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    I am 100% sure if we had started with Guilbert, Targett, Luiz and Jota we would have lost my a much bigger scoreline yesterday. There are games to throw a load of new players into and yesterday was not one of them.
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    Some are slamming Smith for not adapting to Eriksen. But if anyone can confidently name 5 better number 10s in world football then I'd be amazed. Eriksen is one of the best in his position in the world and when you look at our bench it's very difficult to see who could have been deployed to mitigate his quality and impact. I think some Villa fans, when they see Spurs, still think of the side we used to compete with over 10 years ago, whereas they're now an established top four side who are having relative success in the Champions League, they're a few levels above us, not sure on what planet we were expected to go there and play expansive football and have success, they're light years above us athletically and technically, we did very well to give them a hard game.
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    Can’t understand the above comments. That was a good performance with a team that isn’t full strength agains the team that finished fourth and were runners up in the CL and have improved since then!!! Good effort. This team isn’t getting relegated.
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    It's always fascinating to read what opposition fans think and it's interesting how so many people can watch the same game and have different views on what happened. From my perspective we got hit with an early counter attack goal and then Villa parked the bus quite successfully and we had no answer to it (and not for the first time - our lack of guile when teams defend deep is nothing new and you're not the first team to exploit this weakness). Poch admitted the first half was "his fault" as the formation wasn't quite clear and he sorted this at half time. To be fair we had 7 first choice players missing and fielded an 11 who had never played together before so I suppose it was to be expected. Our success in the second half was purely down to the change in formation and our fitness. Still can't get used to being referred to as "Champions League Finalists" - that does feel weird. Even though yesterday we only started 6 players who played in the final. It's great to have a big club like Villa back in the Premier League. I think some in this thread are being over critical - you've got some good players and we were properly tested yesterday. I can't see you having any problems staying up if you play with that commitment and attitude for the rest of the season.
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    But did you watch the match?
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    Good news for you. We've already done that. Perhaps we should just sack them off though because they didn't start one. Single. ****. Game. **** sake.
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    Oh wow, just been reading this thread from the start. Some of you need to give your head a wobble.
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    Even after Jack lost the ball, was pure luck the ball dropped to Kane. Bounced off Mings and Engels.
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    After watching lots of football this weekend, there are really only a handful of teams we should really fear playing. I feel we can be competitive in most games this year.
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    Part of the problem here is expectations. From Poll. Managers Performance - Poor = 10 Votes...for getting within 10 minutes or so of beating CL finalists. (Smith). Managers Performance - Poor = 5 Votes...for getting beaten 4-1 Away at Sheffield United last season in one of the most embarrassing and insipid showings I’ve seen from us. ( Bruce). That, to me, says some people’s expectations have sky rocketed. Unless anyone actually thinks the two performances were similar ?
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    Not quite sure what game some of you were watching. Hourihane was brilliant first half, broke up the play well and harassed their midfield. Second half he tired as did the rest of the team. We effectively chased shadows for 45 minutes. The 'he's not a DM' debate is boring now. He's not a DM, but until Luiz and Nakamba have been integrated into the squad he will play there. Hourihane is one of our most important players whether that's starting at DM, pushing McGinn and Grealish for a starting CM spot or coming off the bench late on; he will be massive for us this season with his goals and assists. Don't know why we always have to have a scapegoat.
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    Hourihane is always the scapegoat. Whenever anything goes against us it will always be him, the things that cost us the game were poor substitutions and Grealish fannying about in a dangerous area which he has done on more than one occasion. We were not losing when Hourihane was on the pitch, however it's never anyone else's fault. I thought he played well today and he is far more productive in terms of goals and assists than anyone else in our midfield. Seems like our fanbase single him out as he isn't McGinn/Grealish and he doesn't have flashy foreign name. It's quite tiresome to be honest and we wouldn't be in the premier league without his goals or assists which some people seem to forget.
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    Got to apologise guys. Was out last night and had an absolute shit load to drink. Anything I posted on here please ignore.
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    There are 2 leagues as i see it. League 1: Spurs, City and Pool. Games against these are near impossible League 2: Rest of the league. All winnable
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    I don't think anyone can question the fullback decision cos Elmo and Taylor didn't really do much wrong
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    Not many teams will come away from Liverpool, Manchester City or even Spurs with anything this season. Some teams will concede three goals or more. Our season will be defined by our results against the rest of the league. Anything gained against these three clubs would be a major bonus. For quite some time, despite the increasing pressure upon us, it seemed possible that we might unexpectedly hold onto at least a point. We were eventually undone by a striker that if made available for transfer, would cost more than all of the new players that we have just bought. It is perhaps early days to judge how effective this new look Villa team can become. It will need to settle and quickly look to minimise errors that are punished more often than not in the PL. The two teams that did battle today have differing objectives this season. Spurs are looking to qualify for the CL again. Our initial target has to be safety. Today's game suggested to me, that both clubs may well hit their targets.
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    Plenty of obvious lessons to learn from that one; we need to be able to keep the ball, in the second half we barely had a touch, Grealish needs to realise that at this level he sometimes needs to move the ball away quicker, he got caught on it more in this game than in all of last season and we need to take our chances, we had a couple in the first half at one nil that would have given us a proper lead to defend. I thought in the end, they stepped up the pace in the second half and wore us out, then had the quality to make something of that. Erikson changed things. Throughout the game there was a whole of lot of Sissoko to Winks to Rose to Winks to Sissoko to Lamela to Sissoko to Winks - where it looked like they were going side to side and getting nowhere - they were, but they were also wearing us out and in the end our midfield just couldn't cope with chasing the ball. Their dominance of possession allows them their chances. They had 5 shots on goal in the first half and 25 in the second half - largely because we couldn't get tight on them and we couldn't keep the ball. I thought our lack of a back up striker showed - we needed either a threat or someone who could hold the ball up and Kodjia is neither of those things at this level, he'll be useful off the bench against lesser teams, but he's a good championship striker against a champions league defence - personally I'd have preferred Davis and the ability to hold it. Wesley struggled a bit and he's going to be incredibly important for us this season, hopefully he'll have a better run at Villa Park next week. The midfield three were excellent in the first half, as were the full backs, both wingers were bright early and died on the hour mark. Jota isn't really a winger and again, I think we might struggle with a lack of depth down the flanks. We'll trouble people though and against lesser teams I think we'll create chances from wide areas. The real bright point for us was the centre backs and keeper, they looked excellent, and although we conceded three goals I don't think you can judge them on that as they defended manfully long after any protection in front of them had melted away. Unheralded centre back makes impressive debut away at Tottenham on the opening day? If he goes on to have a career as good as the bloke that did that in 2001 I'll be delighted - as it is, I'm impressed by Engels performance today and I think his partnership with Mings looks especially promising. Spurs away is tough, and we made it tough for Spurs, but there are lots of areas to improve on and a couple of concerns. Not every team in this league can do what Spurs do though and if anything, our real challenge starts next week when we play a team from our division. Dust yourself off, learn, improve and come back against Bournemouth.
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    Some of the comments on the first page. Good god. Proud of them all today. That's a strong base to go from. We will be absolutely fine in this league and we'll give some of these teams a real shock. UTV
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    The solution is so easy, I've said it a dozen times on here. Just don't stop the game. Game carries on, sub can't come on until the other player leaves the pitch. They'll soon be legging it off if that was the case. Why does everyone have to stop and watch the sub coming on? Who gives a ****?!
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    If's and But's 40 is the magic number of points we need to beat relegation. Last season this would have achieved 15th place in the league. To achieve this we would require 4 points per month. If we were to better this and achieve 6 points per month we would beat Wolves last season with a haul of 60 points, 7th. For now let's aim to beat relegation. August Tottenham - Loss Bournemouth - Predicted Win Everton - Predicted Draw Crystal Palace - Predicted Win Predicted Points - 7 Current Points - 0 Let's see how we get on. Last seasons prediction's saw us win 10 on the bounce and move from 14th to 5th.
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    Spurs started the game with their record £63m signing, we started with our £22m record signing. They brought on Eriksen rumoured at a value of £70m, we brought on Jota £4m. You can only work with what you’ve got.
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    Good effort yesterday against a side who have spent mega, were in the top euro final and are strongly tipped to be the challenge to Man City and Liverpool this season. Football is all about results and up to 84 minutes, even though it was all hands to the pump at times in defence, if the result ( even a draw would have been fantastic) had stood people would have been on here with great optimism about the coming season. OK Kane popped up and spoilt these thoughts but , similar to our own forums, it then takes no time for all the doom and gloom merchants to be in evidence and forget about the positives shown. People have mentioned Norwich being pumped at LFC but at least Villa were in the game to the last 5 minutes. The one I would be taking would be the fact the defense looked up to top premier league opposition for a vast time in the game compared to much of last season. Goalie looked assured and I have liked Mings since he joined you last year. It is going to be a steep learning curve in the PL so lets see how the manager does over the next 4 or 5 games but as always wish you all the best.
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    Terry, I think there is a difference between making observations and Criticisms. There was much to be positive about yesterday......For 60 minutes we was leading by a well taken goal, in a fantastic new stadium against a team that has been developed for over 6/7 years by a world class manager. We were 5 minutes or so of securing a draw and only a lucky ricochet and tired legs denied us. There were some really outstanding performances in our ranks and if we think we are going to come up from The championship and out play teams Like Spurs Liverpool, etc in terms of ball control and positional play....we are deluded.In that respect they are years ahead of us and have had the advantage of spending big on one player at a time to escalate the team quality.....We just need to stay up and then perhaps do the same buy better quality in the fullness of time. We rattled Spurs make no mistake, Poch was uncomfortable for long periods of that game....and we seen that running without the ball for long spells, wears you out. Dean Smith was as clear as a bell in his summing up, there's no need to dwell on it from me, He knows and he knows what he has to do. Its still so,so early in our Premiership development and what a Baptism. All I was hoping for was to make a good account of ourselves.....and I think we done that. The parking of the bus as some criticise was mainly tired legs, against better quality opposition, but yes, that is something we can work on.....There was half a team still gelling, what do folk expect? Some forget Dean is still learning too, first game in the Premier league. for him and Richard O' & JT as a coach. In many ways.....I think we were far better than I expected. PS Hats off to Heaton, Mings and Engels.....****ing amazing. PPS In some ways the worry will be hanging on to those players that shone in that company....cross that bridge when we come to it ,I guess
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    More blocks than a Lego factory!
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    I watched the game on Sky from a neutral perspective and thought you weren't too bad, got of to a good start, and held a very, very good team at bay for a long time, 2nd half they then brought on Erikson and he changed the game for Spurs, you also then got sloppy at the back, from then there was only one winner, Dean Smith would have learnt a lot from that first match, nothing there he can't put right, it was always going to be difficult, and that match shouldn't be a guide that its going to be the same each week, Bournemouth will be a better game to judge on how you well do, I also see you have the same type of clowns on here as we do on our forum, slagging off the team already, Unbelievable !!! Still, we got a lucky 3 points at Middlesbrough, and I saw Maupay come on as a sub for the Seagull and score, a dream start for him.
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    It’s Game 1 ffs.
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    Kodjia doesn’t have a chance with many on here and unfortunately if last year is anything to go by with many at the ground too. He came on for 15 minutes when we were getting absolutely battered by the champions league finalists of last season and unsurprisingly got very little ball and lost the aerial battle against alderwiereld and Davinson Sanchez. He had nobody anywhere near him on the rare occasion he got the ball and forced to spend the majority of his time on the pitch in our own half. Douglas Luiz was literally jogged past for their third goal but kodjia gets hammered for laziness in a game where he was feeding off absolutely nothing. I’m not sure how he was supposed to press 4 defenders and 2 midfielders on his own either as the rest of our team were pretty much camped on the edge of our own box. Im hindsight it would have been a better game for Davis to come on as an out and out hold up player as that game was never suited to kodjia’s strengths.
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    What i like about Smith is in his post match interviews it sounds like he's actually watched the same match as me, rather than living in some fantasy land like a few previous managers. We'll be fine. Smith will learn from this. Let's not start getting tetchy after losing our first match against top opposition when were still trying to integrate about a billion new players please. Bournemouth at home next. I haven't looked forward to a match like this for decades.
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    Played against a top side and held our own for the majority of the game. A few fickle ones here clearly didn’t watch what Spurs did to some of Europe’s top sides last season.
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    Omg what is wrong with people. If we are beating Spurs away then we should be competing for the league. Villa looked competent. Looked like a top 14 team. That’s all we need for now!!!
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    I see 4 leagues. League 1 - Man City, Liverpool League 2 - Spurs, Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea League 3 - Everton, Leicester, Wolves, West Ham League 4 - The Rest Whilst games from league 2 and 3 are winnable. It will ultimately come down to beating those in league 4 in my opinion. All 6 pointers.
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    I love Jack but I hope we can stop saying he is one the best English midfielder out there. He has so much to prove.
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    Some of the comments on this thread - i’d be ashamed for DS, the team or the owners to read some of this.
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    The movement/strength shown by being the focal point is what allowed McGinn to score
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    It also means we shouldn’t be expecting instant results. We’ve got a lot of players who need to bed in. I said it in a few other threads a couple of weeks ago. We may well be quite shit for a while. But we’ll get there
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    I forgot what it was like to lose. I also forgot how irritating VT can be when we lose. I saw enough to be encouraged today. People expecting a lot in a game away against Spurs are ambitious to say the least.
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    You don't think we should at least try the ones we already bought first?
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    I mean, we looked very dangerous in the first half, and we were beating one of the best teams in Europe for 70 minutes. We were nearly liquidated a year ago. We looked like we just generally tired and it's understandable due to how much pressure we were under. Some things to learn from in that game, but there are a lot of positives to take away. Some of the comments in this thread are embarrassing.
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    Funnily enough despite people's reservations about him not having the defensive skills needed to play as a DM, that was probably the strongest aspect of his game today in what was a good performance. Only real criticism from me is that - like much of the rest of the team - he looked like he wasn't used to the pace of the game at all and his distribution really suffered for it. A lot of the team are learning on the job when it comes to playing at this level, but I think he showed enough to suggest he'll be able to make the transition and become very useful for us this season.
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    I think project Deano is very promising. 1) the recruitment team clearly knows what they're doing. 2) we could have walked away with points today if we had a bit of luck. 3) and however you look at out performance, it was our first match back in the PL. For some players their forst PL match ever, in fact for most players. Against one of the best sides in the league, AWAY. An established side with world class talent. Against last years CL finalist. Our players are fairly new together. We fielded second string fullbacks, didn't play Luiz, Marvelous, Targett, Guilbert. Get this team settled. Find the right first 11 and this could be very fun. I honestly feel a lot more comfortable going into this season after today. UTV
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    now....i dislike Conor in the DM role....... but, in all fairness watch Spurs 3rd goal, Luiz gets ran past like hes not there, and Luiz doesnt even try to bust a gut to get back, if Conor did that we would all go nuts......hopefully Luiz just needs to get up to speed, but that wasnt acceptable by Luiz, just as it wouldnt have been acceptable from Conor. P.S - i hope Luiz or Nakamba replaces Conor next week
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    Some people for some reason didn't seem to realise how good Spurs are, was seeing lots of comments after they beat Real Madrid about how that result was a reality check for us, and also similar when they were meant to be signing Coutinho and Dybala. Shouldn't need those things to tell us that they're a much better team than us at the moment, regardless of who they beat in pre-season or did or didn't sign, they were always going to be favorites to beat us, and will pretty much be favorites to beat almost everyone they play at home.
  46. 4 points
    I've seen enough to give me confidence for the rest of the season.
  47. 3 points
    Sitting back? I thought it was more like we couldn’t get out because the quality of the opposition pressured us so much, on and off the ball that we couldn’t do anything. We know Dean isn’t a sit back type of manager which suggests we just couldn’t get out. Sometimes you have to realise that the opposition was better.
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    Was surprisingly relaxed when I heard about him starting today, I thought going with the most settled back 4 in this match was the way to go (& I am definitely not a Taylor fan) - but today, he played very well and fair play to him. Defended well and distribution was fine. I think Smith keeps players in the side if they are playing well and by that token he should start against Bournemouth and I think he will. However... Not dismissing Bournemouth (I dont think we can dismiss any team in this league) but, at home, I'd like to think we would set up to be on the front foot and if that's the case Targett would be better suited, so will be interesting to see who gets the nod. But today, well done Neil
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    Can beat a man for pace and trickery AND can put a decent ball over. First winger like that we've had since the Season 2 version of Ashley Young.
  50. 3 points
    Fairly clear the players we suspected aren't at this level are not at this level. Couldn't keep the ball for 10 seconds. Spurs are a good side but that was an embarrassment.

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