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    He has been sent up to space to retrieve all the balls he hit up there.
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    To be honest mate I couldn't give a shit if Benrahma (or any other player I thought would be a good signing) played for Brentford, Nice or Accrington 'effing' Stanley. Every good player has to start somewhere.
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    People are weird, aren't they? Let's kill them.
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    starts tonight vs Gibraltar, if gets a few goals maybe some gullible manager will take a punt
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    Sky reporter saying we’re still in for Benhrama. Apparently we’ve Saïd it before and we’ll Saïd it again.
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    Sad news to report the bloke who invented predictive text as pissed away. His funfair is next monkey.
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    OT - but for a pic that reminisces about checking Saturday football score, why are they using scores from Wednesday 24 September?
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    I think I've told this story before... As a nipper we used to do family holidays to Shanklin, in the Isle of Wight. Dad used to drive down to Lymington and we'd get the ferry over. My Dad used to take the scenic way down, through the Cotswolds, through Wiltshire and then through the New Forest into Lymington. We used to stop off at the same car park on the way every year... have our packed lunches etc. No idea where it is was, but somewhere nice and well-to-do... could be Tewksbury or Cirencester or Malborough or Salisbury... you get the idea. One year we'd got to the car park, it was empty and we parked up and opened the car doors and had our lunch. I remember it was a blisteringly hot day as my legs were burning on the brown vinly seats of the bottle green Morris Marina estate my Dad bizarrely traded his MK1 Granada in for! We parked in the corner of the car park, out the way. A car came in and parked in the space right next to us, forcing us to close our doors! It was a middle aged woman, on her own. Reasonably smartly dressed, I remember thinking she looked like a teacher. My Dad made some flip comment when she got out of her car along the lines of 'you had the whole car park and you park next to us' and she went mental! Effing and jeffing and saying she had the right to park anywhere. My Dad, was genuinely speechless. My Mom persuaded my Dad to drive away rather than get involved as I'm sure she was mentally ill. I think it must have been in 86 or 87.
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    Jon Lis wrote an excellent article the other day where he basically argues that they are screwed by literally any decision that they take. Apart from the feeling that the Conservative Party is the bear caught in the trap that will even chew it's own leg off in order to survive, it's hard to see any gaps in his logic. https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/politics/brexit-conservative-party-tory-split-outcome-jonathan-lis
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    The likely story is that if Behnrama was called John Campbell people would find it complete lunacy to consider £ 20 million for an ankle injured player from a midtable championship side, while all about having history with your current manager.
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    Miles ahead of anything we've seen at CB for years. Has Gardners exit upset you this much?
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    What you're missing is that the Tories don't have a majority in the House, so they can say whatever they want about legislation but unless it can pass with no rebellion from backbench Tories plus the DUP it won't happen. On which note: . . . to which you have to say, if the Tories can't pass a budget, they don't have the confidence of the House, and they really need to call an election. On which further note: You could never accuse them of putting country before party, that's for sure.
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    I've said this before and been laughed at, but I think the Championship overall is of a higher standard than ligue 1, below the cream that is. The squads have more depth. So I have no problem buying the absolute best from either, but I think we need to diversify where we are buying players from in order to achieve that
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    2 weeks after the POF and you still can't buy/renew your season ticket. - Seems very strange to me.
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    A Villa Hero.
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    It’s all about Viljami Sinisalo
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    @Sidcow this is a picture I found of the Witton End supposedly from early 60s, as you can see it is terraced and has a grassy top!
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    Let's hope he meant pulling up trees
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    Try giving your dog some food instead
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    Better hope he takes to fasting better
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    He played for 65 minutes and was abysmal. League 1 footballer at best.
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    Or we can accept that others have different opinions Personally I can understand that Terry might been seen in different lights. My opinion on him is that he is one of the modern day PL defenders who reads the game the best, very intelligent player and has a great passing ability, not at least his long range passing with both feet. At the same time his technique when it comes to ball control, turning etc can sometimes be a bit dodgy and has now and then fumbled with the ball, also in his prime. He has never had much pace, but has relied on his reading of the game and his bravery. I think the fact that he was at Chelsea for so long, especially during their most succesful period where he also played with other good players, his leadership qualities and that he captained Chelse for that long period has created somewhat of a myth about him. Had he changed clubs and not won the titles he did I'm not sure if the myth would be as strong. So in the Chelsea context he is a legend, not necessarily strictly playing wise. As for his year in the Championship, for his contribution on the pitch I would say good is a fair verdict. He was injured for quite some time. He had a couple of games where he was immense, and a couple of games where you could see he was slow, slow in the turn, slow to get to the ground. I think his main contribution was to steady the dressing room, being a role model for Jack and others, not what he actually did on the pitch. Wouldn't say that the Chester/Terry partnership was that much better than the Chester/Baker partership. And for not liking the person Terry of several reasons there are things he has done, the racial abuse for example, that I understand that ppl would turn against him for. From what most ppl say about him and what managers have said I would regard him mostly as a role model, someone I look up to and have respect for. I for example very much appreciate what he said about begining from the start as a manager, admitting he has much to learn and not being afraid of putting out the cones and handing out the bibs. It was a humble, responsible and mature side of his. I don't think @sir_gary_cahill embarrassed himself here, but just said his opinion, that might not be what most people here think of Terry including myself, but still in parts may be warrented depending on what sides of Terry's game or personal life you focus on.
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    I think the Jury is still out on all of them to be honest. Including Jack.
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    Allback went on a run of form/ goals that pretty much kept us up in that ill fated GT season. Overall I agree he was pretty shite, was shite before he hit that run of form, was shite after in the following season, but worth the money for the contribution he made in that 2002/03 season.
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    I created a newsnow account hoping they had a filter. No such luck.
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    oh god i hate this stuff, or the.... "Villa are going for THIS player, teams are shocked" or "Dean Smith will lose THIS player, fans outraged" whenever i see that crap i purposely dont click it regardless, cus its disgusting click bait and doesnt deserve my clicks
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    No one is saying they believe it, just flagging what is out there. Like its been said many times, if this upsets you why even look in this section, just wait until they are signed. There is no way to determine who is ITK or not, something could be solid and fall down at the 11th hour. Some people make a sport of trying to shoot down twitter accounts, just chill out, just be grateful we can at last play this game and not scratch around like the last two years?
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    Well the thread has previously stated these players are believed to be valued at £20m each, so I gave reasons why we shouldn't try to get them with the price already a factor. If you ignore the price of course there's no reason for him not to try. Sorry if that wasn't apparent.
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    as joyous a moment as this is can we all just take a moment to think of the poor premier league full backs who are about to have their backsides handed to them on a plate next year.
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    Still Game Utterly brilliant. Last series (9) was this year.
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    2 million plus a ball boy is his price then?
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    This is a good point really. We need 100% a LB, 2 CB's, 2 (if not 3) wide players, DMC and a 2 strikers. That's 9 players. And apparantly the papers are linking us for a keeper. So say 10 more players. That's roughly 1 a week until we start our season, and ideally we want the majority of them within our pre-season. I sure hope Suso & co were prepared for this summer.
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    Are you suggesting free transferring a striker who a] cost about ten million quid, b] is under contract and c] is our only striker who has scored more than 5 career goals?
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    It’s the same every single window. Things are happening behind the scenes but take time especially at this stage of the summer. Meanwhile the press link us with everyone as they use their transfer tumbola to literally pull names from a hat in what can only be described as throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks. Occasionally they will get a name right and when they do they trip over themselves to report how the deal is progressing despite not having a clue. Normally they get way ahead of the reality then when it doesn’t conclude to their BS timescale they throw out additional BS about issues or other clubs. Every year people buy it, listen to their guff and go apoplectic that things “aren't happening” or aren’t quick enough or people have gone on holiday. Its the absolute definition of silly season. The club started preparation for this window, with a plan for the PL immediately following the Milwall game. They were as prepared as possible. These things take time, we’ve cleared the decks, we’ve identified targets and we’ve made approaches. We need to just sit back, wait patiently as possible and trust the people running our club at all levels who I would argue are the most capable (collectively and individually) in at last 12 years. There is a huge huge amount to be done, we need to significantly improve the size and quality of the squad, I’m sure Smith, Suso and Purslow are abundantly clear about that and working on nothing but that issue. I’d also point out you don’t hire a guy like Suso and then work with a Martin O’Neill blinkered transfer market approach. So relax, try and enjoy your summer oh and whatever you do, don’t take any notice of Alan Nixon or Gregg Evans! They really haven’t the first clue, I know this for a fact. Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring!
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    It's also worth remembering that the championship is a strong league too and certainly more competitive and harder physically than many in Europe. If a player can hack it and impress, it's a good sign IMO.
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    I think (not at all ITK, just my hunch) this deal is done and we're waiting until we have Hause, Mings and El Ghazi in the bag and doing a big joint announcement. Seeing as all 3 have already been here a year, any of them on their own (whilst great business) probably isn't worthy of the fanfare they'd want. All 3 together could make quite the media splash though.
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    He always tries I thought, just was broken for half his time here. No hard feelings from me.
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    I have to give a huge thank you to my neighbour for letting me borrow her large sheet of plastic covering... Ta Pauline
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    I love stories like that. We've recently had some building work done, and the builder (naturally, in Leeds) was a Leeds United fan. This was just after the Elland Road fiasco game, so I was ready for an argument when I told him I was a Villa fan. After he apologised for Bamford's disgraceful conduct, he told me how some years ago he had a Villa fan working for him - Brummie ex-soldier with PTSD issues, always worked in a Villa shirt. Said he was a top lad, but he sadly got terminal cancer. My builder contacted Villa who sent him a first team shirt, signed by all the players, and he took it to him in hospital, shortly before he died. Said he's had a soft spot for our club ever since - he still gets sent the catalogues from the club shop, but sentimentally, can't bring himself to cancel them. For a Leeds fan, he's a good guy.
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    On this day in 1994, Our famous Holte End was used as a terrace for the final time before it's full renovation. 19,210 supporters stood on the Holte to watch the last home game of the season against Liverpool with each fan receiving a certificate to mark the occasion.
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    I don't know how to say it more clearly than this. Take the properties away from them. Expropriate them. Seize them. More on link
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