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    I think he will be ok with the pressure he’s a strong character and I firmly believe given time and maybe another coach alongside him he will get you to the PL.Minimum must be given next season.
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    Amazing how they spotted the ball had gone 2 inches over the line for there first but couldn't spot somebody having there shirt pulled off or the ball being kicked out the goalies hand☹☹
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    I am not happy with how things are going, the issue is most if not all managers in this league know their best elevens and even who to bring in when there are injuries. Dean is constantly forced to field different players every week, a lot of that is down to injury, he's been playing Chester not 100% fit as he's had no other options, he now has Mings available and maybe further down the line he'll have Hause. He's had to re-integrate Elphick, who to be fair has done well plus a new keeper who the jury is out on but seems on paper a good signing, this after Nyland who was finally starting to do well was ruled out for the season. He's never found a solution to losing Axel and Grealish, our two best players on the ball. Lansbury got a chance then got injured, for some reason he has then toiled with more defensive midfielders playing what feels high pressing roles, Whelan has done ok at times but he doesn't last 90 mins and can be pretty slow, Jed finally got his chance after months of injury and looked terrible, Thor got some game time and looked average. Carroll is injured already. If you look in attack you'll see Adomah is chronically out of form, Kodjia and El Ghazi aren't much better. Connor contributes set pieces and that's about all recently, he needs dropping but there always seems to be few better options. Hutton and Taylor continue to be liabilities in defence, but at least Hutton offers a lot going forward. Maybe if Hause or Chester come into the team then Taylor at least will get dropped. Getting Green and Grealish back in the team could be huge as along with Mings there is players who can improve us. My point is even though I feel Dean's management has been average at best for some time, I do feel that he has inherited a chronically unbalanced squad and although you can clearly see he is trying to work out his best eleven, he is fighting a losing battle and is getting precious little luck along the way. I have seen enough tactically from him to know the type of positive, pressing attacking football he wants to play and some of the victories under him so far have been amongst the best football we have played in a stupidly long time. The amount of goals we concede is worrying but again I can see that Dean is trying to address that. We went for proven promotion experience with Bruce and it failed, before that we went with a Champion's League Winner in RDM that was even worse, I don't want to mention the idiots in charge before those two, but there has to come a point where we build for the long term, doesn't mean we can't criticise Dean, doesn't mean we don't want more from him and these players, but the never ending cycle of sacking managers and bombing out players has to end.
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    He’s a head coach not a manager And I can imagine if O Hare had played every game since Jack was injured and was awful, you’d be the first blaming Smith for that as well. O Hare needs game exeperience and going to a lower league will certainly help him. Listen to the elphick interview from a few days ago, he states how moving to a lower league club helped prepare him for the future. He learnt different aspects that he wouldn’t have got at his club.
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    I think he seems fine? Competent and doesn’t really muck anything up. He’s reliable and I do have confidence in him so I don’t think he’s a concern really. He’s not really to blame for any of the goals he’s conceded in this dire patch. The defence is the real issue.
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    Now over 1000 Villa games and never ever left early. I like to get my monies worth. Tonight paid, big time. Cracking atmosphere generated by those who stayed.
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    Gamechanger. The only midfielder who wants the ball and moves into spaces to get the ball. Legs are well and truly gone but has far more pedigree than the other shithouses.
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    We get it, you haven’t liked him since day one. We should be champions league already, it only takes two weeks to rebuild a team with a new strategy and style, after all you must have done it on football manager!! What on earth will you do with your life when he turns us around and you have nothing to complain about? Jeez
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    Don't forget he would have sailed over on a longboat with Ragnar and Floki so would have been in no rush to leave Bollox I thought that was @sne that posted, dammit
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    The squad is good enough for play off at least. Unfortunately this clown of a manager is only used to dealing with players on the scrap heap and has no idea how to get his instructions across to decorated international footballers on big salary's. He's a nobody going nowhere and he'll take Villa with him. I laughed at his press conference last night when he said we played well. We were utter utter tripe. We got back into the game by going against management instructions and going direct. Instead of playing don't look back in anger at the final whistle the tannoy guy should have put on Slide Away.
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    I think this may be deliberate! We were high pressing well but fading badly in games, as fitness levels were not where they needed to be. Maybe with an ageing team we had to adapt. Seems to me we now press in certain stages, we stand off teams then rush in planned situation. However im not sure the whole team know how to do it as a unit atm. Plenty of times 2 or 3 press their men but because the one or two dont it leaves options for the opposition; This results in us being caught out of position for a counter attack. This may be a reason we have stopped trying it as to tighten up. This element will return and improve once we get the right players in IMO.
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    One 10 minute burst does not paper over the cracks, shocking performance. Its hard to be anything but despondent when it comes to Villa at the moment.
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    What we're capable of, followed by what we're capable of. More of the other thing please.
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    hahaha i was having a mere, i meant to edit my post but somehow quoted it. Let that be a lesson kids Beer isn't good for you lol
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    He held all the cards when he signed a new contract and the club wouldn't block him of a move to a top team. Id imagine if a 30m bid comes in from Spurs again he will be allowed to talk to them.
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    Pretty much all 5 Forest goals were from him doing this. It does not surprise me.
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    Bit of a nostalgic thing here and prompted by the amount of kid’s tv I watch with my kid... When I was aged about 5 through to 10 (so the late 80’s through to the mid 90’s), I remember seeing the classic Warner bros. cartoons all the time - bugs, daffy and that lot, the Tex Avery stuff. What I’m wondering, is when they stopped showing them. I’m sure there’s a sky kids channel that has them, but I wonder when/why they ceased being on a terrestrial channel. I know they’re old cartoons so maybe they’re a bit old hat, (I reckon they’d be alright) but they weren’t exactly brand new when I saw them as a kid.
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    I sincerely hope the same people who want Smith out, weren't the sames ones saying "We will win this League" when we were looking sensational. As I said then, i'll say now. There will be ups and downs, and we require patience.
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    In Oasis' case, Noel said it was just his arrogance and thinking that at the time every song he did was going to be ace. Not thinking that the well would run dry in the future.
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    Ideally we could clone him and have one at LB and one at CB. As a matter of fact I wish our whole back line were monsters.
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    This season only Middlesbrough and Norwich have lost less games. No one has drawn as many games. And you have to go to Preston in 14th to find a team that has won as few (10) as us. Our goalscoring is making us hard to beat, but our defending is making it difficult for us to win, we simply must concede less.
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    Refs in this league are appalling cheats and too many are morbidly overweight. It is something the EFL need to resolve if they have any commercial ambitions for the franchise.
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    Just put on Soccer Saturday. Haven't watched it for a while. Stelling was just taking a moment to describe how the Leeds game was delayed for 12 minutes becuase the young Leeds player had to be seen to by paramedics on the bench. SOunded quite serious! Anyway in the middle of this very serious message, he's interrupted by Le Tiss screaming "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!" Even Stelling looked annoyed.
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    Yes, you have spotted the crucial flaw in that cunning plan.
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    I wasn't. I was on the terraces watching him do it. One of the bonuses of being ancient.
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    Just as a side process issue, I’m wondering how helpful to constructive and temperate discussion it is to describe people you disagree with as “clowns”?
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    Much prefer El Ghazi. Judging by last night, Kodjia has lost his pace. Really did nothing of worth. Needs to go in the summer. El Ghazi was heavily involved last night, and I think shows signs that he can improve.
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    Probably, but it shouldn't really be a problem, considering we'll most likely have an altogether new team come next season.
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    Yeah we have RB sorted for next season, forgot about that for a minute
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    It's starting to look like the job is beyond him. Our form has been poor for ages now, and he had a very disappointing transfer window. The play offs are looking beyond us, and managers with nearly as little time as he's had and worse squads are performing to a higher standard. Hope he proves me wrong, but the run of games coming up doesn't give cause for much optimism.
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    TBF, I do like some of their early stuff and bits and bobs in between. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds equally not bad with certain songs. Their latest album is not too bad either.
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    It does I think but then again were seeing the same inconsistency from a squad now who under two entirely different peopll. That manager and now coach have directed that said squad completely different and that squad has continuously messed up. They are players that week in week out obviously show us they cant get it right even when the hard work is done for them by those who stick out big time. Don't know why people are trying to derail Smith when reality is those players who are performing badly need to be gone. Wait and see anyway the owners won't be giving new contracts to those who have been failing, been constantly messing up, it's near enough time to say goodbye to many.
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    His view of the game is more of a worry , he doesn't seem to think we are playing badly . Add that to the fact he hasn't changed the dynamics of the team and its a worry. We need more hungry players on the pitch, Green, Davies , Lansbury . And maybe switch the midfield around . MC Ginn could sit deeper and Hourihane closer to strikers, he has a habit of scoring goals .
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    Bizarre selection to start as he does not have the skills set that Smith wants. Cant pass and his legs have gone. Has been decent for us but surely with Carroll arriving that is the last of him at Villa.
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    It's been 5 years and Jack aside out best tactic (and it is) is to still get the ball wide to Alan , let him have a run and hope that by the end of it the ball somehow lands into an advantageous position.
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    He’s barely been in charge. I absoutely detest the short term nature of modern football. “Win now or you’re shit!”
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    Because like it or not, he was brought in to build something. This isn't a steve bruce short term gamble.
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    Run forward amble back. RINSE AND REPEAT.
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    Mings looks very, very good. Mings & Tuanzebe is a mouth watering prospect.
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    I bloody love Snoddy. I remember one time, I think it was against Sunderland we were slightly getting edgey and just seeing the game out in our usual Brucey scrappy fashion. I remember Snoddy at one point battling near the touchline for the ball against a few players and I screamed "Go on Snoddy!!!" He then promptly won the ball and ate up a few more precious seconds. I am 99% sure that 3 pts was down to my passionate cry of "Go on Snoddy!!!" I still think about it everyday and I am sure Snoddy does too. Love you Snoddy. Miss you Snoddy.
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    I like BBQ sauce 'n all, but on a pizza it's quite off-putting. Too strong a flavour to belong as a base IMNSHO.
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    No way Neymar is on that level, he is even more overhyped than Pogba. The World Cup showed him up for what he was a petulant, headless diva that even Brazilians started to turn against Is he a good player yes but he is probably not even in the class of quality players behind Messi and Ronaldo for me
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    Prime suspect for me is Charles Cabbage, inventor of the Villa (difference) engine.
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    I heard they banned the throwing of vegetables at football matches years ago. It was called Cole's Law I think.

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