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    yeah was going to put that in and then thought about creating a games not gone thread following your other comment his wife has breast cancer, she's from Sardinia so inter have sent him to Cagliari on loan so she can get treated surrounded by her family
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    Look how far off claret the skip is. Doesn't match the branding at all. Sack the board.
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    Or, you know, stick to chants that don't have racist undertones.
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    He is already at one of the "big guns"
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    Like 2 rats fighting over a piece of chewing gum in a urinal, they are happy it's deep enough to swim in but, very sad that it's too deep, steep and shiny to climb out of the useless words removed. "Welcome to small heath the fabric of the city"
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    Much like the Abraham chant last season, I don't think anyone is saying that people chanting this are being deliberately racist. Just that it's a chant that has clear racist undertones even if it's not intentional, and it's probably a good idea if we all move on and leave the chant behind. Being told to cheer up because you point this out isn't exactly the best solution.
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    I used to love rusks when I was little. Good to see they're still about.
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    What, you think potential new supporters are looking up crime statistics before they decide whether they want to become a Villa fan or not?
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    Yes definitely I agree with that. However I don't have any issues with us going with Wesley, Kodjia and Davis as our options up front if we brought in Benrahma for example to bolster the wide forward positions. I think it's pretty clear we are setting up this year to score our goals from all across the front 5. McGinn is getting forwards at every opportunity, Jack gets up there as well and the wide forwards are clearly designed to be a major goalscoring threat simply based on the players we have recruited - gone are the days of last season with Elmo and Adomah smashing in 50 crosses a game to Tammy's forehead. I think if we brought in a CF focused on goals, our overall play could break down (unless they were a top tier link up man as well, in which case we are paying top $$ which seems unlikely at this stage of the window). I'm certainly not saying we couldn't improve with a signing like that, but I'd be happy to go ahead with what we have and give Kodjia opportunities, or even Davis. While the latter doesn't have much of an eye for goal his link play is superb and we could function well as a unit with him in there.
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    Only philistines!
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    I think something along those lines would be far more iconic and in keeping with our history than the modern bowls everyone else is having. Some round windows, stained glass etc.
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    Above my post from June. Brentford have signed Dru Yearwood today from Southend. He is a good player I rate him a lot.
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    Smith talking to Villareport...
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    I always thought a redevelopment similar to the Lucas oil stadium would look beautiful
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    This. The current badge is gorgeous in monochrome.
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    Now we need to find our Salah and our Mane. The worry that he won't score enough goals will soon be pacified if we can get others close enough to him that they are doing the scoring on the teams behalf. Through pre season this has looked to be the aim. We have goals everywhere.
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    I disagree. The facilities inside are a million-miles away from what you get in modern stadiums. When you look at the amount of cash it brings in the likes of Spurs and Arsenal, plus how much it improves the match day experience and encourages casual fans, I think it's a big issue. It also encourages people to get there earlier/stay later, which helps with the congestion on top of the financial benefits. Pitch-side, the ground is great, but the concourses are shit, and there's nowhere near enough space to bring them up to par with other stadiums.
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    I put a few quid on for Villa finish in the top half and win the league Cup. Happy days if it comes in as its 500-1.
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    You either move with the times or get left behind. If anyone will make the right decision regarding Villa Park/new stadium then it’d be the owners we now have. I’ll go with whatever they decide.
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    The original series of Twin Peaks is still one of the best ever, and has influenced a lot of the big shows that have come since like Sopranos, Mad Men and many others. Although there is a big drop off in quality in season 2 when David Lynch left the project, he did return to direct the last episode which is rated as one of the best of series. To full appreciate the new season of Twin Peaks, it also helps in a big way if you've watched 'Fire Walk With Me' as that's a vital piece of the story and is a sort of prequal movie to the TV series. The thing with season 3 is that it's quite a bit different from the orignal series, in that it's more like one of David Lynch's movies like Mulholland Drive or Inland Empire, I think you can probably watch it without having seen the original series, but will appreciate much more if you watch the whole thing, even most of the bad episodes of the second season have some worthwhile scenes.
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    Its why i think its a great league. Its so unpredictable. At the start a lot of Villa fans thought we would walk it because we spent big. People shit on it but it's an unforgiving league and lot more fun than Premier League
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    Sky Sports have linked us to France under 21 striker Jean-Kevin Augustin.
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    Mbappe’s out of the question then?
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    Cranbrook is a very nice village (not really a tourist destination!), and you could probably find a nice Airbnb there. It's just down the road from Goudhurst and Sissinghurst which I mentioned. I think it depends on what sort of stuff you want to do. East Kent is quirkier, and has this kind of bleak, sparsely populated feel to it which can be quite impressive on a nice day. The seaside towns in East Kent are more interesting. I'm not a fan of Canterbury, but it's not a bad base for seeing Whitstable, Margate, Deal, etc. West Kent is generally nicer and leafier overall, but a bit less interesting. In addition to the list I gave you before, take a look at Rye (on the Sussex coast) which is a short drive from Cranbrook. Tunbridge Wells is worth a visit as well - just the old bit by the High St and the Pantiles. What sort of things were you looking to do? Do you have kids to entertain? Do you like hiking? Drinking? Seafood? National Trust sites? Art? Four-day benders?
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    I like you’re style. Is there anyway we can have enough A’s that we’ll qualify for Europe by default?
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    I think you've got the point to be honest. I think there is a possible way, but I think the bit I have highlighted in your post pretty much sums it up. It does require some action, but it really frustrates me that the mantra from the press is "it cannot be stopped now", when actually there are methods to do so, its just sheer incompetence of politicians/in their own interests not to do something about it. Oh but the ultimate action would be to lock the government up for contempt of court, which would be quite funny. Boris could share a cell with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon...
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    Yeah I'm aware of a few of those but they're u18. So I'll add the younger ones if and when they turn out for the u23s (which they probably will).
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    I saw a aeroplane earlier today up in the skies, but I don't think he was on board that one.
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    We were 2 quicker wickets away from winning this match comfortably in the first innings. There's not too much wrong with the side, but you can see the lack of red ball cricket patience. Roy's wicket was ridiculous, but I back him to reign that in and to adjust. I'm not sure what Denly offers that couldn't be improved by shifting the order and bringing in Curran instead. I would drop Mo and consider Leach. Archer in for Anderson next Test, maybe you could try Sibley. I'm note sure Burns, Roy, Root, Stokes, Buttler, Bairstow, Curran, Woakes, Broad, Leach, Archer for next test. Assuming Jimmy is injured. If you bring in another opener instead for Denly you could do Burns, Sibley, Root, Roy, Stokes, Buttler, Bairstow, Woakes, Broad, Leach, Archer. The collapse on day 5 is most frustrating, as generally, unlike some recent series' the match didn't succumb to the usual pattern of one side starts well, and the other just gives up after 4 sessions. This did ebb and flow. Need to work out how to get Smith out early though. Do that, and the complexion changes quickly.
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    Why on earth are they sending Anderson out to bat?
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    Lucky we're not the Nomadic Economics Club then really. fwiw I'd hate us to turn in to something like the O2 in London with an arena in the middle of a remarkably soulless shopping complex of chain eateries and cinemas The guy who gets ripped for pitch fees with the burger van is all part of the charm for me.
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    I'm not sure why Torino would agree to that, if they are going to lose their best player and captain you'd think they want some money to replace them no? Loans with an option to buy only really work for fairly specific circumstances, like when a team is trying to offload a player they are struggling to shift, this is not that scenario.
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    Gotta be honest.......if people wanted to sing about me having a massive piece I'd be more than happy with it!
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    Yep, I'm not normally one to lay in to umpires as it's not an easy job but this Test has just been remarkable with the number of errors from them. Some of the mistakes have been utter shockers..
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    People seem to forget quickly. You can't blame them after what happened all these years. Now we're breathing fresh air so it's something different.
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    Happened in Frankfurt this week, a random attack apparently and a small child was killed. Sounds weird but I have always stood with my back to the wall on the tracks just to stop the unexpected
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    They haven't shipped out a single player who wasn't out of contract have they?
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    Leeds have 4 players unavailable apparently, so that's them winning 3-0
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    What are they going to do in January when Smith has been sacked and Grealish sold to Man United?
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    We have won 17 of the last 20 games we have played. And a penalty shootout.
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    The pass was very good, but I kinda liked the work he did before it even more.
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    Would still take 17th right now.
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    Jesus Christ. The state of Birmingham Mail's website. Adverts and autostarting videos everywhere. Read a sentence and then clicked off it. Utter shitshow.
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    I grew to love the Championship and a little part of me is sad we're no longer in it*, so I'll definitely be watching it. Fulham and Brentford to get promoted automatically. Cardiff via playoffs. *Then I remember we're Premier League ballers and all sadness dissipates.
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    Well, Apologies Useless. Classic Brum Mail then
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