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    Some are slamming Smith for not adapting to Eriksen. But if anyone can confidently name 5 better number 10s in world football then I'd be amazed. Eriksen is one of the best in his position in the world and when you look at our bench it's very difficult to see who could have been deployed to mitigate his quality and impact. I think some Villa fans, when they see Spurs, still think of the side we used to compete with over 10 years ago, whereas they're now an established top four side who are having relative success in the Champions League, they're a few levels above us, not sure on what planet we were expected to go there and play expansive football and have success, they're light years above us athletically and technically, we did very well to give them a hard game.
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    But did you watch the match?
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    Even after Jack lost the ball, was pure luck the ball dropped to Kane. Bounced off Mings and Engels.
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    There are 2 leagues as i see it. League 1: Spurs, City and Pool. Games against these are near impossible League 2: Rest of the league. All winnable
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    I don't think anyone can question the fullback decision cos Elmo and Taylor didn't really do much wrong
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    Kodjia doesn’t have a chance with many on here and unfortunately if last year is anything to go by with many at the ground too. He came on for 15 minutes when we were getting absolutely battered by the champions league finalists of last season and unsurprisingly got very little ball and lost the aerial battle against alderwiereld and Davinson Sanchez. He had nobody anywhere near him on the rare occasion he got the ball and forced to spend the majority of his time on the pitch in our own half. Douglas Luiz was literally jogged past for their third goal but kodjia gets hammered for laziness in a game where he was feeding off absolutely nothing. I’m not sure how he was supposed to press 4 defenders and 2 midfielders on his own either as the rest of our team were pretty much camped on the edge of our own box. Im hindsight it would have been a better game for Davis to come on as an out and out hold up player as that game was never suited to kodjia’s strengths.
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    Funnily enough despite people's reservations about him not having the defensive skills needed to play as a DM, that was probably the strongest aspect of his game today in what was a good performance. Only real criticism from me is that - like much of the rest of the team - he looked like he wasn't used to the pace of the game at all and his distribution really suffered for it. A lot of the team are learning on the job when it comes to playing at this level, but I think he showed enough to suggest he'll be able to make the transition and become very useful for us this season.
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    This is a superb post. I’ll just leave it here and hope people see that the ‘we are Aston villa’ BS didn’t allow us to escape the trap door last time and we are owed nothing at all by this league. We’re a newly promoted team and we’re going to get a kicking from time to time. Let’s take the positives from yesterday - of which there were many - and move on. Dean is the man to lead us.
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    Alot of talk about Spurs being a quality side. And they are. However, this was Spurs without Alli, Eriksen, Son, and with a new young right back KWP. This, imo, was the weakest Spurs team Pochetino has put out for a long time. And still the gulf in class was enormous. I really dont understand why we haven’t improved on Taylor, Elmo and CH. All they did all game was try to stand in the way and block shots or crosses. After this performance , i hope we finish 17 and escape relegation. We wont be finishing higher. Two new full backs and a quality def mid in January please.
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    Agree with all the positives. Great display from Tom and if that's his usual standard we've absolutely mugged Burnley at that price.
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    Pretty clear if you understand French
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    Tammy Snodgrass Pocchettino Adomah Forest (they are a big club and gave been out of top league far too long) Sterling Kante Albrighton
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    Nah, bollocks. He needed to actually move. The one time he had a chance to relieve pressure, he tried some weird fancy backheel thing and just gifted possession to Spurs. I don’t mind Kodjia, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who comes on as sub and runs less than the person they’ve replaced. He didn’t help us at all.
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    We barely had the ball that second half. What was he supposed to do exactly? Tried to play it simple when he got the ball. Did nothing wrong.
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    She's acting like a 9 year old with all those emojis. And she's a mother? I would be embarrassed if my mom did that.
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    100% right..Taking points from any of the top six will be extremely difficult & unlikely. To survive in the Prem its all about taking points from the clubs like Newcastle, Sheffield & Southampton. Beat the clubs around you.
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    Im off to meet Class of Man Utd 92’ player Chris Casper this Thursday at Salford City He is their Sporting Director. I’ve also been invited to Sporting Directorship Summit Event - Manchester in September.
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    I probably stick up for him more than most in here and I have a big soft spot for him despite his brain farts from time to time. That being said he was awful today. Absolutely awful. Half-arsed pressing, strolling around the rest of the time. It's not like he deserves blame for the defeat, but he's earned his pelters tonight with that cameo.
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    His hair looked nice.
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    A few baffling comments in this thread for me. We held our own against a very good team for 80 odd minutes. Not a very good team like Leeds or Norwich last season but a very good team that got to the champions league final a few months ago. Disappointing to see a mistake from Jack give them the winning goal but that’s a lesson for him and us to learn quickly - mistakes are punished in this league and we can’t dawdle on the ball. Inwas very impressed by Engels and Mings in partnership and Heaton made some great saves. I also thought Taylor had a good game having been less than impressed to see his name on the teamsheet! We really struggled once Trezeguet was replaced by Jota. I assume it was a fitness based sub but we lost all our threat on the counter. I thought Trez was very good today and with a bit more composure could’ve had a debut goal. Jota is a player for games when we are going to see more of the ball, not away at the top 6 sides. El Ghazi was also quiet second half but again I think he’ll come into his own against the lesser teams (of which there are 13+!) A few people calling out Hourihane - I wouldn’t choose him to play as our DM (and I’m sure Douglas will replace him when he’s fully integrated in training) but I thought he did a decent enough job today given the opposition. I noticed him out of position a few times but on the whole he wasn’t massacred like I feared! Wesley needs to get up to speed with the physicality of the league and what defenders are allowed to do to you. Looked like he was expecting more protection from the ref today. On that note, I wasn’t impressed with the referee, seemed like he was desperate to keep Spurs fans happy in their new stadium. A note on our goal - absolutely brilliant from SJM; the initial header followed by the dummy (intentional?!) and calm finish. Shame Trez couldn’t show such composure in front of goal! 3-1 was a fair result based on the stats but not based on the performance and the way the game played out. Saw enough tonight to say that we’ll be fine this season, just need to tighten up on a few things. We won’t be pushed as hard in all our games. Looking forward to Bournemouth next week, hope VP is rocking - I expect it to be!
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    I don't think we could have gone much more defensive without putting another goalkeeper on, could we? That's not a criticism, it almost worked, but I'm not sure I saw any evidence that Lloris even came out of the tunnel in the second half.
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    Some parts of Ibiza are absolutely stunning. Cant taint the whole island just because of the British nob heads that frequent San Antonio after dark.
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    I'm not as convinced as you that we will dismantle Bournemouth or anyone else for that matter - I do however think I saw enough yesterday to believe we can compete in the premier league this season. I would say this - I do hope you are right and I am totally off base.
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    David Silva, Juan Mata I always have time for. Retired now but always liked Jon Walters not the most talented but would run through walls for the team. Tough guy too
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    I also think it was also to bed Trezeguet in quicker, having played internationally with Elmo.
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    Play like we did yesterday against Bournemouth and we'll dismantle them. Spurs are just another level entirely, I mean they are challenging for the title this season and might even win it. So for us to go there and compete for 73 minutes before they equalised is nothing to scoff at. Most teams in this league will go to that stadium and lose, we will likely see teams like Liverpool and Man city go to that stadium and lose this season so we did pretty well. This league isn't as hard as Spurs made it out to look, the only thing yesterday told us is that we're not vying for Top 4 this season, but I think we all knew that anyway.
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    There is often a lot of knee jerk reaction on here after a game.We win a game 1-0 and we are world champions lose a game 1-0 and we are relegation fodder.We could have drawn that game if we had held out for the last 5 mins and on here it would mostly regarded as a brilliant performance. Our big game is actually next week against Bournemouth.They are an established premier league team with a very good manager who have actually spent quite a lot of money .Some on here will expect us to win that game.I am not sure. We are a team in transition that is going to need time to gel.Instant results are not going to happen.Weneed to be patient with all our players.I remember when Bergkamp was signed by Arsenal he took quite a long time to settle.Wes was playing against some of the best central defenders yesterday ,he will time to adapt. if fans get on the backs of players this early we are in trouble.
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    @PompeyVillan isn’t saying Luiz will be rubbish, he’s saying in the minutes Luiz played yesterday he didn’t impress. Don’t see anything wrong with that. As for Conor thought he did ok, but like the rest of the midfield will learn from spurs and how quick they are on you.
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    I’ve posted here before that I’m a St Mirren fan that just comes in to read all the plaudits McGinn takes from the forum, and I love reading them. Strange sense of pride watching him line up as a first team starter in a Premier League team, and even better he got a goal. It’s a shame Spurs never played Wanyama in midfield because McGinn has previous for absolutely bodying him, and that was when he was 18.
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    We’ve got a Marvelous solution for that.
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    In many ways he looked like a very good player, made some good blocks, reads the game well and was very good in the air. He won the arial battle with Alderweireld and the set pieces, I thought he would be a bit to weak and get bullied, but saw non of that. The concerns I have, which I hope he improves on, is that he seems a bit passive at times. In the first half when a spurs player was off side when he ran towards goal it was Engels man, but it was Mings and Elmo who rushed back and made the tackle, Engels jogged back. At their first goal and on another occation as well he let the spurs player shoot, he sat down and made some kind of ice hockey block, I'd like him to instead have the instinct that Mings have, that is throwing his body in front of the ball/player, not putting a knee down on the ground and try to cover.
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    This guy looks the real deal. Really polished performance from what I could see. Excited to see how he progresses in the coming weeks and months.
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    It looked a foul on the final replay, but Grealish hardly complained so I think he got caught as well as ball getting knocked it the same movement. --- I also don't want Jack to start hoofing it. I want the rest of the team to play like he does and pass the ball.
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    Felt he was our motd up till half time, was running the midfield. He was defence game was actually really good, could tell he was well up for it, covered a lot of grass today. Silly mistake for the goal but overall he had a decent game, alleviated pressure at times too
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    We were integrating 4 new players into the starting XI. It's possible that Dean didn't want to include more than one new player in each part of the pitch (just a guess). Bit let's not forget that Taylor played his part in our unbeaten run, as well as the playoffs. He did well today against one of the best teams in the league and is not one of the areas of concerns from today's game. He's earned the right to keeps the shirt for Bournemouth IMO.
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    as i said before, love Jack, but.... The highlighted section happened exactly as i noted above for Spurs goal. He really needs to realise players can come at him from behind, its like he has a blind spot or something....
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    Butland getting some stick on the Stoke forums. Been at fault for a couple of goals this season at least according to them. I'm glad we got Heaton
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    It never is. So many people on this forum have a knee-jerk reaction and it's always an overreaction. So many ignore the fact we were playing one of the best teams in world football today.
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    He’s going to find it a challenge to begin with. He’s just a kid and come from a pretty weak league. No amount of training and pre-season games can prepare you for the Prem. He grew into the game and showed some flashes of quality in his hold up play. That would have been a hard gig for anybody today, we were pinned in for most of the game and he was feeding on scraps.
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    Can we draw a line in the sand right now everyone. No slagging off or snarky comments towards posters with different views to your own. That goes for both sides. Its shit. It creates a divide. Just share your opinion on the match and cease point scoring against 'them'. Its **** boring. Blind positivity and endless negativity are two extremes of the same 'shit fan' sliding scale. Just comment on the match, not each other. Not that anyone will follow this of course.
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    Had perhaps the simplest job to do in the second half: If you ever get the ball, keep it for as long as possible. Couldn't do it. Tried to lay it off immediately to an exhausted midfield. I would have left Wesley on.
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    I haven't missed all of the snark if anyone dares to not get on board with the happy clapping. Close game, lads. We had them right where we wanted them.
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    I thought he was magnificent. Apart from the last ten minutes!
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    The guidelines for offside will have to change. Having people be ruled offside for tiny margins, margins they can't possibly be seen by a human in motion, and that ultimately don't really make a difference, is nonsense. They'll either have to reign in VAR use for it or change the rules.
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    It's inevitable. Except from a vending machine. Boom.
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    yeah was going to put that in and then thought about creating a games not gone thread following your other comment his wife has breast cancer, she's from Sardinia so inter have sent him to Cagliari on loan so she can get treated surrounded by her family
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