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    Seeing one of those guys (you know, the ones who pull out on you, forcing you to hit the brakes all while eyeballing you as if to say “go on, react and I’ll punch your lights out”), pull out in front of me, forcing me to hit the brakes all while eyeballing me as if to say “go on, etc” and within an instant hearing the unmistakable blip of a siren and a flash of blue lights and then him getting pulled over. I’m not a believer in karma but it really made my day.
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    Driving home on the A41 and got stuck behind some melt who must have been out on a day trip. It was like being behind Mr Magoo auditioning for Driving Miss Daisy. Put your foot down you clown! Don't these people know I have places to be and people to see.
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    Some good news... been asked to be best man at a wedding in Poland. Barely spoken to the lad since school but he said he has no-one else he can trust so I've got the honour. Best thing is, i don't have to sort the stag do out as some sap is doing that. Result!
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    VAR was, yeah. Guy's a muppet. The actual Laws of the Game are written and agreed upon by IFAB (the International Football Association Board) which has 8 representative nations, 4 from FIFA alongside the 4 home nations. So not only was the handball Law not forced on us from abroad, it was actually 50% agreed to by the UK. Twunt.
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    Guilbert will start next week and be brilliant. I know this because ai am removing him from my Fantasy Football team
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    If he makes another mistake Friday, you still wouldn't drop him, he's proven at this level, Steer isn't.
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    After all the overblown excitment of the transfer window where many were looking forward to top ten or higher finishes, we are down to earth with a bang - the top teams (Spurs), even on a bad day will wear you down and the middling teams (Bournemouth) have discovered the killer touch and organised resistance that is required to win points At the moment we are in adjustment mode - mistakes that are inconsequential in the Championship, U23 or Belgian Leagues are critical in the PL - Against Bournemouth we did not start with the concentration required and only really got going 15 mins in when it was too late. I beleive that Elmo and Taylor are playing because DS and Terry realise that you can't change everything at once - Heaton, Engels, Luiz, Trez, Wesley are all finding their feet with a new club, the rest are getting used to the speed and athleticism of the PL - Only Mings, SJM and perhaps Engels seem to have settled quickly I didnt buy into the hype during pre-season - we (seem to have) bought some solid players and they gelled well against limited (Leipzeg apart) opposition but the cauldron of the PL is a different matter entirely. £130m (?) spread over a dozen players only buys "solid" not "spectacular". We obviously do not have unlimited resources BUT another winger and another striker (or even just one wide forward) woud have made all the difference. Our bench does not give many forward options - imagine how differnet it would have been if we had Maupay and Benhrama to bring on (or start). AEG and Jota look like bit part players so far. We've not seen Nakamba but we have cover in midfiled so I'd have prefered to spend that money on a forward option instead The players have the ability to get much better. Jack in particular is too good a footballer not to take lessons from the first couple of matches and adjust his game - at the moment I think he is trying too hard and as players around him adjust and improve he will go from strength to strength - we do need to get better quickly though. If we continue on for a while without a win, the nervousness and frustration could find players going backwards not forwards For me it will all stand or fall on Wesley - lets hope the scouting team have got it right and he delivers what is expected. He's trying hard I think but I've been unwhelmed with what Ive seen so far. Not many occasions where you can think "wow hes going to be a player". If Smith can't get a tune out of him then its going to be a very long hard season I trust Smith to get things right and find a way of playing that produces results but I'll be very happy this term to finish 17th - I'm expecting a long and frustrating season, we need to manage expectations and guard against being overly critical
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    Sold all my rare ones recently this was my fave
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    I think a number of posters already have. What a strange hill to die on.
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    I just want 3 points on Friday and I’m happy.
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    Gary Neville said the same thing last week. Said there were players like himself, Wes, Nicky Butt, his brother, Darren Fletcher etc who weren't THAT good but the team needed players like that and SAF somehow got them to play at that level anyway. He really is looking so much more remarkable now with the benefit of hindsight. One thing that sticks out now is the lineup he played away to Wolfsburg in the CL and won 3-1. Wolfsburg were probably the best team in Germany that year too. Any other manager and that team would have done well to stay up.
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    That's your problem, you're meant to put your head through the hole and pull it down over your body.
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    The problem with both Elmo and Taylor are that they are, as someone has said previously, "momentum killers". Elmo will often receive the ball in an advanced position when he is ahead (further forward offensively) than the opposition winger/full back but will always check back rather than driving on. He can clearly deliver, as the clips above show BUT typically only does so when we are dominating possession/camped in the other half. If this is is not the case, his crosses are typically from deep - as the first one was above (for Jack's missed header) or as for AEG's goal in the play off final. What I saw of Guilbert was much more dynamism, energy and drive and an ability to interact/interchange with his winger. Taylor rarely gets forward and, on the occasions he does will often look a bit clueless. Again, if we are having a period of dominance, as above, he can join in, but neither are good at turning defence into attack. If not Targett, I would prefer Hause here. He was solid defensively and the crosses he was putting in when he had the run at left back were as good as any I have seen from a Villa full back in recent years. Their lack of dynamism also means that we can sometimes struggle to retain possession - as for the Spurs game - as you are effectively 2 men down in the midfield. I am hoping they are both replaced, as I think both Guilbert and Targett will give us more energy/allow us to play at a higher tempo. However, I should say that I am not been overly unhappy with either Taylor or Elmo's performance and am more comfortable with them as back up/in the squad than I thought I would be at the back end of last season, I just think we would be a better team with Guilbert and Targett playing.
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    Fair point. I'd rather we force teams to think about us more than we think about them, especially at home.
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    I can genuinely only think of one person who I could ask to be best man, and even him I'm not sure of. I barely see my uni mates any more and I never really had any close friends growing up (well, one, but in sixth form my girlfriend at the time cheated on me with him so that put an end to that friendship). So yeah, @Stevo985 and @StefanAVFC, I may have a job for you in a few year's time. I can see the speeches now... 'I remember that one time on Rocket League...', and 'So we were playing GTA Online, right. @lapal_fan had just finished running Rich over for the fiftieth time that night...'
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    I've never seen The Matrix. Seemed pointless as I've not watched Matri, Matrii, Matriii, Matriv, Matrv, Matrvi, Matrvii or Matrviii.
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    I know. I'd have took it full on the chest, Ronaldo chopped it and put it in the stanchion.
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    Yeah, I’ve been confused a few times recently when I’ve been on this iPad where I’m suddenly looking at someone’s profile. Then I worry that they think I actually deliberately looked them up. Then it dawns on me those people that have looked me up, probably didn’t.
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    Bring it on. I’ve had enough of england deciding the offside rule.
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    And if they get their way on Brexit... this will be next.
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    To be fair to Holloway, it's no less coherent than anyone else you hear arguing that it's a good idea.
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    I’ll be walking around The Vatican by KO time.
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    I agree and would go so far as to say it wasn’t even rash, he just put his foot in the wrong place to try and slow himself down and it was wrong place wrong time. It’s done now. We move on and I for one and so glad we have Heaton. £8m ... still think it’s a bargain.
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    Another bad game? He was brilliant against Spurs and has made 1 mistake, lets not start pretending he has been throwing them in every week. He is a top class keeper that made a mistake, shit happens. So you're not a fan of Heaton? That in itself is strange, however: A bloke that has been 3rd choice for pretty much his whole career is "easily good enough to play in the PL" I don't know what you're watching pal.
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    Nitpicking maybe, but a pet peeve of mine with Tarantino is him regularly using his title cards with “Chapter One : .....”. Pretentious as ****. I know he uses a similar thing with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and I don’t mind them as much for whatever reason. I do prefer those two films anyway, so perhaps my tolerance is higher. I dare say there are some other directors who use it, but something about QT’s usage of them rubs me up the wrong way.* Generally more or less everything since Pulp Fiction I’ve seen has been either patchy, indulgent or overlong but admittedly peppered with the odd moment of brilliance. * For what it’s worth, I think an instance where title cards are used nicely is The Shining - “a month later”, “Tuesday” etc are sort of meaningless reference points but because of that they have an unsettling quality about them.
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    I still think that will eventually happen. It's a monumentally shit idea that messes with the very fundamentals or a league being a fair competition. Clubs having one of their regular matches abroad, without adding an extra game, would be a better solution. But it's still absolute shite, and a solution to a problem that doesn't exist
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    fair play to you. you've done that quick
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    I must have been going lightly on yo' ass that night. It was usually in the 100s
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    JDH continuing to impress. Nice.
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    Even his most devout supporters must think he can be an absolute arse.
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    FFVIII remaster release confirmed
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    I cant tell if this is you being serious or joking?
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    Problem with a Friday night game, is that if we lose it'll ruin my entire weekend.
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    They said it on a podcast I used to listen to and there are occasionally little clues on Twitter. From Rugby or thereabouts.
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    I have a blind spot ..... worst guide dog ever One of our kids just got their GCSE results - last time I heard that many D's match of the day was starting In science the saturation point at which grated cabbage can no longer absorb Mayonnaise is known as Cole's Law I once dated a red head ... no hair just a red head. Everyone thought it was a perfect match I've got a talking dog, last night at the Karaoke he was booed off stage when singing "its oh so quiet" - suppose his Bkork s worst than his bite I just sold my old Mic on ebay, so annoyed no feedback
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    For all the failings of soccer Saturday (it feels incredibly tired) no one can get near it, bbc and bt versions are garbage The thing with motd is though you could show the footage with no commentary and no attenpted analysis and it would be better, I don't want Murphy I just want to see 10 mins from each game
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    Pretty absurd to ask him to drop deep, be the link-up, i.e targetman then complain he hasn't scored in two matches with very limited service. Just be patient with him and he'll get 12-13 goals
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    Actually if you read through this I haven't once been rude or abusive or condescending without someone retorting to that first. Amongst them you. But feel free to play the victim card. I always prefer arguing the case before person, but VT is largely a place where if you don't follow the main stream opinion there's a lot of suppression techniques and ridicule. Now lets just say we disagree on how well Grealish played and leave it at that. Personally I hope we just replace him with someone next summer, so we won't have such incredibly biased views on a Villa man. Based on the first two matches, assuming we're still a PL team, finding a replacement of similar quality won't be too hard.
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    So why was the City goal disallowed then as that was not a clear and obvious error - not a single person witnessing the game even considered there might have been an issue. And close offsides, where there's centimetres in it - again, how is that clear and obvious when it takes multiple replays and fancy virtual lines drawn across the screen to ascertain it? It remains a bunch of bullshit for me, granted it's not been as damaging thus far as I first feared in terms of it disrupting play but my position has not changed one iota, I don't like it and I don't see the need for it.
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    Has Jamie Redknapp ever made an interesting point?
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    I must have watched a different game. I thought we had some really good chances. We really need to keep optimistic.
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