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    You sound like you will be hoping when they return we wont win games? Are you actually a Villa supporter?
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    But it's usually pixelated.
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    I see nothing wrong with Tusk's comments whatsoever. It's accurate and fair still underproportional compared to the unending stream of bullshit that the brexit media and chums have fired towards the EU not just since the campaign but for the last 20 odd years. **** em all. It's quite satisfying to hear what they must have been thinking for so long during this shitshow of a negotiation. No plan was and is stupid, and the orchestration of it, by the ERG rocket polishers and friends was deceitful and governed by self interest and not enough people call them out for this horse shit. Of course many of the vocal outraged of tunbridge wells will relish the opportunity for another stupid rant without ever once stopping to digest the actual contents of the speech, but **** em. Just absolutely **** em. I'm sure they will continue their martyrdom complex built upon thorough ignorance, mind.
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    Two weeks ago today Baby Authority was born and thanks to all the good wishes from all of you. It's going pretty well so far - ups and downsd but mainly ups - here are some pics. 1) Coming home from the hospital 2) At home 3) In the hospital 4) First trip to Central Park 5) The whole Authority fam!
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    Its very very hard not to like Tommy A good all round egg.
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    The guy who sits next to me at work and assumes I struggle with my finances I have just been telling him how I'm going to have a busy couple of months because I'm going to loads of gigs. And I'm going to the races. So he said "You'll need to win at the races to fund all those gigs!" Look mate, i'm an adult and can sort my own finances. I was making small talk to pass the time, the story may be shit but don't criticise my ability to run my finances. What makes it worse the guy is a Villa fan so don't want to annoy him too much Brothers in arms and all that
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    Alex your Dad got a new club and so did you. Maybe its best to move on
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    This thread is getting more and more depressing by each day. Have we really learned nothing from the past 10 years? DS may well turn out to be real dud, or he may go on to emulate Guardiola, it's really anyone's guess at this point, but to write him off at first sight of trouble, is nothing short of embarrassing. We are after all, only a measly FOUR points from the playoffs
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    I'm black, and I think they are "snowflakes". Most people know damn well what the context was, and it was brave of him to be so honest in this "climate" - he probably should not have been. Don't let common sense and being reasonable get in the way of some good old fashioned bandwagonist "outrage". These are the reasons normal people can't have conversations and we are getting nowhere as people. I'm sure by next week there will be something else to hop onto.
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    He doesn't need to wonder, he just needs to read his Dante. They'd be in Malebolge, the eighth circle of Hell, in Bolgia (ditch / trench) eight of ten (which are arranged in a circle like spokes on a wheel) That's where you find the souls of "deceivers who gave false or corrupted advice to others for personal benefit". They are constantly on fire, appearing as little more than living, speaking tongues of flame.
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    We're not fickle - We just don't like us.
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    Was probably there, but was hiding as usual. Amirite? Amirite! I'll see myself out. Have a good week guys!!
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    Can't pin that on Liam Neeson i'm afraid.
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    I expect him to crush Billy Sharp skull then rip out his heart and celebrate his trophy on centre circle
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    You mean I wasted five minutes trying to find out how to vote?
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    Such is the league competition format.
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    Let the fickle and non DS supporters bicker amongst themselves in this thread. They will come around once we are in some form again.. as fickle fans normally do.
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    I can't see the logic in opening the Upper Trinity - there are still 3,000 tickets left elsewhere in the ground; a strange one that. Interesting game this - there's a sort of meh around the whole place, season drifting into nothingness, nowt to play for, nowt to get excited about. We're not far off the playoffs points-wise but we're not looking like we're going to challenge for them, it's all a bit waiting for 2019-20. But. Win this and I think you might get a bit of buzz back, Sheffield United are good and we know it, if we can beat them, not only does it keep us within touching distance of the top six, but it might give the place a little bit of spark. A big win could set the season on fire and any kind of win will blow though the embers and provide a bit of warmth. A defeat leaves us counting the days until the fixtures come out and hoping Liverpool foul up. I know which of those two scenarios I'd prefer.
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    Which is ironic, because white men raping black women was practically a national sport during the slavery era.
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    Referee saw nothing wrong; review saw nothing wrong; nothing to see here. Personally, I think it is time for Aston Villa fans to move on - there will be plenty of `fans' of other clubs who will be happy to prolong the debate.
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    I believe we signed him because we need a player in the middle of the pitch who is a ball player, can pick a pass and make themselves available, rather than hide. Only time will tell if his physicality or any number of other attributes contribute to him being successful or not.
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    All gone a bit downhill since CJay and other Leeds fans stopped posting on here Its almost as if they believe Spygate involved them and Bielsa sent them to other forums
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    Apologies for replying to a tweet with another tweet, but this thread from the weekend was pretty eye-opening about what's just around the corner...
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    Indeed. It's all well and good saying Withdrawal and future relationship could be done together, but what if during those discussions, suddenly the UK decides it doesn't want to be part of the Single Market (because the UK is **** insane)? The Withdrawal Agreement changes and the future relationship stuff had to be started again. The Withdrawal Agreement has to come first. The significant reason the Withdrawal Agreement has been a complete shitshow is because we have spent 2 years fumbling around trying to decide what we want, and have then tried to chase unicorns where we wanted things the EU was never, ever going to agree to. And then whinged about it.
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    By wearing a bit thin, I take it you mean we were ill prepared and our team is incompetent. But we agreed the rules and started the game anyway. Now more and more people are realising just how badly this has been handled.
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    Of course the UK government had a way to avoid the current backstop fiasco back in 2016, that was to hold parallel talks on withdrawal and future trade. The EU drew a completely arbitrary red line that has subsequently proved to be a mistake. Without it, the whole Irish border equation could have been resolved, one way or another, by now. Mr Tusk’s rhetoric of ‘We don’t accept this plan, we don’t accept this plan, we don’t accept this plan, why don’t you have a plan’ or ‘We won’t talk about future trade, we won’t talk about future trade, we won’t talk about future trade, why won’t you be clearer about what you want in the future?’ is wearing a bit thin.
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    Some good words from Tommy.
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    I'd whole heartedly agree with the second sentence. With Churchill it wasn't just the casual racism, which was fairly 'normal' for the times he lived in. Not unlike 1960's Ireland I'd imagine. It was also sending in troops to 'aid' the police to break up strikes or hunt down anarchists etc.. It's not always that easy to delve in to the stories, they tend to get whitewashed even where there are records. When he sent the cavalry (literally) in to Tonypandy to break up a riot, there were no reported injuries. But the 'riot' had finished the day before and had actually been aimed at a couple of specific individuals. But the cavalry were there anyway so why not charge around a bit. No injuries? If you reported to the company's private hospital, you'd be arrested and your family kicked out of the mine company house. Even the siege of Sydney Street, he sent troops in to do the job of the police. Again, this was on the TV recently, but they failed to mention it was Churchill sending troops on to the streets and also slightly failed to mention the people eventually tried were released. If you got off in 1911, when the other side was basically Churchill and the army, I'm guessing the case was fairly flimsy. Lots of anecdotal stuff about Churchill, about the british army beheading 'terrorists' and about the army being used on the streets to 'help' private mine owners. Strangely, official records are a bit sketchy. But anyway, that's strayed way off topic.
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    If its any use, Cameron Desmond Archer's birth was registered in 2002 at Walsall. This would fit in with the December 2001 DOB stated earlier (birth being registered in the new year).
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    Personally I think we should let Liam Neeson deal with the vicious thug. If the latest bedwetting, hysterical, ignore-all-context-but-explode-with-justice-and-vengeance-rage Twitterstorm is anything to go by, that appalling, unreformed, dyed in the wool racist would love to cosh the living shite out of him just for being not white.
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    Seems like he's being 'honest' about a past event and past prejudices and talking about his disgust/ remorse for feeling that way, explaining the context and explaining why it was wrong to feel that way. I really don't see the issue here however I can see why it has gone down so badly in the current climate, which is utterly devoid of critical thinking, logic and any sort of emotional intelligence around these sorts of discussions.
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    I'm not sure I even believe Neeson's story. Which makes it even weirder.
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    What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.
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    what barnes says actually makes a bit of sense for a change but **** me its naive from Neeson if thats how he meant it, theres no way he would ever escape the social media trial and anything he does now is just digging, i've seen people having a sexist pop at him now because in a TV interview talking about it he refers to the interviewer as "the lady journalist" i really really dont see the need for neeson to ever tell that story, the racism stuff aside its just not a subject that should you talk about in that forum and to tie it to a film promotional tour on the basis that its a revenge film is incredibly poor taste, horrific judgement by him all round edit - the other thing that john barnes said which isnt on the other page is an attack on winston churchill, words to the effect of lets tear down the statue of that white supremacist and mass murderer while we are at it, i think thats the 3rd time this year already i've someone on TV having a pop at churchill, not sure if brexit is stirring up some churchill spirit right wing nonsense and some people are coming out with some painful truths that they dont like to teach us at school, seems strange that its causing debate now
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    Perhaps you should change your technique and test it out by making a funny comment and see if he notices.
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    Nope, it's true. The U.S. Army commissioned a guy called S. L. A. Marshall to interview infantrymen after combat (I think it was in the Korean War). His report came out as a book called "Men Against Fire". Turned out that, in a firefight, most of the shooting was done by only a handful of soldiers (usually veterans and NCOs) - the vast majority never fired their weapons at all.
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    The whole thing is quite astonishing. Guiado is prancing around organising a coup, or rather fronting up a US coup long in the planning. If someone did the same in the US, they would be in Guantanamo right now, being waterboarded. Our media have swallowed the official line, and C4 is an especial disgrace. People like Jeremy "Hunt" speak of ballot box stuffing, when Jimmy Carter pronounced the 2015 election the most rigorous he had seen (compare the corrupt US system, btw). Everyone knows it's all about seizing natural resources for US firms and benefitting a corrupt elite who have been displaced. Everyone knows the shortages are caused by US sanctions and blockades and pressure on other countries to follow suit. And yet no-one publicly acknowledges this. Astonishing.
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    We have employed a new colleague. She is from Germany. She has just been given her National Insurance number. It begins S S Ouch.
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    Best player in the league forget about just our team. Is it really such a huge leap of logic to think he has a huge affect on us?
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    We retake Normandy and press on until all of Aquitane is liberated for Queen Meghan of Sussex.
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    Fine margins pal. Take Pogba and Rashford out the team and those wins they been scraping by the odd goal become draws. Same with us. Add jack back and all those draws can become wins. Many aren’t having it but I don’t think you can underestimate the impact of losing big players.
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    I'll do it for you. Messi is strong as an ox, and Xavi and Iniesta had players like Busquets, Yaya Toure, and Mascherano supporting them. They played in Spain where referees blow for everything. And they're some of the most gifted footballers of all time. We're in the English Championship, and soft players get bullied unless they have some support. It's a fair point about Carroll's physique - I don't see him working alongside Hourihane. Whether you're playing 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or whatever, you need at least one of your centre mids to be a physical, tackling midfielder who senses danger and holds the team together. I can't think of a single successful team that doesn't have a player like this.
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    Tyrone Mings was man of the match on Saturday. It was good to see a commanding Centre Back display in a Claret and Blue shirt for a change. The referee said "nothing to see here" about the tackle in question by his lack of punishment .... the FA review board had a close retrospective look and also said "nothing to see here", yet here we are still playing guessing games with the character of a player who we need to make permanent in a few months time. It's time to move on.
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