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    Amazes me how many backed Bruce for so long yet Smith gets 5 minutes with players who aren't his and aren't suited to his style and he's getting slated for it. Grealish, McGinn, Chester, Axel all out. These are our top 4/5 players in this squad. What do you want him to do? Turn Glenn Whelan and Hourihane into Silva and De Bruyne?
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    Sliding down to relegation ? By moving up one position ? Actually, i am incorrect - Preston overtook us - that must mean we will League 1 by end of March. ****ing Hell
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    Obviously is Smith's fault entirely, he should be sacked so we can boo someone else.
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    It's that type of short term thinking that leaves us with a squad that every new manager struggles to use because they aren't "their" players. We need to stick with one philosophy, one manager and do it properly. We've needed it for years, should have done it as soon as we dropped.
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    Yes it’s disappointing. Why on earth didn’t he pick Gerrard, Keane, and Scholes ?
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    Yup. Very important summer ahead and the players we go for need to be of the right personality and attitude to work well in the team. Smith's approach is seemingly pretty specific and while that is definitely a strength, with the squad we've got not being right for it, it's a bit hard going at the moment. In any case, I'm prepared to give him time.
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    Common sense is wasted on some I'm afraid. We are a shit mid table team in need of a massive overhaul.
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    I think its petulant and sums up the modern football fan to want a manager out so early
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    Jesus christ. Get over it. That guy failed and left us with this mess.
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    Out of the team that smashed boro 3-0, 4 of them are playing today. Is that smiths fault?
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    The thrill of a new manager chase rarely matches the outcome IMO. You start with the likes of Fonseca then onto Wagner and end with someone probably inferior to Bruce! Much rather stick with the gamble we chose!
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    Who then? Who are you seriously expecting to take over a mid table championship team with immediate pressure to win every game with attacking football? What are you going to say when the next manager inevitability hits a bad run? Why not give this manager your support?
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    How about we give him a chance to find out.
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    I’m confident that we are now a much better run club than we have been for years and will be prepared for all eventualities. However I doubt McGinn will be going anywhere. Don’t get me wrong he has been great for us, his energy and drive has been immense, but I think at the moment he is a little short of PL quality, his passing and decision making aren’t always great. I also think he is enjoying being here and understands that we will be rebuilding. Jack could be a different story, but he has just signed a 5 year contract and although he will of course have to consider his career, he should be easier to persuade than most to stick with the project. Those two would be great building blocks to add to in the summer.
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    First match in a while where we have probably been unlucky to not have won. Very good second half, pressed them high, won the ball back quickly, we just look clueless when we get around the opponent's penalty box.
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    Did you stop watching at half time?
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    Or he played his part in building something good there.
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  19. 4 points
    Okay a few points here: Most clubs in English football are unsuccessful and badly run, so let's not pay too much attention to what they're doing. Some clubs change manager frequently but have a longer term approach in areas like youth, transfer policy, finances, etc. (Southampton is a good example). Purslow is trying to change a lot of things here at the same time, and it would be good to have some stability. Of the most successful clubs in English football (the ones we used to measure ourselves against!) only one has succeeded by chopping and changing (Chelsea). The rest have all given most of their managers 150+ games. Even a struggling Man Utd have given Mourinho and Van Gaal 100+ games each. So questioning DS's position after 20 games of mixed results (not relegation form) isn't consistent with what successful clubs are doing. From what I can see, well-run clubs give even a struggling manager a bare minimum of 50 matches, and ideally they let him have around 100 games. If Smith still hasn't got anywhere after 50-100 games, then maybe he's had his chance, and we can reasonably ask him to leave.
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    I honestly think DS will have Grealish and McGin next season to choose from, Jack having been injured so long won't go for the release clause price, McGin is firmly in contract and we are not a selling club. I hope we can get Mings permanently but I think we'll get outbid by a prem club. Otherwise I can easily see DS bringing in 4 or 5 players of the right attributes and we will fly next season.
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    I’d happily place a bet with anybody if he is given the pre-season we will be challenging for top 2 by next Christmas. Saying that last time I won a bet on here with @dont_do_it_doug. he never paid up.
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    Were dominating every game in terms of possession, amount of passes, pass completion e.t.c. Just no cutting edge or drive in the middle of the park combined with far too many players who can't be arsed and have nothing to play for. It will be onwards and upwards next season.
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    Certainly. Not saying he's anything but a good player but he's not looked that decent lately. Think some time off will be good for him.
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    As far as points go this was a good one for me! We are not getting out of this league this year so the points are not the be all and end all here, rather showing us they can turn a corner for next year. We were the better team today, even deserved the win, but you can tell how much confidence has been drained from them. It was only this that cost us the actual points because by god Stoke were terrible. Thought Hourihane had a decent game today as did Whelan, but the quality on the wings is sorely lacking. Kudos for Smith for changing the formation, we looked more likely to score not having to just rely on the wings. Id like to see more of this next game.
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    I want Mings to stay. That will create a positive problem of who will play with him, but I can live with that.
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    At least we can defend now. Get jack and Mcginn back and we’ll win games. Shame it’s a little too late for this season.
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    Good again today. Put in some dangerous crosses. Seems to be growing more and more comfortable on the ball as he gets game time. 1st choice LB rest of the season.
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    Why the hell are we talking about Bruce in here? He's gone, get over it ffs. He's not coming back.
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    You won't last on here with all that positive talk!!1
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    Look at this picture of Conor Hourihane:
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    The blaming it all on Bruce has to stop, I think it is Big Rons fault
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    Smith is doing so poorly it's unbelievable. I would so not want this guy to manage our rebuilding.
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    Currently closer to relegation than we are to the playoffs. Great work Smith!
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    Your telling me this squad is so bad it can’t win more than two in fourteen ??
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    You can’t defend a manager who keeps on using Adomah, Kodija and Whelan and if he can use Ramsey, why the F**k can’t he use O’hare?
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    How. Any anyone defend smith?? This is the same as the last month. no improvement no togetherness no spirit just 11. Strangers
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    Man managment is the most important quality for a manager in modern football, getting the best out of your players. DS just ain't doing it. We are seeing the worst from our players week in week out.
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    I think not winning a single game for the rest of the season is a real possibility.
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  40. 3 points
    That team is a ring donut.
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    I'd reword that as teams that are performing better than us. I am still of the opinion that Smith is not getting anywhere near the maximum out of this squad. As I have said previously I am not convinced that many in the first team squad are behind him. I think he is flogging a dead horse and I was worried by Smiths comments after Brentford when he said that Brentford played the way he wanted but he can't get us to play the way he wants. I think he also made a comment along the lines of being frustrated at players not carrying out the things he asked them to do and not listening. That to me is quite a worrying sign.
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    I thought it was.....for weeks, now.
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    well you rant on about Smith only ever finishing 9th with Brentford then say any Championship manager would take the job For the record of Championship managers currently only MON, Bruce, Neil, Mowbray, Pulis, Lambert, Adkins and Monk have finished above Smith 9th place. All with bigger budgets than Brentford. Not to mention he finished above both Lee Johnson and Wilder last season
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    You are correct whenever we were in the transfer window and Dean was asked about players in or out he would say talk to the DoFs.Doesnt make him a bad coach and these players who come in have to be coached to improve as players and he was very succesfull at doing this.It’s up to your scouts and DoF to get better players in and then you would be able to judge him the squad he has just isn’t good enough to get you to the PL He needs time something you big clubs never want to do
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    When my kids were 'that age' we drove down to Euro Disney and stayed in the cheapest Disney hotel. Used tesco points to get a car train crossing thing. Used company card for petrol. Staying on site, looked on scornfully at the first breakfast at all the plebs scooping breakfast pastries in to bags to eat for the rest of the day. Day 2, we arrived at breakfast prepared with a discreet snack rucksack! Staying on site gave us an hour or two before the gates opened, so stuff that was obviously popular got done a couple of times before the crowds arrived. I'm sure that info is a great help. We did it once, so the kids couldn't say they'd missed out due to a grumpy dad. But it was so obviously a money making machine I felt dirty the whole time I was there.
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    Went to see this 70 year old last night
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    So the past and present performances say he's not up to it. So what about when he had us playing possession football and things looked hot, hotter than its looked since the turn of 2000 and we had won some games. We should all be supporting Smith because at the moment till the owners state otherwise he is the man. How does going against Smith help us, how does it help Aston Villa football club apart from pile on pressure which in turn is creating a hostile atmosphere. We have to get behind the squad and the Coach and be as supportive as possible. I honestly think it's those toxic fans that are part of the problem, no player likes the level of abuse that fans have been dishing out at games. There is some real targeted abuse at certain players in our team a d I'm not surprised that players cant operate properly. The blame keeps getting shifted from one player to the next, when really it's a collective blame. While I agree we do need new players there is a difference between constructive criticism and the level of abuse coming out at times. For that 90 mins a game is in progress when our fans are giving that abuse it's so counter productive it's unreal.
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    I agree totally we need to get a coach who can have a longer run than those of tne past 2-3 years. Just not Smith please. He’s not up to it. Past and present performance demonstrates that.
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    Seems like he's benefiting hugely today by working with a squad put together by someone that's not him.
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