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    Just to put things in perspective. Last match we were playing direct. Our midfield got surpassed in parts of the game. We had a total possession of 35%. 85% of our total possession was in the Opponents final third. We made 219/301 passes. A 73% accuracy. 94 of them were in the opponents half and 41 in the final third, at roughly 77% accuracy. I think it's fair the conclude we played with a direct approach, in an attempt to run in behind Evertons defence.(Also shows us how flexible Dean Smith is, and how willing he is to change the approach to games in order to exploit opponents weakness) Now, how did Jack Grealish do? When the plan was to utilise Wesley and our wingers. A game where we in parts, play the ball over his head. What's his numbers compared to the teams total. Or even McGinn who's being applauded for his performance(rightly so) . I'll put McGinns numbers next to Jacks. Touches: Pases received: Total: 56 vs 47 Total: 27 vs 24 In Opp. Half: 38 vs 25 In Opp half: 18 vs 25 In Final Third: 15 vs 15 In Final third: 8 vs 9 Dribbling: Take ons: Total: 2 each Total: 2 each Retention: Disspossed: 2 each. Tackled: 2 each. Goal threat: Penalty area touches: 1 vs 2 Goal attempts: 2 vs 0 Distribution: Total Passes: 41 vs 28. Successful 88% vs 84%. Passes in opponents half: 24 vs14. Successful 89% vs 82%. Passes in Final Third: 9 vs 10. Successful 90% vs 83% Crosses: 0 vs 1. Successful: 0 vs 100% Chances created: 1 each. Asssits: 0 vs 1 Defending Arial duels: 0 vs 2 won: 0 Tackles: 5 vs 6 won: 20% vs 50% Interceptions: 1 vs 2 Recoveries: 8 vs 6 Clearances: 0 vs 1 Jack's and McGinn scompliment each other very well. Statistically they performed quite equal to each other. One was a bit weaker in the areas the other was stronger. Quite roughly Jack's behind 1/5 passes being made at a very high accuracy, in all ereas of the pitch. In a game where we took an direct approach. He's more or less involved in every offensive action/chance created during the game, that's not a long ball. Look at the highlights. Who won the free kick, to take it quickly, between the legs of two Everton players. In what's a perfect pass into space to Guilbert who comes on a run from behind him? Which then leads to Wesley's goal? That's Jack. He's the one who usually changes the tempo in the game and finds a pass that makes the other team unbalanced. It doesn't give him goals or assists but it leads to it. It's also quite clear that McGinn has been instructed to make those deep runs, even behind the defence. While Jack is holding back, more centrally. Dictating the play, when we weren't going route one. There was someone who said he was pretty much doing the same job as Luiz at the moment. That's just plain wrong. Luiz made 1 successful pass in the final third, Compared to Jack's 9. In total Jack made twice as many passes. Recieved the ball twices as many times, three times as many in the final third. Not comparable by a stretch. Saying he had a poor game simply because he didn't have a assist or goal is very simplistic. For me it's equal to saying Mings had a poor game vs Tottenham because we conceded. Jack is capable of more, but did he have a poor game? Far from it.
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    @KenjiOgiwara You do realise Grealish is the 4th most fouled played and 5th best in the league for key passes played across the entire league. He also passes with a 86% success rate. This doesn't really align with your notion that Grealish makes more square passes than he should and slows down the pace of an attack unnecessarily. It's quite the opposite. He covered the pitch in 3 or 4 touches against Spurs and still played a ball that ended with an attempt for Trezeguet. He's assisted Luiz from out-wide in the final third with a pass that allowed Luiz enough time on the ball to adjust himself and score. He and David Silva are averaging 40.7 passes per game, would you say David Silva overuses the ball? Grealish has double the key passes of Silva, same success rate for passes. As for his shooting, his ability to create space for a shot isn't his best asset, and he is often accompanied by intense attention from one or multiple defenders wherever he gets it.. So often a clear shot on goal isn't really something that's available to him, even from the top of the box, so to find the space to shoot into is difficult. He's basically shooting from around the top of the box, with a defender man-marking him, add a line of defense, plus a goalie to beat, so attempts are tough to make. Shots on target are either going to get deflected or find a very narrow angle and hit the back of the net. To do the latter deliberately is a difficult skill to execute. That's why a lot of his shots are attempts to curl them into the top corner, he's aware that the bulk of the goal is covered by defenders. Inevitably many will go wide of the mark.
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    Proof that we actually will find anything to argue about
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    Sinisa Mihailovic went straight from the hospital bed where he spent the previous 41 nights fighting cancer to sit on the bench for Bolognas away game at Verona He's been following the day to day trainings from the hospital bed via live streaming and promised he would be there for the game.
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    Rest them all. Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Targett Marvelous Lansbury Hourihane El ghazi Kodjia Davis Solid back up team. Should get job done
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    I reckon Mings is shit too
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    I can’t bet against Villa. It messes with my head.
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    I'm sure fifa would love the opportunity to flog the world cup rights as well, but **** them. There aren't many times we still get prioritised over private interests, I'm not going to shed any tears for them.
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    So important to get optimal points from a game early on and establish ourselves as a team that can win games. I feared for Smith in this regard, despite being confident in the team assembled on and off the pitch, nothing had been proven beyond our status in the league. I was wary that outcomes might not be indicative of our input. or that a slow start in regards to points may bring about uncertainty Smith's plans and our direction. Merely reminding ourselves that we were competitive and on another day could've got something from games in which we lost won't be enough. At some point results are a must. Winning against Everton means confidence is gained and fears alleviated. The pressure that Smith and his team have on them to survive becomes approval for the time being. In my mind, every game we play except for Arsenal between now and the end of October we need to be looking for the win in each game. It's a kind run and chance for momentum. Taking a haul of 15 from a possible 18 would be such statement of intent that no one was expecting, it would really set us up wonderfully every way you look at it. Crystal Palace, West Ham, Burnley, Norwich and Brighton are all games in which you would hope we add to our points total should we want to retain Premier League status. We've not played much football since Houllier in which we've been confident of the team on the pitch, that could change with our upcoming run of fixtures. I'm just thankful Smith has a view to win every game we play.
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    I wondered why the volume dipped slightly.
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    Re the Leeds documentary, this aside from Max Rushden's review in the Guardian made me laugh: 'At the end of episode one, Crowe’s voice goes even deeper: “There is a long twisting road ahead and what is about to unfold will be one of the most dramatic seasons in the club’s history.” [. . .] TV has to emote and excite and poetic license is part of that – Crowe cannot say “This will all be an anticlimax and actually not too dissimilar to West Brom’s season just with a more interesting manager and a less interesting mascot” but there is a fine line between drama and hyperbole.' https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/16/leeds-documentary-amazon-take-us-home-lack-of-bielsa
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    That was the most incredible test match I've seen. Stokes is a freak. Possibly the best innings I've seen given the context. Leach was brilliant. Unreal. Test match cricket at it's best > any other sport. I think the only change we make is Anderson for Woakes IF he's fit, but I don't think we can risk it. I'd actually be inclined to drop Woakes for Curran. A lot of harsh words about Buttler, but he'll find form. I think he's still our no2 highest test run scorer in the last 18 months? I'd like to see Roy in lower down the order, I think he's too big a talent to dismiss after 3 games. Has enough about him to deserve the whole series to prove himself. Big ask to turn yourself into a test opener against an Australian attack in a period of a couple of weeks. Funnily enough I think he'd actually go better down under, on the harder wickets.
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    The criticism of Grealish lately has verged on trolling and being contrarian for the sake of it. Imho he has had a reasonable start. Is he the finished article, not yet, but I will lay money that he will be.. FFS we are three games into our return to the PL with loads of new players settling into arguably the best league in the world. We lost the first to last years European Cup finalists, lost the second because of errors by ‘new’ players but showed enough to suggest we would be improve and against a talented Everton side did just that. Grealish Is a huge talent and imho will make his doubters eat their words. KTF., UTV!
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    They are not going to do the Kylo turns light side Rey turn dark side are they? That would be poop.
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    You mean that udanoh what Udanoh looks like?
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    I think your idea of a reasoned debate is less facts to prove you wrong.
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    If tge stories are true then Maddison might be doing something Jack will never do Get an Ireland cap
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    It's a get out of jail card to the extent. We aren't talking about Man City dipping in form because they played Juventus on a Tuesday, HOWEVER you cannot deny that a larger amount of games will cause greater fatigue and will likely result in more injuries. All these small things might add up to a few dropped points a season, and that could be the difference between 8th and 12th.
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    Haller is a fantastic player. Think they'll have a good season overall. 7th-12th window.
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    *cough* stop glorifying their military *cough*
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    Never, unless injuries. BTW, just noticed Verrett sitting out preseason with a 'Significant Ankle Injury'. Your curse is transferable
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    Sky’s the limit for us and him
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    Won the playoff final in may 2019
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    In this instance the issue is that the replay showed it was a penalty.
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    Look. Just drop him for Tshibola. Problem solved.
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    Dean didn't give the pen today because he was saying he couldn't make it out. But then VAR is using "no penalty" as a starting point, which it shouldn't do if something is being thrown to it with the proviso of "I don't know". It should start from neutral, does it look a penalty or not. If Dean had given the pen, it wouldn't have overruled it. So it's a waste of time and being incorrectly used. Refs can't not make a decision and let VAR do it because then VAR is only deciding is this so horrific I can overturn the decision of No foul. I thought that pen was as obvious as it gets, with or without VAR.
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    This bullshit is tiring. It’s nothing to do with protecting him. You think he hasn’t been the standard you expect of him. I and others think he’s been fine and a key player for us. Why do you struggle to grasp that? edit: For the record I don’t think any players should be guaranteed a start. I just can’t for the life of me see how Jack deserves to be dropped.
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    This. This is the exact situation that VAR was brought in for. Referees can miss things or misinterpret things in real time. That's where VAR steps in and corrects the decision. Can't be more blatantly obvious penalties on later viewing than that. In real time I thought it wasn't a pen/a dive. Then you look at the replay and it's such a clear foul. You can only imagine that they're too scared to undermine the refs. English officials seem to be such bottlers. Nothing has really changed from the Championship imo.
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    Last few pages of this thread...
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    Straight out the Brucie Playbook, what a total cretin, doomed to fail there..
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    If you read his or her posts enough you will see it actually makes a lot of sense.
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    From the man who thinks Gary Gardner is a ballon D’or contender How can you be so wrong so often?!
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    Any Tom, Dick or Harry wouldn't have the awareness or speed of thought to survey the situation and play the quick free quick. He also drew the foul to get the free kick by winning the ball and dribbling past 2 players. It's always been like this, even in the Championship. Jack excels at getting the "assist for the assist". He starts all of our dangerous moves. We wouldn't have scored that goal if it weren't for Jack starting that move. People think if he's not flashy or scoring goals and getting assists then he's not doing anything. We saw this in the Championship too. As soon as he was out of the team, we realized how important he was. We wouldn't have got promoted without him, but if you were to believe some of the people on here last season, he was ineffective and overrated.
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    I for one never doubted this team
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    Sorry to wang on, but he's been here 10 months, 12th in the championship when he took over, and now back in the prem full of potential. What other manager has had such an effect? Yes he's been backed, but his and his team's 'choices' have made the difference. We really should worry about losing him, if he wasn't a fan himself.
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    Shaun Wright Phillips announced his retirement. I thought he went about 3 or 4 years ago!
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    Amazing signing from what I've seen so far. I know Deano was looking at him when he was at Brentford, and he seems exactly the sort of player that they would pick up for a few million, and then sell to us for £20m. Nice to cut out the middle man for a change.
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    Hmmmm.... Fulham after 3 games last year : P3 W1 D0 L2 PTS 3 Fulham lost their opening two games & won the third. Results in the corresponding fixtures.. Spurs 3-1 Fulham : Spurs 3-1 Villa Fulham 0-2 Bournemouth : Villa 1-2 Bournemouth Fulham 2-0 Everton : Villa 2-0 Everton If we lose 2-0 away at Palace i'm going to start getting worried
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    Are you a Surrey fan by any chance?
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    I hate Soccer AM, but this was pretty fun.
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    Im off to meet Class of Man Utd 92’ player Chris Casper this Thursday at Salford City He is their Sporting Director. I’ve also been invited to Sporting Directorship Summit Event - Manchester in September.
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    Some gut wrenching posts there must have been hard to write , it’s was hard enough just reading them as an outsider
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