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    The first 19 games of our last two managers: Smith: P:19 - W:7 - D:8 - L:4 - PTS: 29 Bruce: P:19 - W:7 - D:5 - L:7 - PTS: 26 Just for interest, how were the first 19 games under arguably our best manager for years: O'Neill: P:19 - W:5 - D:10 - L:4 - PTS: 25 What about other high flyers? How were their first 19 at the clubs they're managing? Farke: P:19 - W:6 - D:6 - L:7 - PTS: 24 Jokanovic: P:19 - W:5 - D:6 - L:8 - PTS: 21 Add in to the mix, because you can, the 'excuses' of a widely injured squad with no settling, the complete lack of a defensive set up when he joined, operating under tight FFP restrictions in January, our best player out for most of that time and a chocolate goalkeeper, and he hasn't done too bad. But no. We're Aston Villa Football Club and unless our manager hits the ground with 19 W's under his belt, it's bedsheets out at dawn.
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    You don’t have to post in or read Bruce related threads. You do have that option.
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    For the love of God. before grealish and axel got injured we were playing the best football I can remember, and I can remember from the GT MK I days. With the right players, he’ll work wonders. chill people, give the man a chance!
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    And we chilled on Sunday.
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    The bloke is an absolute word removed. He's obsessed with being 'hated', when fans only turned on him after the shit form this season. And actually, fans at VP were very vocal in support for a long time. Away fans always loud and proud I'll always hate the word removed. I understand exactly what Sunderland fans warned us of now.
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    He has to build on the myth. It'll be echoed around now. "He never got a chance" "They were always against him because of Blues" He was working on it while he was here! When he could see nothing was happening. Inventing stick and trouble that wasn't there. It's worked a charm, there's villa fans even now that defend him. Good to have baddies in sport though. People you can really cheer against, even when your team isn't involved in the match. Makes things more fun. It is a slightly different time now to even five or so years ago. Fans have a louder voice through social media and football coverage in general, Villa fans won't let him get away with it which is great. No matter how much his children scuttle around stamping their feet. I can't wait for the amount of fruit and vegetables that will be brought to Hillsborough. As well as the monstrous "Sit down potato head" chants that will be sung throughout. He'll hate it and win lose or draw he'll be building on the myth after that match as well.
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    I think its similar to Sherwood at Villa except on a bigger level... Man Utd have been massively lifted by the removal of a negative influence at the club and are playing with freedom for the first time in a while. OGS has done very well to steer the club in this way but not sure how he would cope long term.
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    Can only assume that this means “I don’t know what to do with the football”.........We could have told you that Elmo!!
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    Brilliant post. Thanks for going to the trouble of checking out the stats. We all just need to be realistic as far as what can be achieved in a short space of time and take into account our circumstances. Smith or anyone else won’t get a free ride from our ambitious owners, but they will get time, support and a fair crack of the whip.
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    Paddy powers Rodri giggs advert
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    Wow, when you look at it like that he is doing a tremendous job.
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    It's getting this way big style in alot of places Dem, not just the Midlands. The stats keep rising and it's shocking. There is no way out for many folk falling on hardtimes. Resources etc over overstreched or drying up. (Unfortunately, most of the folk begging and pleading homelessness that you mention, around 30% are geuine cases - sadly, the rest are just con men or junkies ruining it for the genuine who HAVE lost everything and don't have nowhere to go and turned down for help by local authorities etc.) It's quite shocking really. Believe it or not, I am sofa surfing myself at a friends house until further notice. There are alot of factors that has led to many more landing in this position and the numbers will only keep rising while things remain poor how they are in this country. Wages stagnating, Jobs paying peanuts wages or even closing altogether or moving, rentals and bills rising against inflation etc. Let's not get started on Universal Credit that also affect many heavily reliant upon it.
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    He hinders the whole frickin team and does so every time he plays. He just cops out of taking any responsibility and constantly offloads cowardly nothing passes sideways and backwards. We go nowhere until he is out of the team !
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    Despite letting in 3 goals I thought our CB were our best players. Midfield hampering us massively...
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    Can't help himself can he?
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    I really like him. So glad he got a goal. Got great potential, in my opinion.
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    Can he play left back?
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    I can only assume a lot of people have done this, which goes someway to explaining why some people still rate Tim Sherwood as anything other than a steaming pile of dog shit wrapped in human skin.
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    You wait for a left back and three right backs come along at once...
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    He did an interview today saying he wants to lower the age of the Wednesday squad and rely on the academy He isnt fooling anybody
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    Considering Brentford have only finished top 6 in this division once in 70 years you make it sound like its a regular thing
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    Yes, you have spotted the crucial flaw in that cunning plan.
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    A WAY AROUND A SWEAR FILTER - BY A MOD?! forfuxsake forfuxsake forfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsake

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