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    Nobody's saying it isn't risky. Of course it's risky. What we are saying is that it's LESS risky than the proposed alternative.
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    Good to see this thread getting back to what VT is best at...
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    Look we all know it's a risk. It's a massive risk. Chances are half the signings we have made won't live up to the billing. However, it was the best option available to us and it has been executed in the best way possible. The rest is up to the players, coaches and a bit of luck.
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    Good night for Labour in Wales, their nearest rival was the Monster Raving Loony Party.
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    We should all celebrate this window in this manner. If we all do it at exactly the same time, we can break the space-time continuum and bring peace once more to VT.
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    New season of Mindhunter out in a couple of weeks!
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    I think that a strategy whereby you have subpar players who are not fit for purpose waiting in the wings behind an overpriced first choice is terrible and should be ridiculed. Why? You will almost certainly need them to play at some point. Oops. They also provide no competition and are a waste of resources. So you could say pointless. I know you said you dont agree. This is not aimed at you or anybody in particular. I dont know what you mean by groupthink. There's no clique here in my opinion. Nobody is saying you cant have an opinion, but if you get ridiculed for having an opinion some people think is nonsense, that's just part of forums isnt it? Why so sensitive? It's nothing personal. Last I'll say on this because its tedious. I havent seen one argument that suggests what we've done this summer is anything but correct. Not even close.
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    I'm not sure that was the election to take too much from regarding Labour's performance. Yhey traditionally come third by a distance there and it was patently the case that whilst they didn't feel they could withdraw from the fight, they didn't exactly go all out. Problems remain (pun), but this was not one where they'd have wanted to take 3,000 votes off the liberal. Like the Brexit Representative for Wellingborough took off the tories.
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    Heaton Guilbert Engels Mings Targett McGinn Marvellous Grealish Jota Wesley El Ghazi
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    Jog on mate, this is Fat Sam Talk
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    Instead of K1,K2 etc for our blocks they should be renamed with legends of our club. So K1 could be the Ian Taylor enclosure K2 The Billy Walker , K3 Sid Cowans . This way more of legends get the recognition they deserve.
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    if it's who I think it is, she's got a similar attitude to the backdoor as well
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    Not sure about Bannan but lad from Leeds Ayling was there too
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    That's the key for me, i think Smith is definitely the sort of Manager/Coach that views his role as someone that makes players better. It's not a job for his staff while he peers though his office window whilst writing up his next half time Churchillian speech, he wants to be in the training pitch with these guys improving their games. I agree it may take a few weeks, whilst also acknowledging that not every transfer will work out, but I'm confident that Smith will get the best out if these guys and turn them into a decent unit.
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    Wolves will have about 50 games if take Europa serious which includes lots of travelling so can see rotation. Them 2 plus Jota is a good forward line Bet they wish for days of Kevin Doyle and Ebanks Blake
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    We should also bear in mind that, barring basically a miraculous pre season, there absolutely WILL be a bedding in/gelling period. I honestly think there's a very good chance we are going to be quite shit until September. I'm confident it'll all come together. But it is almost inevitable that with this many new players, we aren't going to click straight away.
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    Typical vague in the know covering all bases
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    He has great teeth.
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    AIDS is slimming AIDS. That's why people catch it.
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    Obafemi Martins! Claims to be 20 years younger than he actually is... Lost all his pace by "26" and had to move to MLS...
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    You'd better check it hasn't already happened
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    Their recruitment is a shambles.
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    It's a bit of a boring chant, that's why. Also it really strains the vocal chords.
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    Will be our best player this season.
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    The issue with number 1 is that you have to do major surgery eventually, somewhere down the line. I would love to hear who you would have kept and who you would have signed in that scenario?
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    He can play as many players as he has bibs for.
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    You know Villa are doing well when the arguments are about Big Sam.
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    Yeah, I know what you mean. I just clicked on the first area I saw and luckily there were 2 seats together. If I had clicked another area that didn't have the seats available and then gone back to select a different area, they'd have all been gone. Just pure luck I clicked the right one.
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    let’s get Kalvin in for when we need to park the bus
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    We're making a few waves it seems.... https://www.ilposticipo.it/calcio/altro-che-manchester-city-la-squadra-che-spende-di-piu-in-premier-league-e-una-neopromossa/?intcmp=gazzanet-aston-villa&refresh_ce-cp "Forget Man City, the biggest spending team in the Premier League is newly promoted..." Goes on to say we've been reborn since going down and coming back up showing a lot of ambition could the next step for a reinvigorated Aston Villa be a european spot? I won't transate it all, but it's something I missed a couple of weeks back, thought it was interesting!
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    Top bloke strikes again! Offering some work to Villa View content creator.
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    Tshibola has played in a friendly for CR Congo too I think. Yeah, some of those wont be here long but what are we up to? 16 as it stands?
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    The same Allardyce that said we should have signed no more than 3 players this window, yes.
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    Sorry but I don't think you are looking at things clearly. Forget the amount of players we have brought in just for a moment..... Do you honestly think that the way this club is currently operating and the statements made by Purslow, the owners, Smith, that we are in the midst of the biggest cock up ever?! I don't... Firstly there are the players we have signed. All have resale value, at the worst for the same cost we brought them in for(after all every championship player is 20m min). Secondly, there is also no chance whatsoever that if we did go back down the players contracts will not also take a hit. Thirdly, like it or not if the we did drop then the sale of certain players will also cover any operating loses we would take. You have to also factor in that none of the players we have signed will have been on massive contracts previously. Possibly Heaton however I would also believe that although he has possibly had an uplift on his previous contract due to his age it wont have broke the bank. Fee's will also be paid over several years to clubs as is the norm so the likelihood is that in this first year we may not even outlay a 3rd of the total fees agreed. I can understand people having reservations, as we all may have in some form. Whether unsure of the talent, management, owners or whatever. The bottom line in all this is that, for the first time in nearly a decade we can all have reason to be excited, nervous, more excited and just enjoy being back where our club belongs. As a club and a community we are in a great place, in fact, in a far better place than we would be had we not come up. All the more reason to enjoy the ride this season imo and not worry about what may never happen.
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    By Genie, you mean the approach most managers take in the Summer. Incidentally Big Sam said similar didn't he. Ah he's probably shit and a dinosaur so forget that one
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    I'm not going to bother, because the opinion on her seems to be that despite getting the 2 play off finals in a row, winning the second one the players are actually garbage. They would lose 5-0 every week in the big boy league. However, the expensively assembled squad of unproven players are going to hit the ground running and there is zero possible doubt that were better off for it.
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    We actually have a squad and options beyond the first XI, my team would be: (feel free to ridicule) 4-3-3 formation Heaton Guilbert Konsa Mings Targett Grealish Douglas Luiz McGinn Jota Wesley El Ghazi Subs: Steer, Engels, Taylor, Trezeguet, Nakamba, Kodjia, Hepburn-Murphy
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    After this kind of support I think the owners and Purslow will be expecting better than a relegation battle.
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    Its a sell fulfilling prophecy. If people think it is going to be hard to get a ticket they will either buy a season ticket or buy early. I think the days of just walking up and getting a ticket for a league match will be limited. Given the size of the city we are now starting to fulfil our potential at last.
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    There is still hope yet then . I always imagine the working class areas of Liverpool blaring out Beatles songs. Obviously we have the better band.
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    Are we allowing steroid users that don't compete in any sports?
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    Well it is a bit of a coincidence to be honest considering some of the players who did play at CB in that winning run. I’m not against selling Chester. I worry about his injuries and perhaps his best years are behind him, plus we are buying potentially better CBs. But I think you’re being overly harsh on him last season considering he, by all accounts, played most or all of what he did play with a significant injury in a defence that was in tatters in front of a goalkeeper who was dreadful.
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