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    This was him in the first half alone. I heard he was seen on Venus during stoppage time.
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    Fly tippers. On the way home from work, I get off at j4 of the M5 and drive over clent/romsley on country lanes. So many times now, you see black bin liners of rubbish, seemingly casually tossed on verges or pull ins. The worst however, is a field which is surrounded by a wooden/metal fence. Some idiot has driven OVER the fence, up a field (about 200 yards) and dumped what must be 60-100 black bags full of rubbish. It looks absolutely horrendous. Can you imagine the mindset of the people who decide to act like this? To drive through a fence, through a field and the spend what must be 10 mins lobbing that many bags of rubbish into a hedge? It makes me angry. I'd love to go through the rubbish, find a letter, go to that address and find out who did it. There isn't a word strong enough to describe my hatred of the people that do it.
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    If he's got a dog I bet it's knackered.
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    This man isn’t in the Championship team of the year.
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    McGinn is an unbelievable player, but top marks Jonathan Kodjia.
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    73 goals now this season for us - one more than last year and our highest total in a season since 1976-77.
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    Steer is lucky he never got booked for saving that.
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    You need to make sure you stay safe if you're messing with electric. Remember, always stand in a metal bucket full of water*, to,... er...., um.... protect yourself against electrical fire and use metal tools. p.s. if you were to die, can I have your car? ta. don't do that, you'll get trench foot.
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    In his mind? I guess we'd be judged to have "legally" left the EU. We could then get to work cutting all standards and rights for peasants back to the time of Dickens, send our army and navy off to recolonise Africa and India, kick out anyone with a vaguely tanned complexion and last but by no means least, we'd all have our country, fish and blue passports back.
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    The last thing we need right now is the reintroduction of Alan Hutton and his particular brand of devil may care attitude to defending and positioning. Guy is utter chaos.
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    Spot on. (Although I'm definitely right about Hourihane :D)
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    He played the first half at walking pace. Great for the winner, but save the lazing about until we are comfortable in the game rather than doing it from the start.
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    All that money blown on the LHC when they could have just asked McGinn to two foot a quark couple.
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    Have you seen that episode of Alan Partridge where he doesn’t get a new series commission, he doesn’t tell his staff and starts cursorily sacking them for petty offences like leaving cups near computers. The ref is THIS
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    It said on t'radio earlier that the British delegation eats separately from the other countries and previously, May has asked for a different menu from that the other leaders are having. That's taking back control, right there. Eating in a side room in front of the telly and tucking in to fishfingers that probably cost more than the salmon all the others are having. Come the next election, we'll vote for them all again.
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    No need to be rude. I hope they let us have the whole end, as av1 says they need the cash.
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    Add to his nice manipulation of facts in a recent interview here - Link Clever there Steve, “look we were only competing financially with those three relegation candidates! Ignore wages and any transfers from the previous year. They don’t count.” I’ve seen elsewhere him go on about bringing in money for players. It’s like he can take the credit for selling Veretout or Amavi for £X amount but it’s the board’s fault for pissing millions away on Hogan. If he doesn’t get the blame for the money spent, he can’t take the credit for money brought in (IMO). And I know the previous 18 months had been terrible, but the “hadn’t won at home for 18 months” stat, yes of course Steve. It was the away record and it was 14 months without a win. Does it matter? Not really, it was still a terrible record, but at least it’s a correct and not some inaccurate bollocks he’s said to defend himself. I know there are positives to say about his tenure but when he comes out with some of this crap, what positive thoughts I have diminish slightly.
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    if aguero scores the penalty then this conversation isn't happening...
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    I agree that his style of football will grate harder on is when we're not winning and for more progressive styles sometimes even if you're losing there seems to be some kind of 'greater purpose' behind it. But for all of that, I thought Villa fans were quite patient with him. We finished 13th in his first season and at 1 point we lost 7 out of 8 games or something like that. Most fans were happy to give him a full crack at it. When he did, it started to become apparent that there were fatal flaws that meant we wouldn't get promoted under him. Chief among them was that we didn't have the consistency for autos which was the aim that season and secondly we almost invariably played on the back foot against the top teams which obviously wasn't very conducive to a playoff run, and so it proved. I think the thinking at the time re:sacking him before the playoffs was to get in an attacking manager to give us a chance lol. That would have been incredibly harsh on Bruce but I can see the desperation behind such a notion. It really was promotion or bust (and we almost did bust if it wasn't for frankly a minor miracle). Bruce had the somewhat unique position of being judged solely on 1 particular criteria. Black or white. He got 2 years before the plug was pulled and the fans turned on him, which I think is surprisingly patient especially for such a rigid remit.
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    If's and But's At the halfway stage for the midweek football. A mixed bag, but fair to say Preston and Nottm Forest are out of the race now. Massive chance to pull away from the pack tomorrow and potentially put pressure on WBA. Bristol City to draw to West Brom - Bristol Win Sheff W to draw to N Forest - Sheff W Win Derby to beat Blackburn - Derby Lost Preston to lose to Leeds - Preston Lost Boro to beat Bolton - Boro Win Hull to beat Wigan Villa to beat Rotherham 4 - West Brom - 70 points 5 - Villa - 66 points 6 - Bristol - 65 points 7 - Boro - 61 point 8 - Derby - 60 points 9 - Hull - 60 Points 10 - Sheff W - 59 Points Games in hand - Derby x 1 & Bristol x 1
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    80 minutes, that'll do ref. Blow the whistle. Oh, shit. That's rugby.
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    Or maybe he could have just followed his surname and be no trouble
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    This season we have now won 6 games that we have gone behind in. (2 under Bruce). To put that in to perspective I think we only managed to win 3 games that we went behind in over the past 2 seasons. So basically if we went behind more often than not a point was the best we could hope for. This is no longer the case!
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    Hause has filled in very well, but I think our best team would definitely have Tuanzebe in as CB.
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    There's one in cumbria too (Tebay) if you find yourself on the way to Scotland. Owned by the same Westmorland group but you also get the added bonus of being in the mountains & it has ducks and even a rather nice hotel.
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    The game on Saturday is still big, but we are in a very good position now thanks to Blackburn. If we win on Saturday, then it'll be pretty hard to imagine us failing, given the two following fixtures.
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    This sums it up. Ref had to send one of our players off to make it 11 aside. Mcginn couldnt walk by the full time whistle. What a player, what a warrior!! Him and Grealish are leading us to promotion. Special mention to Jedinak. Hasn’t played in months and pretty much won everything that came his way.
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    Kodjia was inspired when he appeared!
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    King Kodj getting one over on the doubters again.
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    hmmm, don't know, will investigate but this is their meat counter .... at a motorway services
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    Agreed, preferably Scotland.
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    Can't appeal yellows except for mistaken identity, IIRC.
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    How did you get that photo of me?
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    I think Wolves might have been the only win I watched under Bruce after which I left the ground feeling genuinely pleased I'd gone to watch. There were certainly no more than a handful. Most of the time we seemed to win ugly, or I'd wonder how we'd managed to get the points at all. Don't get me wrong, I'd still go mental when we scored, but once that initial euphoria wore off, it was always still a bit depressing to watch even when we were winning, for me. I can't imagine how bad it must be watching Pulis' teams every week.
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    We always beat Boro We're their bogey team, and have been since Southgate went to them. Derby, we regularly beat too. WBA, fair enough, we usually draw, like we did just. I'm not saying it isn't better, but it's hardly like we didn't have games where we battered teams, like say, Wolves 4-1 last year or beating Sunderland 3-0. or Sheff Wednesday 4-2 away, Ipswich 4-0 or Reading 3-0 (thanks Google). I think your second sentence is the nail on the head really. Bruce was often too wary of other teams and what they could potentially do. Whereas Smith you feel, believes we have better quality players than all the other teams, so he does set up to get chances made. I agree with you, Smith's football is better to watch, but I don't think it's as vast a difference as what others are saying it is.
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    I think we need to freshen up a bit tonight, would like to see 2-3 players rotated......just not sure who!
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    If we go up and we establish ourselves again, we will probably need a bigger ground. Just being midtable and playing some good football at times will see the sold out signs going up on a regular basis.
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    I have a couple of Spacemen 3 albums and still occasionally play a track or 2 from them. Spectrum I didn't get on with.
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    Don't think Hutton is needed now he's training, when he was playing he was Messing up way to much, i dont want us to take a step back while were on the right track. Hutton goes way to deep and I felt he left us open way to easy to counters, got caught off guard way to much and couldn't get back fast enough to make up for his mistakes.
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    German missus, better here than waiting for the brexit aftermath, my job in UK didn't seem overly secure going forward so a new job was probably on the cards this year anyway International office so everyone has to talk English, not sure how black country is going to go down yet...there was a German guy yesterday parked his car in a space that I wanted so i asked him if he could move cos of me trying to move furniture etc honest he spoke better english than me
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