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    Gives himself a 6.5 for the season. Get's in the car and says "Hello I'm Anwar"! So humble he makes me want to cry. He's always affable as well and he looks so much more relaxed both on and off the pitch to when he first came, there's still some untapped talent in there IMO even though he has been bloody decent for a while now. If that Bristol performance is his peak then that's more than enough for any league, but I still want to see him do it more often. Remains an absolute must buy for me, no matter what league we are in. He's my favourite player though so I may be biased.
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    As opposed to the 2 cheating barstewarding sides that got knocked out.
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    I think many are overthinking the last four games/results: away against a good tough playing team with an apparently amazing tactician of a manager; against the best team in the division who were full strength needing a result to guarantee the title whilst we rested 5 or 6 first team starters; home and away against another decent team who had the attack/defend balance slid 90% over to defend. All four games against teams that finished above us in the league and yet in the two games that mattered, we achieved the result required. In no way will Derby be a pushover but, assuming they don’t set up like the boggies did, it will be a better watch than the boggy games and we’ll see more of the ball than last year’s final. Provided our effort and application at least matches Derby, we have a very decent chance. I’m reasonably confident we’ll give Derby a game which is one step better than we managed against Fulham. Anyone hoping for a repeat of the 0-3 or 4-0 league results, in a game worth £100m+ and against a team that is fired up from their previous achievements, is likely to be disappointed. Just hoping we do ourselves justice over the 90 or 120 minutes and get competent match officials.
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    Financial fair play has definitely helped close the gap between the rich and the poor.
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    Well, thanks to the kindness of @Rugeley Villa it looks like I'll be in block 233. Are we having a VT meetup?
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    Sweden - it's the offspring of Tim Curry and Martin Dahlin. @Pellewill be rushing out to buy this. No one else will.
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    Whilst taking on board the 'don't let perfection be the enemy of good' line, if one of your fundamental objections to eating meat is a notion of cruelty (itself a term that covers a range of behaviour(s)) then this becomes something of a principle. If it is unbounded, i.e. cruelty to animals on any level is unacceptable, then the culling of any one single animal would be anathema, surely? If it is bounded by a concept of necessity (killing some rats that have infested a vegetarian restaurant, for example), then this fact that you use to guide whether one thing is acceptable or not takes on less meaning. It's not a case of whether or not you or anyone else is ok with the cruelty but in what circumstances you are okay with what you have termed 'cruel'.
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    I'd rather try and loan Tammy for another season then put some money up afterwards. Chelsea might go for that to see their player in the Prem and then we can go big on him but with a bit more understanding of his abilities at that level.
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    God knows how that worked. I know the nice bit of skirt in the ticket office took a fancy to me last time I was in there, so that’s probably why I was near the front.
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    Yeah, but if that player scores the winner in the same game then we can just call it cosmic justice and take no further action.
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    If there's 1700 tickets left then that means we have 30,000+ season ticket holders (we don't) They're just opening it up block by block like they do every time we play at Wembley.
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    I did say that I didn't like our finishing. To say we didn't play well I think is largely denying the truth, that we did play good enough to win the semi's. We had many aspect of our game that we clearly needed to adjust and sort out yes, but there were many bits of both our legs where we couldn't be faulted. I think some are using the blunders, the finishing rate of us too make it sound like we were rubbish, in what was a very desperate and ambitious game anyway Albion at certain points did look like they wanted it more. I still don't think we got out played, Albion capitalised on our mistakes, they offered nothing else and sat back for the entirety of the game. If we had not of made the mistakes we had, Albion would of looked utter rubbish given the possession and pass rate we had to them. In times of ten man teams where one is sent off, it has been more than noted that ten man teams can often be the dominator in games like this, that wasn't the case and we shut them down completely for fourty mins of play. I don't think we played shite, I just think we needed to be more on point, we needed to shoot corners properly and shoot further out than trying to get inside there defence. When a team like Albs plays that defensively, it's highly unlikely they are going to be breached, so the shots must fly from outside the box.
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    Cringing so hard the cringe quota for the rest of the century might have been used up.
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    I am on holiday with Mrs Lifeboats in Cyprus. A few days ago we were pondering a visit to a tourist attraction. "Don't worry," declares Mrs Lifeboats "I saw that yesterday. I know where it is". She is to navigation what Myra Hindley is to babysitting and I should have known better. So off we trot and 15 minutes later we arrive at the local bus station. I am thinking something must be wrong because Mrs Lifeboats regards all forms of public transport as disease ridden cess pits. Is she really taking us on a bus ride? "Err.........I saw this yesterday and thought it must be a tourIst attraction because of ALL THE BUSES THAT KEPT ARRIVING FULL OF PEOPLE.
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    Clearly higher standards are expected of the Jeremy Kyle show than for the Department of Work and Pensions.
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    My favourite was the aged bald dentist from San Marino, who couldn't sing to save his life, but had a true Eurovision style 'na na na' song. But Australia will win it.
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    I mentioned that I miss BBC and Terry Wogan , my younglings started laughing hysterically at the acronym, means something completely different in their world. Dirty-minded little words removed.
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    I don't want to get picky here, but it was two MULTI billionaire owners.
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    Erm, ok. That seems like quite a strong reaction. I’ve been really honest in that I’m still learning about this whole thing. Every time I engage with someone I always try to say stuff like I’m happy to read anything that counters anything I’m saying. Just like the culling discussion. My immediate opinion is that I don’t agree with it. But if someone presents something that counters that I’m genuinely interested in the discussion. I don’t think I’ve been overzealous in any discussions in this topic. If I have then I apologise. But I also don’t think that just because I’m a fairly recent convert I can’t have strong feelings on the subject. When’s the cut off when I’m allowed to have strong feelings? Theres plenty of other posters who take the hardened position (which by the way I don’t think I do take) as you call it. Not sure why you’ve picked on me
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    1billion is well spent Yet Bolton might go out of business. Fair
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    Ah yes, we need to preface the fact with that now. Mind you, does saying male assume their gender?!
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    Another couple, and we'll no longer be tied for the biggest spanking in an FA Cup final.
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    Buy back from who? The owners of Aston Villa would still ultimately own Villa Park. That's my point. Its financial smoke and mirrors, selling your own assets to yourself to raise money. Rather than just ploughing another £100m in. They're not going to sell VP outside of their control. It makes no sense.
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    i'm currently in the queue, just to see if the people who are now eligible can get better tickets than I got a couple of days ago. Sorry if I'm holding you up.
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    Sometimes wonderkids get overhyped but watching Kai Havertz live today he looks some player. Takes the ball anywhere and similar enough to Jack in play but playing bit further forward. Unlike Jack he didnt get 4 or 5 bad tackles per game On that if we dont go up, Jack gets an offer from abroad he should go
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    Yes that’s official spoke to the club this morning it’s shafting my old man too
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    Hello? Is this the Leeds thread? Naught you say? Guess I'll head over to other football then
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    I got through the first line of Audio and had to bite. "Towns like Merthyr have recieved millions of pounds in regeneration money, this whole town centre was funded with EU grants....." I haven't heard the rest yet. I assume Farage is about to say something silly. Just for context for everyone out there though. On my most recent visits to Merthyr the most noticeable thing was not that the shops were closing down at a rapid rate like here in Cardiff, but that the charity shops were closing down in Merthyr. The "shops" are long gone. Unless you count the poundland/bookies/greggs/phoneshop combo I suppose. Personally I don't see much merit in it. At the same time as "regenerating" the town centre all the consumers are in Morrisons or over the out of town shopping warehouses on the A470. The Cwm Taf health board just got put in "targeted intervention" after a damning enquiry. A few years ago it was true to say Merthyr's youngsters were statistically more likely to go to prison than anywhere else in England and Wales https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/youth-crime-merthyr-blamed-deprivation-2694304 https://joeldayblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/15/violent-crime-is-increasing-in-merthyr-tydfil/ Now maybe they are just all jealous of the £100,000 lamppost that Newbridge got instead of them but in phrasing the question along the lines of "all the money we get" the interviewer is repeating lazy tropes a la Farage I'm afraid. And it really winds me up. People in Merthyr are shat on. While the public are encouraged to confine their thoughts to repeating things heard on the news and bickering about how much money to throw at a problem or indeed where it come from I can't help but feel the point is lost that places like Merthyr are not anomalies plucked from the ether. They are the direct result of our actions as a society. And every day of complicity or tacet approval of this situation is as bad as the next imho. Farage isn't going to help Merthyr is he? But then if we are honest neither have the Tory, Coalition or Labour governments throughout my entire life. Nor will they in the future. I would expect this community and others like it to vote angrily until someone actually gives a shit about them. Just like last time. Anyway rant over carry on.
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    Yes, all of that is true. The issue isn’t the accounting ruse, or the behaviour of the current owners. The issue for me is the possibility, or risk, of future ownership behaviour. An accounting ruse to get round having broken FFP rules is one thing, I’m really talking about separating the assets of the club from the club. That then almost invites trouble down the line. If our owners transfer the ownership between their various companies and later, following rule changes, or promotion, or increased revenues buy it back, re-transfer it back to being part of the football club business then fine. Were being, apparently, forced to do that because of our (allleged) breaking of sustainability rules. Derby did it, others have or will, now it’s the latest get out of FFP rule breaking jail ruse. It’s almost nailed on that one or more clubs will suffer unforeseen consequences for doing it. It’ll destroy at least one club, I’d wager.
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    Against Leeds Derby looked quite little, nippy and technical, but diddy - we should have better luck on set pieces, one hopes.
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    but there is another way of looking at those stats......why did we only get 2 goals?....with so much overwhelming domination.
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    Awful scouting, goes to show it still not the amount of money you are competing with because so many clubs simply can't see value but that said if you went through our transfer thread you'll find fans of ours wanting to spend £30m+ on championship players if we go up, hard to get the balance right, the current crop we have are probably not as good as some of our shit teams yet seemingly want to be here more giving us better performances said for a while now Everton have become a nothing club, stuck in limbo, need a complete overhaul and threshen up, they are more likely to do what we did than break in to the top 4
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    I get that. But if we aim to be as good as brighton or Southampton, then we are in trouble already. I want them to stay, don't get me wrong. But im not sure if we can dish out another 50 mil on top of making our loaners perm to improve this team and compete with Newcastle's and Everton's, not only with the bottom feeders. Because if we go up, we will be the bottom team. And in order to stay where we are, and not even improve one bit, we need to pay an estimated £50mil. Maybe instead of buying Tammy for 25-30, there is a Spanish/Italian alternative for half that money?
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    Because I have slight OCD I guess I watch X amount of shows on flix and hbo, and even if I get bored I normally finish the season I am in. Same goes for a show called Suits. I've watched every single episode, yet I swear it got boring 4-5 seasons ago.
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    I don't understand what's not to see. The current owners could sell to Lidl yes, but they still own the club who play in the stadium and are getting their rent. If the club is sold to someone else and struggles they will no longer be getting their rent so they will look how to profit on their investment in other ways. I could draw a parellel with my own company who bought out another company from an owner who also owned their offices separately. He signed them up to a long term lease just before the sale with a nice fat rent which we were committed to for years. The ownership of the company and their premises were separated and if we defaulted on our rent he would be free to do what he wanted with the offices. For all those who say why would they do that or it makes no sense, it's happened before as illustrated on page 2 of this thread with Crystal Palace. People are always buying companies and renting their premises from someone else, most business people would see this as normal practice. Anyone who thinks Villa Park is worthless other than as a football stadium show me one of the many many old grounds recently closed with the Club moving to a new ground which is just left as a rotting relic. There is always money in large city plots. Coventry show that having no ownership of your own ground is a recipe for disaster.
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    Having spoken to you before Alex, don’t thibk any of us are really surprised
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    Hope we didn't celebrate like this. Might be a while until the final but no a fan of drinking during season. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/g74KJ1/derby-och-lampards-barnota--over-34-000-kronor
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    He's proven time and time again he's better off the bench. Keep him fresh for super sub status.
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    Im thinking back to when Arseabl beat us in the FA Cup 4-0 after beating us 0-2 and 4-0 in the league (16/17). 3-0 to Villa everyday.
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    We're in good hands if we go up or not. I'm not worried. Smith hasn't even built his own team or had a proper preseason yet.
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    I haven’t got a Scooby who we’ll sign...
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    It depends on the buyer. If it’s NSWE via another investment vehicle and their intentions are genuine i.e. long term owners and project, then it’s like deck chairs on the Titanic, but only as long as we don’t piss the cash received on some empty short term signings or mega wages. But if it’s a commercial enabler and it oils the wheels and it could give us a kick start to invest and not sell our key players then use it as a platform for the future. I genuinely don’t see how you can make a challenge on the top 6 without huge cash, the advantage they have in the monopoly of football cash precludes most from getting close. The correlation between wages and league position is almost an exact science.
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    Sounds like paper talk to me. Villa Park was listed as an asset of community value in 2018 and I believe it stipulates that the supporters have to be informed (via AVST) of any intention to sell the ground. Supporters are then given the opportunity to lodge a bid. I’d be amazed if the owners actually considered a purchase and lease back approach. The possibility of naming rights under Dr Xia was not met with any kind of positivity so this would be disastrous for them.
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    I would rather take the 9 point deduction.
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    Think the good run might be overstated.- I don't actually think we have played well since we beat Bristol City. We have 1 win in the last 4 games - and that via a penalty. Out tendency to overplay and squander openings in the final third has been there for a few games - it even happened against poor teams like Bolton and Millwall. I still think Derby in the final is a dream for us - but we need to rediscover that cutting edge - and that would be case whoever we played.
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    Still proudly have my Ronny Johnsen autograph sitting at home framed
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    my whole point has been a disaster Yeah, I meant the sort of shopping mall zombie that appears to be particularly attracted to St Davids SC in Cardiff where there appears to be a local custom of everyone pressing every button with all the lifts full of people going up and down for ride. These are the same people that get to decide our economic and social futures with their votes of equal worth to mine. Though tbf, they probably know the difference between a lift and an escalator.
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    Quietly rooting for the Blues. They've been waiting long enough for a Championship

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