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    She don't impress me that much.
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    Have you played to a high level before then?
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    It's hard not to be a little bit ashamed isn't it?
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    We certainly do.......have you seen the alternative, like, the actual real world ?
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    El Ghazi will start the season on the left with Jota on the right, if only because they will have had a full pre-season working with the squad. Benrahma is also injured.
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    The rampant antisemitism of the Saudi government doesn't seem to have stopped Blairs foundation taking millions of pounds off them.
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    Ha, I remember this vaguely. Good team that was. Shame Jerry didn't really get an opportunity though, although he was pretty small, he was a tank.
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    Completely agree. This is neither the time, nor the plaice.
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    Matt Lowton has gone on to have a better career than Aston Villa since he left to be truly honest.
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    Venturing out in public without a top on immediately marks you out as someone who has already lost at life.
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    Not convinced he's done enough to warrant an improved contract just yet.
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    The obvious quality benchmark for any right back is Mattew Lowton v Sunderland in 2012 (I think) when we won 6-1. If he can perform to that level, have that much impact in any of the games he plays I'll be delighted. For what it's worth, I've never seen a right back run an entire game in a 6-1 win, with your centre forward getting 3 goals and still being not being the best player on the pitch. It's a weird benchmark, considering Lowton hasn't gone on to do much, other become a solid player for Burnley, but **** me, he was special that night.
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    One of the reasons we’re all on here is because we’re after information. Somebody gives some out in good faith, offers no guarantees and gets slaughtered for it, because people have made stuff up in the past. If you don’t want to accept the reality of social media sites like this and take them for what they are, them really your only option is to wait for the official site to announce stuff. But where’s the fun in that? i think @AvfcRigo82 has heard something interesting and been good enough to share it, he didn’t have to. I don’t believe he’s ever claimed to be ITK in the past and so I can’t see why he isn’t telling the truth. He’s just passed on something in good faith. Perhaps his source could be easily identified in some way if he offered up more info as he may be in a privileged position with info that only a very few people would know. No Scotland Yard won’t be involved but perhaps internal club disciplinary action could be taken and a person could lose their job.
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    I'm pretty sure we knew that £14m wouldn't actually get him, It will take close to £20m at least. It's interesting to see that despite all this talk of Championship players leaving for £20m plus, none have gone for anywhere near that, so as we get closer to the close of the window, then we might start to see a few clubs realising that they might have to lower their asking prices, because realistically some of them will need the money.
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    raise the profile, create opportunities and the next generation of kids have a broader span of heroes to look up to. Change takes a long time. I am always utterly baffled by people's inability to realise they can not watch / listen something. Like people who complain about the licence because there's one show they object to. F**king weirdos. Being annoyed by clickbait on social media too - I mean who cares. Surely most people can recognise when a newsfeed is just trying to be all needy with headlines like "you'll never guess what THIS possible signing had to say about his future" - I mean honestly, if I pop on to Newsnow for a quick scan of Villa news I can see the unending list of sad cases who desperately tag their articles in that fashion hoping someone will read their no mark blog. If they actually had worthy information in the title, I might actually give them the courtesy of a click! Personally women's football doesn't interest me as I have enough established sports interests taking up my time, but for younger kids coming through, crack on, a big profile helps say "it's ok, it's cool to like this". When a podcast in my feel arrives, I have the super-human capacity to read what it's about and then deciding if I'm interested in this week's issue. There are 20 other podcasts I listen to if I don't fancy it this week etc. Sorry I know this discussion was done two weeks ago, but reading it now the thread has been bumped ( funny how I managed to not be forced into opening it before now ) it's annoyed me Good luck to the women.
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    If you were spending 229 on a switch lite I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just spend the extra 70 euros and buy a proper switch
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    Someone give this guy a medal. He's cracked football, all we need to do guys is develop our own world class players from within the Aston area. Can't believe we'd never thought of that before.
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    The Neville Brothers just down to Gary and Phil now, then.
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    No thanks. I had my heart set on Daniel Sturridge for that role.
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    You can tell he is loaded. That's not his arm , he employs someone to hold the phone for him.
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    I would be very wary relying on the Birmingham Mail to word anything correctly. Or put any care or research into the shite they spout whatsoever. Awful click bait site.
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    These guys have been ahead of the curve regarding this transfer previously.
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    Brave with all the Leao fan boys on here
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    Didn’t Wolves take up an option to buy Ofobe to sell him on and make a quick 2 million? Or maybe it was an obligation to buy. Not quite the same scenario but similar. I suspect the Buy back back would be enough to ensure we make a decent profit on the player whilst City don’t pay a ridiculous amount.
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    I hope you obtained her instagram handle?
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    Benteke was so class
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    Important offers on the table... Edit: Inter are not one of those offers. 4 Now stand as Napoli have joined the race. (Villa, Everton, Valencia & Napoli). Press helping Mendes and speculating all his club's.. hence the sudden mention of Inter, Juve, Wolves etc. all over the place.
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    Is nobody worried that in a GE Boris would have a lot of the Brexit Party vote on board giving us a Boris fronted Tory majority?
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    Yeah, this is definitely going to be a thing this season I think. Season ticket holders will be able to buy one additional ticket each once members have bought tickets - there won't be many left on most occasions and there will be none in any of the lower tiers or in the Holte End (where most of those season ticket holders are). Which means that the upper Trinity and bits of the Upper Witton Lane will be like a lonely hearts club full of people on their own. It's been a summer punctuated by these two wonders - the massive, enormous, exciting spending on players and the changes to the way in which we need to start thinking about tickets for Villa Park due to the huge increase in demand for tickets. Big club.
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    I don’t think it was that many and quite a few were loans made permanent. I think Watford the year they got promoted is a better example of it working out. They had 21 new signings and practically a new first 11.
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    Yes - the question being whether you have to wait until the season ticket sales window in order to move your seat. I've spoken to the ticket office this morning and it looks like I'll be able to move my season ticket during the phone section of the Membership window (can't do it online) - I thin that should give me a good shot at it for most games.
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    I'm only interested in how many games he plays for us this season. What you seem to be missing is, I'm not stating he'll be anywhere near getting a game. Hopefully he makes 3 starts all season, that means our better players will have stayed injury free. It seems he wants to stay, and he will be happy to be a back up player. I think he can only be good to have an experienced international player around this very new team.
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    See the second tweet in that thread.
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    At least we’re not shrimping on players.
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    From a safe distance.
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    I'm incredibly nervous about the upcoming season... On one hand, I'm extremely excited to see how all the new players perform, but on the other, I think that if we don't get off to a flying start and have the squad start to gel by October, we're going to be in a hole that will only start to widen from that point on. I think over a 3 season timeline, Deano will have this squad raring to go, but we don't have the luxury of that kind of time. We need to survive this season, which means a haul of points on the board within the first 10 games or so. We could potentially have a starting lineup of just 4 players from the playoff final in it (Grealish, McGinn, Mings, & El Ghazi) and it's going to be a toss up to see how everyone else adapts.
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    MF Doom & Damu The Fudgemunk
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    Dude I'd sign even a 5th one, I'm over the moon with this. I'm just saying I still think Anwar will be the best of the 4, as good as they are. For me Anwar and Said would be the starting 2 as it stands. The beauty is that you have 2 bloody good wingers waiting in the um wings
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    We managed to snatch Konsa for £12m from them.
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    Not only that, but the story the tweet links doesn't remotely add up. He claims he got the information when " a trusted source read out to me an astonishing letter written by Sir Kim in June 2017 to Sir Mark Sedwill". That doesn't tally with "I challenge anyone to show how the publication of these cables and memos...". So he's a teenage Brexit party digital website fettler, not a journalist. and he got a whole bunch of cables and memos when someone read a letter out to him. Chinny reckon.
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    Looking after my girlfriend's nieces, they want to watch a film, they are 13 and 8 and don't speak English... Currently watching a film about a teenage girl with a heart condition and her best friend who is a horse, in German with no subtitles My vote for the lives of others fell on deaf ears
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    "Massive boobs..."
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    Figured it must have been a joke but no, they’re actually doing it from a random Morrison’s......brilliant.
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