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    You hope he has false legs ?....
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    The only people who should be under scrutiny are those clowns who were running our club at the time and whoever did his medical.
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    well, i would say we looked so much better when Guilbert, Targett and Jota came on, i think the 3 of them will be important for us this season.
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    We've made a number of defensive errors both in this game and in pre-season - that's the first one that's been punished - if might have been better for us in the long term if one or two of the others had too. Not an afternoon to remember for Konsa.
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    Well he had better put in an improved performance second half. Or we will buy a new winger.
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    I think you broadly have a point. Clubs have a natural, sustainable level, based on history and fanbase, and then they have higher or lower levels they can achieve through a foreign cash injection or, at the lower end, through disastrous mismanagement. However, it's possible for over- or under-achievement to last generations, and over time for it to bed in and become self-sustaining. To me it seems like a joke that so many Man City fans have crawled out of the woodwork in the last 5 years, how you can have a club which unironically celebrates both Shaun Goater and Sergio Aguero as club legends. But they now have a 55,000 seater stadium, a superb youth system, one of the greatest managers of all time, and 4 Premier League trophies. Take the Emirati cash out, and it will still be an attractive prospect for another investor capable of delivering Champions League qualification. If in the short term, we have to play second fiddle to them to climb up the levels, then so be it. Pride comes before a fall. There's an extraordinary amount of hubris creeping out since we beat a pretty average Derby County team 2-1 in a Championship play-off final. Nobody complained that we relied on a Chelsea loan player last season. It got us where we needed to be, and now we've moved on. If Douglas has a good season for us this year, and City use their re-buy next summer, then fine. At least we've made a profit out of it, and our Premier League stability should allow us to aim higher in next summer's transfer market. All that matters is the direction of travel. If we keep climbing steadily up the table, we will get up there eventually, but now is not the time to wave our willies around triumphantly like we've arrived on the big stage. Let's do that when we qualify for the Champions League, or better still, win the Premier League.
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    When thinking about how Bruce steadied the ship so to speak, it makes me wonder if did people really thought we were under threat of dropping through the leagues like Wolves or Sunderland under RDM. Small sample size of 11 games notwithstanding, we did play decent football and were scoring goals...we just couldn't close out games. It was right for RDM to get sacked when he did, it just wasn't good enough as we had serious promotion aspirations...but then that same season we finished 13th which is about where I would have put us finishing if RDM saw out the season. It's a weird one.
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    The surging runs from defence into midfield then losing the ball which usually ended up in our net whilst micah shouted at his team mates for not marking someone is my only memory of him Terrible deal for us and I don't blame him for seeing out the contract, blame the morons at the club for agreeing to such a bad contract when he was shot to bits a few years before we signed him.
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    There's too many perverts in the park nowadays, I walked through earlier and literally everyone kept staring at my erection.
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    He's 100% Grealish. That's good enough for me.
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    Thing is with Maupay is he's nothing at all like Wes. It's clear we're going to play the same way every week this season (good), so if Wes gets injured we need someone fairly similar.Davis isn't good enough - but Maupay is totally different. Not sure what the answer is but hopefully Smith and Suso have an idea.
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    Purslow said that we only want to sign players who will increase in value for the club (as in get better on pitch), or increase in value in transfer market, he didn't mean that we have a buy to sell policy. Only way McGinn will go is if he forces a move out of the club, but at this stage I doubt United even want him.
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    Its close to it
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    He's a dreadful footballer.
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    The fact is Thor hasn’t got any PL experience. Playing against PL players in international matches is nothing like playing in the PL. Whether PL experience is beneficial or not, if you want to base your argument on facts, he simply hasn’t got any PL experience.
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    People love to hate, but hate to praise.
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    Already looking good in midfield so excited where this is going when everyone is familiar
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    Yes. If the conditioning coaches slim him down a bit and add strength he will be quite an athlete. One criticism of him is he fades in matches, likely to be elite conditioning issues. Hopefully PL Villa will be sharper on this than Kasimpasa
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    Games on Youtube are not AVTV.
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    What I've discovered from today is that I actually really like the away kit
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    Bwahaha. Jack apologises for the loss of the stream, and as he says the words 'hopefully we'll be able to bring the entirety of the second half unint-' the stream dies. Excellent comic timing.
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    Only a friendly but I’ve thought that about him many time. Which is why I don’t think he can make it at the highest level,
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    Long enough to be the new scapegoat
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    Communication at times has been terrible.
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    35k people watching, prob 50% of em new fans for our egyptian friends, time to put on a good show Villa.......stream fails.......so so professional........bajeesus.........amateurs.
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    Executed for crimes against fashion and football?
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    Go to China and get a £400k pay rise or move to the PL and face a £400k pay cut Or don't play football at madrid No one else would come near his ludicrous Madrid wages, again it's the Madrid move that is stupid and leaves him nowhere else to go but China
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    Go to China, earn 5 years wages in a season whilst playing at a canter, come back to a big league for the 20/21 season for a last top level contract. I'd do it in his shoes. He's got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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    What do you mean mate?
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    Yeah, I can understand that. Not being too keen on travel beyond my comfort zone of Europe and North America, I have no desire to go to Rio or Shanghai. But if I'd been sent to either by work, I'd have made the most of it.
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    I thought the Dawn Wall was surprisingly brilliant. Although it did seem a little contrived in parts.
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    Bruce is a prick.
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    I mean, the Conservatives are quite literally in it for themselves. There is no benefit to the wider population in anything they do; it's always for the few. Always... ...and, seriously, them running the country in this fashion is leading to the cuts. It's leading to the mass-queues and lack of beds at hospitals. It's leading to poorer state schools. It's leading to poorer policing. This is, quite literally (again!) what our current government is doing. They're an absolute joke... but, if you're wealthy it's pretty good. We'll reduce that higher tax rate. We'll cut corporation tax. All good. But, no, it's that bad man Sadiq Khan not doing better with his resources. Seriously, wake the **** up.
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    We had a collection at work last week for a colleague who's been through something pretty horrific recently. We wanted to raise enough for them and their partner to book a few days away. They're very well thought of and quite a substantial amount was raised, one bloke put £100 in. We found out earlier this week that the collection has gone missing and now there's plenty of reasons to believe it's been stolen by somebody in the office rather than just misplaced. Maybe this is the wrong thread because it hasn't pissed me off, it's just saddened me to be honest. I've worked here 11 years and it's always been a fairly tight-knit, trustworthy bunch. It feels like the people who generously donated have been robbed as well as the person the fund was intended for. I think the police are going to be called, I'm pretty sure they won't be interested though.
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    One day slap head, it'll be your turn
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    I was thinking of getting a poster of Deano on my bedroom wall. I decided not to. He's going to be the wallpaper in my living room.
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    A small price to pay for great grandad stealing apples from his lordship's orchard.
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    Can we not at least wait until we lose the possession battle in a league game before we start arguing. Pre-season is a happy time.
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    McGinn will be one of the first names on the team sheet for the Spurs game. You can take that to the bank!
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    It's worth remembering Delph was outstanding for us in the Premier League. Henderson has been incredibly consistent for a title challenging, European Cup winning, team. Alli was doing brilliant things in the Premier League while Grealish wasn't having a great time in the Championship. Yes, Grealish is fantastic, but he's got a lot to prove in the Premier League still.
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    ...and a world cup and the Euros, and probably win the Ballon D'or, as in a world without the two GOATS Iniesta was the best player in the world for a soell.
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    When I'm on a long haul flight I always seem to get the seat where the entertainment is knackered and I have to watch the sky map for 10 hours, so number 2 isn't really a problem. I could give it to her in mph, kph and knots. (and tell her the speed of the plane lol)
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    you're not so bad yourself darlin' (yes, Bute)
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