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    Can't believe he hasn't scored in 2 games in a new team including away to CL finalists where we backed off trying to hang on to a 1-0 lead or against Bournemouth who parked the bus after 2 soft goals conceded in 10 mins. What a flop!!!!
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    This hasn't aged well.
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    Seeing one of those guys (you know, the ones who pull out on you, forcing you to hit the brakes all while eyeballing you as if to say “go on, react and I’ll punch your lights out”), pull out in front of me, forcing me to hit the brakes all while eyeballing me as if to say “go on, etc” and within an instant hearing the unmistakable blip of a siren and a flash of blue lights and then him getting pulled over. I’m not a believer in karma but it really made my day.
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    Don't worry, there's a new plan: "Hey Ireland, why don't you join us in our nervous breakdown and handcuff yourself to us when we jump into the sea?"
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    Driving home on the A41 and got stuck behind some melt who must have been out on a day trip. It was like being behind Mr Magoo auditioning for Driving Miss Daisy. Put your foot down you clown! Don't these people know I have places to be and people to see.
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    My flight is booked, my accommodation is sorted, and I have tickets to the Man U game arranged. I still have to get currency, and hopefully get tickets to Villa Park for the Leicester game. Before this thread, when my dream was just a fancy, I was flying blind. @chappy, @villa4europe, @sharkyvilla, @Mandy Lifeboats, @tomav84, @juanpabloingram, and @Morley_crosses_to_Withe, thank you very much for your valuable input, and helping me be less clueless. I am very grateful. If we should meet in person, I would be happy to share a pint with any of you ( my shout). I hope to pay forward my experiences and inevitable knowledge through mistakes, to those who wish to go over. I think I am done with this thread, and it probably warrants a spin off. A blog that nobody will read .
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    Some good news... been asked to be best man at a wedding in Poland. Barely spoken to the lad since school but he said he has no-one else he can trust so I've got the honour. Best thing is, i don't have to sort the stag do out as some sap is doing that. Result!
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    VAR was, yeah. Guy's a muppet. The actual Laws of the Game are written and agreed upon by IFAB (the International Football Association Board) which has 8 representative nations, 4 from FIFA alongside the 4 home nations. So not only was the handball Law not forced on us from abroad, it was actually 50% agreed to by the UK. Twunt.
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    Ours wasn’t that cheap, but it certainly wasn’t as stupidly expensive as the current fashion for ‘event’ weddings. Stag and hen do’s were basically local pub crawls. Wedding ceremony and church were free if we agreed to it being a little earlier (the vicar was also a local league ref and it meant he didn’t miss a game if we got married at 11:00am). A mate worked as a coach driver so his pressie was buses to get everyone from the church to the works social club I was a member of and got members’ rates for the food and the evening do. The cake was by a friend trying to set up a cake business. Even the wedding rings were presents. And on it went in that discounts and favours way. We spent what money we had on a roof and a week in Paris.
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    I will go "sans socks" today in honor of your hiatus.
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    Also people are talking about that mistake like it's the worst thing they've ever seen. He was right to come out for it, just wrong to actually go for the challenge. It was rash and it was definitely a mistake, but I do think there's a bit of an overreaction here.
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    I'm currently on my honeymoon... We flipped the budget, by effectively eloping and then going on a very long honeymoon. We were just discussing it this morning - we're away for 34 days or something and we've 9 left, but the worst day was the wedding day! Not bad, just not great! However, very early on we decided that it wasn't going to be flash and it was unrealistic to expect it was going to be perfect! We eloped to NYC but with an open invite to anyone who wanted to come (largely for holiday) but with no expectations. We thought maybe 2 or 3 might join us, in the end there were 20 but 75% were linked to the bride. Unfortunately it was the only day the weather was crap (outdoor wedding and photos!) but the meal at a fancy private room hotel overlooking the skyline was epic... Until brides mum said she didn't really like me in front of a few people! Everyone else really enjoyed it. There was no airs and graces, it was all low key, no speeches and the best man was my brother in-law. I simply could not have got married in the UK due to all the pressure and politics etc. If I was to change one thing it would have been to have eloped properly! Unfortunately, we have agreed to have a UK reception in October so that's when some politics might be coming in to it! For a start, my wife now wants to uninvite her parents! Interesting; if they didn't warm to me already, they'll bloody hate me after that conversation! Ultimately I wouldn't give too much weighting to one day. It really isn't that important and this comes from a newlywed. Guests, best men, maids of honor are all a distraction really. I have little time for people who have a view on how others should do there wedding, it's the couple's day not theirs and if that's what makes life easier for them, right or wrong, let them go for it with a smile. When I look back I'll be focusing on our honeymoon in NYC, Hawaii, San Fran, LA and now Cancun rather than thinking about how one day right at the start could have been slightly better. I've been a best man once. It was incredibly stressful but because I didn't want to let anyone down rather than any particular pressure or politics. I did feel perhaps that some of his older friends (pre Uni) might have been disappointed but they quickly forgot that when it just turns in to a good weekend on the stag do and best man has the responsibility and they have the fun and actually see the best man more! I also, sadly, haven't spoken to that groom in over 8 years due to my own mental health issues (for another thread) so one day doesn't give you any more guarantees or superiority in a friendship. It's such a silly day, especially in this day and age when most have been living together for years, that it's not worth getting in to financial or emotional debt over. If it's yiurs, enjoy it for you as a couple, if it's someone elses just do what they want or don't go! *This applies to every non-religious ceremony, can't imagine pressures from those or, even more complicated, cross-denomination ones!
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    Guilbert will start next week and be brilliant. I know this because ai am removing him from my Fantasy Football team
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    Jones will be sacked by Sunday.
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    Wasn’t even forced upon us by UEFA or FIFA. It was the Premier League who voted and agreed on it. Thick as mince
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    It is just fascinating how wilfully thick people can be and not give a shit. Not even not care, but go on TV and flaunt it. You simply can’t legislate for someone with all that money and all that time and a lifetime in the industry that still manages to think the hand ball rule in football has been forced on us by the EU and will revert back to what the queen wants on 1st November.
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    The utter ****wit who was driving behind me on the A41 for miles, practically taking up residence in the boot of my car. Constantly edging out to try and overtake me, seeing that there’s on coming traffic and that we’re both stuck behind half a dozen cars and they’re stuck behind a tractor. Hence why we’re going 20mph below the speed limit, you ****ing dolt. But no, half a mile later, check again to see if you can overtake... Hope you got home safely, Representative for Wellingborough.
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    "Commiserations to the woman who has to spend her life with this laggy son of a bitch"
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    If he makes another mistake Friday, you still wouldn't drop him, he's proven at this level, Steer isn't.
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    Steer isn't good enough. It would need a serious bad patch for Heaton to let Steer back in.
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    Summary from the Tuesday night- Doyle-Hayes makes an impact, again. Bree (Luton) Away at Sheffield Wednesday (1-0) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.65. Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Home to Carlisle (2-0) - Played 90 minutes. Assist. Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Away at Bristol Rovers (2-0) - Came on after 75 minutes. Wednesday night Andre Green's Preston host Scott Hogan's Stoke.
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    And how many of Elmo passes were forwards quick and relieving pressure ? I can guess less than 1 in 8 ? You cant obviously play every pass forwards or quickly but if you look at Bournemouth, they managed it. 3 quick passes in the floor and they were within shooting distance, they did that throughout the entire game as the defense moved the ball quickly. Taylor more so but both play the safety first game 80% of the time which means when we have possession, 80% of the time it will be a slow build up. With the new rule of playing from a goal kick, now more than ever we should be using the quicker playing and thinking players. I can see taylor being replaced before Elmo due to the support Elmo gives the attack over taylor but unless trez is going to be a superstar I cant see us damaging teams with great effect with the fullbacks as they are. It's about getting the playing system working as best it can and as mentioned several times, defensively both fullbacks have done their primary defense duties perfectly well, as reactionary players rather than proactive players. The system requires proactive players in each position.
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    Larry 'The Mole' Taylor, bass player with Canned Heat has died, aged 77. RIP
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    What you’ve hit on there is something that really puzzles and annoys me. If we had had this Manager for two or more seasons of failure - or even one ! - I would have a little more understanding as to why some question his selections so stridently. But this guy transformed us from a team heading for another Season in the Championship - at best ! - and masterminded Promotion. The protestations are too much, too soon, and of very little faith. Surely he gets the chance to show he knows what he is doing ?
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    After all the overblown excitment of the transfer window where many were looking forward to top ten or higher finishes, we are down to earth with a bang - the top teams (Spurs), even on a bad day will wear you down and the middling teams (Bournemouth) have discovered the killer touch and organised resistance that is required to win points At the moment we are in adjustment mode - mistakes that are inconsequential in the Championship, U23 or Belgian Leagues are critical in the PL - Against Bournemouth we did not start with the concentration required and only really got going 15 mins in when it was too late. I beleive that Elmo and Taylor are playing because DS and Terry realise that you can't change everything at once - Heaton, Engels, Luiz, Trez, Wesley are all finding their feet with a new club, the rest are getting used to the speed and athleticism of the PL - Only Mings, SJM and perhaps Engels seem to have settled quickly I didnt buy into the hype during pre-season - we (seem to have) bought some solid players and they gelled well against limited (Leipzeg apart) opposition but the cauldron of the PL is a different matter entirely. £130m (?) spread over a dozen players only buys "solid" not "spectacular". We obviously do not have unlimited resources BUT another winger and another striker (or even just one wide forward) woud have made all the difference. Our bench does not give many forward options - imagine how differnet it would have been if we had Maupay and Benhrama to bring on (or start). AEG and Jota look like bit part players so far. We've not seen Nakamba but we have cover in midfiled so I'd have prefered to spend that money on a forward option instead The players have the ability to get much better. Jack in particular is too good a footballer not to take lessons from the first couple of matches and adjust his game - at the moment I think he is trying too hard and as players around him adjust and improve he will go from strength to strength - we do need to get better quickly though. If we continue on for a while without a win, the nervousness and frustration could find players going backwards not forwards For me it will all stand or fall on Wesley - lets hope the scouting team have got it right and he delivers what is expected. He's trying hard I think but I've been unwhelmed with what Ive seen so far. Not many occasions where you can think "wow hes going to be a player". If Smith can't get a tune out of him then its going to be a very long hard season I trust Smith to get things right and find a way of playing that produces results but I'll be very happy this term to finish 17th - I'm expecting a long and frustrating season, we need to manage expectations and guard against being overly critical
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    I'd have moved into the flightpath to take it right in the scrotum to psych them out then flicked it over my head as it dropped and scorpion-kicked it to Wesley on the half way line, doing 10 one-arm press-ups whilst it was in flight then moonwalked back to Heaton to take my high-five.
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    Yeah, but it doesn’t stop me writing names in my little book so I can nurture a grudge over unhealthy lengths of time.
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    This bad boy will be down to Crickhowell this weekend. A tractor will seem like a Porche.
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    Tom Ince. Lazy, stroppy, greedy, self indulgent shoot on sight merchant.
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    I don't know what has happened, but I LOVE this new Ingram guy, he's funny. The old one was a proper prick. Keep up the good work, new ingram guy!
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    7 minutes from when you posted that to liking my post. Work going well then?
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    If it’s any consolation I’ve now almost completely forgotten the time I suggested on here that Gareth Barry would be an ideal buy for us because of the good example he’d set for others, only for the daft sod to go and steal that bloody taxi in Spain three days later.
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    Same as me, mine cost 5K for everything, no church, town hall in the village where you come out in the middle of the village once you are married above a fountain, reception on the beech and stuff. It was brilliant. It's not the place or the flowers, it's the people. Both families were so happy it could have been in a caravan and they would not have cared at all. 13 years so far.
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    I think he needs to start next to Douglas Luiz in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
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    Goals wise it's not too worrying as you say. For me its the fact he is making around 8 passes in 90 mins and people are saying he holds it up well and is good at bringing others into the game. If he isn't looking like scoring then this part of his game needs to be brilliant and it's pretty abysmal. I'm hoping it improves Friday. I feel sorry for him as our recruitment has put serious pressure on him.
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    I'd be shocked if Holloway knew how to use household plumbing.
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    Eventually. However the club stonewalled for ages, during some of which time he remained in a player-facing role. I will say that Purslow appears to be the first person at the club who actually took the matter seriously, so fair play to him for that.
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    22 years old too. Give him time ffs.
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    It's not so much people thinking that Everton will beat us that I disagree with, it's the notion that we can't hope to beat them, I mean if we were to take away the Villa angle and imagine Norwich, Sheffield United, or Brighton, three teams who you might say are of a similar level to ourselves, then would we be dismissing their chances of beating a team like Everton at home? I'd say that they'd all have more than a decent chance of getting three points, that's not underrating Everton either.
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    I've put it on a couple of times, and have to turn it straight off. I just can't stand the background shouts from the pundits watching a game that's not the one being discussed. Really annoys me.
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    Today's exchange which cheered me up Colleague : "There's coolant gas leaking somewhere in the server room. The company are coming in tomorrow to fix it." Me : "So they're freon Wednesday"
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    I know. I'd have took it full on the chest, Ronaldo chopped it and put it in the stanchion.
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