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    The first 19 games of our last two managers: Smith: P:19 - W:7 - D:8 - L:4 - PTS: 29 Bruce: P:19 - W:7 - D:5 - L:7 - PTS: 26 Just for interest, how were the first 19 games under arguably our best manager for years: O'Neill: P:19 - W:5 - D:10 - L:4 - PTS: 25 What about other high flyers? How were their first 19 at the clubs they're managing? Farke: P:19 - W:6 - D:6 - L:7 - PTS: 24 Jokanovic: P:19 - W:5 - D:6 - L:8 - PTS: 21 Add in to the mix, because you can, the 'excuses' of a widely injured squad with no settling, the complete lack of a defensive set up when he joined, operating under tight FFP restrictions in January, our best player out for most of that time and a chocolate goalkeeper, and he hasn't done too bad. But no. We're Aston Villa Football Club and unless our manager hits the ground with 19 W's under his belt, it's bedsheets out at dawn.
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    Oh no, this is a bad one. He used to play for Liverpool He's only 24 Now he plays at Villa Park And this is what we roar: Ian Ross Ian Ross Ian Ross
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    Yeah good debut, looked skilful, linked well with Hope. Looked poor to me, shirked tackles and headers, played a few neat passes but messed up more. Very promising but looked like he needs time to settle down a bit. Got a good kicking. Linked up well with Hope. Looking forward to seeing more of this lad
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    Some of the football is dreadful. Far worse than his first month or so. Having said that there’s a difference between the team that beat Boro so convincingly and yesterday’s. Nyland, Axel, Jack, Elmo, Bolasie, Chester - now Kalinin, Hutton, Jedi, Elphick, Mings, Kodja. Regardless of the different reasons for these changes there’s no question that in terms of possession/ passing football that first group, not including Mings but including Nyland, were considerably more comfortable with the ball. Even watching us warm up is significantly different, the fast passing game they play looked intricate and clever for several weeks, on Saturday the Warm up was as poor as the game ! And it’s quite a change personnel wise. In particular Jack and Axel were, crucially comfortable on the ball in a Smiths first couple of months. We simply haven’t bought enough players who can play proper football over the last three years. We tended towards the grafters. So missing even one or two is enough. For the first eight or so games we all but eliminated the “ channel ball” from the full backs, and the hoof to the isolated striker. I’m sure there are good reasons it’s changed, and the lack of sufficient quality ball players is a big part. Having said that, Smith has had 19 games. Over those 19 games Leeds are Second, have 35 Points, have scored 29 and Conceeded 26 , plus 3 We have 29 points, scoring 36 and conceding 29, plus 7. Given the miserable situation Smith came into, compared to Bielsa starting the season with Leeds, I’d say that’s not bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. And, in my view, a million miles away from meriting discussion of his position. Take it one step further, if we had Won that One game against Leeds, rather than them, we’d be 2nd in the table of results since Smith arrived, on 32 points with Leeds but with a better goal difference. Those who choose to think things are poor will no doubt do so regardless of this, but for those hoping for some reasons for optimism I hope it helps !
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    I think DS is caught in ' no man's land.' He wants Villa to play his way and had Villa playing that way almost from the start of his tenure here. However the loss to injury of Tuanzebe who was the connection from defence to midfield and then Grealish who connected the midfield to attack has pretty much decimated his preferred style of play. Even his new signing Carroll brought in for better ball retention in front of defence and to connect defence to midfield is not available to him due to a thigh strain. I would hazzard a guess that if Tuanzebe and Grealish hadn't picked up those injuries then we would still be watching the same type of DS football we seen at the start of his tenure here. Presently however Smith is trying to keep Villa in the promotion race with a style of football he doesn't want to play but has no real choice in the matter until his two best players are available again and indeed until he has the squad of players he wants.
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    I appreciate this isn't a 'bolitics' thread, so I'm not going to make it one, but it's simply factually true that there was much less homelessness under Labour. An increase in homelessness was an inevitable consequence of long periods of benefit sanctions and other toughened rules around benefits. It wasn't hard to predict. I shall say no more about in this thread.
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    That's what the Tories said, because it suits them. Look elsewhere. BBC United Nations
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    You don’t have to post in or read Bruce related threads. You do have that option.
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    For the love of God. before grealish and axel got injured we were playing the best football I can remember, and I can remember from the GT MK I days. With the right players, he’ll work wonders. chill people, give the man a chance!
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    And we chilled on Sunday.
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    There simply isn't a reliable figure gathered in a statistically legitimate way. That the Office of National Statistics refuse to recognise police arrest or caution rates as any proof of anything tells you much of what you need to know. That the Sun, Telegraph and Express will happily print police anecdotes about professsional beggars tells just as much. There are professional beggars, there are genuine beggars, there are genuine homeless. On a Venn diagramm, the groups would hardly touch. The per centage of the 320,000 homeless that beg is so small as to be virtually zero. The figures are further skewed by perception. Whilst hundreds of thousands are sofa surfing and trying to get an appointment to get on a list to get out of a bedsit. One bastard on a busy High Street can influence the opinion of a thousand passers by who now perceive 'the homeless' as a problem somebody should shoe away. Don't put money in the hands of people on the street. Do buy the Big Issue, do donate to Shelter and Crisis. Do consider which party might give a shit next time you vote. One thing I've noticed recently is the physical planning of town centers is evolving. Not in the crass way you might have spikey paving to stop rough sleepers (eh, labour?). But in designing out the recess and open lobby of many shops. Everytime I'm involved in any High Street refurb, shopfront and doors are being pushed out to be a flush fronted demise. You shoppers dont get a transition before the rain to put your brolly up, the shop staff don't get a transition area to stop cold wind and leaves etc.. The rough sleeper doesn't get somewhere to put down a sleeping bag with some semblance of shelter. I wonder if the rise in tents might be slightly influenced by the change in physical environment?
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    A lot of people are hanging all their hopes on Grelaish and Tuanzebe coming back. Our problems at the moment run far deeper than those two. Especially Tuanzebe. He was having a fine season until he got injured, but he isn't going to transform us into the team that we were when Smith took over. Grealish will help more in that department, but I still don't think him missing is the sole issue.
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    What position is he V4L? Kids and grown ups would love him so!..
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    He can sign a pre contract now so we should be contacting him now
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    The bloke is an absolute word removed. He's obsessed with being 'hated', when fans only turned on him after the shit form this season. And actually, fans at VP were very vocal in support for a long time. Away fans always loud and proud I'll always hate the word removed. I understand exactly what Sunderland fans warned us of now.
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    He has to build on the myth. It'll be echoed around now. "He never got a chance" "They were always against him because of Blues" He was working on it while he was here! When he could see nothing was happening. Inventing stick and trouble that wasn't there. It's worked a charm, there's villa fans even now that defend him. Good to have baddies in sport though. People you can really cheer against, even when your team isn't involved in the match. Makes things more fun. It is a slightly different time now to even five or so years ago. Fans have a louder voice through social media and football coverage in general, Villa fans won't let him get away with it which is great. No matter how much his children scuttle around stamping their feet. I can't wait for the amount of fruit and vegetables that will be brought to Hillsborough. As well as the monstrous "Sit down potato head" chants that will be sung throughout. He'll hate it and win lose or draw he'll be building on the myth after that match as well.
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    I think its similar to Sherwood at Villa except on a bigger level... Man Utd have been massively lifted by the removal of a negative influence at the club and are playing with freedom for the first time in a while. OGS has done very well to steer the club in this way but not sure how he would cope long term.
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    I see a number of Villa fans on here are going off their minds because off recent poor performances. Here's how I look at this. If I took the starting line-up from Friday, and asked myself how many of this team would I want to see starting the first game of next season, assuming we are still in the Championship? I had five players that I would want to start next season, irrespective of if we could keep them or not. So if it's only five, it's no wonder we are having problems as over half the team just aren't good enough. You can carry one or two, but not six.
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    @Demitri_C X-Men film series thoughts X-Men - decent enough 2000s early comic book movie. X-Men 2 - genuinely good early comic book movie X-Men 3 - dreadful. Wastes 2 good storylines, does various missteps (killing Cyclops off screen?!), plot holes... Awful. X-Men Origins Wolverine - terrible. Rubbish plot, horrific CGI (the bathroom claws, shudder), completely **** up Deadpool. Bad. X-Men First Class - half a good movie. The Magneto origin stuff, pretty good. The First Class stuff, bad. The scene with Banshee flying is one of the worst scenes in anything ever. The Wolverine - a nice modern take on the Ronin Wolverine storyline. Loses its way at the end (Silver Samurai thing is just.. ugh) but a lot of good stuff there. On the downside it's got one of the most blatant examples of 'repower the hero to make it interesting' ever, which is always a bit crap. X-Men Days of Future Past - probably the best 'true' X-Men film. Nicely melds the First Class and original casts, interprets the DOFP plot well enough, fairly good all round. Deadpool - revitalises the franchise, by taking the piss out of it (and the genre). Nice nods to the wider franchise, genuinely funny, excellent action, good take on Colossus, looks good. Biggest flaw is it's an origin story so has a ropey plot overall, and the nature of the character is such that they have to throw jokes at everything, meaning a ton of misses and can be irritating. X-Men Apocalypse - crap. Bad, bad, bad take on Apocalypse, the First Class cast can't carry a film on their own, finale is shit. Feels rushed, done on the cheap, no joy to any of it. Crap. Logan - barely a comic book movie, but it's genuinely excellent. Nice take on the Old Man Logan version of Wolverine, really cool ideas with an dementia ridden Xavier, good take on Caliban, simple but fun Western esque plot. Biggest flaw is the introduction of X-24, which I get the idea of but it feels really cop-out y and a bit too on the nose. Deadpool 2 - take Deadpool and pump up the budget. It's pretty good. Not as good as the first, but still fun. The best version of Juggernaut we're ever likely to get, Brolin is fun as Cable (if nothing like him in reality, which the film actually mocks, to it's credit), it's a little less good on the action front and isn't as funny, but the 'X-Force' scene might make up for it all. Also manages to make Domino a good character, mostly because they absolutely nail showing her 'power'. Also has a great Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool and hack) joke.
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    Oh, I completely agree. Quality journalists are rarer than pretend beggars these days
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    We had gone unbeaten in 7 though, and from the 3 draws in Smith's first 10 games - the games Tuanzebe and Grealish (with the exception of Stoke) were available for - we were kinda screwed over in two of them. In the 5-5, our defence was shit, but Forest also only had 5 shots, at least 2 of which should have been easily saved. Plus we had a goal that IMO was wrongfully disallowed, so we could have easily won that one if we had Kalinic or the Ref did his job properly. And in the 2-2 against West Brom, they created practically nothing other than their goal from what I remember and then they equalised in the last minute with Rodriguez punching the ball in that the Linesman inexplicably didn't see despite staring right at it. Another referee mistake that cost us 2 points. With Stoke game, I didn't watch so I can't comment on it. But of the 3 draws that constitute "too many", at least two we should have won, mainly through poor officiating. Hell, you could argue in the last month and a half the refs have cost us at least 6 points if you include Sheff Utd. Then our defence really went off the rails with the Leeds match, the first that Tuanzebe missed, which it's also worth remembering Taylor was injured for. So when our defence really got bad, we had only 1 senior CB available (who was also injured) and no LB, resulting in a back 4 consisting of 3 RBs, until Taylor came back and Elphick was recalled. And we only had 2 fit CBs when we managed to get Hause/Mings so Chester could be rested, which has been what, 2 games now? Is 2 games with a fully fit back four really long enough to fix the issues we had with the taped together defensively line we had for over a month and 7 games? now I'm not saying our defence is stellar, but we have had some pretty shit luck since December and some glaring holes that we couldn't really do much about. We have problems, but a lot of them have been caused by missing players, it doesn't help that they're also our best players, we might've limped along better if we were missing Chester and Hourihane instead of Tuanzebe and Grealish.
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    Agree totally , would rather use players that we are looking to keep next season than persevere with those that won’t be here - the failure to sort the full back situation and defensive midfielder in January has cost us any slim chance of promotion In my opinion . Rather have given Bree a run at right back than stick with Hutton and Taylor . I was surprised Mitch Clark didn’t get recalled as surely he deserves a chance ahead of Taylor .
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    Been impressed with him so far. Just needs to stay injury free.
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    Wouldn't it be funny if we signed both him and Lolley? A Aribo Lolley in midfield... Will be even funnier when the manager shouts instructions at either to push up. Sorry for making a mockery of this thread. I am now leaving.
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    Can only assume that this means “I don’t know what to do with the football”.........We could have told you that Elmo!!
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    Brilliant post. Thanks for going to the trouble of checking out the stats. We all just need to be realistic as far as what can be achieved in a short space of time and take into account our circumstances. Smith or anyone else won’t get a free ride from our ambitious owners, but they will get time, support and a fair crack of the whip.
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    Wow, when you look at it like that he is doing a tremendous job.
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    It's getting this way big style in alot of places Dem, not just the Midlands. The stats keep rising and it's shocking. There is no way out for many folk falling on hardtimes. Resources etc over overstreched or drying up. (Unfortunately, most of the folk begging and pleading homelessness that you mention, around 30% are geuine cases - sadly, the rest are just con men or junkies ruining it for the genuine who HAVE lost everything and don't have nowhere to go and turned down for help by local authorities etc.) It's quite shocking really. Believe it or not, I am sofa surfing myself at a friends house until further notice. There are alot of factors that has led to many more landing in this position and the numbers will only keep rising while things remain poor how they are in this country. Wages stagnating, Jobs paying peanuts wages or even closing altogether or moving, rentals and bills rising against inflation etc. Let's not get started on Universal Credit that also affect many heavily reliant upon it.
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    He hinders the whole frickin team and does so every time he plays. He just cops out of taking any responsibility and constantly offloads cowardly nothing passes sideways and backwards. We go nowhere until he is out of the team !
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    Despite letting in 3 goals I thought our CB were our best players. Midfield hampering us massively...
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    Can't help himself can he?
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    I really like him. So glad he got a goal. Got great potential, in my opinion.
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    Can he play left back?
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    I can only assume a lot of people have done this, which goes someway to explaining why some people still rate Tim Sherwood as anything other than a steaming pile of dog shit wrapped in human skin.
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    I'm really not sure what made him awful. He was busy, energetic and hungry. Yes, he overhit some crosses and is raw, but he was much better and more dangerous than Adomah. And he scored I wouldn't mind him being that terrible again.
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    They’re getting their **** hedge cut
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    No one wants to pay for it.
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    Good teams make their own luck Good teams aren't dependent on a good ref to win games
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    It is and it isn't. It's not just that we are missing Grealish, but more that his absence has totally unbalanced our midfield. Without Grealish the rest of our midfield are effectively pushed forward. Because we don't have a like for like replacement, we're forced to play McGinn further forward in a role he's nowhere near creative or technically good enough for and where his closing down and harrying is less effective, which means we miss his energy further back as Hourihane is nowhere near mobile or energetic enough to fill McGinn's role when he's pushed into that role. And the three that effectively replace Hourihane all have their own problems. Whelan's legs are gone, and I think he knows it, so he seems to play at about 50% when he starts so he can make the second half, though IMO he has been brilliant when coming off the bench recently, he just can't sustain it for more than 30 minutes. Jedinak can't run or pass, so he's practically useless at replacing anyone in our midfield. And Bjarnasson can run around a lot but not much else, which makes him almost more useless than Jedinak who at least head the ball and foul. So it's not just that Grealish is so good we're lost with him injured, but that without Grealish our entire midfield is less effective because they all have to play roles they're not suited for. He's not the sole issue, but our other midfield issues are solved with him back. As a side note, when we were linked with Fer most were excited because they thought he'd be a hard tackling DM, but he'd more likely be Grealish's back up as our creative player and help rebalance the midfield. Which is also why I think Carroll signing was irrelevant to Fer, as some have suggested we panic signed him instead of Fer, as I reckon he'll eventually replace Hourihane in that deeper playmaker role.
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    Brilliant to see Mbappe has donated £27k to the Go Fund Me site to find the pilot, David Ibbotson. On top of the 30,000 EUR donated to find Sala Makes me like him even more.
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    You wait for a left back and three right backs come along at once...
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    He did an interview today saying he wants to lower the age of the Wednesday squad and rely on the academy He isnt fooling anybody
  48. 2 points
    Considering Brentford have only finished top 6 in this division once in 70 years you make it sound like its a regular thing
  49. 2 points
    Yes, you have spotted the crucial flaw in that cunning plan.
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    A WAY AROUND A SWEAR FILTER - BY A MOD?! forfuxsake forfuxsake forfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsakeforfuxsake

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