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    Interesting reading. According to this respected chap, we may well pass FFP by the skin of our teeth. Maybe Purslow does know what he’s doing!
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    I got my NA (a 1990 one) in 2010 and it was pretty rust free. Like I say I restored it, it had been in a friends garage for 5 years. it had some surface rust underneath, but I wire brushed, rust killered, undersealed and it stayed fine. The sills just in front of the rear arches tend to go from the inside on the NA (mk 1). And that's because largely the drains for water from the top of the rear of the car and boot lip etc run down through rubber pipes and in part water gathers in the sills if they get blocked or damaged, which over time they can do. But fixing it is cheap. Mine were just starting to blister when I sold it 3 and a 1/2 years later. The later models don't suffer from the same thing. But for a nearly 24 year old car, when I sold it, it was remarkably intact. I've had cars where I've had to do rather more fettling
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    Estimate of people on the march today is approx million, the BBC however are reporting as thousands, not tens of, or hundreds of, just thousands. I know its only a little thing but its there all the time
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    I can't think of any 'fair' way to word a second referendum, if (a) No Deal remains an option and/or (b) Parliament cannot agree on a 'soft Brexit' alternative, and/or (c) 'Remain' is an option. A three-way No Deal/Agreed Deal/Remain choice would unfairly favour Remain, as the other two would split the Leave vote. However, if No Deal is decisively ruled out, and May's (or an alternative agreed) Deal is put up as a binary choice against Leave, it might be a fair test. But the chances of Parliament agreeing any such deal seem impossibly remote. Which HAS to put No Deal back on the table, OR revoke A50 indefinitely. Alternatively, if we accept that no soft Brexit deal can ever be agreed, we could have a binary No Deal v. Remain referendum. I would hope that Remain would win that one, but who knows?
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    I dunno, it seems really good of them to think about providing useful things. Material for clothing, a basic means of transportation, and a fuel. Good work.
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    Ah. Thanks for tagging me - as per the text at the top of the forum, I only get notified about new threads in this forum. It's a bad idea to reuse threads in this little forum. As has been discussed MANY times, sometimes rogue ads get added. We've had examples before where this only happens to people on one ISP, or one country, or on one mobile network. They clear themselves within a few days and it's never been worth trying to track them down.. There are extra ads shown to guests, so if it's not happening after you login, then stay logged in Has this been true for anyone else? If it's really affecting anyone so badly they can't use the site, then please be patient and it will resolve itself, or go to the store and go ad free for a month for the price of a cup of coffee. At least this time it's happened during the international break.
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    It may well be that FFP is actually protecting us from ourselves....as much as it appears to be an irritant. If our owners were allowed to spend huge amounts of money on players....the first thing that happens, it puts huge pressure on everyone attached to the club, including the fans, whose expectations go in to orbit....that pressure is contagious and spreads to every corner of the club...if the expected results do not manifest themselves the pressure rises like a volcano.....Those pressures can distort good decision making.....and the downward spiral begins. The way forward is a good manager and coaching staff and a sound academy and recruitment team.....building that way inhibits the potential of out of control pressure on the club....and it's great to see players develop. The players we need are out there.....It's a question of good net working and judgement, to pull it all together. Wolves , Man City and Chelsea were fortunate.....it could so easily have back fired, like some clubs can testify.
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    A thread outlining one person's experience of being invited to appear on a BBC programme.
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    it's all a load of bollocks really the big boys should be able to spend what they like as long as the club is not saddled with the debt. The owners should sanction the spend from their own company and the club should make money from tickets and TV income and so on. If the 2 are separated I don't see an issue. If dodgy owners gamble the clubs income then fair enough.
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    Might have seen him play
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    I bloody love Snoddy. I remember one time, I think it was against Sunderland we were slightly getting edgey and just seeing the game out in our usual Brucey scrappy fashion. I remember Snoddy at one point battling near the touchline for the ball against a few players and I screamed "Go on Snoddy!!!" He then promptly won the ball and ate up a few more precious seconds. I am 99% sure that 3 pts was down to my passionate cry of "Go on Snoddy!!!" I still think about it everyday and I am sure Snoddy does too. Love you Snoddy. Miss you Snoddy.
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    Load of shit tbh. If he's good enough he's good enough. Hudson-Odoi's whopping 6 appearances all season hasn't shown you anything.
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    Good to have villa represented all over the globe
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    This has been covered several times over the last 48 pages, but very few people are vegetarian/vegan simply because they don't like the flavour, so what's the problem with creating similar flavours/textures and using a language that'll let people know roughly what to expect? It's not confusing anyone, it's not like you're going to ask for a chicken burger in a mainstream restaurant and end up with the vegan option.
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    All very interesting links, thanks - let's hope we get to find out whether political theory and political reality match up sooner rather than later.
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    Well, it could. But if Leave won again, we'd just be back where we were.
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    Chris. I must admit when this thread was first posted I feared the absolute worst. It’s haopened with other VTers on here and hearing you had such a bad turn was really worrying. To hear that you’re doing as well as you’re doing after such a short time genuinely warms my heart. Couldnt be happier for you mate.
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    To be fair if you give someone the words “ Redknapp” and “ financial catastrophe”, then ask them to add a couple to make a sentence, most people wouldn’t choose to add “ cleverly averted a”....or “has never caused a”..............
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    My first ever car was a Morris Marina. It was an ex police car and you couldn't clean it too hard cos the paint would come off. I used to get stopped quite regular as the police would recognise the number plate and pull me over to have a look at one of their old cars.
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    They'd be sued into oblivion if someone fell in the toilets and couldn't call for help because of a signal jammer. It's illegal to use jammers in the UK. There won't be jammers.
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    Scored after 2 minutes
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    Not at all, keep posting. I have been marshalling my local parkrun for the past few months but intend to join in again next month. Your point about switching courses is true. A mate of mine was a walsall arboretum parkrun regular but couldn't chip more than a few secs of her pb there. She then spent a few months doing sutton park's event which unlike the arbo, is hilly and partially on grass. She then returned to the arbo and immediately took 30 seconds off her pb in one go, on it's concrete track. Keep up the good work !
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    Trent Richardson is killing it for the Birmingham Iron and to be fair the standard of this league is pretty decent . For me it's sort of in between NFL and NCAA which can occasionally hit the levels of both. This was a very entertaining game .
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    Only one winner in the past 35 years had won or placed in the previous season's Grand National, so you'd want bigger than 4/1 to break that trend. Theres only been one winner in the last 11 years who had even run in the race before. Hoping Bet365 do their offer of half stake back for every each way bet.
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    It seems like you were spot on.
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    @Stevo985....I've just read that there is definitely a "super bloom" of wildflowers underway in California for the 2nd time in 3 years, which is pretty amazing. Although the most spectacular examples are a bit south of your route from Vegas to LA, Joshua Tree is supposed to be experiencing it as well, particularly at lower elevations and in the south. If this interests you, just Google California Super Bloom. Death Valley is missing out, but then the big draw of DV for me is the barrenness, which would actually be lessened by a carpet of wildflowers. Enjoy your trip and let us know what route you end up taking.
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    Absolutely. There's no internationally agreed standard definition. There's not even really an agreed definition here, just look at how Manchester is carved up, but the definition of "Tokyo" is very loose. The city proper is enormous, about 10m people according to the UN but the 38m region is just a region like "the south east" might be here.
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    Knuckledraggers I've seen on social media think THEY are going to walk the league next year, as they've got off lightly. That's what mass lobotomies does for a community.
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    So now after this pathetic punishment it says to me there is absolutely no way in hell we should sell mcginn or grealish in the summer regardless what division what league we are in. We won't get worse than 9 points deduction I'd imagine between 4-6 at worst. I'd rather take the hit as next year having them two we can walk the league under Smith.
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    On mobile browser (safari), I've cleared all cookies and history, but keep getting "diverted" to an advert popup page (eu.dscardcenter.world) and can't leave it without closing the browser. It only occurs on VT (mainly in Off Topic today). WIFI connection and mobile data.
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    To top it off, it's the year 2027 and Sparta Rotterdam win the Champions League for the first time
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    Alright Brexit, calm down. It's a better goal.
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    Fancy a manager like McCleish shackling McGinn eh
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    The Wolves fans will not be questioning whether one of our goals is better than their one. They will all vote for Neves, unless they already think they are too big a club to be bothered about who wins the EFL goal of the season.
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    Neves' is "easier" than either McGinn's or Grealish's for me. However; a] The touch he takes to set it is beautiful b] It's from a long way out c] He's a fancy foreign name with a big reputation from the Championship So Neves will win overall.
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    Every time this topic gets raised your all over it. I guess you might have a name for this behaviour ?
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    Every time I see this tweeters name I spit my drink out without fail.
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    4 more schools drop the No Outsiders programme. Indefensible.
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    I'm waiting to turn right at a busy T junction when I see an old fella waiting to cross the road. I wave him across to let him know I have seen him . Next thing you know he's opening my passenger door and getting in the car whilst mumbling about not recognizing me at first but glad I was there as it was raining . Now my kidnapping days are long gone since Portugal but I genuinely felt like going along with it to see how long it took him to work out that he had just got In a stranger's car . It took him about 5 minutes and 3 turns up roads he didn't want to drive down before he clocked on. He was so embarrassed but I was laughing so much I took him home anyway.
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    This isn't acceptable.
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    People are talking like he was crap last season...
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