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    Sorry to nitpick your post but you mentioned exaggerations from other posters. I see a massive one when you say that VT gives the impression that he explicitly said he hated each and every one of us. No one is implying or stating that as the case. That would be the biggest overstatement I have read about the way Bruce conducted himself on VT. You mention him saying a few stupid things in a few interviews as the reality of the situation and that the perception of some fans is influenced by Bruce being out of favour. As we have established in other posts, I personally found issue (however petty and inconsequential this may seem) with the way Bruce answered a lot of questions from the beginning. Even before I had time to assess him from a purely football perspective and when he had my full support and well wishes his commentary irked me. I made that very clear and said that he should focus on building what he wants rather than lamenting a history that was out of his control. I thought it revealed an internal dialogue that shifted responsibility and failed to acknowledge the sheer potential that he had at his feet in managing a club of our size, stature and the personnel afforded him. I don't want to tear into him further because we've done that to death, I think it's safe to say Bruce was not the manager we all wanted him to be for us and I'll leave it there. Bruce is only human but he did himself no favours in retaining any esteem from the supporters of our club. I just want to be clear, I agree without doubt that the condemnation of Bruce is inflated because the football was not favourable but I disagree with the notion that if Smith falls out of favour he will be torn apart for saying the same things he is saying today. Smith has come in and his words reveal an internal dialogue that takes ownership for what transpires in his world. He is not concerned with the external problems that were ever present in Bruce's remarks about our club and the situations, both past and present, that we find ourselves in. Smith has come out and said he has a plan for the way he wants to play football and he has specific goals in regards to that. There is a vision. Anyone who's ever achieved in their life knows that getting to the destination is a lot easier when the path is mapped out. Thankfully that seems to be his mentality and focus, developing and implementing a way of playing the game that is appropriate and effective and so it's no coincidence that his words are in line with the action taking place.
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    Please stop typing Premiere before I have a stroke.
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    The rest of the league - and our resident Leeds fans - will be screwing when they see we’re spending £7m on a keeper!
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    Finally moving into my new flat today, hopefully when all that stress is gone I can start to enjoy Christmas.
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    No we dont. We have no divine right, it has to be earned.
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    While I wished it was my imagination, there have clearly been a number of posts that sound too negative towards Smith for this early on in his career at Aston Villa. Some people do sound as though they are getting ready to jump on Smith's back if he drops the ball abit. One thing we need to be aware of is giving our utmost full support and at most see the difference in constructive criticising instead of jumping down Smith's throat. I feel that if we do not go up there are going to be plenty who will turn again, all because promotion wasn't achieved in one season. We shall see if fans are really willing to change there attitudes towards managers we get in that obviously deserve that time. The owners have stated if this season isnt a promotion then it isn't a big demand that we do go up straight away under Smith. The owners have said it takes as long as it takes to get it rite and we as fans have to also take that into our hearts and minds that we may yet have a few more seasons or so before we are back in the top flight again. The main thing is we have a very excellent Coach, who can actually focus on many things at our club that will eventually bring us back to a level we have been failing to play at for around 2 decades. Dean Smith I would say is a solution that this club needs so it's best we drum up all the support we can for as long as it takes. We will no doubt have some lows under Smith, let's give him the time he needs to get it rite, Dean has an excellent mind and we are fortunate to have him at villa. Where i am sure the past two decades of managers failed to bring success. I think Given time Dean can be that man for us, he is sharp enough to adapt when faced with challenges. I am curious as to Smiths planning for trying to undo Leeds, a game I feel we have no choice but to win if we are to close the gap and keep chasing the pack.
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    Personally I think it's time some of us got over Bruce and left it alone. Dean Smith is who we need to focus on now - not yesterdays man.
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    You can just imagine it... 86th minute, 0-0 at Old Trafford against Burnley. Brucey looks at his bench, who can he bring on to get a late winner? Alexis Sanchez? Juan Mata? Marcus Rashford? Jesse Lingard? Suddenly it strikes him! "Smalling! Warm up! You're going on, playing up top!" That'll do it.
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    Just inadvertently ended up in the front row for an open mic poetry night. Spoken exclusively in Icelandic. I don't speak Icelandic. Out of embarrassment we had to sit through 20 minutes of it and applaud in the right places before fleeing when the next act was coming on.
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    This is how all January acquisitions should be done...ready for work Jan 1st!
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    Disagree. He questioned fans intelligence, accused of creating mass hysteria, among other things. But, this is the Dean Smith thread, so Viva The Revolution!
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    Obviously, but when you look at this club, its fan base, facilities, history, potensial for revene growth, location, it's easy to argue we belong there.
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    Genuinely makes me sad to see how poor he's become now. What a player he was for us, pretty much carried the team on his back for the 3 seasons he was here. The best striker I've seen in a Villa shirt, absolutely incredible at times.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Stockport_County_F.C. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County_Borough_of_Stockport Its nights and I'm bored
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    I'd carry on as you were Max.
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    There's already been an issue of contempt of Parliament. Many in this country, myself included, have been looking over the pond at what we thought was a tinpot dictatorship playing out when in reality we've got our own right here, only it's worse. I wouldn't be shocked to ever learn that Mrs May was a twin who ate her sibling in the womb.
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    Shoutout to the Sunderland fan listening to Bristol away on the wireless in his armchair, as if he wouldn't be watching an illegal stream if the camera wasn't there.
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    According to Wiki, he has made 57 appearances for Gent but hasn't scored once. Terrible signing, Bruce out.
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    I think we can beat anyone in this league under Smith. Very confident of that. However given the form Leeds are in, my gut says we'll lose this one. No shame in that, just a shame we couldn't win at least one of the last 2 to make it less of a blow. Will be very pleasantly surprised if we win
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    I'm sorry but using the word hate is ridiculous and childish in my humble opinion when describing the Merits or lack of in footballer or manager. I thought a certain ex striker was an atrocious professional footballer - never once did I abuse him or use the word hate. For goodness it's a game ?

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