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    Grandpa rides again. Bonnie and Bridie, 2015 and 2019. Keeps me in (unpaid) employment, I suppose. More red wine needed...
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    I don't think some of these people are even MP's nevermind ministers I'm going to go on twitter and resign from the cabinet and see what happens.
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    firstly thats utter **** garbage secondly to celebrate their 6 year relationship get in the sea
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    I was very unmoved by either option. On balance, I might have voted leave, but my son persuaded me that I should use my vote for him as it was his future, he couldn't vote and I would be dead anyway. So I voted remain. The problem with "remain and reform" is that the treaties basically entrench a neoliberal approach, and now that has been achieved, shifting the EU on anything major is pretty much impossible due to the power of veto. Looking at things like the Growth and Stability Pact, the nonsense that is the Euro, and the appalling way they asset-stripped Greece to bail out the mistakes of banks in western Europe, there's a lot wrong with the EU, and I can't see that changing unless there is some kind of existential crisis that forces a reappraisal of some of the framework of how it operates. It's a deeply unattractive institution in those respects, despite the obvious advantages in other ways. But the problem with "leave" is that the people who are driving it seem to be motivated by a wish to deregulate, lower standards, rush into very disadvantageous treaties with countries like the US, restrict freedom of movement and generally make most of us worse off. That would be worse than the current arrangement. So the best option, of leaving the institution but staying within the trading bloc and maintaining common regulatory standards seems not what most brexiters are looking for, although it might be the option which best reaches a compromise between the leave and remain camps (@blandy touched on this recently, I think). From where we are now, any outcome will be divisive, especially if it is seen to be the product of manoeuvring and chicanery, so it would be better to repeal A50 and have an extended national discussion about what outcomes we most want and how they could best be achieved. But at present, too many people on both sides are still seeing it as a zero-sum game which you either win or lose, and I don't detect much appetite for a more open and fluid discussion.
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    Summary from the weekend - RHM & O'Hare face off. Clark (Port Vale) Home to Forest Green (0-2) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Away at Carlisle (2-2) - Not in the squad. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Away at Carlisle (2-2) - Substituted after 51 minutes. Scored. O'Hare, Callum (Carlisle United) Home to Cambridge (2-2) - Played 90 minutes. 2 assists. Prosser, Alexander (Brackley Town) Home to Kidderminster (3-1) - Came on after 86 minutes. Taylor, Corey (Walsall) Home to Barnsley (0-1) - Played 90 minutes. International break Bree, De Laet, Gardner, Guilbert, Hogan, McCormack, Tshibola, McKirdy,
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    Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
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    Didn't know where else to put this. We need to start the 2nd half better than we do. The first 15 minutes of the 2nd half are far and away our worst 15 minute period this season. 1st minute to 15th minute we've scored 13 and conceded 7 (+6GD) 16-30 Score 8 Concede 8 (+0) 31-45 Score 12 concede 9 (+3) 46-60 Score 5 concede 12 (-7) 61-75 Score 16 concede 5 (+11) 76-90 Score 14 concede 13 (+1)
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    I had another swing at The Sopranos last night and I just cannot get into it. I might just have to consign it to the pile, with The Wire, of classic TV shows that just passed me by.
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    You do realise, I know that the question asked in ref 2 would be substantially different to that which was asked in ref 1. MV3 is exactly the same shite as in MV1 and MV2 and that's without going into the time differentials between the votes. You, sir, are disingenuously comparing oranges with orangutans
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    Oi, please don't defame that noble flag and the world's oldest continually running Parliament by associating it with Toby Young! The last but two Chief Minister of the IOM was a hardware store owner from Castletown. One of the Finance Ministers was a neighbour of mine, a well-meaning but eccentric older lady whose sum total of economic understanding was to repeat the saying "neither a lender nor a borrower be." Both of course, would have done a far better job at this Brexit malarkey than the current UK PM.
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    This is the Senior Editor of The Economist here, getting to grips with basic reality: Still, she got there in the end. Now do Brexit!
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    Best situation for Villa, he's picked up a slight knock ruling him out of international duty and is now on holiday resting up for a week. From his Instagram he looks as though he will be fine for Saturday. He looked like a player who was slightly burning out, a bit like McGinn a few weeks ago. Hopefully he comes back fresh and ready to fire us into the playoffs.
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    Michael Gove would be the worst caretaker since Ian Huntley.
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    Taking necessary steps to preserve his reputation.
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    i have seen them skills before
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    Even as a fan of Jez, I can see why the lad did it. He figured if Jez becomes PM, it will lead to all kinds of eggspropriation of private property. I'll get me coat.
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    I think you let the plumber move your bumhole as part payment
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    I stopped my social media today. Closed it all, ended my accounts. I found I wasn't seeing the lovely people who I like to see, and I was seeing too much of the things that made me irritated at the start of the day. I weighed it up and thought **** it.
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    You're supposed to say McGrath's mom.
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    At midnight the day Richards leaves I’m going to make a nice cup of tea, and sit down and watch clips of all his decent moments for us, and have a silent contemplation of all he’s done for us. Then ill wait while the kettle finishes boiling and enjoy my cuppa.
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    It disrupted his schedule for the day - he said "Omelette for my next appointment".
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    I have done The Wire though @Pelle & @NurembergVillan and can confirm it is a masterpiece.
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    So last week I did a 200kg deadlift for the first time. Been a really long road building up to that so I am really really chuffed. I've learnt to love the process but every now and then its nice to love the result too!
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    The idea that Trump was a puppet with Putin's hand up his arse was always dumb and always going to result in disappointment.
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    There's certainly some wriggle room in any definition.
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    My uncle (by marriage) died last night in hospital. He was a retired US History professor. A real old school Democrat who truly believed in the American system. He said he wanted to hang on for the Mueller Report. He did. RIP Uncle John, a good guy.
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    Glad you like True Blood. What does your husband think of it?
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    Our neighbours with a really noisy **** dog that we've put up with for 6 years, have **** off. They've rented their house to a family with three whiney brats and another dog. Please give me some drugs.
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    Yea, it's been an inspiring read, the initial incident, the prognosis, the slow recovery, then the fast recovery, now Chris is doing everything he was, plus more! Frankly, I can't wait until I have my first big stroke!! Free football tickets!!
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    @OutByEaster? He doesn't seem to have been in the matchday squad. In other news, Tyreik Wright scored for the Ireland U19s v Azerbaijan on Friday (3-1 win).
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    There was a good result for the top of the table battle on Saturday. Fifth placed Newcastle beat top of the table Wolves 2-0. While that does put Newcastle above us into 3rd place, it keeps Wolves within striking distance of everyone in the playoff places. A win for Wolves would've put an end to our automatic promotion hopes. With only 3 games to go, we can stop looking over our shoulder. The top 5 will finish in the top 5. It's just the order left to sort out. Just four points separate everyone
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    Chris. I must admit when this thread was first posted I feared the absolute worst. It’s haopened with other VTers on here and hearing you had such a bad turn was really worrying. To hear that you’re doing as well as you’re doing after such a short time genuinely warms my heart. Couldnt be happier for you mate.
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