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    I like all the ITK speculation. Something to keep me relatively entertained. Get to learn about new players too. People complaining about it is far more annoying than people posting stuff. It is a speculation thread afterall.
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    I remember coming home and checking Ceefax to find out that Villa had si n d a mas i e int rna ion l sup rst r in hu e tra fer!!!
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    I’m really intrigued about who we’ll get as dm. The position is integral to how we play so think we could spend big there.
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    Martin Tyler going mental yesterday after England's goal was disallowed for Wilson's blatant foul, then made a jibe every single incident that occured in the penalty area about VAR. It was a foul, it was a blatant foul, it was the correct decision. STFU you old word removed.
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    Wouldn't touch Sturridge with a barge pole. Would be high wages and we'd probably get about 4 games out of him.
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    It's just not realistic. Sturridge, like Andy Carroll, is a fantastic player on his day but those days are so few and far between that you just cannot build a side around it. We aren't going to get 30+ league games out of a player like Daniel Sturridge He'll be in and out of the team, never really be match fit and disruptive to the first XI if he expects to play whenever he does declare himself fit. It's Tim Sherwood signing Micah Richards all over again.
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    He has been sent up to space to retrieve all the balls he hit up there.
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    Was called up to the Czech squad and earned a move to Sparta after a brief scoring spell back in Czech. Good luck to him, already 30 now so hopefully enjots an Indian summer of sorts.
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    talking about teletext/ceefax etc, could you honestly imagine the current generation without internet and smartphones?, or mobile phones at all?, lol........would be a laugh to see my second eldest said to me yesterday......."daddy what tablet did you have when you were young?"........i said......"son, we didnt have tablets in my youth, or xbox's, or mobile phones until i was nearly 20 years old" he looked at me like i had grown two heads........
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    @Shropshire Lad I remember the summers during my teens, checking Ceefax/Teletext and waiting for the late edition Mail to see if we’d signed anybody. I remember the summer when we were supposedly in for Gazza and the one when we had Juninho at VP, but never got the deal done. Same when we signed Nii ‘the new Pele’ Lamptey. It’s mad to think that you could only find these things out in the local paper!
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    Big if true. I was expecting us to go into the season with Hogan leading the line. This AV agent is well ITK if we end up signing an attacker.
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    So, went to a Uni open day. Opening gig is a talk from a man in a suit in the big lecture hall. We walk in, select a few seats and wait for kick off. Knob family from Knobville rock up minutes later and scanning the hundreds (literally hundreds) of empty seats decide to make their way down to the row in front of us and sit directly in front of us. I mean, what the ****? What is the thinking there? I did a quick reccy of the room and their were rows and rows of empty seats, hundreds. I bet they're the same people that park next to you in otherwise empty car parks. They'll be out later, filming a gig they're at.
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    To be honest mate I couldn't give a shit if Benrahma (or any other player I thought would be a good signing) played for Brentford, Nice or Accrington 'effing' Stanley. Every good player has to start somewhere.
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    People are weird, aren't they? Let's kill them.
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    What ? His weaker foot was better than most centre halfs' strong foot. To say Terry had average technical ability is utterly mental. Have a lie down fella.
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    But we still haven’t found what we’re looking for.
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    Brad Guzon . - Oh you didnt say Atlanta
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    This guy totally took the club to heart, he was so eager for it to happen great to see it confirmed.
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    Don't think anyone doubts his ability, but when you consider he will be 30 on the 1st of September and see that he's only ever played 306 games in his entire career - that's shocking. Didn't Klopp recently say something like he doesn't know what real pain is, meaning he declares himself injured with the slightest of knocks. No player is silly enough to agree to pay as you play terms, especially one on a free transfer and will most likely get a good few offers to choose from. Rather we stay clear of this one
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    True but that's not what makes him a better player, the fact that he's a better player makes him a better player.
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    You can't compare the 2 though. One has won 2 titles, champs league, 2 europa leagues, fa cups, league cups and captained England during his 60 odd caps. He is also 3 years younger. What has Whelan achieved that would make players look up to him in the same way. I don't think Cahill gets enough respect for the quality he is on this site. Whether you want him or not let's not lump him with the likes of Lescott and Sturridge.
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    Can't even believe we are debating JT. His spell here is pretty much the perfect 'bring in a golden oldie for a year'. 99/100 times it's a waste of money. But his was the one that will spur another decade of dinosaur managers doing the same thing. Comes in, takes some of the leadership responsibilities off the younger players, allowing Jack and Chester to develop (unfortunate for Chez to damage himself and probably never get to live up to it now). Helps them mature and assist in completely change our toxic culture (that I think we knew about for ten years that nobody could get rid of). And then stays on to coach when he can't play anymore. He didn't do it all himself and doesn't deserve all the credit. But it was a good bit of business for us. And he was always a class defender
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    Just realised when I go onto the BBC website for tables or scores I don't need to specify or click to choose Championship because Premier League just appears as default. It's the small things.
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    starts tonight vs Gibraltar, if gets a few goals maybe some gullible manager will take a punt
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    Allow me to contribute some speculation based on what all speculation sources seem to do now: I think we will go for this 20+ goal striker. We are lining up a bid for a defender. Aston Villa fans will love this. A bid has been made. You won’t believe who it’s for. ”Surely he won’t join?” “That would be incredible for this level”. New link stuns fans. Spoony made this claim and you won’t believe what happens next. Villa will sign this bargain player with one simple trick. Doctors are furious.
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    I think all the candidates need to clarify their position on what is negotiable with Brexit. Where exactly are their white lines?
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    Sky reporter saying we’re still in for Benhrama. Apparently we’ve Saïd it before and we’ll Saïd it again.
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    You are not wrong there, show me one journo's link that actually knows that Benrahma is recovering in France after ankle surgery and might not even be fit for the start of the season, not one of them has mentioned it, why not, because they have never bothered to investigate and find out anything about him, and just regurgitate ill informed posts, therefore it is all speculation and click bait material of no value, substance or worth!! The only thing you can believe with players being bought and sold is when the the official club website release the TRUE story, everything else you hear is just tittle tattle and best ignored.
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    Seems like a good time to ask what was fuelling the architect of our "long term financial strategy".
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    Next Door Neighbours. Always shouting and arguing, dog always barking, kid just shouts and swears at the top of his lungs while playing fifa all day, when they watch football they have to clap and scream at everything. Really obnoxious lot, as long as they are ok then **** everyone else types but to the outside world they appear to be lovely. All the neighbours have just put their washing out, including me and within 30 minutes the Dad has decided now is the time to have a paper/cardboard bonfire in the back garden. Such a massive clearing. I'm sure they do it on purpose. I hope the fire explodes and kills them all.
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