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    I do Believe it's Jacks birthday today. The only way I know is because in August last year my mother bought me Villa's shirt with Grealish on the back. That shirt would be the last thing she got me because she passed away on this day last year from a long fought battle with cancer. I've always found it's strange as well as special what my mother did for me as its the one and only footy shirt she ever got me but she knew I was the happiest lad on earth at the time. When she did pass away it was some days later I had checked Jacks twitter to see the happy birthday on the 10th. What I find strange is how did she pick a players name who on the very day she would leave us it was his birthday, what are the chances of that happening, I bet next to none. So for me as much as it's as much Jacks birthday it's also a day he shares with my mum and it's a rememberance day, it's a very special day. So to you MUM I love you and to you Jack have a very wonderful day.
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    If this works out Steve Bruce is going to have sleepless nights thinking about how he didn't think of this first.
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    I'm no Corbyn fan, by a very, very, long way, but he (or his advisors) got this one spot on. Why help Johnson out of a self imposed hole, by agreeing to timing of an election that would both free Johnson and harm Corbyn, when he can wait a couple of week longer and have the election, but further harm Johnson's prospects and enhance his own. He'll still lose, mind, but everyone but the reckless tories will benefit. It's the role and duty of the opposition to oppose, not to lie supine while the government wrecks the country.
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    Was hoping this was a link to the Hogan touch
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    I think that when things come to a climax, Johnson will be condomned to the dustbin of history.
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    He's insisting he resigned. Either way, can't help but be overjoyed to see him gone. A dyed in the wool warmonger. Let's see who's worse that Trump can dig up.
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    The angle makes it look like the chap is standing and has girly legs.
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    Telford is a **** shit hole and the only good thing about it is nothing, I can't think of a good thing about it. Everyone who lives there is scum and deserves bumming/shooting/hammering on the face. I hope a pelican/giraffe hybrid does a poo on your houses. Sometimes at night time when everyone is asleep I go to telford to spit at it and throw litter on it. I've kicked 4 bins over and moved 2 trolleys out of the Asda car park so they can't be used. I put a cone in front of the hospital doors so people can't go in, and Dr's cannot come out, to speed up the death of telfords people and I played music in my car radio at unsociable hours a bit too loud. haha telford, **** you.
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    They effectively did that. They said that they wouldn't vote for the motion but that they are very much prepared and keen to have a general election once (they believe) no deal has been avoided on the 31st October, either by a deal being brought back by the PM and voted upon by Parliament or the extension required by the Act which received Royal Assent having been sought (and granted). '2' is a nonsense. Firstly, it's unlikely to be the case - the current PM is an inveterate liar and has lied over and over and over again. He still appears to be electable with certain groups of people. Secondly, if the point of refusing to agree to an election date is so as to prevent a no deal on 31st October then it would be utterly stupid to gamble that possibility on some loose idea of a future political and electoral jeopardy to be felt by those that may lie. Just restating this claim that you made earlier about 'that's the Tories over, &c.' doesn't make it any better than the first time you put it forward. The facts of the matter are that the Government twice moved specific motions for an early election that would have had that election being called on specific terms, i..e. the timing would be at the behest of the PM. There is no room for maneouvre on that.
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    Why did Fiat think the best place for their test track was on top of the factory? (1920s)
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    I think it's more to do with your views than explicitly stating you support the Conservatives. I've probably missed something, but it seems to me like when someone is really pushing you to criticise Boris (or his government) you go to great lengths to avoid doing it apart from saying you don't support everything they do. This might be because of your Brexit position and being wary of undermining it, but I struggle to believe anyone who doesn't loudly denounce (not just ignore) Boris' tricks to try and get his way with no deal can be anything but a Conservative. I'd like to think a 'considered' Leave voter would at least rally against this as they'd be concerned for the long term constitutional precedents, whereas your average Conservative voter wouldn't give a toss.
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    Mos def binnedunne but not for a while
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    Who said that? Lolz... I have a sneaky suspicion it has way more use in On Topic rather than Off. You know, because us OT lot are such interesting, splendid gents that it never gets a second thought
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    I saw that on the telly last night. I (genuinely) thought Corbyn was pretty good. He gave the floppy Johnson a stiff talking to.
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    The time difference between Stegosaurus and T-rex (85 million years) is larger than the T-Rex and the Ipad (65 million years).
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    Depends. If this goes well I could have 9 more days of it.
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    The meat in today's lunchtime salad is 'top of finger'.
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    You do know that's the name of her dance move ? (The walking on stage one)
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    This is a myth, the vast majority of council services are put out to tender and the cheapest quote wins. The inefficiency comes from accepting the cheapest quote (which they pretty much have to by law), which then gets you the shittiest job done. You can blame a certain Mrs Thatcher for that, she introduced "competitive tendering"
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    Sad that he's going but also brilliant timing. 1. Gets to go full "no **** given" for the crucial votes in October 2. Ensures that if no GE happens before October 31st the throbbers in Johnsons government won't get to choose his successor.
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    I genuinely thought that Sterling was overrated for quite a long time, but bloody hell the last 18 months have shown that he really is world class. Rice and Barkley have been poor.
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    reminds me of the vintage 2015/16 teaming of Richards and Bacuna
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    Can anyone say what Ross Barkley brings to a game?
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    Same. He was legitimately angry at the contempt Johnson holds for his office, Parliament and the population.
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    JDH voted Cheltenham's player of the month. Good work.
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    Following India's unsuccessful attempt to land on the Moon, the Irish have announced their plans for 2020. They plan to place a man on the Sun. When a leading Space expert pointed out that the rocket would burn up before in reached half way, a spokesman said, " We have thought of that , so we will go at night".
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    I'm not sure I understand quite what you're getting at, @CityInPeace? Is the point that the value of the asset in our books was written down? If it is, it's irrelevant as I have done asset valuations for a lot of organisations who might write an asset down when they can afford to and increase it when they need to show better results. On what basis do you think £56m is overvaluing it? I ask because I've seen a lot of people who clearly don't know how these things work say that is overvalued because The Madjeski as valued at X or it is potentially too low because Pride Park is valued at Y. The valuation will be based on the price to rebuild the stadium at the same quality with the current land (or local equivalent of). Obviously there would be large downward adjustments to account for obsolescence, but £56m seems fairly sensible to me when you look at the build costs of these large projects. It also looks sensible from the point of view of someone who has carried out these valuations professionally before, albeit not for stadiums. Further confusion can be caused as certain things may have an Existing Use Value (value with current use ie you can't value a park as a potential devlopment site) in the accounts, but you would obviously only sell for Market Value (self explanatory). Having not done asset vals for a few years I must admit where and when each is used is a little hazy! I've written a bit about methods of valuation and why I really can't see the club getting in trouble for this over the last couple of pages which may be worth a skim. The issue is the EFL leaving a stupid loophole open and they should just close it ASAP if they don't want clubs to use it. There is also a bigger issue of allowable losses and payments to the EFL not keeping up with the transfer market. Feel free to ask any questions on behalf of your Bristol City friends as it seems to be the big issue of the day for some
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    I got a round in last week at some place near Twickenham green. 5 Pints, £47.50. It was lovely stuff but we moved on after that.
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    and in Amsterdam , about 0,2l of that is froth
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    Reads like a parody of British managers
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    0-4 at home. Go home Clarke you're drunk.
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    You may take our freedom but you’ll never take our shandy
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    Some bias towards the World Cup winners I think. Perhaps once Bayliss goes we shall see a bit of a rethink
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    They're beyond saving down there.
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    Should have proved her right and chinned her.
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    Despite being 1-1 in the series (at the moment), the Aussies have outplayed us pretty much all summer. Sub standard batting, piss poor captaincy and shocking selections. Heads must roll.
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    I think smith has got it wrong so far this season. his decisions have left me totally baffled and display an unnerving tactical nativity beyond comprehension. We should have ten points by now. 1) the subs against spurs changed the game....for the worse. Jota did nada, apart from give it away cheap.....The solution to spurs bringing on erikson was to bring on lansbury to do a paul birch style man to man job. get right up his chuff plugged in balls deep. 2)the team that started against spurs should of started against bournmouth. luiz was fasttracked in (probably a nudge from pep) and promptly gifted bournmouth a goal. the solution was to start exactly the same team give luiz some game time at 60mins 3)smith was indecisive and waited too long to make the changes against everton. we were getting deeper and deeper. looked like a paul lambert half time team talk....certain players looked like the tanks were running on fume. if he had reacted sooner we would have been more comfortable e) bringing kenian davis on when down to ten men was suicide. pushing up the pitch was just what palace wanted so they could play their favorite counter attacking football. the goal came from a villa corner. Woy was wicking his wips when the subs were made. the solution was to bring on lansbury and shove grealish in the hole supporting the isolated wesley. after big money has been spent in the summer top 10 is a minimum requirement. O'Neill would be getting pelters right about now with this start.
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    That is possibly the worst refereeing performance I have ever seen. Kevin Friend is an absolute joke of a referee. Does anyone agree with me that VAR is an absolute joke now? What is the point in VAR if teams are still getting screwed over by ridiculous referees.
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    if it's who I think it is, she's got a similar attitude to the backdoor as well
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    I like how she avoided the door first time around and then said f_ck it.
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    Not sure if they've been mentioned, but a few decent shouts: Clerks Mallrats Groundhog Day Trainspotting Leon Boyz In The Hood Schindler's List
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    American History X With Seven as a very close second. AHX is my favourite film of all time. Seven probably a close second there too. From the list I'd say Heat or L.A. Confidential.
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