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    Wow, so much negativity and over reaction. FFS people, we are a work in progress and we gave West Ham a bloody good test, Heaton was not troubled all evening. Yes we have work to do, and we lost the plot a bit after the sending off, we misplaced a lot of passes but these players have played 5 league games together and more than held their own against an established top half team. We had by far the better chances and on another day could have won that by a couple of goals. It saddens me to see our fans tearing into our own players after a game. FFS get behind the team. This is a season of transition and we have a lot of work to do, but anyone would think we had just lost to Accrington Stanley.
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    Had 2 cans of red bull, a pack of haribo and some sugar tablets I take before football. **** buzzing now lads. 7-0. **** em up, get into em. Get the ball from back to front and no fannying about it. No more silly mistakes, no more sloppy play, no more dilly dallying. Shell it. In the mixer. Heads up. Who wants it.
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    Read this. Saw it's the poster's 11th post. Smiled wryly to myself. Welcome to VT
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    People will overreact definitely. They were a top half team last year it’s not a terrible result.
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    If a summer where you shed 15+ players and have to replace them whilst stepping up a league in quality is not a transition, then someone should explain to me what one is. It would be hard to imagine more upheaval and change than we were forced into by the dicktards that were running the club previously, transition is change, we are probably the most changed squad in the league. Managing that change and picking up points is a tough ask, we're doing ok.
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    Absolute nonsense. Totally reactionary comment. Another clean sheet, but need to create more. We are competitive, but yet to find our final third game. Need some more options up front in Jan. Nakamba looked useful once he warmed up. A point, keep on grinding it Villa, it will come
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    Mrs @mjmooney reveals the household products that have helped her to have a succesful marriage
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    Grealish workrate was phenomenal. If he wasnt on the pitch tonight I think we'd have lost
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    This. Not the greatest performance but we should chillax a little.
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    I may not be able to attend matches or show my support in person but if I could prove my love for Aston Villa it would be by the fact I have hardly slept all night. I have been up since 3am and am so anxious as even though I'm optimistic about our season overall I'm not naive enough to misunderstand how important this match could be for us!
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    Hes been involved in most of our attacks, running at pace, making things tick.
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    Good luck tonight lads.
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    Nakamba looked good. Engels fantastic yet again. Frustrating going forward. Jack always showing and getting moves going but his final ball was often very much lacking today. Wesley the biggest frustration for me. He certainly does have some developing to do and has potential, but he goes down too easily and his aerial ability isn't great. Thought Rice, Ogbonna and Fabianski all looked strong for them - all played a big part in us not scoring but our sloppy play in the final third didn't help. Games like today - although it would be greedy - we would have benefited from an option like Benrahma.
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    I know most wont be happy, but I think both the result and performance were ok.
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    Dean Smith in game management cost us. Those last 20 minutes screamed for Hourihane
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    Ask most leavers their least favourite EU law and they'd be equally as confused as her. If anything, it's damning evidence that a referendum on a topic such as the EU was insane in itself.
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    Don't feed the trolls.
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    Something around here certainly is.
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    Passed a microsoft exam today. (Power BI). first exam for many years. Studied loads. Well happy.looking for job at the mo.so a good boost all round.
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    I think we would have lost that game if he hadn't been playing, he gives us more of what we need in that position than Luiz.
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    Hard to know what some on here expect - I’m looking towards a long hard season and will be delighted if we finish 17th, therefore a point against a top ten team is fine with me. Defence and midfield look very decent and will keep us in with a chance in most games. We are not as strong upfront and I think we all knew that would be a issue before the season started. I’d imagine more re-enforcements will be drafted in in January but Clearly upfront is the most expensive area to improve and it may take some time (seasons) to get that right - in the meantime we need to grind out results and keep putting points on the board
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    We gave the ball away far too often.
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    Really weird the Grealish criticism, he's the ball carrier of the team, everything goes through him. It's the front three are playing at a level below the rest of the team to me.
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    Are people really questioning Grealish in this game? Probs his best performance of the season imo.
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    McGinn or Grealish are going off for Luiz second half. Neither of them have done anything major to warrant another 45 minutes of that with Luiz on the bench. I reckon Deano will give them 15 minutes then sub one of them off. Nakamba, one bad pass apart, has been solid and full of energy. The wingers haven't been great but Jota is worst of the two. Wesley proves we need another striker. Does Deano wish he'd spent the extra money on Maupay?
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    I love Björn Engels. He's excellent.
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    It does, when it's non-existent.
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    It's very difficult to gauge how public opinion is going, when all we have to go on are polls (which have been spectacularly wrong in recent years) and the echo chamber-cum-bearpit of social media. But, subjective and skewed though it may be, I think I detect a slight shift in the tone and numbers of rabid Brexiters on Facebook. Yes, the "We won, get over it" mob are still there, but not quite in the numbers they were a year or so ago. I think the Yellowhammer revelations, Boris's behaviour, the Tory defections and so on are starting to erode the Leaver numbers. The question is, by how much?
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    It's gained mine overnight and I highly doubt I'm alone. You know, if at the end of all of this we reach a position where the Lib Dems come to power (unlikely, granted) and the likes of Boris, Gove and Rees-Mogg's political careers in tatters, Brexit gets ripped up and every moron and racist angered (ideally to the extent that they piss off somewhere else, probably Benidorm ironically) - well wouldn't that just be spiffing.
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    Got stuck in traffic in Solihull this morning. I could see Plod had blocked off the main road so knew it was serious. Turns out a woman got hit by a bus and died at the scene. The thing that pisses me off about it...Facebook's Solihull Updates reported this incident, I was appalled to see how many British people now find it "helpful" to send "thoughts and prayers". Thought and prayers do **** all.
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    I have very similar feelings. A lot depends now on how Corbyn and Labour respond. Overturning Brexit is my priority, which inevitably means swallowing some pride and backing people I have little taste for (in any party). Right now I'd welcome an electoral pact and a broad left coalition government (Lab/LibDem/Plaid/SNP/Green) to see off the Tory/Farage lot. It would come loaded with problems, but I'd live with that.
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    9 years late to this party but whoever voted for Turkish Delight is devil spawn.
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    I went to watch Salford City vs Cheltenham Town yesterday. Our loanee Jake Doyle-Hayes started and impressed he had a very good game for Cheltenham! Interested to see how he progresses over the season for them.
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    I'll take a point against this West Ham side. We should have got more, we spurned a few good chances. But, equally, we made those chances, where at the start of the season, we wouldn't have. Defensively, we looked pretty solid. And we are still a work in progress, we'll keep getting better as things settle and players click and gel. We are still unfinished, unfortunately, however. We miss forward options - wingers and strikers. But, overall, theres plenty of positives to take from the game, it only leaves a sour taste because we had the chances to make more of it. Heaton - had very little to do Guilbert - quick becoming a favourite. You have to love a fullback that can lose the ball in midfield, chase back and win it back by his own box. Engels - excellent. Calm, assured, stifled West Ham. Mings - As with Engels, though with more Blood and Thunder style. Great again. Taylor - Taylored. Not as good defensively as he has been this season so far, had a few cock ups. Also provided a collectors item Good Cross late on. Nakamba - Good debut. He has energy, spark, drive, good feet, some aggression, a bit of skill. He misplaced a few passes, but all in all a good debut. McGinn - Ran and ran, had a few shots, one of which just whistled wide, put himself about. Standard McGinn performance. Won't be in his highlight reel but not a bad one either. Grealish - Involved in pretty much everything again, but is falling into the trap of trying too hard and making dumb errors when the easy thing is the right move. He's still making the moves, but he's cocking them up. Equally, put in some cracking passes and really, really should have scored. Jota - Not a game to remember. Not bad per se, but his lack of pace and strength cost him too often. Wesley - Possibly his worst game so far. Missed a couple of good chances, went down too easily at stupid times too often, didn't get involved like he has done before now... He has ability, but we aren't making the most of him and he needs to get better. El Ghazi - a bit of a stinker. Lax defensively leading to a completely stupid coming together with Mings, which has to stop now, poor touches all over the shop. Equally, had a few chances, bravely went in against Fabianski... not quite there yet somehow. Elmohamady - Came on, got fouled leading to the red, and didn't really do much else to catch the eye. Luiz - Put in a brilliant deep cross that Grealish just failed to convert, and didn't have much else in the little time on the pitch he had. Davis - Came on, put himself about for 5 minutes, and that was it.
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    Well we are out the bottom 3 at least!
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    I must be watching a different game. I thought they were both full of energy / industry and looked like our most likely sources of danger. An entertaining game for the neutral, which I know isn't a priority but it's a far cry from our last run in the Premier League.
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    Of all the players to criticise... He’s been our best player. Wingers and striker all poor. But we knew we didn’t have enough when the window shut.
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    That isn't a reasonable characterisation of Labour policy. I realise we're now two or more years into bad jokes about unicorns and fairies, but it's actually important to be clear about this now that there's an election coming up. Labour's plan is to negotiate with the EU to get a deal that meets their six tests, probably through changes to the Future Relationship, and then put that deal to a confirmatory referendum versus Remain. That's the policy. You're free to argue with it or criticise it or whatever else, but they certainly don't support 'all of the above'.
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    Summary from the weekend - Nothing to see here... Bree (Luton) Away at QPR (3-2) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 5.94. Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Away at Salford (0-2) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.67. Green (Preston) Home to Brentford (2-0) - Unused substitute. Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Away at Oxford (3-0) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 5.99. Hogan (Stoke) Home to Bristol City (1-2) - Came on after 75 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.00. Touch Count: 2 O'Hare (Coventry) Away at Burton (0-0) - Came on after 61 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.29. Sarkic (Livingston)Away at Rangers (3-1) - Unused substitute.
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