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    I was very unmoved by either option. On balance, I might have voted leave, but my son persuaded me that I should use my vote for him as it was his future, he couldn't vote and I would be dead anyway. So I voted remain. The problem with "remain and reform" is that the treaties basically entrench a neoliberal approach, and now that has been achieved, shifting the EU on anything major is pretty much impossible due to the power of veto. Looking at things like the Growth and Stability Pact, the nonsense that is the Euro, and the appalling way they asset-stripped Greece to bail out the mistakes of banks in western Europe, there's a lot wrong with the EU, and I can't see that changing unless there is some kind of existential crisis that forces a reappraisal of some of the framework of how it operates. It's a deeply unattractive institution in those respects, despite the obvious advantages in other ways. But the problem with "leave" is that the people who are driving it seem to be motivated by a wish to deregulate, lower standards, rush into very disadvantageous treaties with countries like the US, restrict freedom of movement and generally make most of us worse off. That would be worse than the current arrangement. So the best option, of leaving the institution but staying within the trading bloc and maintaining common regulatory standards seems not what most brexiters are looking for, although it might be the option which best reaches a compromise between the leave and remain camps (@blandy touched on this recently, I think). From where we are now, any outcome will be divisive, especially if it is seen to be the product of manoeuvring and chicanery, so it would be better to repeal A50 and have an extended national discussion about what outcomes we most want and how they could best be achieved. But at present, too many people on both sides are still seeing it as a zero-sum game which you either win or lose, and I don't detect much appetite for a more open and fluid discussion.
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    You do realise, I know that the question asked in ref 2 would be substantially different to that which was asked in ref 1. MV3 is exactly the same shite as in MV1 and MV2 and that's without going into the time differentials between the votes. You, sir, are disingenuously comparing oranges with orangutans
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    At midnight the day Richards leaves I’m going to make a nice cup of tea, and sit down and watch clips of all his decent moments for us, and have a silent contemplation of all he’s done for us. Then ill wait while the kettle finishes boiling and enjoy my cuppa.
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    It disrupted his schedule for the day - he said "Omelette for my next appointment".
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    Kuenssberg presumably followed this with a tweet saying 'and nothing of any relevance changed'.
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    Yes but these violent hooligan types are often molly-coddled
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    The wife asked if I loved her or football the most. I said “open your legs and I’ll show you”. Nutmegged her.
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    There was a good result for the top of the table battle on Saturday. Fifth placed Newcastle beat top of the table Wolves 2-0. While that does put Newcastle above us into 3rd place, it keeps Wolves within striking distance of everyone in the playoff places. A win for Wolves would've put an end to our automatic promotion hopes. With only 3 games to go, we can stop looking over our shoulder. The top 5 will finish in the top 5. It's just the order left to sort out. Just four points separate everyone
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    I like Harry, Terry, I really do but we all know what Harry is, an opportunist....but a fun guy too....very popular in his industry I would wager. That's why we have to stick with Dean and let him develop the team/club.....There are far too many opportunist managers out there, just in it for themselves and dismissive of what they leave behind once they have gone. Dean may well be not the best manager in the world, but he is one of us and cares about the club...He will make decisions in the clubs interest and when time is required, he will be well placed to be patient.....There will be peaks and troughs, but we have to hope the overall is a gradual up. We all need to rid our thoughts of these opportunist managers.
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    Interesting reading. According to this respected chap, we may well pass FFP by the skin of our teeth. Maybe Purslow does know what he’s doing!
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    Sorry to hear that. You ill? Well @wilko154 is the first name on my list for next year.
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    Your timeline is correct, but remember that Blair is just the manifestation, people like Mandy had been doing the legwork long before he popped up. When he was elected, he had no idea what to do, and kept asking Gordon Brown. But that soon changed.
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    That would be a good outcome, compared to the alternatives.
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    The 1980 reissue on Mango of the classic Jamaican compilation Club Ska '67, Also first released by Trojan in the UK in 1970. In rather fine condition
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    I like the data. Hate the repeating of the peace in Europe line. Kind of glosses over the E.European uprisings since the 50's, the Greek Military Junta, Rise of ETA and IRA, Baltics and Georgian wars of independence, That whole Balkan thing, Turks invading Cyprus/Greek Islands, French invasion of Corsica and the countless conflicts fought by European countries overseas since the coal deal in '50, but yeah apart from THAT what have the Romans..........etc
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    It's on HBO Nordic here in Sweden. So HBO perhaps, not sure about the UK tbh.
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    There was an Olive The Olive was in the Oil The Oil was on the table And the table was in the room The room was in the building the building was in the yard The yard was in the area And the area was in the town The town was in the county the county was in the country The country was in the union and the union was in the world the world was in the universe the universe was in the stars Oh, the stars. Oh, oh the stars
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    You knows it mate! I spur myself to do more but really i should relax more but going to rest rest of his week and hopefully get to go to the Crewe match at weekend ..that is the fixture i have my eye on i've quit drinking now after stroke and now drink a lot of Becks Blue - Non Alcoholic Lager and done wonders last few weeks (had 3 bottles of them at Shrewsbury game on Saturday) especially when coming to write my reports on players after the games i attend.
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    See also this: A 'tacit understanding' is it? Might want to get that down on paper lads.
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    There's growing evidence to suggest this can happen in older people (who smoke high strength skunk which is very high in THC but low in CBD). There's very many public health issues associated with legalisation of it, but one of the good things is that it could clean the market up, most of the cannabis on the streets here is skunk, a legal industry would lead to better safety and opportunity for segmentation (i.e. options for customers who want fairly low amounts of THC but higher CBD).
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    mines breaking bad, got half way through season 2 twice and turned it off, i just dont get it those who havent watched the sopranos or enjoyed it do you watch goodfellas and casino etc? films from that genre, i would find it weird if you liked goodfellas but didnt like the sopranos
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    I went the horse racing last weekend and the amount of cocaine there was unbelievable. It’s really became the norm now. It’s an horrible more ish drug. Had some great times on drugs , but I’m paying the price now. My anxiety is through the roof, and it’s starting to effect my life more as time goes by. Suicidal thoughts are becoming stronger, but it’s weird because they are just thoughts in my head. I’m not in any danger of actually doing it. Just fed up of feeling like this all the time and it’s draining me and everyone around me. It’s affecting my parenting too. I really don’t like myself at the moment. Lost interest in everything. Last week was the first time I’ve put my music on in ages. Just had no desire or interest in it which is not like me. There are issues that have not been dealt with. The drugs help you short term but only add to the negative feelings you feel. I’m doing ok regarding my drug use. The odd blip here and there , and the desire to use is getting weaker and weaker. Could do with cutting the drink out a bit more. Just the stress, depression and anxiety is doing me in at the minute. The slightest thing and I crumble .
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    And today Nilsson-Lindelöf became a father to a baby boy so it turns out it was totally reasonable for him to pull out of the games against Romania and Norway. What with him not pulling out of his girlfriend...
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    Glad I'm not the only one. Haven't tried The wire yet, but Sopranos is not for me either.
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    And in other Grealish related news: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/766915/aston-villa-birmingham-city-jack-grealish-paul-mitchell-fan-attack-professor?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-star-latest-news+(Daily+Star+%3A%3A+News+Feed) What a colossal nincompoop
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    The mascot for the 2020 Euro's has a top knot and is named Skillzy. He is inspired by "street culture" and is good at keepy up's
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    I know what you mean mate. But it’s a nightmare trying to them while they’re alive!
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    they were Tory Councillors , t'was in the grauniad
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    Considering that as a player was amazing for Villa and as a manager he relegated Wolves to the third division, I find it really hard to like Dean Saunders.
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    Oh man. Scott 4 was a masterpiece.
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    This has me smiling from ear to ear because it's that funny. Might be slightly embarrassing if I gave a sh**. What I wrote makes sense to me. There's parts of the Quran and Bible that didn't make much sense to me, probably because I was lacking context and questioning the interpretation. I got the impression that even if I understood the material correctly that it might be as you put it, nonsensical bullsh**. I'd like to think what I wrote is true. And not in the way you have to take someone else's word for it. Maybe not haha.
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    Could be wrong but I suspect there should be an “etc” there in Dem’s post. The likes of Richards, Elphick, RDL would bump it up to that sort of number...the quote of £250,000 a week or £13 million a year seems to be doing the rounds a lot.
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    Scott Walker going is a sad thing for sure
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    The man who literally wrote a foreword to the Bible.
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    On wider US policy, the American Conservative reissues an article from 16 years ago, discussing how US policy has become dominated by neocons who promote the interests of the Israeli right wing, to the detriment of US interests. It's too long to quote in full, but it stands up well, 16 years on. This is one small section.
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    Rumour is that Chris Grayling is leading the coup; Theresa May could be the new PM.
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    Well my post was obviously a joke, but they will equally not be happy if they are despite their wealth unable to put money into the club due to FFP rules I'd imagine.
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    Yep, his status would immediately go up and he'd have numerous overrated utter gobshites in his ear tapping him up, no thanks, I wish he'd have declared himself for Ireland tbh.
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    Was probably Bohemian Rhapsody , I always get the urge to shoot a music video whenever that comes on as well
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    Really, really looking forward to seeing this next week... The new movie from Jordan Peele (Get Out) is getting absolutely incredible reviews and is looking like a fantastic piece of work.
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    It is no coincidence that our defence improved massively once Tyrone 'King of the Championship' Mings came in. He is a better fit than Chester or elphick, as he is a ball playing centre back who doesn't really have any weaknesses. However the main factor, imo, is his ability to marshall the back 4 and general leadership. This is what we have been missing in the absence of JT.
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    Danny Rose speaking about his wages says it all really. No need to single Danny out when I could mention almost every Brazilian player of the last 10 years. That Mino Raiola has gotten so rich doing absolutely nothing. That not even rich american owners can compete(Kroenke and FSG group). That managers who have shown incompetence get job after job. Could be a longer and more structured post but Im trying to watch Andy Carroll brake a few noses.
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