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    Rubbish. It was TWO billionaire owners...
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    Is it £3.7m you're paying Bielsa? You are universally known as dirty Leeds, one of the reasons you lost the 2nd leg. After his 2 game ban for cheating remind me how long into his comeback game it took Bamford to get booked for cheating. Was it 30mins?
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    Gives himself a 6.5 for the season. Get's in the car and says "Hello I'm Anwar"! So humble he makes me want to cry. He's always affable as well and he looks so much more relaxed both on and off the pitch to when he first came, there's still some untapped talent in there IMO even though he has been bloody decent for a while now. If that Bristol performance is his peak then that's more than enough for any league, but I still want to see him do it more often. Remains an absolute must buy for me, no matter what league we are in. He's my favourite player though so I may be biased.
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    I think one of the important things to notice is that this is another instance that exposes just how ridiculous the rules that clubs are (not) trying to adhere to are. We're talking about arcane financial instruments that involve selling something essentially to yourself for the benefit of a balance sheet and we're unable to decide whether that's a good or bad thing for the future whilst ignoring that it's a great big lie designed to allow us to meet the requirements of a rule that knows it's a great big lie and that no one actually intends to meet the requirements of anyway. EFL Championship clubs are allowed to lose an average of £13m a year over a three year period. Last season after all of the accounts (except Sheffield Wednesday's) were released, the average loss of each team in the Championship was £23.3m - that's the average, not the losses of the teams at the top, that's the average across everyone in the division. Last year, the three promoted teams lost over £110m between them in a single season, almost triple the allowed losses - those teams were successful. The chances are that over the next three accounted seasons, we'll be lucky if more than two or three teams in the Championship pass these FFP rules and in the meantime, they're selling their own assets to themselves in an attempt to remain competitive. It's a shambles. The rules are supposed to protect teams, to prevent them Boltoning - they don't do that because turnover isn't a great method of determining overall financial health. If the rules are supposed to ensure the ongoing financial health and security of teams, if they're designed to force upon them the long term security of existence - then those rules forcing them into a position where they need to break up their own assets in order to compete is a laughable irony. I don't want us to sell our ground to ourselves, I'd like our future to be simple rather than complicated - if we have to do it because being more complicated and having a future that's less secure is the only way to meet the requirements of a rule designed to ensure a secure future then so be it - but I'd prefer we spent our money getting rid of the worst set of football regulations I can remember.
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    For those who don't read the introductions; Afternoon all. Congrats on making the playoff final. You have every reason to be confident here as you are massive favourites. The feel amongst us Rams is that we almost have no right to be here but we're enjoying the ride! Word of warning though. At the moment we are nothing like the Derby you have played previously. On our day we can beat anybody, although our defence is a bit of a calamity at times (especially from set-pieces). Our best forum if you want to pop by is dcfcfans.co.uk May the best team win!
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    First ever men's team
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    And Bar Refaeli is presenting,
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    Couldnt win that one either.
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    As opposed to the 2 cheating barstewarding sides that got knocked out.
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    Hey Cjay, remember when everyone said you’d look great all year then fall short because of burnout and injuries....................
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    I think many are overthinking the last four games/results: away against a good tough playing team with an apparently amazing tactician of a manager; against the best team in the division who were full strength needing a result to guarantee the title whilst we rested 5 or 6 first team starters; home and away against another decent team who had the attack/defend balance slid 90% over to defend. All four games against teams that finished above us in the league and yet in the two games that mattered, we achieved the result required. In no way will Derby be a pushover but, assuming they don’t set up like the boggies did, it will be a better watch than the boggy games and we’ll see more of the ball than last year’s final. Provided our effort and application at least matches Derby, we have a very decent chance. I’m reasonably confident we’ll give Derby a game which is one step better than we managed against Fulham. Anyone hoping for a repeat of the 0-3 or 4-0 league results, in a game worth £100m+ and against a team that is fired up from their previous achievements, is likely to be disappointed. Just hoping we do ourselves justice over the 90 or 120 minutes and get competent match officials.
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    Watching the changing room celebratory videos after the match, you could see the squad harmony and passion that Dean has fostered in the players. Even fringe players or those not involved in the matchday squad are all enjoying the ride together. You can see how it's all based on the core principle Dean's spoken about in many interviews - "Being a good teammate." He, along with the rest of the backroom team, deserve so much credit for what they've been able to accomplish so far.
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    if I found Tyrone Mings in bed with my missus I would tuck him in.
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    I think we will turn up some reasonably priced good quality overseas players no one here even thinks of. I think this because I believe in Jesus.
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    Financial fair play has definitely helped close the gap between the rich and the poor.
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    Well, thanks to the kindness of @Rugeley Villa it looks like I'll be in block 233. Are we having a VT meetup?
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    He drove his car aganst the entrance gates in Anderlecht He still has a British car, so his steering wheel is on the right. And the entrance desk to let him in is on the left side off course here in Belgium. Instead of getting out of the car to let himself in, he drives in backwards so he doesn't have to get out of the car, lazy ass. And now he hit the gate with his car.
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    I think he got his send off by being made captain for the last home game.
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    Some of you may remember that a baggies mate at work pranked me a few years back, having a text sent from an 'AVFC' number to say my season ticket was suspended (Hall of Fame Thread, if you haven't read it). Well, today was his first day back in the office since our play-off game. I gave him a lovely return to work, by covering his desk in Villa flags and scarves
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    Australia. Nailed-on winner.
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    Switzerland. Graham Norton said this was good. It is if you like Bruno Mars. I can't stand the little word removed. Rubbish.
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    Sweden - it's the offspring of Tim Curry and Martin Dahlin. @Pellewill be rushing out to buy this. No one else will.
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    This annoyed me. Not your posts, the media highlighting this stuff. It's the men's game. That's not to poo poo the women's game, but they're different. Are we going to have to include the achievements by women's teams in every discussion now. It's a bit weird
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    you can't have a reasoned debate with murderers
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    I honestly find them really dull. They're an incredibly efficient team, but I don't feel entertained at all.
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    Hope everyone going has the best time. Make it sound like a home game and make sure you leave that ground knowing you were part of the Villa team that gave it everything. I'll be screaming at a screen from somewhere here in Australia.
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    I would feel sorry for Watford but then think of Troy Deeney and lose that sympathy
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    It has lost its magic. Loads of empty seats (sponsors seats I imagine) on the half way line which makes it look shit. Plus Wembley is nowhere near the draw it used to be. Stadium is overused now.
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    We won’t lose either of the Mcginns if we go up. No need, and a long contract, they are staying.
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    I havent yet an opinion either way but in truth wonder how many fans would accept kicking off next season with a 12 point deduction, a depleted squad and either mid-table mediocrity or relegation? It isnt just that its an accounting ruse but as Pete suggests these types of deals often lead to unintended consequences. Several major care groups have gone bust because they sold their property and leased back. At the moment ownership of the club and VP would be in the same hands, but what if we have a couple of bad seasons, they get bored, offload the club and retain the ground?
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    I think Deans love for the club has been contagious, its helped Jack spread the Gospel according to William McGregor. I can see that change coming like we had under Saunders and Taylor, where the club is getting its soul back. We have a long way to go and the final is important....but if we fail at Wembley, I still feel that the momentum of change will continue under this manager until we reach the holy grail.
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    As it’s fa cup final day a classic!
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    You're on a Villa forum you absolute cockwomble.
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    I know it sounds painfully obvious but if we do go up we need to careful not to sign players for the sake of it and make sure they are of the right character. Fulham spent £100m in the summer and it seemed to do was break up the unity and spirit of the promotion winning team.
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    Whilst taking on board the 'don't let perfection be the enemy of good' line, if one of your fundamental objections to eating meat is a notion of cruelty (itself a term that covers a range of behaviour(s)) then this becomes something of a principle. If it is unbounded, i.e. cruelty to animals on any level is unacceptable, then the culling of any one single animal would be anathema, surely? If it is bounded by a concept of necessity (killing some rats that have infested a vegetarian restaurant, for example), then this fact that you use to guide whether one thing is acceptable or not takes on less meaning. It's not a case of whether or not you or anyone else is ok with the cruelty but in what circumstances you are okay with what you have termed 'cruel'.
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    Leaving my sons school last night and a Goshawk ( we think , having looked on the web at birds of prey ) swooped down from above straight into the bush by us and came out carrying a mouse in its beak and flew off obviously I’m gutted for Mrs mouse and her kids but it was pretty damn awesome to see that happen right in front of our noses ... gotta love nature
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    IF, we do make it back to the PL I hope our first move is the perminant signings of Tuanzebe & Tammy & Tyrone (£40m) I hope we also go and snap Everton's hands off for Ademola Lookman - He needs to become a Villa player! He is only 21 and he is a great talent with tonnes of potential and bizarrely Everton have put him up for sale for around £20m - very gettable if next Monday works in our favour.
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    Our defence doesn't though. Put it this way, I think our forward line will cause more problems for their defence than theirs will ours.
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    I'm sure I read somewhere that the standard pitch size is the size it is because when the football authorities way back in the past were looking to decide what the right size for a football pitch should be they looked to the most important football club in the world at that time and asked how big is their pitch? Villa Park at the time was the same size it is now. I believe the original Wembley pitch was made to match Villa Park in size.
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    Since SJM followed in the footsteps of the great Des Bremner in making the switch from one great club to another in the summer I have followed his progress very closely whilst finding myself becoming more and more of a Villain each week! My brother and I are going to travel down to Wembley from Edinburgh for the play off final a week on Monday to support SJM and Villa getting back to where they belong, in the Prem. Even if it is just to sample the atmosphere in the pubs pre match. On the off chance are there any Villa fans on here that could source or point me in the right direction of how I could source 2 tickets for the game? I know it’s very much a long shot but we would absolutely love to be there. Either way it’d be great to meet some of you guys down there for a pint! UTV!
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    I woke up today an hour late for work, wearing my Villa shirt, with a sense that I'm still too drunk to drive, and a note from the gf saying "we should probably talk about last night". Worth it.
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    Popped on here tonight to have a nosey and noticed this thread. Bit obsessed by atmosphere in football and the lack of appreciation of its significance Interesting to read your thoughts on the Villa Park atmosphere. As someone who has lived in the West Midlands for some time now, I have experienced various Second City Derbies both at St Andrew’s and your place. I have also attended non Derby games. I have been really impressed by the atmosphere and had a genuinely wonderful time down there with my mates, some of whom support Villa, on Derby Day. I was at the back of The Holte on Derby day back in November. It was spine tingling at times and everything you want to experience about football, it made you feel alive. It wasn’t even my team playing- you just couldn’t help but get caught up in the euphoria of the situation. To cut to the chase, I have also witnessed a much more sedate, sombre Villa Park with the Holte Lower decidedly sat throughout the game. It feels like a completely different venue on these occasions The key to it all, is being stood up. What is the issue, is it the stewards or general apathy towards creating an atmosphere on a more low key occasion? Inclined to believe that it’s the former. You cannot tell me there is atmosphere when the Holte End stand is sat down. It is a wonderful, spine tingling cathedral of English football that should never been knocked down or significantly altered. It has history, character and atmosphere. My favourite ground after Elland Road which is aesthetically terrible but means an incredible amount to me, and an atmospheric cauldron at times- as I hope it will be in the Gelderd End tomorrow night. Chants-wise, Holte Enders in the Sky is brilliant, My Old Man is amusing and a classic. Can’t say I’m buying into this ‘allez, allez, allez’ but who am I to tell you I don’t like it? Sorry for blabbering on, I may have had a few pints and am getting all daft. Leeds fan in peace, but I thought I could give my two pennies’ worth on a subject I know about as a non partisan neutral
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