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    Yeah good debut, looked skilful, linked well with Hope. Looked poor to me, shirked tackles and headers, played a few neat passes but messed up more. Very promising but looked like he needs time to settle down a bit. Got a good kicking. Linked up well with Hope. Looking forward to seeing more of this lad
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    Some of the football is dreadful. Far worse than his first month or so. Having said that there’s a difference between the team that beat Boro so convincingly and yesterday’s. Nyland, Axel, Jack, Elmo, Bolasie, Chester - now Kalinin, Hutton, Jedi, Elphick, Mings, Kodja. Regardless of the different reasons for these changes there’s no question that in terms of possession/ passing football that first group, not including Mings but including Nyland, were considerably more comfortable with the ball. Even watching us warm up is significantly different, the fast passing game they play looked intricate and clever for several weeks, on Saturday the Warm up was as poor as the game ! And it’s quite a change personnel wise. In particular Jack and Axel were, crucially comfortable on the ball in a Smiths first couple of months. We simply haven’t bought enough players who can play proper football over the last three years. We tended towards the grafters. So missing even one or two is enough. For the first eight or so games we all but eliminated the “ channel ball” from the full backs, and the hoof to the isolated striker. I’m sure there are good reasons it’s changed, and the lack of sufficient quality ball players is a big part. Having said that, Smith has had 19 games. Over those 19 games Leeds are Second, have 35 Points, have scored 29 and Conceeded 26 , plus 3 We have 29 points, scoring 36 and conceding 29, plus 7. Given the miserable situation Smith came into, compared to Bielsa starting the season with Leeds, I’d say that’s not bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. And, in my view, a million miles away from meriting discussion of his position. Take it one step further, if we had Won that One game against Leeds, rather than them, we’d be 2nd in the table of results since Smith arrived, on 32 points with Leeds but with a better goal difference. Those who choose to think things are poor will no doubt do so regardless of this, but for those hoping for some reasons for optimism I hope it helps !
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    The bloke is an absolute word removed. He's obsessed with being 'hated', when fans only turned on him after the shit form this season. And actually, fans at VP were very vocal in support for a long time. Away fans always loud and proud I'll always hate the word removed. I understand exactly what Sunderland fans warned us of now.
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    We had gone unbeaten in 7 though, and from the 3 draws in Smith's first 10 games - the games Tuanzebe and Grealish (with the exception of Stoke) were available for - we were kinda screwed over in two of them. In the 5-5, our defence was shit, but Forest also only had 5 shots, at least 2 of which should have been easily saved. Plus we had a goal that IMO was wrongfully disallowed, so we could have easily won that one if we had Kalinic or the Ref did his job properly. And in the 2-2 against West Brom, they created practically nothing other than their goal from what I remember and then they equalised in the last minute with Rodriguez punching the ball in that the Linesman inexplicably didn't see despite staring right at it. Another referee mistake that cost us 2 points. With Stoke game, I didn't watch so I can't comment on it. But of the 3 draws that constitute "too many", at least two we should have won, mainly through poor officiating. Hell, you could argue in the last month and a half the refs have cost us at least 6 points if you include Sheff Utd. Then our defence really went off the rails with the Leeds match, the first that Tuanzebe missed, which it's also worth remembering Taylor was injured for. So when our defence really got bad, we had only 1 senior CB available (who was also injured) and no LB, resulting in a back 4 consisting of 3 RBs, until Taylor came back and Elphick was recalled. And we only had 2 fit CBs when we managed to get Hause/Mings so Chester could be rested, which has been what, 2 games now? Is 2 games with a fully fit back four really long enough to fix the issues we had with the taped together defensively line we had for over a month and 7 games? now I'm not saying our defence is stellar, but we have had some pretty shit luck since December and some glaring holes that we couldn't really do much about. We have problems, but a lot of them have been caused by missing players, it doesn't help that they're also our best players, we might've limped along better if we were missing Chester and Hourihane instead of Tuanzebe and Grealish.
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    I really like him. So glad he got a goal. Got great potential, in my opinion.
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    Thank you Nostradamus! My prediction, those that are putting half arsed performances now because they know their contracts will not be renewed will be replaced by players who are fit, hungry and capable of playing Smith’s way. We will stick to the plan even when there are occasions when things get a little rocky and half a dozen fans revolt because ultimately, we don’t just want to go up, we want to rebuild our identity and stay up?
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    They’re getting their **** hedge cut
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    Good teams make their own luck Good teams aren't dependent on a good ref to win games
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    Glad I stumbled into this thread. Also having a little one who will be 8 in a couple of weeks time, used to be hooked on the likes of In the night garden and Disney channel etc. When she was growing up. Most of the time I felt today's cartoons were teaching kids how to be stupid, if anything. (There was one cartoon especially that I stopped her watching cause of that reason but I forget it's name now). As for 'our generation' growing up, alot has changed and they must have stopped showing these around the turn of the millenium i'd guess? You're spot on Alex. The PC part and images unfit for kids etc played a masdive part in alot of our cartoons being either changed and modernised to 'suit'. A classic I love are the old Tom & Jerry's by Fred Quimby. There's an episode "Texas Tom" where he, Tom, is on a ranch impressing some dame cat, serenading her whilst having a fag in his mouth. - Soon wiped off the air and forced to change if it was to remain on Telly. I think with alot of the Cartoons, there is so much 'bad PC content within them' that it's easier for them to scrap them and roll out out new shit like we see today. You're right. With all diversity nowadays what is so wrong with Sylvester having a speech impediment, or PP having a stutter? We're taught to treat everyone as equals arn't we? Some of the stuff referenced within may also be frowned up which could be another reason? I think violence also plays a part, sadly Things like Sylvester trying to get Tweety in a frying pan, or Jerry Knocking seven shades of shit out of Tom with a bat etc, If the big Bulldog wasn't skinning him alive first. They we're brilliant cartoons growing up but none of it ever made an influence on me to ever go and beat the shit out of my dog or put a bird in a pot of water. The last time I remember terrestrial tv showing cartoons was in the 90's. Morph (Legend), Fun House, Art Attack, Tots TV, Rosie & Jim etc. All when I was in secondary school but my neice would be round watching them when babysat. By this stage though I was more into playing Grand theft auto on the PS1 or tuning in to Sky Sports on friday night watching Steve Austin raising hell and beating the shit out of Vince McMahon,, or Sable revealing her 'puppies'. I agree with you MJ, I would often show my little one old Tom & Jerry episodes and she would be more hooked on them than the garbage she was being subjected to on Nickelodeon or Pop. Sorry for the lengthy response guys.
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    He did an interview today saying he wants to lower the age of the Wednesday squad and rely on the academy He isnt fooling anybody
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    We get it, you haven’t liked him since day one. We should be champions league already, it only takes two weeks to rebuild a team with a new strategy and style, after all you must have done it on football manager!! What on earth will you do with your life when he turns us around and you have nothing to complain about? Jeez
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    Yes, you have spotted the crucial flaw in that cunning plan.
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    Can anyone recommend parking for Brentford at all? I will be driving from Oxford straight to the game after work. Many thanks
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    I’ve done it as if it were 3 for the purpose of this comparison.
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    It's weird how just talking a bit about it makes me feel better. Just hope this therapist is easy going.
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    When I asked, " Do you have any evidence to support this?" You could just have answered, "No."
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    I wouldn’t bother mate you are going to get tonked your best bet is to go to the big office block on the corner of great west road and Boston Manor Road their car park is free and it’s just across the road from the Kings Arms pub (like all our pubs H& Away) 10 minute walk to the ground.
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    No, actually I quite like that. Not enough to buy it, but it's perfectly pleasant. Not what I expected - I had it in my head that Mazzy Star were some sort of Fugees-type "r&b" act.
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    Yep the legal definition of “homeless” is something I’m unaware of and sounds like a grey area to me. As for the stats, you’re right it can read that one person could be arrested for multiple offences, thus skewering the data. I admit that when I first read it, I took it to mean individual cases. But here’s a single case that would challenge that figure - Another BBC link
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    Just gave a few tracks a listen, sounds like Husker Du Bob Mould if that helps
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    I grabbed a total stranger and screamed into his face. Sorry if that was you.
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    No, it's not...unless they don't like her for being a Jew, which does seem to be the case for at least some of them.
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    Now, that just isn’t true is it. Most people ‘demanding’ (as you put it?!) Smith to be appointed as manager were well aware we had an atrocious squad built on the weakest Villa defence in 20 years. We’re just not stupid and understand he won’t be able to play a certain brand of football without being given time to bring players that are capable of that. Give him a summer transfer window, Stuart. You might be surprised
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    Couldn't agree more, has the sort of dynamism we lack, failure to secure players like this, or at least be in the mix will show us that we don't quite have the right brains behind the scenes.
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    He choked on a kebab. Or they didn't like him at that golf club and never gave him a chance, as he once played at the golf club down the road?
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    The more you watch it the more references you see. Note the Wandering Cock Ale poster in the pub.
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    Don’t agree on Corbyn. Corbyn is clearly pro Brexit, almost regardless of consequence or type of Brexit. Labour Party policy, which is not set by Corbyn, is different to that personal view of his.
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    That's before brexit is even mentioned.
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    Just saw it today. It was okay. Not brilliant but ok
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    This I think, give it 15ish games and teams will start to figure out how to play against them. Then we'll see if he has a plan B
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    Ideally we could clone him and have one at LB and one at CB. As a matter of fact I wish our whole back line were monsters.
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    He’s a head coach not a manager And I can imagine if O Hare had played every game since Jack was injured and was awful, you’d be the first blaming Smith for that as well. O Hare needs game exeperience and going to a lower league will certainly help him. Listen to the elphick interview from a few days ago, he states how moving to a lower league club helped prepare him for the future. He learnt different aspects that he wouldn’t have got at his club.
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    He can catch a ball that is dropping down from above his head almost every time. That alone makes him infintely better than Nyland.
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    Just put on Soccer Saturday. Haven't watched it for a while. Stelling was just taking a moment to describe how the Leeds game was delayed for 12 minutes becuase the young Leeds player had to be seen to by paramedics on the bench. SOunded quite serious! Anyway in the middle of this very serious message, he's interrupted by Le Tiss screaming "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!" Even Stelling looked annoyed.
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    The squad is good enough for play off at least. Unfortunately this clown of a manager is only used to dealing with players on the scrap heap and has no idea how to get his instructions across to decorated international footballers on big salary's. He's a nobody going nowhere and he'll take Villa with him. I laughed at his press conference last night when he said we played well. We were utter utter tripe. We got back into the game by going against management instructions and going direct. Instead of playing don't look back in anger at the final whistle the tannoy guy should have put on Slide Away.
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    Did Bruce ever go on a run of 1 win in 12?
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    Gamechanger. The only midfielder who wants the ball and moves into spaces to get the ball. Legs are well and truly gone but has far more pedigree than the other shithouses.
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    I do 2 days a week from home now. Its nice to have the option and I have got a lot to be going on with so I like it. I get too distracted in a busy office, especially when there a quite a few attractive ladies there!
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    never had Pellegrini down as a comedian
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    Origi is from the Heskey school of centre forwards
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    You can only work with what you have got. It's like asking Michelangelo to work on the sistine chapel with a pack of crayons and then being pissed when it ends up looking like a bag of shit.
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    Finally, they're going to take to the field in just one big black armband.
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    Part 2 of me waffling about things I used to do -
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