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    This. Not the greatest performance but we should chillax a little.
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    Something around here certainly is.
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    I love Björn Engels. He's excellent.
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    Only thing I'd say tonight is when they were down to 10 he could have brought Hourihane to play left back for Taylor, or even shifted Mings out there.
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    I must be watching a different game. I thought they were both full of energy / industry and looked like our most likely sources of danger. An entertaining game for the neutral, which I know isn't a priority but it's a far cry from our last run in the Premier League.
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    Lib Dems would work with Labour, just not Corbyn led Labour. I don't really blame them.
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    Christ reading through this thread and anyone would have thought we got tonked 5-0 over the weekend. We haven't even played yet and the meltdown has begun. Give the lads a chance.
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    I'm usually a big defender of Grealish, but besides one or two excellent moments (e.g. the cross for Wesley, a few fouls he won) he had a poor game tonight. It was partly due to lack of movement around him, but he also misplaced quite a few passes which were entirely his fault. Hopefully just one of those nights. He's still clearly the most talented player in the team, but it's a shame he had a poor game when Mike Dean gave us a chance to pick up 3 points against a decent side.
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    He is class. Real quality.
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    Yup. We're 17th, and I'd take that at the end of the season. The worrying thing is that I think all the teams below us other than maybe Newcastle have another gear in them and will get into it pretty soon. I'm not sure about us and our lack of options upfront.
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    I think Grealish's success or failure in any game comes from what's happening around him more often than not. He's a link guy, it's no surprise he's looked amazing when in a team where there are always options around him and runners. At the moment he gets on the ball in the final third and nothing is there for him, so he ends up holding it for too long. He created our best openings today, but his final pass went away in the second half. The answer isn't dropping Jack for a game, it's sorting out the front 3/other attacking players so Jack has options.
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    Not great, not a disaster either. We are going to struggle this season. Taylor, jota, el ghazi not near the standard required tonight. Grealish was very poor in the second half too. Engels is good, very good.
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    Meh. Good point on the face of it. But... should have really won. We're going to struggle to score this year big time.
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    That was not good by mcginn, and all from him wanting too long on the ball instead of just clearing it
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    He’s been one our best players from an attacking perspective so probably.
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    Spurs? Even Everton we were sitting back
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    No it isn't, it's nothing remotely like worship (which is one of the most bizarre and loathesome concepts ever invented).
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    I'm quite worried for tonight. West Ham have a very good side.
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    as you appear privy to our transfer plans over the summer, would you mind sharing the name of the mystery french striker that we couldn't get in the end? or any of our other supposed 1st choices for that matter. you indicate 'most' were 2nd or 3rd choice. so who was our first choice left back? or CDM? or CB? or winger?
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    Ric Ocasek from The Cars Had no idea he was 75 years old. I've sort of rediscovered the Cars over the last couple of years, so this stings a bit extra. Ocasek WAS the Cars. They were the big Boston band when I was growing up, so naturally we sort of ignored them for the most part. Not hard enough for us 15 year old suburban tough guys. As it turns out, Ocasek was a master pop rock songsmith. Pure "New Wave", but they had technical proficiency and avoided a lot of that rock star claptrap. R.I.P. Ric Ocasek.
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    As they won 6 - 0 away at Crystal Palace I can only assume Kevin Friend was not refereeing today.
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    Grealish was everywhere and put in a LOT of effort. Passing was uncharacteristically poor from him I think southgate being at the stadium didnt help. Wesley was very poor.
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    Positives, I thought Nakamba gave our midfield some much needed balance. I thought McGinn did ok also and our defence was solid. But the rest of the team was poor. Grealish saw more of the ball than he has in any game, just a shame he couldn't do anything of note with it.
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    Taking off the claret and blue specs.. oh... I think a point was probably a fair result. We had the better chances, they looked more composed on the ball. Tale of two halves for Jack, probably our best player in the first 45, possibly our worst in the second period. Slightly disappointing we got worse with the man advantage, if anything it hindered our play with them sat back and hitting us on the counter. Engels MOTM for me, had a really solid start to the season.
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    I think the criticism is a tad unfair - we’re devoid of smart movement ahead of him. He’s holding the ball, looking for passes instead but there is rarely a good option. Gave the ball away with easy passes which was unlike him but, otherwise, looked to be the only player trying anything going forward.
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    Utterly toothless in the final third as we have been in pretty much all games. Taylor is a waste of space, never ever crosses so what the **** is the point of him getting down the left? 2 points dropped.
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    Worst team we've played so far. We need 3 points today.
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    We'd be a great side if we could score goals.
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    Apart from an unbelievable cross that Wes should have scored from.
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    I don't understand the point of var if referees are still making big decisions like that. Probably would have been ruled out but surely when we win the ball there it's better to go to var than make decision yourself. Decent start so far, Marv looks like a good dm.
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    Makes me realize we don't really have any attacking subs other than Davis.
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    I'm probably just ignorant, but I didn't realise Russia had musicians as good as this and in this genre. Whether you like Chicago or not, this is ace playing (IMO) and vocalist not singing in his native language. Opinions ?
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    Big Sam would get a semi reading this.
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    It was a pure smash and grab! It really does feel like people seem to just see what they want to see so they can have a good moan.
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    What's depressing is the number of people who will swallow it. "Typical bloody europeans, trying to show us up. This is why we need to leave".
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    I don't want Brexit and certainly wouldn't vote Lib Dems. I think the only sensible way is to negotiate the best deal we can and then have an in/out referendum. Sticking to the hardline 'we'll cancel it' approach just seems like a recipe for stirring up more trouble to me.
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    On one hand yes, agreed. On the other though, nailing their colours to the mast so categorically will boost their numbers, if everyone who doesn’t want brexit now allies themselves with the Lib Dem’s then who knows how it may turn out.
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    That the RNLI even have to defend themselves:
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    I suspect he will not be able to either. Sadly though, you look at the other leaders, and there is a real gulf in someone who actually people can get behind. That is something that the”left” is really struggling from.
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    I don't know what to believe anymore. Articulate, coherent, eloquent conversation from someone who's apparently pissed on the vodka-redbulls! Great post @KenjiOgiwara Edited: Unnecessary ramble garbage.
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    I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that your 2nd and 3rd choice theories are based on 2nd and 3rd hand information, at best. "Some Spanish winger" "and probably Abraham back" Excuse me for being direct and perhaps offensive, I understand conviction doesn't necessarily equate to truth, but it doesn't come across as factual when the detail is so vague. I am also inclined to think you might've missed the mark because from my understanding, we were very much in for Coutinho and talks were under way. Then Liverpool came in, Inter were happy with and accepted the bid, the player was more than happy to go there rather than here. End of. And to go on.. Phillips might turn out to be some player, personally I rate Luiz much higher, but Phillips wasn't picked up by anyone, the fee for him was considerable. Butland may've been first choice, I don't know or care, Heaton has been immense for us, that's something I will vouch for. Some world class saves, not many blunders, if any. Of course we would've had Abraham back, I told this forum he would cut it in the Premier League and look at his form right now. As with Coutinho, it's out of our hands. One more stab at your post then I'm done, I promise, Klopp wanted a CB and Southampton were playing hard ball? I think some parallels can be drawn with Villa.. A certain Villa acquisition by the name of Tyrone rings a bell. Bournemouth stance was cough up or he stays, we sign him, he gets an England call-up within weeks. Ha! "You're a natural, ain't ya Tyrone?" "'Course I am" Fortunately our Tyrone is a natural at what he does, I'm not so sure about the one from Snatch.
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    That track was in the new music thread the day it was uploaded. On my browsers, it's the opener for a page of top quality new releases from across the genres, posted by myself. Unbelievably blandy poo pooed one of them? That wrongfully maligned release now has a squillion more hits than his favourite blue hat album. Proving beyond doubt he's feeling pretty silly right now. Silly @blandy
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    I've been less impressed by his performances this season cause he has a crucial role and I know his potential, but like a smarter slightly older bastard from Bewdley pointed out to me, he had a weak period last season before growing into it, and it's likely he needs to learn and adapt to his new team mates like everyone else. Which is why we shouldn't get worked up, shouldn't start thinking new tactics or whatever. We need to let the team settle. It's a long ass season. If this made no sense I blame X amounts of vodka redbull and ignore me.
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    Looks like the UK Government are finally doing something right and are looking deeper into Lootboxes/FIFA packs and are stating that they should be regulated like normal gambling. **** finally. The sooner it all comes to an end the better. UT is such a horrible gamemode.
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    Is great Gemma got manager of the month. They should train with our senior squad at times, I think the Ladies would pick up some very good experience from it.
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    Should have proved her right and chinned her.
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