few pints. Just knock on stall 4 in the bogs.
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    Here's one for all you Simpsons fans
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    I heard they met up in the year 2000, and it was strange they we're all fully grown. They were there for two o'clock by the fountain down the road, but he never knew that she'd get married and he would be living down there on his own, on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago.
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    Remember when they beat City and were above us and everyone was jealous of how they've "adapted to the PL" despite not spending much? Good times.
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    He says whatever he needs to say to win an election. Once he’s elected again nothing can be done about it.
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    Jack’s mum: “Hi, son. How did it go against Brighton today? I heard the England boss was watching.” Jack: “Total waste of time. Red card.” Mum: “You got yourself sent off?” Jack: “What? No, I got one of their guys sent off. Then I got a goal. Then I got an assist. Then I got man of the match.” Mum: “So why was that a waste of time?” Jack: “I dunno, that’s just what the England boss said.” Mum: “Well, did he say anything nice?” Jack: “Yeah, he said if I keep on trying hard then one day I could be as good as…” Mum: “Zidane? Pirlo?” Jack: “… Callum Hudson-Odoi.”
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    Reminds me of this from the Office Boris has gone full Brent.
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    VT must be a blessing for you. A way to communicate with outsiders.
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    91!! What a fantastic age! Enjoy the match mate and more so enjoy her company - I lost my mum last year and I would give anything to see her this Sunday.... Just not whilst the match is on
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    That's OK our record in the last 20 mins of games is pretty solid this year.
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    I watch it and think its great, I think the city should do more to attach itself to the publicity but like all things Birmingham council they're **** useless at it (black country museum is all over it, after that Liverpool does more with it than brum does) but at the same time the clubs association with it is of course cringeworthy, the kit launch, this box, its well known that the writer is a blue nose and its in the area and there are maybe 3 scenes in the whole show that mention them but to then see their fans trying to dress like it and by that I mean a flat cap, coat maybe a shirt but then normal modern jeans and shoes, they look like try hard bell ends, everything they've done makes them look like try hard bell ends, that box for example I've got no real problem with the idea of it but then what they've done for the box is stuck a photo on the wall and claimed its somehow associated with the show...its not, its a normal box with the same cheap as **** office furniture and £8 Tesco birthday cake "look at me I got me flat cap on im a real peaky blinder, shit on the villa, tommy Shelby is a Zulu, keep right on" **** off
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    Yea I thought about him the other day. I've just found his twitter account (sorry for snooping..) and his last tweets were October 27th as well.. I'm only guessing this is his twitter https://twitter.com/kurtsimonwAVFC , but it's mostly Villa and NFL, which is where Kurt posts most on here. Hoping it's a holiday, or just getting away from the internet for a while..
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    The way Netflix starts showing a clip of a program before you select it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that his name is Billy Kimber and he runs the races!
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    Really? Have you not being paying attention to the US, in particular the officer from Ferguson which started it all. Who was proven to have been violently attacked by someone who grabbed his gun, in the end vindicated entirely, yet despite this led to riots death threats and him having to resign for the safety of his colleagues and him and his family having to flee their home permanently, all for just doing his job? Now he is pretty much unemployable. Remember the media in this country and what they do to suspects who haven't even been charged or had a trial, they have a long track record. We are in completely unchartered territory, a police officer has been charged with murder after the use of a taser. It has potential to be an absolute game changing moment in British policing at a time when officer attacks and knife crime are going through the roof How about we trust the system and wait for the facts before demanding names we have no reason to know and potentially causing race riots like in the US.
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    Thats the problem for a lot of people, not necessarily on VT, but amongst friends, you dont like Corbyn, so you must like Johnson, you dont like Labour, so you must like the Conservatives. There are other options, no the other options wont get power but in this day and age I vote for who I want, and not to stop someone I don't want. If the consensus doesn't agree, well sadly thats it, thats democracy.
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    I’ll stick my neck out and say that over the course of the Season lots of teams will get results we like, and lots will get results we won’t like. Ill go even further, reckless guy that I am, and say sometimes some teams will be above us, and sometimes others will ! Call me deluded. Its almost as if things change every week ! Spooky !!
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    Told my wife that I've really started to like Beyonce. She said "Eh, whatever floats your boat". I said "No, that's Bouyancy ".
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    You don't understand how it works do you?
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    I'm less than convinced. I accept some people see that as a good thing, but I detected just a hint of general anti-immigration, anti-immigrant messaging, 5Kens.
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    So against Man City, Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool we have won the first halves of those games a total of 3-0, and lost the second halves a total of 11-1. That's bizarre, right? Does it tell us anything, other than that we're garbage at closing out games?
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    aye, between VT and my free candy van I've met a lot more people
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    tbf you put it more eloquently than I could , any chance you can write a message for me to put in my wifes anniversary card whilst you're at it
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    Pop one on of the picture she painted too.
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    I met a beautiful lady last night, took her back to my place and shafted all night, all sorts of weird and wonderful positions. She did the lot, all holes, and swallowed. In the morning, she told me she had a confession. "That's the first time I've done that" she said. "Sex or a one-night stand?" I asked. "Sex. You see I hope you don't mind but I used to be Christian, and was never interested in sex". "That's fine, I don't mind" I said. She looked at me, with an excited look in her face and said "Good because I much prefer being Christina".
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    It really is set yourself on fire or drown yourself isn't it?
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    A useful (and still updating) thread reminding us of the human cost of the 'hostile environment' policy:
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    I hope not! He's a statisticians dream won more tackles than any other defender in the five main European leagues and ranked second for interceptions during the 17/18 season and our most prolific tackler and interceptor this season love the guy.
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    Anyway the map was a map made for Polish Airmen in WWII so they could understand the placenames, written phonetically in Polish presumably taking into account local pronunciation (as per Blandy's comment)
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    Really has cemented his place in the team for me, love his style of play.
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    There's a homeless indigenous girl who busks that I get along well with. She's articulate, clean from alcohol and drugs, and the poor thing is only 20, and on the street. If you're familiar with indigenous Australians artwork, she's done me a piece on canvas that has all the usual vibrancy, depicting Aussie landscape and ocean. It's all dotted. Then, in stark contrast to that, she's included an oil rig with black dots trickling into the landscape and ocean, I may not have described it well but it's a great piece in my mind. I'll have to post a photo when I get the chance.
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    Err. Maybe check out his club management career and not look at his England management career of kicking no mark teams with a quality squad before losing to anyone with a decent team (though admittedly this is the raison d'etre for all England managers) He had a lucky run in the World Cup and had an interesting shirt waistcoat combo. He was a truly excellent player though.
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    Very favourable draw. Knocked out by the first decent team they played. He's not a very good manager. Drop him in the PL and he'd probably get a team relegated.
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    So I have a club guaranteed for the 2020 season, in the highest division I have ever played. The NBL is actually within reach now. I went through with selection trials despite playing with a fractured jaw and thankfully one team has given me a squad place guaranteed. I find out in a few hours if I have impressed at another club, and what role they are prepared to give me, I've got the vibe there's potential for me to be a starter there. And finally I have assembled a team to compete for the $10,000 prize money given out at the annual Prahran Summer Jam. The event is a one-day affair and winner takes all, not a bad earning for 10 hours of basketball. Only problem is last 3 events have been 40+ degrees Celsius days. The event attracts world class talent, like the best slam dunker in the world at the time, Jordan Kilganon flew out here and won the slam dunk contest. I could honestly care less about the prize money, I just love the way the community gets around and celebrates teamwork, the human spirit and athleticism.
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    Shocking that the accused have been granted anonymity - apparently on the grounds that their lives would be at risk if their names were known. Who do they think is going to try to kill them? I believe this is virtually unprecedented legally and doesn’t bode well for the transparency of the trial.
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    that sorta reminds me of something that happened to me yesterday I was in the gym and talking to my mate about a woman that had been in the gym the day before , she had an amazing pair enhanced by the fact she was doing skipping exercises in front of me as I was on the rowing machine (i should add i was there first and not perving) resulting in a hypnotic bounce action little bit later we'd moved on to talking about a gig we are off to tonight and I soon became aware of a lady standing nearby us saying " would you like me to answer your concerns " ,we ignored her at first as we thought she was talking to someone else but it soon became apparent she was talking to me/us , she said i could hear your conversation and if you have any questions you can always ask me ... the penny didn't really drop and we kinda thought she was a bit weird and ignored her and she went away . I finally stopped yacking and got on the cross trainer and after about 5 mins the penny dropped that we had initially been talking about breasts and this lady had rather a large pair of them and possibly thought we were talking about her . I stopped my exercise and went to where she was to talk to her , she had headphones on and said go away i don't wish to speak to you and i can't hear you , which i thought was ironic , but I persisted, and she took the headphones off ... I apologised that she had overheard our conversation , assured her she wasn't the topic of the conversation and aplogised for what was an inappropriate conversation to be having . She smiled said Thank you so much for doing this , offered me her hand and said "My name is Deborah nice to meet you" I can't profess that I'll change my caveman ways , but I learnt quite a humbling lesson all in all
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    "Has managed to get 5 grapes stuck under his f%£^$£"^ while playing hide the fruit bowl at a church meet".
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    That’s irrelevant. I wouldn’t take any Sheffield United players either and they’re 6th. It’s not good that we’re 16th in the league and we need to improve.. but this ‘embarrassing to be below Newcastle’ stuff is very childish in my opinion mate.
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    A lemon, a potato, and a pea all had a tough week working at the grocery store so they decided to let off some steam with a bar crawl at the weekend. They had a great time, hitting bar after bar, knocking back drinks, but being so genetically different, the alcohol affected them each in different ways: the lemon got very acidic and refluxy; the potato, being a big starchy chap, took the booze in his stride; while the little pea reacted to all the sugar and started to get a touch hyperactive. At the end of the night, the three friends found themselves leaving a bar at the top of a tall hill, when all of a sudden the pea started bouncing up and down excitedly. "Lads! Lads! I've got a great idea! We're all vaguely round in shape, let's not get a cab home, let's just roll down the hill!" and before the others could protest, he was off - shooting down the hill at a rate of knots. The lemon lurched after him, but soon started listing violently from side to side as he went, owing to his oval shape, which did nothing for his unsettled stomach. With a sigh, the potato trundled along slowly behind. By the time the potato had bounced his way to the bottom of the hill, the lemon was spewing lemon juice all over the pavement, but the pea was already jumping up and down again. "That was great, that was great, let's do it again!". The lemon was now chundering up pips with the acid, but the pea didn't seem to care "Come on! let's go again, that was great!" The potato turned to him and said "Easy peasy, lemon's queasy".
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    I was shopping with Mrs T on Saturday , we came out of Tesco and saw a lady crying her eyes out. She had just lost all her holiday money. I gave her £50. I dont normally do this sort of thing But I had just found a grand in the car park
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