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    Why are we arguing about "what is" rather than discussing "what will be"? Twelve first team players will leave the squad at the end of this season, which makes the reactions from some posters surprising. This is not Dean Smith's team, he's a coach for a bunch of loanees and a 'carer' for elderly players, with a couple of our longer term players thrown in. Half a dozen of our "elderly" players have a combined age of 210 years approx, and they each know they're leaving the club in a couple of months. Add five loan players who have no stake in the club and try motivating that lot!
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    I'm happy with all his signings so far so would definitely like to see him have a go at the summer overhaul.
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    On the contrary....the majority of this squad will be gone in the Summer and he will get in players who can follow instructions and have the ability to play the way he wants. It is the players that are not listening who are in big trouble....see ya lads!!!
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    It seems the fans and the club are not in the same page. The fans are still in "get promoted as fast as possible at any cost" mode, whereas the club have moved past that (indicated by sacking the get promoted fast by any means guy), and are implementing a long term approach. Here are Smith's full quotes. The part in bold is the pertinent part I want to highlight, but the rest is very important as well. This is much bigger than just Dean Smith or the manager. This is coming from the top. We are trying to build something that lasts, that isn't tied to a particular manager. We won't ever be left with a squad of 30 year old cloggers because they happened to favor a particular manager. Dean Smith might not end up being the man to take us forward when it's all said and done, but 20 games and 1 January window is not even close to the time to make that call. And when it does come time to make that call, we won't have to uproot the entire club and start from scratch...there will be continuity. The fact that people can't see beyond this May and talks of the likes of Allardyce are disconcerting to say the least. We must be the least patient fans in the league.
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    I'm sure she'll have an excuse for it, all I know is that since Ryan was elected, my printer stopped working.
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    Whatever your views on whether or not she should be readmitted, it is very clear from her interviews that she is a complete and utter knob.
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    I know tongue in cheek, but with both old parties being pro-Brexit and extremist, being against that is quite a good thing. I don't think these lot are the solution, but they're definitely not part of the problem, now.
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    Can't wait to find out who I'll be watching.
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    It was a bizarre PMQ today. It was like the two remedial kids at school who hate each other had a truce for the day so that neither had to acknowledge that they had both been dumped by their boy/girlfriends.
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    Just bought x2 tickets for myself and my missus but will have sit in Stoke End (South Stand next to the Villa Fans lol for Stoke vs Villa on Saturday My first football game since just before the stroke - Preston vs Villa late Dec 18. Excited it's great to be able go back out to game for once and not on scouting assignment this time but hoping do that in few weeks.
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    I think that people who are excited (actually I don't think anyone is actually excited by it, apart from journalists who have something to talk about other than the B word), have actually had enough of politics being shaken up. That's the point. They've seen the Tories deal with the UKIP problem by just becoming UKIP, they've seen Labour deal with becoming Tory-lite by purging their ranks of anyone insufficiently pro-Corbyn on a tidal wave of internet unpleasantness and bullying. Most people of my acquaintance seem to be of the position now that politics was better when it was a bit unfair and a bit boring. Preferring the half hour rush hour journey to the job you don't like, over the motorway pile-up of multiple clown cars that "shaken up politics" appears to look like.
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    I'm up for it. I've already signed up to their website to receive emails and propaganda from them. I'm not falling for Corbyn's rabble-rousing again, and the changing shape of Labour will take years to get back close to anything matching my values. Up here it's a CON/LD marginal seat so I vote Lib Dem just because I'll never vote Tory as long as I've got a hole in my arse. I can't say I'd definitely vote for them, but I'm intrigued to see what they're going to morph into. It needs a decent heavy-hitter like Watson, or ideally Starmer, to join up and front them. I'd love to see Lammy and Thornberry get involved too. There's not going to be a single MP who could leave their existing party without a load of "ah, but" stories. That's kind of the point, though, that if they can align on some common values that the British public support they'll be able to make an impact. It's got to be better than the **** mess we're in at the moment.
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    Just bought x2 tickets for myself and my missus but will have sit in Stoke End (South Stand next to the Villa Fans lol for Stoke vs Villa on Saturday Need keep my emotions in check during game. My first football game since just before the stroke - Preston vs Villa late Dec 18. Excited it's great to be able go back out to game for once and not on scouting assignment this time but hoping do that in few weeks.
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    In the year 2525, if man is still alive.
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    Finally a party that returns us to the traditional centrist values of David Cameron.
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    Top tip. Dont follow these cretins on social media and all will be well with the world.
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    I'm interested to see where this goes as well. I'd be most unlikely to ever vote Labour, and certainly never would while they have somebody like Corbyn in power, but May's government has been an utter shambles.
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    Some Villa fans are incredibly precious at the moment in thinking we should win every game and walk league by 20 points just because the name of the club This attitude doesnt help things, we will be in this division until we deserve to go up
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    Isn;t this the key? 2 of those have been "building" for at least 2 seasons and one of those has half a Premier League squad. Has Smith had the chance to "build" anything?
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    What a fantastic comparison. Manchester United have a playing squad that cost around three quarters of a billion Euros to assemble. They're one of the biggest names in world football. They have World Cup winners in their squad. Unfortunately for them, they had a manager who could not impose his style onto the team, as it didn't seem to suit them. Now they've been allowed to express themselves and as a result are able to beat teams weaker than them. Dean Smith wants us to play a more expressive, attacking style - or at least he says so. We haven't been doing that lately, and although that's at least partially due to the crap we have in some positions and a clear lack of confidence among the players, yes he does have to take a major part of the responsibility for that. But to suggest that he simply needs to sprinkle some sort of magic dust on the side and all will be well is as much of a fairytale as it sounds. And the idea that Solskjær has simply waltzed into United and is "sitting back with his feet up" is just as laughably make-believe.
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    Summary from Tuesday night Clark (Port Vale) Home to Tranmere (1-2) - Subbed off after 53 minutes. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Away at Cheltenham (2-0) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Away at Cheltenham (2-0) - Came on after 66 minutes. McKirdy (Newport County) Away at Notts County (1-4) - Came on after 84 minutes.
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    We need to back Smith on this one and not the player, they're not good enough.
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    I told you not to send her a cock pic!
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    Previous MANAGERS haven't been HEAD COACHES though. So we are literally going nowhere here.
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    Listen, don't mention the party defections. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. So, it's all forgotten now and let's hear no more about it. So, two eggs mayonnaise, a prawn Umunna, a Heidi Allen, and four Berger salads. Wait a moment, I got a bit confused here. I got a bit confused 'cause everyone's mentioning the party defections.
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    "Getting" ugly? We reached that point years ago. We're a gnarly, decrepit portrait in somebody's attic at this point.
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    While it's nice Villa are allowing him to learn a new trade here I'm not sure keeping him for another season is in the best interest of the club. Must be better more experienced coaches and assistants we could bring in.
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    is that a sign of how bad the other three main parties are perhaps?
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    Ken Clarke's just said he knows of another half a dozen that are preparing to jump ship. That'd end the majority.
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    I am a baker by trade, so I will use a baking analogy. Let's say you set off to make a cake but half way through you realise you have added a wrong ingredient (player) or worse a few wrong ingredients (players) what should you do. When I was young in my career I would try and think of ways to fix it quickly, too much sugar add some salt, too much liquid add more flour.... As I got more experienced (I didn't make as many mistakes) but when I did I knew it was easier and faster to start again. Our team is one nasty cake mix, some good flavours over powered by some bad ones.... We've tried the fast option, now we need to bite the bullet and start fresh with a new cake mix. It will taste delicious and well worth the effort!
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    Norwich had same issue last year with Farke. Bet some Norwich fans look stupid now
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    That's already been taken - a couple of times. I think it's been used to brand UKIP post-Farage (more especially under batty Gerald) and also the new vehicle for Farage (from which he's probably already resigned).
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    I've let this all soak in for a bit and I've come to a conclusion that the only reason anyone would back or vote for the now 8 NEWKIP party is that because they hate Corbyn. They want a new style of politics, so they set themselves up as a company not a party. They want to shake up politics but have literally no ideas or policies. Their voting history suggests that they're likely to give you a bit of austerity a s privatisation, mixed in with a people's vote but no by elections because democracy is only important when it isn't their MP's salary's at stake. I should imagine they'll all disagree on policy and leadership of NEWKIP as nobody wants Chris Leslie as their spokesperson, so they'll call another press conference and resign from the new company to set themselves up as independents that are independent from the non political party independent group thing. I've little time for the Lib Dems, but they're by far a better fit for these NEWKIP fellows. There's literally nothing 'different' about any of them. I am all for people genuinely trying to change politics, this rabble are making that harder by claiming that territory and doing nothing of the sort. It's shameless self promotion. I'd have a lot more respect for them if the sat as genuine independents and didn't try to pull the wool over the public's eyes with this new not a political party, but clearly a shoddy attempt at a political party.
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    You can't win matches without building a foundation - you're contradicting yourself mate. Name all the best managers you can and list all their accomplishments - and then study their first seasons. Tell me you can't see their first seasons (apart from some exceptions) were generally average to poor. Takes time to build and actually put a stamp on teams.
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    It was more the admission that his players aren’t playing how he wants them to. What bigger failure could there be for a manager or coach or whatever role he calls it?
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    The start of Villa's lack of performance starts in the WBA game and it's not just the loss of Grealish, even though that is a big part. 1. The team starts to click in the Bolton game after a number of games playing 4411 with the core of the squad playing in most of the previous games. We go on to beat Derby and Boro, with the exciting 5-5 draw with Forest. In the Albion game, we switch to a 433 and lost Grealish in the process. In the next couple of games he switches to a 4141, and consistently since then, we have played 433 for most of our games. This system does not suit the players we have. 2. Grealish was injured on the 7th of December, and Smith had 6 weeks to replace him either from within the club or getting someone in to replace him. He failed to do so. 3. Playing Hourihane in the advanced role does not work. He is much more effective come from a deeper position and it has destroyed his confidence. He is now the new scapegoat. 4. The only player within the club that was somewhat similar to Grealish is O'Hare and he sent him out on loan. He should have kept him with the squad and allowed him to grow in the number 10 role. 5. Conceding as many goals as we were made Smith work on the defensive side of things. We are playing deeper and are less creative in possession of the ball as it seems people are afraid to get forward in support. To watch us now, you would think we were still playing under Bruce. We are playing more longer passes and Tammy is isolated as many players are on the field. 6. Early on in his 20 games, he would make substitutes to help us win games, I believe after the Forest game, a lot of his substitutions are making sure we don't lose. 7. Smith has stuck too long with a system that isn't working and he seems to stubborn to change. He was a breath of fresh air when he came to the club, now he seems to blame others for us not winning games. I still think he can build something at the club, but he has blown a massive chance to get into the playoffs and we need to hold him accountable. I would like to see him go back to what was working and playing the team below against Stoke.
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    Then use that different style to get the most out of the group. Either he is just stubborn as f*** or he actually got no footballing brain at all.
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    That's my main issue as well with Dean Smith. And i don't understand why people are ignoring it. He's defensive record at every clubs he's managed has been very poor. It's very hard to get promoted if you concede 50+ goals every season.
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    You trying to tell me that if OGS allowed Glen Whelan, Connor Hourihane, Alan Hutton and Neil Taylor to "express themselves" we wouldn't be dominating the league? It works with the likes of Pogba, Anthony Martial, Rashford and Ashley Young (one of their weaker players) so why can't we emulate that here?
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    'In 40 years in the Labour Party I've never known us more united' Chris Williamson MP, on Newsnight just a few moments ago.
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    If I train somebody and they mis use that training, I'm not to blame. If I continue to train them and they continue to repeatedly mis use that training, and I still continue to train them, I'm very much complicit.
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    And even if someone had dual nationality, the idea that the quickest to withdraw citizenship can dump the problem on the other country doesn't seem like a sensible way to manage it.
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    If we don't qualify for the play offs. and I mean qualify not necessarily win. then we should bin this clown the day after the season is over. A squad with the talent we have on paper should easily do it. 3rd best squad after stoke and baggies. should be 10 points clear at the top really as it's the worst championship for years. Personally I would have sacked him saturday night. there was an opportunity to send shockwaves through the whole footballing world by appointing Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger. You would have sell outs every game and the players, even half arsed guys like Hourihane would run through brick walls for blokes of that calibre. The situation is now gates will gradually fall to 25k, people won't come to watch a team who can't be arsed managed by a bloke who looks like he is going to end up like gerrard houllier. many season ticket holders in my block didn't bother coming on saturday. Whats the point everyone knew what would happen? see my post in the west brom pre match thread I called it exactly right. I went in the end, but the only enjoyment I got was seeing the fat guy win the half time kick it into the big circle game. (see the pre match thread.) just call me nostradamus
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