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    Benteke? No thanks. He came to us with the sole intention of using us a stepping stone. We worked hard, deserved his move. He got what he wanted, we got good use and a shed load of money. I can't see him being motivated to do anything with us.
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    He's called fans 'mad', 'unintelligent' and 'hysteric' for criticizing him. We haven't had a manager since maybe O'Leary who took swipes at the fans before yet people are painting Bruce as the victim when he's had an easier ride from the fans than every single manager we've had since MON. Compare that to how Alex McLeish handled the absolute dogs abuse hurled his way: After the infamous Bolton game. His comments before a publicly proposed fans' protest. An actual nice guy, and not an egoist who's alright when things are okay but turns nasty when things aren't going his way.
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    Imagine being so desperate to hold on to power that you prematurely end the suspension of an alleged sex offender. That should finish May off on its own.
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    Knowing Dem, he'll probably get ufl.
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    To add insult to injury apparently Jay Rodriguez has been called up into the next England squad. .. .. .. Apparently Eddie Jones was very impressed with his try against us
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    Would rather move El Ghazi inside. Hourihane Adomah El Ghazi McGinn Bolasie Abraham
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    Then you are the exception. Excluding major points like the airport or a station, I genuinely cannot remember the last time I got in a taxi, told them where I was going, and they had even the foggiest idea where that was. I'm like @Paddywhack, they get a postcode and then when we get there I point out the exact house. Although I always ask "Can I give you a postcode?" first. And don't even get me started on taxi drivers asking me directions.
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    Our embarrassment of a keeper is going to cost us again before January. I hope it isn't against Leeds because these lot are a bit tiresome now. It'll be frustrating them telling us how good they are when they become another team we outplay but don't beat because of that disaster.
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    Jacob Ramsey - first time I recall seeing him, he's impressive driving at the defence, sometimes looked like he wasn't so good when he had a lot of time and was looking for a pass, but his instinctive stuff is excellent - he had a really good game.
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    Cardiff had a wobble that us and Fulham caught them yet both of us then **** it up
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    Mostly a good piece, though it seems to stop abruptly on the verge of another section. And I don't think she wears high heels, does she?
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    Why would you push McGinn further forward. He is integral to the team as box to box. If anyone pushed further forward it’ll be Conor. God I hope it’s not true
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    So she is going to stand down before the next election - but 117 MP's don't rate her - thats on hell of a lame duck PM
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    If we're after a striker I would rather sign Tammy (or another young striker) permanently than sign Benteke. Either way, striker shouldn't be a priority in January compared to our other positions.
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    Wk12 and nobody cares any more
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    It won't be suicide, but it will be bad, e.g., look at the Irish economy or the American economy after 2008. X number of years of economic growth delated in an instant, and a long time required to get back to where you were, i.e., we're at 1/2 a generation right now (a generation is 20-25yrs). I despise this measure of society but it is how things that matter are calculated. Similar to the nonsense arguments about the Scots leaving the UK. There's simply a price to pay and the question should be how much you wish or are willing to pay vs what you will get in return. Sensible analysis suggest 1-3yrs -- 10-15yrs of economic growth at the extreme. I'd love if the beeb went and asked this to all the "support her"/"out now" crowd. I'd bet most of them are in the crowd who are still suffering post 2008 after who knows what from the tomult in the 80s/90s. Maybe they're simply used to a certain amount of misery by now. But, do they really want more. PM Boris to the rescue
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    Received this a few minutes ago, suppose he can't be faulted for not planning ahead. Tempting to propose a new date for 2032 instead.
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    It's not his own logic, though, is it? It's the logic dictated by the situation. And by hard border, I'm not meaning a reintroduction of watchtowers and regular border posts on the actual line between NI and Ireland.
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    To be fair the proof is in the pudding, for the last 2.5 seasons we haven't been too good for the championship, hence the reason we are still here. But here's to the future and the hope we can be too good for the championship in the near future.
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    Ivan Rogers is worth listening to. The Brexiteers cheered him off when we went, but he was one of the first bellweathers of the actual process of Brexit going tits up.
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    I was agreeing with this 100% until this point. I know from a number of my friends and family that would categorise themselves as "old socialists" or "old labour" that there are definitely pro-brexit labour voters who support Corbyn completely. Just as an example, my uncle is unbelievably pro-Corbyn and pro-Brexit. Like you point out, he says it's a disgusting capitalist club and essentially a Thatcherite project. He wants to nationalise vast swathes of the UK infrastructure including power, transport, manufacturing...basically pretty much everything. He doesn't see a way we can do that under EU rules. When I've debated his stance with him in the past I've pointed out that capitalism isn't going anywhere and neither is the EU. We can leave their capitalist club and fall back to WTO rules which is only another, albeit more brutal capitalist club. Unfortunately, those on the far right of the Tory party and the far left of Labour are both living in a fantasy palace of their own construction, unwilling to compromise one iota.
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    BBC News coverage of this this morning has been a parade of swivel eyed Brexiteers (including the complete moron that is Owen Paterson giving a long diatribe of nonsense) and odd May supporter. There's been I think 1 Labour voice and none against Brexit.
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    Corbyn historically has been against the EU. He's at heart a resoundingly left wing individual who views the EU as generally a force for ill, in short pushing the interests of business ahead of the interests of the people of the world. As leader he's seemingly nuanced that a bit, as I think he realises that he can't just walk away from the EU now. The UK needs the EU too much, and walking away is worse for what he cares about than getting a deal with them. Hence why the Labour position now is apparently do a better deal than May, when in the past Corbyn might have gone further than May does now.
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    Exactly where I am. I love how we’ve gone toe to toe with teams around us. But It will all be for nothing if we go and drop points against teams below us. We’ve all see it before many times. Let’s get to the end of Feb before we start talking of top 2.
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    Sky news have run a poll as to who is more trusted, May or Corbyn, to lead the country through Brexit. May got 44%. Corbyn 22%. If the country would be more chaotic under Labour 45% said yes, 33% said it would be more stable. I know it is hardly a definitive poll but given how diabolical this Government have been they should be able to run a poll down the local Conservative club and the majority say Labour could do a better job. Labour should romp home in a general election but if one was called tomorrow I don't even think they would scrape home. I think Corbyn has some great policies but he just isn't connecting with the public and if you can't be polling higher than one of the worst leaders this country has ever had then you simply shouldn't be Labour leader. It is so frustrating that this mob has gotten away with implementing some terrible policies, with destroying our public services and inflicting terrible hardship on the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable amongst us but they have gotten away with it in part due to a weak opposition. Shame on the Tories for what they have done and shame on Labour for not putting up a fight.
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    HIGNFY have put together a handy "what happens next" guide:
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    He is what he is. He's a good manager at this level. He's getting less good as time marches on, but his ability (or lack of) is being exaggerated on here because we got so frustrated with it. Wednesday is exactly the kind of club he'll pop up at next. And he'll probably do a pretty good job there, whilst ultimately leaving them short of promotion.
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    I got a switch and I am loving it. I only have mario kart currently, but it's a fun game that my wife and I play after work. It's a neat little console. I think once I get some more games, It'll be even better. I really like all the co-op games. My wife and I have wanted to play some fun relaxing, but still competitive games for a while, and the switch seems to have a lot of those.
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    Definitely I think him being sacked was inevitable. Whether the punishment fits the crime is irrelevant; anyone associated with him, especially in business, needs to be seen to distance themselves or they get caught up in this man's dreadful next few months until it all blows over. I think the attention being drawn to forms of racism that aren't as obvious as someone having a racial slur screamed in their face is a good thing. Comparing how Raheem and Foden are treated by the same newspaper is quite enlightening. The Daily Mail doesn't run stories like that [only] because they are inherently racist. They are a business first and foremost and they know that there is an appetite for stories that paint black players in a negative light, and by contrast white players in a positive one. If they didn't think their readers wanted to have confirmed for them their prejudices about young black English footballers and their lifestyles, they wouldn't post these articles.
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    Brexit didn't cause it but it empowered idiots who held those views anyway, that they can do or say what they want.
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    Basically anything in football you have to think about, rather than acting on instinct, is ten times harder.
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    I think the current aim is top six, the overall goal for the season is top two.
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    BTW I think this is a great thread! What’s not to love about obscure statistics?
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    So weird talking about Clark being too old for us to sign. Time really does fly.
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    Spot the difference. Steve Evans Gary Monk Paul Heckingbottom Marcelo Bielsa.
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    Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts.
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    From personal experience I am going to disagree, using the wrong type of shoes has caused myself and others from my club all sorts of issues. Some people can wear anything but they are few and far between, there is usually a number (of miles a week) where people break.
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    Sol Campbell has a managers job.
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    They are paying the highest wages in world sport yet clubs in the same league have about tenth of the budget yet the clubs motto is more than a club
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    I can't think of anything more damning for Aussie football than having someone come into the league and pretend to be a footballer. Makes an absolute mockery of the league. Usain Bolt giving it a crack too is laughable
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