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    Is no way we could have went into this season with Jedi, Whelan, Adomah, Hutton etc in the squad and then just adding 4 players like Allardyce said We would have been a laughing stock come May. This was necessary
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    Nobody's saying it isn't risky. Of course it's risky. What we are saying is that it's LESS risky than the proposed alternative.
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    Good to see this thread getting back to what VT is best at...
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    Yeah I know why you ask. It was the absolute worst way to introduce yourself to a club and had it continued in that vein it was the last thing we needed while trying to be promoted. It looked deliberate and people argued the toss based mainly on whether they liked him or not (rather than on whether it was guilty or not). But the way he has taken to the club, and acquitted himself as much off the pitch as on it, being the leader and an almost quasi-captain, you can't help but love the bloke. I can scarcely remember a more popular transfer now. And his 'on the pitch' performances have shown me that he is not 'that kind of player' and that there is a viable argument that it could very well have been accidental now. So when the evidence changes, I change my mind. Suffice to say I've completely done a 180 on him and am 100% on the Tyrone Mings train now.
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    So it comes down to you thinking in that in that scenario we would have enough quality cover with last season's starters I suppose. I disagree sir. Disagree hugely. Signing 12 players is a risk. Signing no one like Norwich is a risk. Signing a couple of players and trusting the promotion team that got you up like Sheff U is a risk. The biggest risk for us would have been to rely on those who last season were clearly not good enough even for the Championship top half. We had a solid mix of gold and guff in our side. The guff has all gone (apart from Neil Taylor). We may have replaced it with more guff, foreign guff. But at least it's not stale old guff we knew wasn't good enough. We've tried.
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    I'd sign him just to piss the Leeds fans off.
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    Dean Smith did a Q and A tonight, my family went. Work permits sorted for Doug and Marv, they’ll be in Germany, and we are looking for a striker. He can’t recommend that the club buy Maupay at Brentford’s asking price and we overpaid for Mings because it was like having your son held to ransom.
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    Struggling to see what's not to like!
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    I saw tons of pages since yesterday and thought something had happened. **** sake lads.
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    Can we move on from Sam Allardyce's signings from 5-9 years ago please?
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    After doing zero research I'm leaning towards no.
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    Look we all know it's a risk. It's a massive risk. Chances are half the signings we have made won't live up to the billing. However, it was the best option available to us and it has been executed in the best way possible. The rest is up to the players, coaches and a bit of luck.
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    Don't understand why people are putting in Trezeguet over Jota tbh
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    Hi guys and any ladies, I have joined your forum in the real hope that you can just maybe, hopefully, help me. What it is, I am trying to research the career of my second cousin, on my grand-father's side, Leighton Phillips. Leighton is from Briton Ferry, the same as my dad and they were cousins From my research I can see that Leighton played for your great club and I would very, very much like any memories of him, any anecdotes, and to just maybe be able to tell me what he was like as a player? I believe he actually captained your famous club but I don't know any dates. Any info at all you can give me would be very much appreciated. Especially the time when Villa won 5-1 v Liverpool and also 2-1 at Anfield - circa late 70's, amongst other, no doubt, note - worthy games. When I was a young boy Leighton passed on a black and white photo of Villa, through my auntie Ena, but sadly, I don't know where it is now.. I love footballer and I have supported Liverpool for years but this is something which I have always wanted to do and now is as good as time as any. Anyhow, all the best, Thanks for reading, Andy Phillips
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    I know you're all desperate to hear what I think about the notion of us doing a Fulham. Luckily I was interviewed for the Premier League Daily podcast, so the wait is over! https://play.acast.com/s/manchesterfootballsocial/a5c841b4-69b0-47aa-812e-cf9559f6354f
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    You want below average players on the bench? Really? To change a game or protect a lead ypu want to bring subpar players on? And no, them being not fit for purpose is not Hyperbole. Watch how many of them end up in the PL. Sorry mate. We're not on the same wavelength at all.
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    Never been a fan of zaha , always thought he was the most over rated player in English football, think a lot of my dislike for him comes from his constant bitching about being fouled , jack gets a lot worse treatment and just gets off the floor and gets on with it
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    I love Dean Smith's attitude. That interview he did with Christian Purslow on the day after the play-off final showed his ambition. The guy asked him what the club's aims were for the coming Premier League season and Deano said we will try to win the league. He said that you have to go into every game trying to win it. I think that's brilliant and makes for entertaining football, which after the dross we've had served up under some recent managers, is absolutely welcomed by me. We might get a tanking against one or two of the big boys but at least we'll go down fighting and playing the game in the right manner. I am beginning to believe that Dean Smith, whenever his tenure comes to an end, will leave as a legend of this football club.
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    I'm glad you're not manager Son suspended Dembele bought by Chinese club weeks ago Wanyama injured hasn't travelled and expected to be sold before window closes
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    What's happened to this thread? I came on here to debate about Fat Sam and you folks are all discussing potential transfers, ffs!
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    Went to sleep. And when I wake up this thread had gained 14 pages. Got excited about some new transfers and you are still discussing the same shit. Sweet Jesus.
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    Good night for Labour in Wales, their nearest rival was the Monster Raving Loony Party.
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    I'm bored. We haven't signed a player for HOURS.
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    Hopefully we've got some replacements lined up...
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    I'll do it for you mate. GK - Steer, Kalinic, Nyland RB - Guilbert, Elmo, Bree CB - Chester, Mings, Hause, Dunk LB - Hutton, Taylor RM - Adomah LM - Green, El Ghazi CM - Whelan, Grealish, McGinn, Lansbury, Hourihane ST - Rondon, Kodjia, Davis, Hogan You said 4 to 5 players - so Mings, El Ghazi and Hause take up 3 of that. 2 other players with PL experience? Well you need a centre back because Chester is not going to play regularly enough. So let's say Dunk for £35m has an experienced very good CB. You need a striker so let's say Rondon for £25m. That's your lot. Sorry but that squad to me is a much bigger risk. Especially in midfield where one injury means we have to face the prospect of Lansbury or Whelan playing a run of games. Likewise up front, the wings, centre back and full back. Basically its a no.
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    We should all celebrate this window in this manner. If we all do it at exactly the same time, we can break the space-time continuum and bring peace once more to VT.
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    I don’t really see why people are struggling with @Genie‘s opinion. I don’t agree with it personally. But he does make a good point that bringing in so many new players is risky. There are countless examples of that not working (and also plenty of examples of it absolutely working) my personal opinion is that’s less risky than keeping more of the players we released, but I can certainly see where he’s coming from.
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    Please don’t try to convince us that Eastenders is only on for your wife.
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    New season of Mindhunter out in a couple of weeks!
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    Yeah villa are signing an upgrade on Thor, first glimpse..... I hear he is rapid.
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    So, basically, from what I understand, we are doing a triple deadline day swoop for Neymar, coutinho and belotti. Think we are aiming a bit low there
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    I think Big Sam the manager would have thought differently to Big Sam the pundit. As a manager he would have looked properly at the squad and realised it needed major surgery. As a pundit looking for a cheap headline, he’s gone the way of most of them. Quick glance at the situation, over 10 signings, conclusion, too many. Add to the fact a lot of those players we released are quite well known names and that adds to the, “didn’t need changing”, argument. Except that ignores the fact that those players made their names in the past and are no longer capable of performing at a higher level. Plus I doubt very much that Sam or any manager would turn down the chance to sign over £100m worth of players in a transfer window. “Nah Wes you’re alright, we’ve got enough with Albert, Glen and the Scottish Cafu. You get yourself a new Lear Jet lad.”
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    I think that, as good as this summer window is, each one of us would prefer not to have a summer like that again. I would much rather buy 3 players at £30mil. What some pundits and people fail to understand, is that most likely Dean Smith and the board did not wish to bring in 10-12 players this summer. It was the necessary evil, as we only had 17 senior players at the start of the window. I think that everyone of us realises it's a major risk to bring in so many players and that should that team fail to gel, we might be in trouble. Having said that, we have not 'done a Fulham'. The players were brought in early so that they can adapt, train, and have a solid pre season in the Claret and Blue shirt. Should we fail to stay up, we can sell some of these players, most likely at a profit. At the same time, if we do go down many will likely stay with us considering they are young and unproven. Should we stay up, their value will only go up and up. Was it a risk? Yes? Did it have to be done? Yes. Was it done well? As well as any one of us could have hoped for at the start of the window. I think that the discussion of ''was it the right thing to do' to bring in some many players?' is totally missing the point.
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    Remember this time last year, when Brucie had banished all our defenders and not replaced them? Those were the days.
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    I don’t agree with @Genie but he’s been treated far too harshly here.
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    Yeah, shame a cheat will be tarnished over an incident of cheating.
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    Micah and Gardner are irreplaceable
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    Heaton Guilbert Engels Mings Targett McGinn Marvellous Grealish Jota Wesley El Ghazi
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    I'm not sure those people are the target audience
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