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    You do realise you have become a joke at this stage
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    If Jack goes Smith can **** off aswell. He's proved he's got nothing without him
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    He's just got one of those jaws made for volleying.
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    "All penguins are birds" "How dare you say all birds are penguins!?!?!?" "I didn't say all birds are penguins, I said all penguins are birds" "I DEMAND YOU APOLOGISE TO ALL BIRDS FOR CALLING THEM PENGUINS" *saw that somewhere on twitter can't find it now but made me laugh.
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    Deserved Moore time tbf
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    I thought the cabbage had seen off Steve Bruce but he seems to hang around this forum like a lingering killer fart.. We've been operating beyond our means for many years and last summer the Empire nearly crumbled over a tax bill, that is simply not sustainable, not acceptable. Our new owners have identified a long-term, reduced cost, patient strategy that they believe will work as they've used it at other clubs albeit for different sports. We will stabilise financially, hopefully retain player's truly worthy of their salaries (of which we have very few in our squad) and bin the rest in favour of potential growth, not simply one last pay cheque. It might not be what we're used to but I'm going to advocate giving these proven, sports business owning multi-billionaires a chance. After all, they're keeping us afloat today and working towards a sustainable tomorrow, all whilst keeping Captain Jack on board.
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    The gift that keeps on giving...
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    here’s his goal, and I think he was motm
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    No, come on. This isn't enough. I want more long-winded, convoluted guff from your troll posts.
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    What do you mean "at this stage?"
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    I think it’s ridiculous to blame Bruce for the rise in knife crime, but I think he needs to take some responsibility for the rise in assault with a vegetable based weapon.
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    Don’t be so over dramatic If it’s a strong performance people will be happy
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    Win tomorrow and im a believer heading into Forest. Preston are the ones to watch at the moment, theyre in great form and no-ones talking about them
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    Evidently. Good. So what you're saying is, you agree he was one of the most active Remain campaigners? He was third. Above him is the PM and the chancellor. The next highest figure is less than half of his activity. Could he have done more? Probably. But the idea he didn't really campaign for Remain doesn't stand up to snuff. It's not a moan he wasn't good enough for some. An opposition politician is obviously going to use any chance to throw the government under a bus. Most of this is complaining that Corbyn isn't a very good politician, which I wouldn't argue with. My take on the 7/10 comment was him basically being too honest (I'm not arguing he's an ardent Remained sleeping under an EU duvet) and/or trying to balance appealing across the board. The campaign was a chance after all to get his face out there, might have been the first time nanny had heard him speak, and he would want to not distance anyone from voting for him in any election that might be coming. Yes. But it's trying to minimise the impact. Add much as I would love for politicians to turn around and say 'we need to bin this whole thing off', they aren't going to. It's a career ender. I don't think an ardent Brexiteer is going to be pushing for the result to be as weak a change as possible. Barnier described the Labour position as 'interesting in content and in tone'. I'll add a link later. I seem to recall a great number of Labour figures repeating variations on 'accepting the result' before pushing ideas of 'soft' Brexit. They know they need to walk the line between pissing off either side. Or not. Well, evidently it isn't. I'm not thick, I don't even particularly like Labour as it stands, or him, and I'm questioning it. That reads like something a lot of posters here prior to June 2016 would agree with. The EU isn't perfect, but it's done good things and we should seek to improve it from within, not walk away. Is it the best salesman pitch? No, I daresay Remain campaigns would have wanted him selling the EU like it paves the world with gold and boosts the size of your partner's bust or crotch (which might explain the Johnson criticism) but it's probably a closer viewpoint to many than it is now. Thanks. I disagree.
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    If you thought Airwolf looked terrible, you should have seen Street Hawk.
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    When evil collides...or colludes...whatever. What I found extra disturbing about this, was the comments on this video. You will be hard pressed to find anyone shouting down this clown. Instead, every idiot wants to say what a brave man he is, he is innocent, and the rest of the world is corrupt blah blah blah. There is something seriously wrong with this planet.
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    Maybe written messages which I expect will be like 'Cnogratulations dme' from you lot!
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    MON failed to sign the forward we desperately needed, despite having resources available to him, his teams would also burn out by Easter due to his inability to rotate effectively, preferring have a tighter squad and using less players overall. These two things frustrated me greatly and IMO we blew great chances to finish in the top 4. That said, it's impossible to deny that MON achieved good things here, he did do well and he did assemble a good team. He's a total prick and now a footballing dinosaur but he's the best manager we've had since John Gregory.
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    Let’s hope it started last Saturday.
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    I hope they finish 7th.
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    Reading the comments on the article...
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    Met him for a selfie last season , nice guy but I was struck buy how how slight he is - No wonder he gets outmuscled and knocked off the ball a lot ..if the guy who helped Jack bulk up could do the same with Conor I think he'd be a better player - seen him on his arse one time too many appealing for a free kick whilst the opposition break on us. Wand of a left foot though.
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    We're 14th now, it's so sad to look at. 14th at this level! We have to win tomorrow, we just have to.
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    I’m happy Boro lost as well. They have a tough run of fixtured coming up so this was a game they needed to win to have some safety. They’re still 4 points clear, but that could change faster than they think
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    https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/aston-villa/2019/03/08/gordon-cowans-aston-villa-have-finally-found-the-right-man-in-dean-smith/?fbclid=IwAR3EsUOOkfJ7XfGLIdfQB88eMX2_xaTzeBS0sS8B9V1LSyiiR0Lx81J06K0 What Cowans says goes for me.
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    No pressure at all on us, most us have excepted we ain’t going up. Anything else be a bonus
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    There’s even a couple of draws on there
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    Only makes the bench today. Apparently he is just too funny and the manager got jealous.
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    Not sure I've ever managed to get all the way through it.
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    **** that, I didn't have one. I'm not one for being a sheep and doing what everyone else does. I insisted I wasn't going anywhere so we stayed at mine, played card games, and got drunk.
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    There's a graphic in the Grauniad which shows the possibilities
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    Finished in 29:15 today. Pleased with that, plus the course was really boggy, and it was also super windy, so should hopefully be able to improve on that in the future!
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    If anyone is guilty of a sweeping statement in the Politics Live exchange then it's Francois. By saying that Self should apologise to 17.4 million people for what he said, he [Francois] is suggesting that they're all as thick as him.
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    Bruce had a summer transfer window and decided this was the way forward, sending elphick on loan. Smith is responding to 3 central defenders being out injured. Do try and keep up
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    Speaking of Gavin McCann I used to chat to him a lot at a bespoke Vespa garage near Coleshill. The owner was working on my scooter and was in the process of building McCann a classic Vespa. Nice bloke.
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    Also is the classic surf movie Big Wednesday with Gary Busey
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    Sisters birthday And I think he's been "injured" or suspended for it for something like 6 years in a row now
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    You're like a BBC HYS poster. Absolute cringe whether you're serious or a wind up. Sad either way.
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    I don't think the world is becoming too PC. If somebody feels offended by something, let them. I have a problem with people being offended on behalf of other people.
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