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    Family owns a small hotel by the NEC. Last week we won an award at the eviivo awards in Mayfair ( right swanky do....mascarade ball and all) It was only to do with our reviews but a wins a win. Only 20 chosen from the country. Never won anything in my life before!
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    A very creditable 1-1 draw for a team of kids against a team featuring a few seasoned internationals.
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    Having supported Villa for precisely 58 years....I think I qualify.
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    Needs a pre-season before we can judge him ?
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    Let’s not forget the competition. If Nyland was in the Premier League it wouldn’t be pretty. Keeping on topic. Smith has to buy a new keeper in January. It’s a must.
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    Living life vicariously through my nipper currently live streaming seals playing in the sea under Santa Monica pier.
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    Gave it a bash. The hardest bit is stopping the hair sliding off. And a couple of the facial creases are a bit wide. And I reckon it might be better with individual teeth carved into it. Still, it'll do for Tuesday.
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    Well, you could - the Mail probably have.
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    Just as an aside, but one of my favourites; well known failure Luke Moore scored the same number of goals for Aston Villa as self styled club legend Stan Collymore.
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    As much as i love Dean Smith and want him to succeed here if the latest daily mail rumours prove to be true and he sanctions us spending 8 million on Barry Bannan i'm done....
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    I'm secure enough to drive a fun car without worrying what other people think of it, but I don't think there's much girly about a rwd sports car. It's a cool car in my book! I think all of the hairdressers were meant to be driving SUVs these days?
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    Well I ended up buying it. Really enjoying it so far. Not ideal to play it on a XPS 13, screen is a bit small, but it's a good game. Currently in the Norwegian 2nd division, and I didn't know what poor ment before I did this. Just obscene how little money I have available. But I digress, great game. And I am pretty sure I am not even scraping the surface so far in terms of what you can get involved in.
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    To be fair at least he would use the pre season to coach the players. God knows how Bruce used to use the pre season.
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    Good news for the US this evening at least as they completed their takeover of Brazil.
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    Never been the same since he went to that Dortmund training session and had an epiphany that football was all about completing 1000 passes a game in your own third and losing 3-0.
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    Having a great season (think that’s his sixth so far?), scored another banger tonight!
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    O, Hare could play the bannan role .... £8m.....you couldnt make it up could you !!!!!
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    More importantly, an original and integral member of Felt (one of Brum's finest ever bands) and sometime member of the Charlatans
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    Interestingly comments on DS, time he has and relegation places! For me, we live in the Information Age where everything is instant, be it news, contact or even food! That has to be tempered with regards to what the club is doing, whilst everyone loves winning there is no quick fix and you sometimes have to take a few on the on the chin whilst you sort out solid foundations. We have been rudderless for ten years, no style or plan, with everything built on shifting sands! I am pleased in the progress so far, but believe the owners are into this for the long game as we should be. There will be bumps in the road but we will not be in the bottom three and even if we do, we need to continue to back the team and dS as what is being implemented is the right thing to do as for the future of this club. Vive Revolution!
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    I have been on helicopters 4 times in my life, I hate them. I'm fine on planes but I don't feel safe on helicopters at all. Can never wait to get off the damn things.
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    You'll be needing this then @Davkaus ?
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    The bar i was in was showing the utd game, think the same thing happened with the pogba penalty
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    Just gives you something to think about, doesn't it?
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    I think you've been hanging out in the dark side a bit too long. There were plenty of other shit things going on around both of them—Lerner cost cutting and Xia being a fraud and having no money—that led to their exits, as different as those were, without them also managing to screw squads over in spite.
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    Thanks for the Geelong GIF
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    I kind of agree, but at the same time some aspects can be taught. Timing of the jump, positioning etc. Going into an aerial battle is a lot about belief and bravery. Not easy to teach.
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    To be fair, im sure it is very easy to look at someone in certain leagues and they look good. Everyone knows that "players need to adjust to english football", but i have heard so many times from many clubs about how a players looks good and would be a good signing if they could adapt. for example, if leagues arent overly physical or dont cross as much, it might be easy to get a mis interpretation of how good someone is. I always remember a fair few years ago....was it Rangers?, who apparently signed this amazing looking Argentinian defender, amazing on the ball etc, looked like the next big thing for most scouts watching him, but when he came to rangers he was flippin terrible, apparently what ppl overlooked was argentinian clubs at the time defended very deep, which covered up that he was as slow as a snail, had the agility of a sloth, and was so bad in the air a chipmunk could have won a header over him, and as Rangers played a fairly high back line, he basically became an instant car crash sensation. So in closing, yes scouts "should" spot any weaknesses etc, but eh, humans make mistakes and make incorrect assumptions. Also, just because a foreign player comes and doesnt perform immediately, doesnt mean they are bad, it might just mean they need to adjust, or it might actualy mean they are bad......who knows. there are plenty of foreign players who took a little time to settle and were very good once they did, and others that didnt succeed, im just saying.....lets not automatically assume someone is terrible from a few games.......(although hey....they might be??) Lets not forget how many players Villa have let go because "they arent good enough for Villa", and now play in the PL or in higher leagues abroad......
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    He heads the ball really far... Also, to be fair, I’ve always thought he reads play quite well.
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    Quite telling Swansea had 15 attempts, Norwich had 10 attempts and QPR had 16 attempts. We have allowed 41 shots at our goal in 3 games. That's simply unacceptable, we are wide open all of the time. I think he needs to come back in and I couldn't give two shits if his distribution isn't great.
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    Your quite right - a legend he most certainly is. Many similarities to the great Glenn Hoddle who is sadly very poorly today. I think it's a huge testament to Sid, that we can talk about him in the same vein as Glenn Hoddle. Happy Birthday Sid & Get well soon Glenn Hoddle.
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    Who wants to watch a goalkeeper defence midfield and strikers play as separate entities which is essentially what was happening for the last few years. We are playing out from the back. Hardly revolutionary stuff. It's common sense and the right way to play.
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    My guess of what would have happened this season if we had swapped places with Fulham in the premier league?
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    First Villa game I have seen for a long time and having read many comments on here, thought they were going to be dreadful with backs to the wall stuff. However in general I thought in many areas they played well and were unlucky not to score and get at least a point from the game. Defense is poor but hopefully John Terry will have an influence in this area. He must have felt like topping himself when he saw the manner of the QPR goal! A simple ball over the top to split the defense with the centre halves static and nobody tracking the run.......hopefully Terry will organise this. Whether players had stopped for a moment when they saw the McGinn foul just before the ref played advantage but that's still no excuse. Full backs , I thought were poor especially on the left (Taylor?) who was fortunate not to give away a penalty. Hutton did his normal of getting forward but defensively not so hot. His and some of the other players crossing when in great positions was very poor, especially from the right. Grealish played well and was influential both towards the back and trying to get the team forward. McGinn, was his usual robust self but I felt he was a little off the pace at times. I see you have him taking all the corners from the right but rather like when he was with us many are too "floaty" and its hard for attackers to generate much power on them towards goal. Up here he got relieved of this task much of the time and when a guy called James Keatings was with us, he took them and the corners improved with much more pace and better height for forwards to attack. However I did see you top the goal scoring in the Championship from set pieces, which he takes a fair few, so cannot be all bad. ? For me Grealish was MoM.
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    The whole of the Stockport area is covered in the **** things. At least it's not just us. I'd sooner the money was being spent on fixing potholes, funding schools, or digging Northern Rail out of their contract. I just find the whole thing to be somewhat crass now. It's turned into a country-wide patriotism competition. Respect to anyone who is brave enough to join the military. I wouldn't - I'm a **** coward. But I have a different view of soldiers from WWI and WWII who were conscripted compared to those who have made a career choice. They're fighting rich men's wars, the battle for territory, status and oil. It's dressed up as "protecting our country", but I can't remember the last time I saw ISIS rebels walking down my street with rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/ng-interactive/2018/oct/26/david-squires-on-usain-bolts-comic-book-football-adventure David Squires on the Bolt signing ?
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    This is quite an amazing request. As the list of positives seems to be getting smaller and smaller. I keep saying it, but I no longer know anyone who voted for Brexit that can give me a single positive that will come from it.
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    There’s this co worker of mine who’s been pissing me off lately, always bitching about his football team’s manager. Anyway, for a laugh I’ve left him a doughnut with a little love note on his desk to make him think some woman has a crush on him. Just waiting for the strong laxatives in the doughnut to kick in.
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