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    Coventry can piss off
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    More room to make stuff up ?
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    Genuine information this time around - take it as you will. I'm hearing two confirmed tomorrow and a bid accepted on a third.
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    Hearing Benrahma has had a set back on his latest injury not expected to play this season.Time for Villa to move on and look at other options
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    There isn't a problem with that at all. TBH, there are lots of shitty biases toward Arab players because of politics, racism, and ignorance around Islam, but players like Salah & Mahrez have shown that there are world class talents in that area of the globe. Honestly, give me a devout Muslim player, who doesn't go out boozing with the boys after a loss, over some of the "proper men" wasters we've employed over the years.
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    Does anyone else ever get the feeling we take this whole Villa thing a bit seriously?
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    Let’s sign him before we worry about him leaving.
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    I feel we could be aiming for a few different styles & formations this season? given the players we are signing and their versatility to play in 2 positions with some of them. Something along the lines of 4-1-3-1-1 or 4-4-1-1, or if all else fails then we just go with this..
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    Said clique not cliché
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    So, in summary, that word removed Theresa May has been replaced as leader of the words removed by word removed Boris Johnson, who easily beat fellow word removed, Jeremy word removed to the position of biggest word removed. And now the words removed are going to carry on fighting like the shower of words remove they are. words removed.
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    She don't impress me that much.
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    Didn't you suggest people should listen to Tommy, recently? Khan is Mayor during one of the BIGGEST funding cuts to Police, Fire, and more. Boris wasted money on protestor hoses and plans for a shitty garden bridge. Sort your head, mate. Honestly.
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    That's right guys! My confused reactions are back whenever you bring out the shitty fish puns! @AvfcRigo82 I think you must be getting V4L mixed up with someone else. I've never seen him ridiculed on here. He's a well respected poster, partly because of his clear ability in scouting - and giving reports to us when we're in for random players that most of us have never heard of, but also because of what he's been through personally, which many gave their words of support for in his Off Topic (now moved to Other Football) thread. I wonder if you're thinking of a different poster who has occasionally received stick.. Perhaps one who likened Nathan Delfouneso to Didier Drogba, or referred to Ethan Moore as a once in a generation player. Isn't that right @sir_gary_cahill
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    We're going to have to rush a lot of transfers through tomorrow, if we are to avoid Wednesday signings.
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    A colleague was visibly upset today. We went into caring mode and she tearfully explained that it was her brother's autopsy today. This came as a shock to us all as we didn't know he'd died. He hadn't. He was having a biopsy.
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    If Benrahma and Leao sign there will be much pulling off.
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    That's all well & good but can any of them do this...
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    When Purslow said we had 4 targets for each position, I didn't realise we would end up buying all of them.
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    What's worse is that someone nicked his playstation controller in the middle of a game
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    Suprised no signing today. Will have to wait until Thursday now
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    Have you played to a high level before then?
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    "Perhaps it's a dream..." "Nope, it's not a dream. We're stuck with it."
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    Even if we signed Luiz, Trez and Benrahma I still think we could potentially need a keeper and another striker. Crazy how much work has been needed to the squad.
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    Pump this transfer window straight into my aorta
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    I know this has Bin Dunn's in another thread but I cannot wait for the MOTD analysis of Super John. Gary Lineker: A great result away at Old Trafford for Aston Villa, and they owe a huge amount to the performance of one man, don't they Alan? Alan Shearer: Yes, they do. John McGinn. He was absolutely everywhere for Aston Villa. In his own box winning tackles, he didn't give Paul Pogba one moments rest in the middle and he pops up with the winner in the final third. A fine performance. Jermaine Jenas: I have to say I watched him last season in the championship and he was excellent. The Villa fans were singing his name from the first minute and you can see why, he gives absolutely everything for the cause. Gary Lineker: Yes, a fine performance, talk us throughout the goal Alan. Alan Shearer: It all starts off with Mings, who nutmegs Marcus Rashford, and then plays the ball into midfield for Jack Grealish, who jinks one way and there the other. He just has a little look before he plays the ball through the defence. It's a fantastic ball, and who's on the end of it? John McGinn. He powers passed Axel Tuenzebe, who the Villa fans love by the way, and then NUTS! How do you like that then? Thank you very much. The Villa fans like that one. He puts it through DeGea's legs. Gary Lineker: The celebration wasn't bad either was it? Alan Shearer: You wouldn't have caught me doing that, not in our day Gary. Jermaine Jenas: Meeeeeooooooooooooooowwww Gary Lineker: Quite. The next two teams are meeting today for the 37th time at Anfield, your commentator? Joey Barton...
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    I'd like the Queen to use her power. Then we'd realise what a piss poor system that one is and finally park them up somewhere in the history books.
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    Imagine we comfortably stay up, next Summer will be ridiculously exciting. Instead of having to spend our money rebuilding the squad as we've seemed to do since 2010 we will actually be able to buy 1 or 2 quality players for obscene amounts of money to strengthen.
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    It's hard not to be a little bit ashamed isn't it?
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    The fact that they describe him as a Turkish winger says a lot about the reliability of their information.
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    im sure you dont mean to come accross as......obnoxious?, but we know as well as anyone how the food chain works, all out talent was "taken" from us over the last decade or more, Barry, Benteke, Young, Delph, Yorke, Crowley, Milner, to name a few. We nearly lost Grealish a year ago to this exact scenario......luckily Spurs were incompetent with their transfer dealings and it didnt happen....... Trust me, Villa fans know it as well if not better than most....
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    I'll be so pissed if it does.
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    Depends who you ask. I would say no. Unfortunately the world has great many forms of prejudice in it and any organisation that gets big enough is going to reflect all aspects of society, which means that, ultimately, undoubtedly, the Labour party has anti-Semites in its ranks. It also means that the Tories also have some people that don't much like the Jewish folk, and so do all the other parties. Now, for a party that is founded on ideas of progressiveness, equality, human dignity without prejudice, any anti-Semites are too many. And you'd think that anyone who didn't like Jewish people would would therefore think that the Labour party isn't for them but unfortunately there is the trope of a lot of things the left is not a fan of, on the capitalist end of things for instance, are run by Jewish people, and they attack them for being Jewish rather than, say, for being whatever bad thing they do. And there's some people that are just stupid and don't see the dichotomy of supporting an anti-racism party whilst being racist. And there's the elephant in the room - Israel. Israel is difficult. It's obvious that what Israel has done with Palestine is wrong. It's obvious that Palestinian people are treated as subhuman. It's obvious that Israel commits war crimes with abandon. It's obvious that a lot of that entire shit show is completely unfair and inhumane. It's difficult to look at Israel and fully support it and be left wing. Which becomes problematic on 2 fronts. The first is some people tend to stupidly fall into anti-semitic tropes when being critical of Israel and assuming Jewish people are inherently accountable for/supporters of Israel. Secondly, there's been a slow movement towards anti-Semitism encompassing many short-handed for criticism of Israel - for instance you could not call Israel a racist endeavour, or make any comparison to Nazism (even if such a comparison may be valid) as these would be considered anti-Semitic by many. Combine all of this and you get a minefield. It's something the party should continue to fight. But there's other stuff at play. The Labour party is currently at war with itself. It's leader, Corbyn, isn't much cop but also comes from a faction that is very different to the dominant one of the last 20 years that still has a lot of influential figures around. Corbyn's trying to shift the party left, and a lot of big figures don't like this at all, and has sought to fight that at every chance. This has lead to a series of attempts at discrediting Corbyn, but only the anti-Semitism one stuck. So it kept coming back, and kept changing. At various times it's been about accepting a definition of anti-Semitism, tacitly supporting anti-Semitism by members through either meddling or inaction on cases, claims that Corbyn has actively drawn anti-Semitic people to the party, to claims that Corbyn is himself an anti-Semite. The latter point is ridiculous, as shown most pointedly when odious Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who is Jewish, claimed Corbyn was an anti-Semite, but neglected to note that he was one of the figures behind a Jewish community group that sought to protect a Jewish graveyard against a new development that would destroy it... which Hodge herself was supporting. The list of pro-Jewish causes Corbyn has backed is huge. The other factor is Corbyn is undoubtedly a critic of Israel. That's a hot potato. Not as hot as it is in America by any means, but still difficult in the public eye, particularly in politics. By being vocally critical, as he is, he's seen as hostile to Israel and that in turn does mean that some Jewish people and organisations that are supportive of Israel (since Zionist is now considered loaded as well) actively don't like him. Figures in this bracket are some of the most vocal and consistently active in the movement to criticise Labour overt anti-Semitism. Chuck all of that in and you get to the answer, for me. There's an issue, a societal one, that Labour needs to continue fighting, and never stop fighting, and fight ever harder. It's been picked up by factions that don't like the leadership for various reasons and doubled down on. It's revealed at times. The ultimate requirement of these varying factions is that the leadership falls. At this point the story is self perpetuating.
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