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    It's very easy to get carried away with formations when things aren't going well, but I'm not sure DS could do much different. The two big problems he's facing are: We haven't had a natural ballwinning midfield option available - we missed out on Kalvin Phillips, and Nakamba wasn't match fit at the start of the season. So while I don't think this role is essential in every match, he lacks the option (e.g. when Spurs brought Eriksen on). Douglas Luiz and Hourihane are useful defensively, but it isn't their forte. I think we'll see more variation when Nakamba is ready. We didn't sign an extra striker, so shapes like 4-4-2, 3-5-2, etc. aren't really feasible unless you want to start Kodjia or Davis regularly, which would mean leaving out some much better players. Once you factor those points in, I don't think it matters really whether you play 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3, or whatever. The team will have the same characteristics: good in possession in central areas, a bit weaker on the wings, lacking a natural goalscoring threat, and vulnerable to counter attacks. A lot of people are suggesting narrow formations because we have a lot of talent in central midfield, but the problem with narrow formations is you allow the opposition defensive lines to come narrow, which is what they want to do. Width isn't just about getting crosses in, it's also about stretching the defensive line to create gaps (e.g. Jota's assist to Wesley against Everton is through a gap in the defensive line created by Guilbert's run). We do have Guilbert who can create a lot of width on the right by himself, but I don't think either of our left backs has the pace and stamina to do the same job on the left, without some support from a winger. I think the international break comes at a convenient time for the team to pause and regroup. We have some massive games in September and October against West Ham (H), Burnley (H), Norwich (A) and Brighton (H). Those two months will decide whether we stay up IMO. Get 6+ points from those 4 games, and we're looking in reasonable shape. We then have a string of much harder games in November and December, so we won't be wanting to make up ground then. I also think we'll be active in the transfer market in January. No problem with the Wesley signing, but he's carrying too much responsibility and we need another option in attack. I would also look for another left back, unless Targett finds fitness and form.
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    We did the insightful stuff years ago, but it was all a bit whoosh for some, or dismissed as Project Fear. Know your audience.
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    In reality football just doesn't work like that. You have to take each game as it comes. We will have a few surprise results and a few shockers. We will have a run of games where we can't buy a win and a run where we look like we are flying.
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    And? He has been unlucky injuries, he gets an opportunity to impress in the PL after a MOTM performance at Crewe and has a injury time equaliser incorrectly ruled out. He could have a billion pound in the bank and still doesn't take away from the fact he has been incredibly unlucky during his time here.
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    That's very harsh on Beaker, he was main cast damnit. Even had the haunted pencil's wardrobe down.
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    Yes. And do you agree that selling off ownership of these things, with us paying more to use them so that foreign owners can collect the profit, is an example of foreign investment which does not benefit our country or its inhabitants? His role is to uphold the core principle of the constitution regarding parliament, ie that it and not the executive is sovereign. If the executive seeks to upend the constitution, whether directly or by procedural chicanery, then his role is to intervene. What is astonishing is that so many conservatives, who see themselves as proud upholders of the British constitution, should be so ready to sell it out for a perceived political gain, and to attack him for doing what they should be doing. Nauseating. On the contrary, levels of foreign investment are regularly claimed as evidence that good things are happening, as well as the point you make that not everyone is abandoning the UK. Though if not being abandoned is like the way a wounded animal is not abandoned by a pack of circling hyenas, we might want to examine that a bit more as well. As for investment, we should draw a distinction between investment which enhances our productive capacity in things which create sustainable prosperity (renewable energy would be one example) and asset-stripping takeovers, or gambling on asset price rises, neither of which help us.
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    I can’t believe that after the stick (quite rightly I must add) that previous managers have had for adopting a turgid defensive approach, people on this thread are now suggesting that if DS does not change his philosophy it ‘may be his downfall’. The lack of patience on offer is absolutely staggering.
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    I think that's the worst thing Smith could do to the lad at this point. He's not playing badly anyway, he's by far our best player still.
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    I'm sure he never talks to people at the company to give them the benefit of his insider knowledge so that he can profit from it. That'd be deeply unethical.
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    I'd have liked him not to bother. Nobody made him
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    To be fair, he is referring to someone who looks like an extra from A Muppet Christmas Carol.
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    We'll soon find out, when we have to import a whole lot more brown people to replace the white European people currently doing the shit jobs.
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    We haven't. You introduced the notion of breaking laws when you quoted me. The original discussion was about believing in laws.
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    I remember us having a tough patch after Christmas last season. Everything was wrong and Deano didn't have a clue. After a while trying to get it right we won ten matches in a row. Now I am not saying we will repeat ten wins in a row, but you would thought it taught people some patience and that developing a team has ups and downs. Then again maybe not.
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    I didn't watch the game live apart from the first 15 minutes and the last 5 minutes. I've watched the game again and Grealish was the best player on the pitch. He was the only one of our players trying to make something happen. Such a travesty his great run in the end has not ended up as an assist.
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    I don't know what you mean.
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    It’s going to be a binary choice for most people. You’re either content with what Boris Johnson is about to give you, or you vote for the most likely non-tory winner in your constituency. If there’s an election, it could be that simple.
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    As a neutral observer and having only seen the highlights on motd - I thought that there was definite contact on Grealish by Cahill. A free-kick should have been awarded at the very least. And as for the disallowing of the goal - well, it was an utter disgrace. That was a goal - full stop. If Liverpool had been denied that last gasp equaliser me and my mates would have been absolutely fuming - guaranteed... My sympathies go out to you Villa fans. Don't know if that makes you feel any better but just wanted you guys to know my view... All the best, Andy.
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    She gave me the cold shoulder for a while lol
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    Did you get a....frosty reception?!
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    @Vive_La_Villa, The serious answer is Bickster's above. We've had far too many of these bloody speeches on the steps of No 10 from behind a lectern. Someone in Downing Street should do us all a favour and smash the **** thing up.
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    Because personally I'd prefer to wait a few minutes for a correct decision rather than being annoyed for days after a terrible decision like we had on Saturday being allowed to happen because some fans say waiting what 30 seconds to a minute isn't football.
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    That angle has me absolutely fuming. Grealish getting up, no appeals for a penalty, no appeals for a dive, the ball still in play, and he's watching Lansbury and blowing the whistle right as he lines up the shot. Kevin Friend is a cheat.
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    The problem isn't VAR. The problem is incompetent refs.
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    Eh we had our own issues. Still weird some people actively cheering relegation rivals as if they are just on a wind up
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    You've been working tirelessly no doubt for the past year to get yourself fit, mentally must have really took their toll after injury after injury, having to really find motivation and belief on those dark days, you finally get back in, get your chance, you take it...and some fat incompetent word removed robs it from you. It would be enough to make some people jack it in and stop giving a shit tbh.
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    The reactive nature to results will never change. That game was a draw in my eyes. Palace away is not an easy game and we stood up to them with 10 men for most of the second half. What this team may lack in quality will be made up for in character and spirit. We will be fine.
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    Yep, you understand perfectly. It's been an underlying theme since before the referendum itself that this obviously catastrophically damaging thing would only be catastrophically damaging because of the people who don't want it not wanting it hard enough.
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    Not sure about this take. There's an easy ball to Douglas on, who then has an unmarked Taylor or Trez to release it to. They're pressing him in the middle of the pitch when he has the ball under control, so although he looks under a lot of pressure, he's messed up their shape, and should get the ball away (would be interesting to know what happened here in reality?). When Liverpool (the best team at pressing) hunt in packs like this, it's usually higher up the pitch when they want to put someone under pressure in a weaker position. What it does highlight, though, is how important it is to have several threats in midfield. Teams probably feel that losing their shape is a small price to pay to stop Grealish from driving at them, and because the players they're leaving unmarked are people like Neil Taylor, it's a risk worth taking. As we strengthen our squad, we should see less of this.
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    These people weren't emigrating, they were literally planning to stay at home
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    We can't keep dropping players and playing them in different positions just because we have a bad result, doing that we'll only make things worse.
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    No-one is joking about this. We are ridiculing those in power that think that simply doing this will fix the problem.
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    The bloke has never been able to hold down a place here (contributed by injuries), he comes on and scores a perfectly good goal and has it ruled out by a fraud of a referee. Some folk just never get the breaks.
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    The Palace "goal" was a really good finish. So frustrating as that would've been a massive boost to him after a very forgettable Villa career. Guess people are still surprised he's still here and actually making the bench but maybe his cameo showed he can be impact sub and get a goal or two.
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    Not sure why people are judging Grealish's ability to play on the wing based on a ten game spell under Bruce when the whole team was rubbish. He proved many times before then that he was capable of playing out wide, and was often a star performer in that position. He's probably the best winger at the club, it's just up to Smith to decide whether we're better off with keeping him in the middle or trying him out wide. On the one hand I think we'd miss his composure in the middle of the park but on the other, I feel that in the Premier league playing in a three man midfield has a lot more responsibilities than does playing in a three man midfield in the championship, so to get the most out of Grealish's attacking powers it might be better to play him further forward. Even if he was to play as a 'winger', he could still occupy a lot of the same positions that he does now, he wouldn't have to be stuck out wide.
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    The league table means nothing right now. It's not arrogance. We are 3 points off 8th. The mass panic from fans is the only thing that will put pressure on the players right now, not the league position after 4 games.
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    If that goal had stood Dean Smith would have been applauded for his substitutions and going 4-3-2. All 3 of the changes affected the game.
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    I've just thought of my favorite Studio Ghibli films... I was going to rank them all from most favorite to least favorite, but didn't feel like it, but enjoy this top five instead... Kiki's Delivery Service Whisper of the Heart My Neighbour Totoro Spirited Away Only Yesterday I watch the subtitled versions.
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    None of the eleven/twelve released at the end of last season would have contributed anything. The work that we did had to be done. I’m in no doubt that some of the players signed were not our first choices - Heaton, Wesley, Trez, Nakamba and even Engels. We obviously identified 3/4 players for each position. Butland, Tammy, Benrahma, Phillips and Webster were probably our first choice picks, but either their respective clubs said no, or the prices quoted were outrageous. For what it’s worth, I think our close season business was excellent. Approx £125m spent on twelve players, was really good work. Certainly not ropey. The squad needs time to settle and only after 15 games or so can we really make a judgement on who’s doing it for us and who’s not. If we’d got thumped in our opening four games then i’d be worried, however i’ve seen enough already (especially against Everton, who hadn’t even conceded a goal until they played us) to see that were going to be a competitive side. I still believe that there are 3/4 sides worse than us in this league.
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    What is the actual **** point of VAR? Like seriously? If you can't overturn that and admit you got it wrong mr Friend, then what is the point? And what an awful refereeing display. We were poor, but holy shit that was awful on a magnitude I've rarely seen. The fact that VAR didn't go back on that just proves how pointless it is.
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