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    John, John, the whistle has gone! You can stop mate!! Please!!!!
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    Also think it deserves mentioning that Smith bringing on Kodjia at half time was a masterstroke. I think it's fair to say that most of our recent managers would have tried to hang on at 1-0 and hope for a goal on the break or from a set piece. Love that we didn't predictably capitulate like we have done in similar circumstances before.
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    This was him in the first half alone. I heard he was seen on Venus during stoppage time.
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    Passion, pride, purpose you say? It ain't gonna be the easy way gents - but we have players who will work their socks off to get us where we need to be. It'll be tougher against Bristol City now, we've made some sacrifices in winning this one, but you get the same three points for beating Rotherham that you do for beating Bristol City and right now, the points look pretty valuable. John McGinn could work the milk back out of your tea and come back for the sugar; it's not possible to do what he did in that second half. Mo Farah has been seen crying. He's unbelievable, a mutant, a freak, unnatural, an anomaly, a whirlwind, a gyro, an army of one, and I love him. Which isn't to underplay the other performances - Jack the lad is Jack the man nowadays, the lost fullbacks have both had good games lately and I thought Elmo was superb. the spare goalkeeper has become vital, he was excellent tonight and Dean Smith can add something to the list of things he can do that the last chap couldn't - Jedinak was very decent at centre half. The attitude, the determination, the calm heads - we deserved exactly what we got against a physical Rotherham and a mental set of officials. Every one of them worked their socks off - socks I didn't even know Kodjia had - Abraham is out of form, but he'll chase seventy yards to win you a throw in, Hourihane was tackling, actual tackling - the first half was shoddy, the second was one we can be very proud of. Attitude alone won't get our slightly beaten up team over the line, but someone is going to have to work very hard to stop us.
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    In other news. It has been reported that the recent released photo of a black hole is not a black hole at all. It turns out the picture is a close up heat map of John Mcginn's post match right testicle.
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    C'mon, we can run home! The coach is for wimps!!
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    Very pleased with the 3 points and impressive to come back with 10 men. Well done Villa!
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    Scientists have obtained the first image of a black hole, using Event Horizon Telescope observations of the center of the galaxy M87. The image shows a bright ring formed as light bends in the intense gravity around a black hole that is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun.
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    I would, were I not concerned I'd kill myself, my partner or the neighbours. However, the light fitting bit I should really learn how to sort. I have no excuses, my dad was involved with buying some properties to let when I was a kid and I would go round and help him clear them out and he would always tell me how to fix plugs, and how to recognise various problems. But it always went in one ear, right out the other. He asked me to creosote a shed once, I spent 7 hours doing it in the sun one day, only for him to point out at the end of the day I'd used the wrong tub and had simply "painted" the shed with water
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    Fly tippers. On the way home from work, I get off at j4 of the M5 and drive over clent/romsley on country lanes. So many times now, you see black bin liners of rubbish, seemingly casually tossed on verges or pull ins. The worst however, is a field which is surrounded by a wooden/metal fence. Some idiot has driven OVER the fence, up a field (about 200 yards) and dumped what must be 60-100 black bags full of rubbish. It looks absolutely horrendous. Can you imagine the mindset of the people who decide to act like this? To drive through a fence, through a field and the spend what must be 10 mins lobbing that many bags of rubbish into a hedge? It makes me angry. I'd love to go through the rubbish, find a letter, go to that address and find out who did it. There isn't a word strong enough to describe my hatred of the people that do it.
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    I'm far from "posh", but I seem to have a habit of making a bit of a nob of myself whenever I talk to anyone who works in a typical "bloke" job. any kind of interaction with tradesman, and I channel my inner-dickhead. I took my car in to have its alloys redone this morning. I was waiting for the mechanic guy to turn up, and when he did, I introduced myself, and he held out his hand. I couldn't decide whether he was going to shake my hand or take the key, so I reached out mine, put the key in his hand, and shook his hand in one gesture, like I was tipping him a car or something. The look of "wtf" on his face is going to pop in to my head and taunt me occasionally for years to come.
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    This has aged well hasn't it (from our first visiting Hibee)
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    John McGinn. Thank you for giving absolutely everything for this football club. You little legend.
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    All banter and friendly rivalry aside, it feels nice to see my team has something still to play for at this point of the season without it being a relegation fight.
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    John McGinn. I've followed Villa from abroad since I was about 6. I was starstruck by Yorke and I loved Barry. Laursen, when fit, was the perfect centre back. Benteke made me dream again. Grealish is the key and the flair and the face of our club. But this dude is my dude. He is the perfect combination of grit and magic. Amazing team player.
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    Bruce would never had played the shape we did with 10 men. Would have been a very lonely front man 50 yards away from teh rest of the team.
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    Amazing effort from everyone towards the end there. Players like Elmo and Mcginn playing every 3 or 4 days making a number of 90 yard sprints just to eat up the clock. You can play great football, you can score great goals but nothing gives me more satisfaction than that. Just seeing players who want to **** WIN
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    What does McGinn have instead of a half time orange, methamphetamine?
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    A crap 45 mins and our top scorer is a Billy big bollox, and the manager who has guided us to 6 consecutive wins against top 10 teams has lost the plot. I love you lot.
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    Streatham Rovers tweeted this picture along with this message: "Here's the teamsheet for tonight's game and we are absolutely furious because Sydenham have fielded their players to spell out "SRFC ARE SH*T". We know this for a fact because Dane Francis, a striker, is wearing number 3. Hope the league committee throw the book at them for this." Brilliant work from Sydenham Utd
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    Nick Fury was seen in the stands.
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    2 up front away from home with 10 men. I love it.
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    Full heat map with McGinn's touches just came in.
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    Especially chuffed for @Pelle too
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    Guys,guys stop with these in-play maps. Full-time map for you all.
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    That was amazing, simply incredible. Screwed by the ref but shows absolute heart. So proud of them tonight
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    I can only assume he called up the Brentford owner at half time and asked him how the system responds to this situation
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    I'm liking this second half much better than the first one
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    This is problem with Whelan on bench. No recognised penalty taker
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    I'd be flabbergasted if he's got a reflection, to be honest.
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    John McGinn is God, pass it on
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    Ref must have sent the red button commentator off
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