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    England debut tonight.
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    What I find most amazing is that having a 2nd referendum will apparently damage democracy, however putting the same deal through a 3rd time is absolutely fine
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    Hung up on detail is better than hung up on sharp spiky things, I suppose. I salute your benevolence, your worshipfulness.
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    And that's not even showing the 6 regular starters that got injured days before the game.
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    It would stagger and horrify me. Thankfully I think kirsten stewart sitting on my face is more likley than Hogan being our main striker next season.
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    Can't see the video at work but assume this is the one of the Australian ref mic'd up during a game? If so I've seen it and the interesting bit was the bit where he went over to the screen to "make a show" of VAR for the players. I see why he's done it but that's the kind of thing that needs to be got rid of. People need to trust that the right decision is being made and just let them get on with it. If the ref's been told a decision is one way or the other he has to just make the call and people accept it. That's where the time is getting wasted
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    Axel comes in for Taylor and shifts Hause back to LB where he was also doing wonders before Elphick went down injured. Whilst Taylor has played well by Taylor’s standards during Elphicks absence, Hause is just a much better option IMO
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    Jack returning has given the whole club a lift no question, but it was actually this Stoke game we returned to form, the game before his return. To say we didnt deserve the win is simply wrong. I know it seems pedantic but the point here is that Smith was getting a tune out of the team once again without Jack, he just took us onto another level!
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    I don't think he actually is good at the pressing game....but I guess that's down to interpretation. Billy Sharp presses....Tammy Presses....Jay Rodriguez presses. Scott Hogan and Kodj just run around...they don't put their foot in or squeeze or get in the face of the defender to win the ball.....that has been the main problem with them. Pressing for me is more than JUST running....its attempting to win the ball or stopping the opponent from advancing...i.e challenging. Scott ain't got a challenge in him.
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    Based on Smiths ppg since he took over we if he was manager from then start of the season we would have finished on 76 points. Now considering he took over a team that had won 1 in 10 and conceded 15 goals in the process I think he has done a superb job of keeping us in contention for playoffs.
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    The IRA were way more of a threat when we were kids than ISIS and the like are now. Of all the things I worry about for my kids growing up, terrorism is pretty low on the list.
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    There are two things that are important - the legal and the practical. The legal "has that microwave lasagne been produced under the auspices of EU regulation where each step of the process has been underpinned by structure and oversight?" (1) and the practical "is it actually filled with hormone treated rat meat and the toenails of deported asylum seekers so they can flood our marketplace with substandard products?" (2) I expect that in a practical "what do the EU actually do about this in two weeks time" sense, you basically do two things: First, you go full Trump and do Article XXI of GATT (a different article to one to the one that Farage bangs on about): ...nothing in this Agreement shall be construed . . . to prevent any contracting party from taking any action which it considers necessary for the protection of its essential security interests . . . taken in time of war or other emergency in international relations It's not a long-term solution, but works until someone important kicks off about it. And you're unlikely to have the US kicking off about something that Ireland wants. Diaspora etc. So you suspend your checks on the immediate border until you're actually concerned about (2) above. Second, you state that any UK-sourced product used by Irish businesses needs to be able to demonstrate that full tariffs have been paid and full regulatory compliance has been met (with the burden of proof being on the Irish business), with spot checks and penalties for non-compliance. Basically prevent it being in the interest of Irish companies to source goods of any sort from the north or the rest of the UK. Pretty horrible solution for everyone involved. And that paragraph above basically shits all over the the spirit of the Belfast Agreement. But crucially not the legality of it. But then they're having to clear up someone else's dopey mess, so there's bound to be mess to be cleared up. And as long as the world knows that the blame is situated in Westminster, not Brussels or Dublin then they make do.
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    Yeah, it's slang for just take it on the chin.
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    No they didn't, they said no to June 30th, they told her this last week and I presume before that too. Yet she decided to ask for it anyway in full knowledge that it wouldn't be accepted. It's also important that this is pointed out because otherwise she gets to frame it as the EU saying No
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    If it ain't broke... incumbent back-line should remain until performance warrants a change or suspension/injury forces one. I personally don't see the benefit of shoehorning Tuanzebe into a RB role when Guilbert is presumably the long-term plan anyway.
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    True. And he wont. A, because its working and B, because it may affect morale. A favourites culture is not what we need right now. The current back 4 have earned the right to stay together and though I believe the best back 4 is Elmo, Axel, Mings and Hause, its right to keep it as it is until a change is necessary. My only fear would be that it could be the Play off final where Taylor or Elmo revert to being shite. There is an argument for being proactive and changing it before it breaks again, or to suit the opposition. I guess this is where Smith earns his pay.
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    Not being in the squad might count against him
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    Step away from the keyboard. Step away from the keyboard.
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    I agree. I get that they want to expand the communities from hilltop kingdom and have peace but like you say the groups are becoming so big I dobt really enjoy it anymore. They have even managed to make negan shit. They have turned him form badass to a wimp. Also with Carl's sister now becoming a female version of him I think it's lame. I thought the whisperers would be a good turning point but so far it's been yawnfest. My prediction for end of season will be
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    I’d love to hear the Holte beatbox along to that... I took to Google and managed to find the song I was talking about. I think I love it: Every week we follow, The boys in claret and blue, We conquered all of Europe - in 1982 The Villa boys from Aston, we travel near and far, You will hear us singing, From the stands of Villa Park, Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiw7cTOi5DhAhWtyoUKHTn-BZUQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.birminghammail.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Ffootball-news%2Faston-villa-chant-lyrics-words-15499550&psig=AOvVaw3B2zIk_6OaL7GFXKCMf9L2&ust=1553149691741189
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    Ireland vs Gibraltar on Saturday, if he doesnt score in this game he might as well just retire
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    I agree with this. Keep it as is against Blackburn and slowly introduce Chester and Axel back in to to team. Maybe even move Hause to left back depending on how games are going. I don’t rate Taylor but his part of a solid back four for last 3 weeks. If it ain’t broke...
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    There shouldn't be any pressure to be the finished article at 20. Or be as good as Grealish. Players mature at different ages.
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    BIG FAT RON!!!
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    It's been an interesting read catching up in this thread. I've been backing DS all the way, but not been convinced. We've had more than a few really bad games. I think the game against wigan is one of the worst performances I've seen, and that's including 0-6 to liverpool. I can understand the doubters. It's a kind of weakness to rely that much on one player as it seems we've been on Jack, if you look at it in only that way. Our run of good form started with him coming back. But is that the only reason we've got this run of four consecutive wins? Maybe we started our turn a bit before that. 1-1 away to stoke ain't that bad, especially with the results we had behind us. And we played better than we had for a while. I'd even say that the last 15 minutes against sheff utd might've had some impact. We've also had a couple of new defenders coming in to steer up the defence that was leaking. And a gk. Some seem to think that it's just to buy a couple of players and then it'll be fine. It's not. If you get a whole bunch of new players in the dynamics will change. What roles in the squad will they have? And with that I don't mean if they will be playing as defenders or midfielders etc. And there may be some worries like who'll play, who'll be put on the bench. Some players gets instantly better from competition, some won't. But it'll take some time for everyone to settle. And then there was this new guy stamping an opponent in the face. What was that about? Did he mean it? Was it an accident? What kind of a person is he? Totally mental, just unlucky? He's done it before, you know. Anyway, all this will affect the squad, especially a squad that had started to drop in form since the star got injured. Now they all seem to have settled and we start to play well again. Really well. But still, I can understand those who were a bit worried, had their doubts, etc. What I really can't understand is that there have been those who's really been calling for DS' head. Sack him? After 4-5 months? That's madness, it really is. Haven't we learned anything from the last 9 years? We've changed managers 8 times since MON, and that's without counting the interim managers. In 9 years. Have anything got better? We had a decent last season with the playoffs and all that, but as soon as we had an unsettled Bruce things started to look bad again and nothing had changed in the end. So to be calling for a managers head after such a short time is nothing but stupid. We've seen it happening so many times before without any real results and yet some think it's for the good THIS time. It's not. Ssmith should at least get to the end of next season, unless we're appaling and heading for L1. Somehow I doubt we will. Sorry for the wall of text.
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    The money league really is drab and predictable no matter how much hype it gets. Since 2012/13 only 3 teams have broken up the predictable 6 and except Leicester freak win the other 2 never really challenged and in Southamptons case got raided
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    Ooohh which of the usual suspects won’t get to play in the Champions League for the 789th time!? It’s such nail bitting, pant wetting excitement that I literally cannot bare to watch (and **** won’t). Meanwhile in the Premier League II Cannon Fodder Section, it seems Wolves’ battle against relegation will be the most successful and they’ll will finish top of the fourteen no-hopers in seventh. And they’re only a mere 13 points from sixth at the moment! What a remarkable achievement. It’s just so very exciting.
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    As much as i don't rate Whelan he deserves to start next game.
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    Forget about saves, the big thing for me is that he is doing the basics right. He isn't flapping or falling over at crosses and set pieces. Goalkeeping is so much more than shot stopping.
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    Definitely, transfer embargo, lose players like Adams and Morrison in the summer and can't replace them, a - 12 points to start the season. Fwiw id have a degree of sympathy here if they hadn't signed pederson, Ive never agreed with ffp or this profit and sustainability bollocks, were likely to breach it ourselves but to be put under the soft embargo and the go and spend £2million on a player anyway. I dunno what they were thinking
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    I wish I hadn't used (quoted, actually) the word 'trashed', as it implies a more aggressive attitude than I intended. I would never do that sort of sly dig with a work colleague - but if we get into a discussion about religion, I could not do otherwise than be honest, and say that I consider all religious faith to be founded on nonsense. If that's offends you, I'm sorry. None of which takes away from my disgust at the vile creature that perpetrated the Christchurch (ironic place name) attack. I don't consider Muslims as any sort of 'enemy' - that makes no more sense than blaming harmless Christian churchgoers for these fascist psychopaths.
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    Great news that he will be back. It's a long time since he's played. So I can't really remember how good he was. I know he was good. Had some great games before the injury. But are we expecting a bit too much here? I'm not confident that unsettling a defence that at the moment is functioning really well is the greatest idea. But if he can form a partnership with Mings straight away, then sure! Sounds awesome.
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    Absolutely horrific. I’m sure you’ll have some idiots thinking it’s a good thing. Three blokes down my yard were celebrating it. Celebrating innocent people getting killed eh. To the people that done this, you have more blood on your hands than you think. I **** hate the human race at times.
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    Yep, and the Spanish in Central America, european settlers and early U.S. over in the States. Victorian anarchists. Khmer Rouge when I was younger, they were unpleasant on a big scale. Smaller scale, there were pub bombings and the IRA and nail bombs in gay pubs. Mau Mau rebellion. Red Army Faction. ETA. It is not unprecedented, from killing millions to killing dozens there's nothing new. Just better quality pictures.
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    Kappa it is, nice clue
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    Oh, it's absolutely a very highbrow Latin language joke. On should study it ab intra, to denote a truth geared ad libitum To be vaguely more helpful, view it as a crossword clue: transmit jollity ( 4,5)
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