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    Big Sam: "Villa got rid of 12 players and had no squad so the best thing to do is bring in 3 really expensive players. Trust me, I'm a big fat idiot with absolutely no class".
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    Must be killing Allardyce to see the fees players are going for this year and not be allowed to take part and get some money under the table.
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    Kodjia got so much more ability than Hogan. People on here are judging him but he's mostly been played out of position last season because of Abraham. I'd sell Hogan and keep Kodjia.
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    Big Sam: “Premier League experience. Now THAT’s a signing”
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    I really hope we insert a ridiculous buyout clause into a new contract when his form continues throughout this season. No doubt in my mind he will make the step up and be a solid PL performer. He is the embodiment of everything you want your football club to represent. Gritty, hard working, dedicated with bundles of quality on top. Jack and John, the best £2.5m midfield anywhere in the world.
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    I'm surprised he didn't get a gig at a top club like Middlesbrough.
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    You hope he has false legs ?....
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    She's great, talks more sense than most managers I've heard (like Lamebert for example)
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    Guessing it's not Cairo as it takes about 1 h to move 100 meters by car in Cairo
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    2019 has been quite a difficult and stressful year for me, arguably the worst of my adult life. Today I had probably my proudest moment on a personal level, collecting the keys for my first home. I don't have anything there yet. But I went after work and just sat on the living room floor for over an hour. It was great.
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    We'd have to bring Bacuna back though.
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    I’d sell Kodija in a heartbeat if we had a decent bid for him. He’s served his purpose for us and can now go and get another big contract somewhere else. Maupay would be an excellent back up for Wesley and would also allow us to play two up top if we wanted. No signing is risk free but Maupay will work his nuts off and will not be overawed. The work ethic coupled with being a bit of a dirty bugger means he has every chance of succeeding for us.
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    Bwateng McBwatface.
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    i think Villa Park should have something like the good old Thundercats. A "Villa Lion" should be permanently projected in to the sky from the stadium, so nobody in the general area or approaching on the motorway etc can miss the "pride of Birmingham" that is Villa Park
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    He doesn't bloody score! Ever. What use is a forward who can't score, and who rarely assists. He might be worthwhile in the dying minutes of games to hold the ball up and see the match out, but we can't afford to be playing a striker who has no hopes of scoring goals. If we want to stay up, we shouldn't have a striker as poor as Keinan Davis regularly playing. Best for everyone if he goes out on loan and gets the chance to try to add more to his game, IMO. He's nowhere near good enough for the Premier League at this point.
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    Every time he talks about it going down, it goes down.
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    Im at Charlton, 2 hours ago I saw our new Egyptian star Trezeguet driving himself to the game, He pulled up in a Range Rover, beeped his horn and bared his naked arse at me out of the window. Bloody toot and car moon!
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    A fan posted a pic of him at the bull ring yesterday shopping. He looked like he had no brace or cast so if there is a knock it would only be minor.
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    I thought this would be a cringe teenage YouTube vlog but she's 100% right https://youtu.be/8cZResqtdmI
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    Probably Neymar with our owners.
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    The only people who should be under scrutiny are those clowns who were running our club at the time and whoever did his medical.
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    You think everyone in the world is good enough.
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    Can't you take this to Birkir thread so I don't have to read your constant obsessive posts about him?
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    I could write a short essay on why somebody like Jack Woodward deserves his position. The amount of time the bloke put in off the record under Lerner, just so we could have any sort of product, was crazy. Him and his team of 1/2 more blokes scripted, filmed, edited, audio edited all of our content. Thankfully things are better now but he has a passion for Villa and for commentary, for me his return is welcomed and he deserves his role back after all the crap he took from fans + the club behind the scenes. On a side note, Charlton having crap facilities for live broadcasting isn't our fault.
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    After watching the pre season games i am concerned about our defence, massively. Attacking wise we can score against anyone, i got no issues there.
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    First 4:1 of the season and I didn't bet on it
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    If you want his shirt you better be ready to fight for it.
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    I know he isn’t popular but Hogan looks far better as an option than Davis in my opinion
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    Which Representative for Wellingborough decided to bring Jack Woodward back? Time had made me forget how **** annoying his Partridge tribute act is.
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    Don’t understand how a club of our size can mess up a YouTube stream. YouTube of all things.
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    I disagree. Its still good enough most of the time. He's put one bad cross in
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    Proof if needed that we need another striker
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    I like stuntpegg, (or Nieve, to use her proper name) she's usually entertaining and knowledgeable about what she's talking about.
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    Exactly this. Whilst we are playing some lovely stuff right now, it is pre season against limited opposition. It will be a baptism of fire when we go to Spurs on the first day. We won't have the ball for large spells, not because we are poor, the opposition at this level, especially top 8, is elite. I'd hope the RB Leipzig game will be as close to competitive you can get against a quality opposition.
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    I’m sometimes sceptical about claim posters on here make saying we are going to finish top 10 but this post sums up the other side of the coin for me. What exactly would Allardyce consider to be a ‘good’ window for us? Did he think we would sign £40m players for each position? Or would we have been better not buying many and sticking with the likes of Whelan and Jedinak? Surely if he did just a little bit of research he would come to understand that we have played our hand as best we could and given ourselves the best chance possible of making a go of it in the Premier League? I shouldn’t be surprised but it is still staggering what passes for ‘analysis’, even at the highest level of the game.
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    What we should be asking is why 50 years ago the average household had an average standard of living with one wage earner, and now, despite greater wealth, massive technical advances, and a proliferation of cheap labour-saving devices in the home, the average household needs two wage earners to hold that position relative to society as a whole. Why exactly is that, when all the advances we have made should have meant less hours expended?
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    I think when people tell others to wake up to the likes of Johnson then I get it as I don't know if those who stick an X next to a Tory know how frustrating it is for the rest of us that you are voting these bastards into power. 95% of the population won't benefit under the Tories and even if you are in the 5% that will then why would you want it at the expense of others. Actually let me be more realistic here quite a lot of us may well benefit financially under the Tories as we may well pay a little less tax so have a couple more quid in our pockets at the end of the week. Is that really worth it if it comes at the expense of our public services or means that the most vulnerable amongst us get a good kicking or that the safety net that we may all need at some stage if we hit on hard times is removed. I'm not saying you should go out and vote Lib Dem, Labour, Greens, SNP but when you do get to vote don't use it to vote for these self serving bastards.
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    Just an FYI before placing any bets. You have to take every teams handicap into account with season handicap bets. So Liverpool would have been the handicap winner last year on 104 points, they were 7+ handicap, so that would have been the points total we needed to beat.
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    He's 100% Grealish. That's good enough for me.
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