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    Just to put things in perspective. Last match we were playing direct. Our midfield got surpassed in parts of the game. We had a total possession of 35%. 85% of our total possession was in the Opponents final third. We made 219/301 passes. A 73% accuracy. 94 of them were in the opponents half and 41 in the final third, at roughly 77% accuracy. I think it's fair the conclude we played with a direct approach, in an attempt to run in behind Evertons defence.(Also shows us how flexible Dean Smith is, and how willing he is to change the approach to games in order to exploit opponents weakness) Now, how did Jack Grealish do? When the plan was to utilise Wesley and our wingers. A game where we in parts, play the ball over his head. What's his numbers compared to the teams total. Or even McGinn who's being applauded for his performance(rightly so) . I'll put McGinns numbers next to Jacks. Touches: Pases received: Total: 56 vs 47 Total: 27 vs 24 In Opp. Half: 38 vs 25 In Opp half: 18 vs 25 In Final Third: 15 vs 15 In Final third: 8 vs 9 Dribbling: Take ons: Total: 2 each Total: 2 each Retention: Disspossed: 2 each. Tackled: 2 each. Goal threat: Penalty area touches: 1 vs 2 Goal attempts: 2 vs 0 Distribution: Total Passes: 41 vs 28. Successful 88% vs 84%. Passes in opponents half: 24 vs14. Successful 89% vs 82%. Passes in Final Third: 9 vs 10. Successful 90% vs 83% Crosses: 0 vs 1. Successful: 0 vs 100% Chances created: 1 each. Asssits: 0 vs 1 Defending Arial duels: 0 vs 2 won: 0 Tackles: 5 vs 6 won: 20% vs 50% Interceptions: 1 vs 2 Recoveries: 8 vs 6 Clearances: 0 vs 1 Jack's and McGinn scompliment each other very well. Statistically they performed quite equal to each other. One was a bit weaker in the areas the other was stronger. Quite roughly Jack's behind 1/5 passes being made at a very high accuracy, in all ereas of the pitch. In a game where we took an direct approach. He's more or less involved in every offensive action/chance created during the game, that's not a long ball. Look at the highlights. Who won the free kick, to take it quickly, between the legs of two Everton players. In what's a perfect pass into space to Guilbert who comes on a run from behind him? Which then leads to Wesley's goal? That's Jack. He's the one who usually changes the tempo in the game and finds a pass that makes the other team unbalanced. It doesn't give him goals or assists but it leads to it. It's also quite clear that McGinn has been instructed to make those deep runs, even behind the defence. While Jack is holding back, more centrally. Dictating the play, when we weren't going route one. There was someone who said he was pretty much doing the same job as Luiz at the moment. That's just plain wrong. Luiz made 1 successful pass in the final third, Compared to Jack's 9. In total Jack made twice as many passes. Recieved the ball twices as many times, three times as many in the final third. Not comparable by a stretch. Saying he had a poor game simply because he didn't have a assist or goal is very simplistic. For me it's equal to saying Mings had a poor game vs Tottenham because we conceded. Jack is capable of more, but did he have a poor game? Far from it.
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    Surely we are all part of the Grealish fan club? If you're not then you are a blues fan probably.
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    So you want our captain to be replaced so the debate on a villa forum will be more 'reasoned'? Utterly baffling.
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    All in all I'm sort of thankful for our 3 years in the championship. It has humbled me and also shown me that the second league really is pretty damn entertaining. Won't take PL status for granted ever again that's for sure.
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    Look Micah, we let you go already
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    'Say "I'm loving Engels instead" one more god damn time!'
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    that atmosphere, cor blimey.
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    @KenjiOgiwara You do realise Grealish is the 4th most fouled played and 5th best in the league for key passes played across the entire league. He also passes with a 86% success rate. This doesn't really align with your notion that Grealish makes more square passes than he should and slows down the pace of an attack unnecessarily. It's quite the opposite. He covered the pitch in 3 or 4 touches against Spurs and still played a ball that ended with an attempt for Trezeguet. He's assisted Luiz from out-wide in the final third with a pass that allowed Luiz enough time on the ball to adjust himself and score. He and David Silva are averaging 40.7 passes per game, would you say David Silva overuses the ball? Grealish has double the key passes of Silva, same success rate for passes. As for his shooting, his ability to create space for a shot isn't his best asset, and he is often accompanied by intense attention from one or multiple defenders wherever he gets it.. So often a clear shot on goal isn't really something that's available to him, even from the top of the box, so to find the space to shoot into is difficult. He's basically shooting from around the top of the box, with a defender man-marking him, add a line of defense, plus a goalie to beat, so attempts are tough to make. Shots on target are either going to get deflected or find a very narrow angle and hit the back of the net. To do the latter deliberately is a difficult skill to execute. That's why a lot of his shots are attempts to curl them into the top corner, he's aware that the bulk of the goal is covered by defenders. Inevitably many will go wide of the mark.
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    not much, but: - Beat Middlesbrough in the LC first round, 2-2 draw, Crewe won 4-2 on penalties, were 0-2 up by half time, but MBoro scored 2 in the last 15 mins, their second in the first minute of injury time. - Currently sitting 6th in League 2 (W3, D0, L2) - Players : Nicky Hunt (defender - age 35), Paul Green (midfield - age 36), Chris Porter (Striker - age 35 - 2 goals in 5 games) & & Daniel Powell (Winger - age 28), seem to be their most senior/most well known players. - In all their League games so far, they have had over 50% Possession, sometimes as high as 60-70%, which may imply they are a "possession team", in the League 2 sense of the word? - Been in League 2 for 4 years (inc this season), were relegated from League 1 after the 2015/16 season (3 years in League 1), prior to that had 4 years again in League 2. - The majestic Jordan Bowery played for Crewe between 2017 and 2019 (loan & permanent), playing 89 times, scoring 20 goals. - We signed the equally majestic Ashley Westwood from Crewe in 2012, for the steal of around £2 million.
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    I think Grealish is much more of a natural footballer than Maddison. Maddison is someone who can get goals and offer creativity in the final third, but he can't run games in the same way that Grealish can, you'd never play Maddison in a midfield three, and expect him to dictate the pace of the game, I don't mean this a criticism as it's true for a lot of players that play in his position, but he's more of an highlights player, whereas Grealish is constantly involved all over the pitch.
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    It seems utterly bizarre to use technology to decide whether an attacker is microscopically offside but then to not use that technology to help the referee make correct decisions for penalties etc. Either use it, or just don't. The juxtaposition is going to unerringly piss people off.
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    I'm going through the steps of remortgaging for the first time, and due to it coinciding with my student loan being paid off, and having a couple of decent payrises since I took out the first deal, I can bump up the payments by enough to shorten the term so that I'm mortgage free by the time I'm 40, keeping outgoings roughly the same. Feels good.
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    Seems like he's keeping the "it's because I managed that lot down the road" line in his back pocket.
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    Proof that we actually will find anything to argue about
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    I was there on Friday... did not think walking out that two days later we’d still be in the series! Still, I’ll be able to tell my grandkids I was at the greatest test match of all time and witnessed the GOAT... run 70 yards across the ground between overs, take an inflatable watermelon off a steward and hit it back into the crowd Unbelievable innings from Stokes - everything about it was perfect, from being 3* off 70 odd balls to 135* off 200 - proper test match batting gave him the platform to explode at the end! Superb contribution from Jack Leach too, best one not out ever! In terms of changes to the team, think they’ll stick with Roy (but possibly swap him with Denly in the order). Only potential batting change could be Pope for Buttler but it wasn’t really his fault he failed yesterday. The only way I can see them getting Jimmy back in is for Woakes, yes it would theoretically lengthen the tail but unfortunately the Aussies appear to have worked Woakes out with the short stuff now anyway.
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    Last 5-10 pages summed up below. Poster 1 - ‘’I think jack has been shit’’ Poster 2 ’’I disagree he could probably do better but has been fine’’ Poster 1 - ’’No point debating with you because you’re part of the Grealish fan club’’ Rinse and repeat.
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    This should improve his mood no end. Hope Fox covers it.
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    I think if he went down the "Well done lad's and everyone involved, what a result", and left it at that then, yeah, great. If we had lost he would have probably used the batting collapse as a metaphor for the NHS or something. It's just not good. In it's purist form it's a bit, "Well done on your brilliant GCSE results, bad luck on the terminal illness."
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    Ok so I went back a few pages to find examples I and saw this... So instead of just stop reading this thread you would rather we replaced one of our best players because you feel you aren’t allowed to criticise him on here? I decided to stop there.
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    Friday was still magical, it wasn’t forced, it wasn’t set up, just 40k Villa fans starting to believe again and falling in love with our club again. End of last season was the dating, playoff final was the third date evening special and Friday we realised we were in love and told the whole world. My 40 year love affair of the Villa has had highs and lows....Friday was certainly a high. I know there will be more highs to come and more lows throughout the rest of my life but Friday will be a game I remember just like those other special games down the years. What’s more it was just a regular season game, not a final or a local rival game but there was something special to it. One thing I think we all should remember though, this doesn’t mean we are back, it means we got 3 points. We could just as easily lose the next 5 league games so we need to enjoy the night and memories but remember this is marathon not a sprint. We get high because the atmosphere of the game but not too over the top about the result, just as we shouldn’t get too disheartened or abusive if we lose some games. Target is 40 points, we are 3 points closer to that. Bring this atmosphere to each game and the 40 points is more than achievable. Embrace and enjoy what Friday was, it was amazing...we are all in this together...owners, management, team and fans, and that’s how we’ll survive this season. We celebrate together, we commiserate together. We finally have a connection between fans and the club, it’s going to be a hard season, let’s stick together and as fans let’s bring that atmosphere to every game because we are the 12th man.
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    Ain't seen Villa Park like that since Phil King slotted home that penalty against Inter Milan.
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    Sinisa Mihailovic went straight from the hospital bed where he spent the previous 41 nights fighting cancer to sit on the bench for Bolognas away game at Verona He's been following the day to day trainings from the hospital bed via live streaming and promised he would be there for the game.
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    The earths largest oxygen provider is the sea isn’t it ?
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    +1. Was amazing and after travelling over for the crap against Bournemouth it annoys me I didn't get to experience Friday night. Lost £ 200 on the match as well, but it was well worth it haha. I love betting against Villa. It's such a win/win
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    That’s the kind of thing that took my disliking of Bruce to probably the loftiest perch in football didnt watch the game but I’ve seen the stats and the penalty debate, it’s a sunshine on a dogs ass win, Newcastle fans can enjoy it but still ask questions about 20% possession but Bruce will attack them, his kids will attack them, his mates in the media will attack them, the split he’s caused in the fan base means other fans will attack them, as a result slowly your enjoyment is drained, even when you win
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    How condescending could you be? It went past him, no keeper would claim to have a ball covered when it’s hit the post. He wouldn’t have known it was going to hit the post. If he had it covered he would’ve saved it. It’s not like he pulled out of it knowing that it wasn’t going in. Yes I said he was nowhere near it, that was on first view. Having seen a couple of times, he was closer but I still don’t think he got a touch on it and definitely didn’t have it “covered”.
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    Wolves hitting a few roadblocks. They're finding out that the Europa League is domestic league curse and I think suffering from a bit of second season syndrome. They seem to struggle against bottom 10 opponents, who play a more physical game and don't allow them the space to counter them. They're outstanding at playing counter attacking football against strong opponents. I've read Wolves fans saying Neves needs a pure destroyer next to him because he isn't physical enough. Nuno Espirito Santo is a manager that seems to value the synergy that playing a consistent 11 brings, and is reluctant to change that dynamic. If they have a decent run in the Europa League and/or a domestic cup their domestic form could be quite interesting. They're an interesting club, some of their fans have got wildly carried away with their relative success so it will be interesting to see what happens if they don't match what they did last season.
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    When you say someone you love went to school with mulitiple ballon d'or winner gary gardner, was that someone @KenjiOgiwara??
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    Eriksen is one of the best players in the league. If they are trying to make an example by not playing him the only one who's punished is them. They are half the team they should be with him on the bench. All they are proving is that they need him.
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    Underrated tweet. I will not stand for this Hutton bashing though. I will remember him as a player who helps us out of the shit, being a model pro and biannually turning into Messi for lolz. But I will accept this guy being called The French Cafu.
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    Rest them all. Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Targett Marvelous Lansbury Hourihane El ghazi Kodjia Davis Solid back up team. Should get job done
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    I reckon Mings is shit too
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    I can’t bet against Villa. It messes with my head.
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    Apparently we have agreed to sign some Nigerian lad named Iffy Udanoh according to Nigerian papers. 16 y.o 6ft4 defender who was also chased by Plop and Wet Spam among others. Holds an American passport and is also eligible to play for England (according to the Birmingham Mail) Had a trial with the club during the summer.
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    Forget the West Ham way, apparently Haller is not a classic West Ham type striker Garth Crooks is some guy for bullshit
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    That was the most incredible test match I've seen. Stokes is a freak. Possibly the best innings I've seen given the context. Leach was brilliant. Unreal. Test match cricket at it's best > any other sport. I think the only change we make is Anderson for Woakes IF he's fit, but I don't think we can risk it. I'd actually be inclined to drop Woakes for Curran. A lot of harsh words about Buttler, but he'll find form. I think he's still our no2 highest test run scorer in the last 18 months? I'd like to see Roy in lower down the order, I think he's too big a talent to dismiss after 3 games. Has enough about him to deserve the whole series to prove himself. Big ask to turn yourself into a test opener against an Australian attack in a period of a couple of weeks. Funnily enough I think he'd actually go better down under, on the harder wickets.
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    I will remember him having a worldie and follow it up with 10 shocking games costing us loads of pts. Our season turned around when Jack came back fit and Hutton getting out of the team.
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    that's why the bad owner and fit and proper stuff is slightly detracting from some of the real issues the fall out from the PL, the disparity in money, the increasing wages in the EFL and the gamble that a lot of clubs, not just these 2, are now taking its not as simple as bad owners, and unfortunately that's why throwing a life line to these 2 clubs doesn't really do that much to fix anything

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