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    You think it might have anything to do with not having another player similar to Jack in our squad, and when attempting to fill his position with others they have gotten injured? Do Leicester win as much without Vardy? Do Liverpool defend as well without Van Dijk? Are Barcelona just as potent without Messi? Do Real Madrid look the same without Ronaldo? Common sense should also tell you injuries will affect a team less if they have adequate replacement for the injured parties, and the squad is well versed in a system! All of which are factors which coincided with our dip in form. Do you think if god Forbid Mings got injured we would look the same defensively? Would this mean again the manager is shite or that Mings is an outstanding defender who is hard to replace? At some points it just seems some people have to stick to their guns because backtracking or giving the manager credit where it's due is too bitter of a pill to swallow.
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    To be fair to Catweazle, You have to draw the line somewhere - sharing a room with Hamas or the IRA is one thing, but Chuka Umunna is clearly much worse.. The massive hypocrite numpty, "consensus politics, sometimes talking to people you don't agree with.." and all that pure lies for an excuse. He's unbelievably bad. p.s. May is as useless too.
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    had telephone interview today ... Got a job i will be starting new short term upto 3 month contract at Royal Stoke Hospital IT Department next Monday... Same hospital i went to when first had my stroke on Jan 1st. Went see doctor for first consultation yesterday and he said don't have go see him again as my progress is staggering and is happy me go back work etc. 80% of my right side of brain and he showed me x-ray was affected by the stroke with bleeds. I'm very lucky still be here and it's made me a lot more thankful after everything. Noticed i'm not as stresssed anymore and more positive I am also going go see a EFL Championship club about a First team scouting role hopefully next week or if not in the next few weeks. This week is going so well! I'm really happy
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    In the Jack Grealish Thread, in relation to the incarceration of Paul Mitchell In my hotel room this morning I find this...... (this is honestly 100% genuine!)
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    Has the woman who has refused to allow any sort of progress in the debate on Brexit for six months really just lectured every other MP on refusing to "Get on with it"? She's mental. The country teeters between No Deal and Revoking Article 50 while the woman in a position to make a decision sticks her fingers in her ears and maintains the ridiculous denial that everyone will vote a deal that nobody likes because she's the bestest and most cleverest so there. Utterly insane. Utterly unfit for duty.
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    Politics aside, the **** state of that outfit on the left.
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    Won't do anything but sharing anyway https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
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    May has requested an extension of A50 until June. A short extension doesn't help anything, and just last week the government was telling everyone that a short extension in such a scenario would be disastrous. It was also made clear that her plan remains that her deal is agreed, so regardless of Bercow the other day she's going to get another vote on her deal and will continue to play chicken with the country May also had a very nasty PMQs where she basically blamed Parliament for this mess and seemed to go back on agreement to allow time for indicative votes to happen to take the pulse of the House to see what might actually get supported. Her extension request letter is a car crash. She's having a series of meetings today with cabinet (seemingly broken into Leave and Remain supporters?), then meetings with opposition, then she's supposedly making a statement outside No.10. That last bit is the thing that will get everyone excited, but it did the last 4 times as well and all that happens is she comes out, witters on about the same old shit with the same old rhetoric, and nothing happens. This is exactly what will happen tonight. It'll perhaps be a little more ill-tempered and she'll chuck Parliament under the bus again like she did earlier, and still reassure Leave voters they will get Brexit. A further spanner is that the EU do not want to agree to this extension. It's been said they actually said you extend to May 22nd, or for much longer, and nothing else. So of course she goes with something else. And theres talk that Macron has little interest in any extension at all. And the EU has basically had enough of this shit. It's a **** mess. And it'll be a **** mess once she's pandered to her ego outside Downing Street later.
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    Big game today in the BSC against Leamington, for the right to play Nuneaton in the final. It will be the first time we’ve met in this cup, although our reserve teams have crossed paths with Leamington teams before. Most notably, from the mid-1920s to mid-1930s the 3rd team (sometimes referred as colts team) participated in the Leamington Cup. It had a basic semi-final/final format which in general us & blues colts and the various local Warwick teams such as Nuneaton, Rugby and, of course, Leamington Town took part in. And Cheltenham for some reason. This is how we got on against Leamington, all are Leamington Cup semi-finals: Sat 12 Feb 1927 L2-3 – Scorers: Tully, Phillips Sat 28 Jan 1928 W3-2 – Scorers: Houghton, W Jones 2 (lost to Blues Colts in the final 0-1) Sat 30 Nov 1929 L1-4 – Scorer: Peed Thu 10 Sep 1936 D0-0 Replay - Fri 26 Mar 1937 W5-1 – Scorers: Evans 3, Perry, Bate (beat Cheltenham 5-2 in the final) Yep, that’s future Villa & England star Eric Houghton scoring in 1928. Also, an honourable mention to our fourth team who played in the Warwickshire Football Combination in the 1950s & 60s, who regularly played Leamington Lockhead. Not sure if they are connected to the current Leamington outfit. Charlie Aitken & George Graham had regular outings in Claret & Blue in this league. Apologies for the history lesson, just looking forward to the tie. Fingers crossed for the lads tonight. To get you in the mood youtube links to 2 of the 3 previous rounds: Coleshill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxw4SLNMa5M Hednesford: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8qVOUDOZTM
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    It's getting to the point now where we can start looking at everyone's run-in. Games in hand notwithstanding, ours is a fairly kind run-in. Middle of the road teams are the ones you want. Yes we finish with 2 tough games (@ Leeds, v Norwich) but fingers crossed one or both of those will also have nothing to play for at that stage. On paper, our average league opponent is 13.13th in the league. Brentford have the easiest run-in and Reading (and Sheff Wed teehee) have the toughest. But as I say, more importantly is not so much our average but how it's made up. Ours is not top sides and bottom sides giving us a middling average, like Hull for example, and if you temporarily remove the final 2 games (because the situation will have changed by then), we jump into 2nd place in the table below.
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    England debut tonight.
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    Ha. Well she'll get the front page of the Heil she wants. You could have written it hours ago. What a vile, vile woman.
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    Have I missed it? Has Trump tweeted yet that all this could have been avoided if only they had armed the Muslims?
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    Without going into long detail, Throbbers hate it because it will (they think, probably rightly to a degree) "Trap" the Uk into the Customs Union - where we have to abide by EU rules on trade tariffs and such like, [ "trapped" because there's no solution to the NI border problem available - namely that you can't both have no physical border with Ireland (as per the International Good Friday peace treaty that brought an end to the NI troubles and killings) and also have a physical border [to ensure non EU (i.e. British post Brexit) goods get checked and the right standards and tariffs are applied and met. So with no solution to that conundrum , May's deal means we have to be in the Customs Union to abide by the Good Friday agreement, which we can't duck out of. The throbbers don't like the customs Union (even though it's not "the EU"). and they don't have a solution to goods checking that doesn't involve a border. Ergo we are "stuck" in their words in the CU - this is "the backstop" - stay in the CU until a solution is found (forever, as there isn't one). Remainers and soft Brexiteers hate it because it's much worse than what we have now. We have pretty much the same rules for trade in goods as now, but we can't affect or alter them. The backstop included was actually a big climb down by the EU, but that's been forgotten, in all the noise and hypocrisy. If you want to remain, then it's obviously not remain. And if you want soft Brexit, then it's far too "hard". We're outside the Single Market. We lose the Single market which allows all members to sell stuff anywhere i the EU, for people to work anywhere in the EU, for services to be sold (Banking, Insurance etc) anywhere in the EU. Losing the CU and SM is why all these jobs and companies are clearing off out of the UK already, and we've not even left yet. So, yeah, it's crap.
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    I still wonder if Dean can make him into a DM
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    What I find most amazing is that having a 2nd referendum will apparently damage democracy, however putting the same deal through a 3rd time is absolutely fine
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    Oh I don't eat them . They're just a high end masturbation aid. My current one looks like Bill Guarnere's leg in Bastogne at the moment.
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    3 votes in 3 months is democratic and 1, 3 years ago is not. She has singlehandedly done so much damage to political norms.
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    20+ years on the road and I've never hit the roadworks once. Always gone round 'em
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    That's a very odd comment by Kuenssberg. She obviously knows that committee places are allocated according to party groups. Why would she think an exception should be made for these people? Why does she think it appropriate to suggest that being depressed is the likely reaction to replacing these two?
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    Why? Our kit this year wasn't made by Luke anyway, he just designed it.
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    While I agree that we should definitely win. This is Villa we're talking about here. I can certainly see how we could **** it up.
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    It’s criminal that this guy was loaned out when our keepers were Nyland and Bunn.
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    Remember when this odious bunch of words removed were "the party of small government", and hugely critical of Labour's "nanny state"? Now they want us to have to go to the newsagent to get a wanking permit. What the **** has happened to this country. Remember when nobody wanted an ID card? I'm going to buy a dozen porn passes and scatter them in the woods, like the good old days.
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    And that's not even showing the 6 regular starters that got injured days before the game.
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    It would stagger and horrify me. Thankfully I think kirsten stewart sitting on my face is more likley than Hogan being our main striker next season.
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    Pretty sure it's the Steve Bruce thread.
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    I adore this album. Saw them in Leicester not so long ago and they were awesome live.
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    I’d stick with the defence as it is. I really like Axel ..in the long term if we keep them all yes him at CB with Howitzer LB, But a defence that’s conceeded 1 goal in 3 games, all against top half opposition, shouldn’t be changed until necessary, in my view. Managers pray for a solid defence, then if they get one they pray for it to remain undisrupted. Also it’d mean dropping Taylor, who, for all the criticism he’s received, has been performing well in this set up. No harm Axel being on the bench.
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    Axel comes in for Taylor and shifts Hause back to LB where he was also doing wonders before Elphick went down injured. Whilst Taylor has played well by Taylor’s standards during Elphicks absence, Hause is just a much better option IMO
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    Jack returning has given the whole club a lift no question, but it was actually this Stoke game we returned to form, the game before his return. To say we didnt deserve the win is simply wrong. I know it seems pedantic but the point here is that Smith was getting a tune out of the team once again without Jack, he just took us onto another level!
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    Apologies for the quoting error, but another example of the standard of guests on a BBC discussion show - see thread:
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    Based on Smiths ppg since he took over we if he was manager from then start of the season we would have finished on 76 points. Now considering he took over a team that had won 1 in 10 and conceded 15 goals in the process I think he has done a superb job of keeping us in contention for playoffs.
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    *Cup Final Five of Twelve Same team, expecting a win.
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