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    Which is largely one of the reasons we are stuck with shite hoofball managers season after season. Implementing a new style, that isn't as limited and far more entertaining, takes time. But too many fans refuse to see the long term.
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    How bizarre current reality is in the world......already the question of how much time DS has, he's been here give or take two weeks!!!
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    Family owns a small hotel by the NEC. Last week we won an award at the eviivo awards in Mayfair ( right swanky do....mascarade ball and all) It was only to do with our reviews but a wins a win. Only 20 chosen from the country. Never won anything in my life before!
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    GUYS, GUY, GUYS! Can I make a polite request? So far everything in this thread has avoided spoilers, but I still have painful memories from the last RDR of reading a post about the grand finale before I'd got there. After devoting hours to the game, the story, the character, I was gutted. Can we use spoiler boxes for anything related to the plot, and keep general gameplay fully visible? Much obliged, ta X
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    We have some moronic fans, just look at your average Villa Facebook page. Smith is bringing a real project to the table and it will take a lot of time to get the existing playing staff up to speed in terms of fitness and style of play as well as time for Smith to bring his own players in who can do what he wants. Smith is also joining at a time where we have a run of really hard fixtures, whereas Bruce had comparatively easy fixtures which he failed to get anywhere near enough points from. Smith will take us in the right direction given time, but to expect promotion this season is ridiculous.
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    I am just enjoying the ride up in quality of play. Seriously. Yeah I hate losing to QPR but we lost being the team who did almost all the attacking and we were entertaining too. I wasnt a Dean Smith fan before he joined us, but he is making me one. The results will come as long as we stick to the plan and steadily build into our new and better style of play. Lets keep at it.
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    This! Its not helped by the fact that the 'talk to' button and the shoot button are very similar. Walked up the the sherrif to hand myself in for a 10 dollar fine only to shoot him in the face....well all hell broke loose then!
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    A very creditable 1-1 draw for a team of kids against a team featuring a few seasoned internationals.
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    Having supported Villa for precisely 58 years....I think I qualify.
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    I'm sat here with a smile on my face. I'm not thinking about the last three matches, the next match, the next three matches or even the run up until January or the end of the season ..... I'm thinking about the unfolding 'Dean Smith era'. I'm positive that NSWE and CP have made an inspired appointment, and at some point in the next couple of seasons the football world will once again be talking about Villa .... this time for all the right reasons! We can afford to be patient, because this time we've got it right.
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    I think I've already done this one in the "Things you don't get' thread. Cars and their 'brand images'. Can't see why anybody cares.
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    Needs a pre-season before we can judge him ?
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    It is bizarre in the sense that any meaningful change takes time to implement and still strange, but not hard to understand, when you remember football is a results driven business where most owners are gambling on accessing or retaining access to the Premier League gravy train. With money as the goal, all decision making is predicated on a cold, hard analysis of the return on investment. Moreover, most owners think they can 'fast track' 'access' through a hyper short term investment policy - just see Tony Xia as an example and he's not alone. New owners often allude to building infrastructures and restoring former glories and to these ends, Smith was hired to entertain, but he also HAS to get results, just like every other manager. Therefore, his task is actually much harder than that of your average 'dinosaur', who only has to win because he doesn't promise to do anything else. With huge sums at stake, owners will allow the manager time to develop the team's playing style (for as long as he is achieving it whilst also winning), but that time will rapidly run out if he isn't. Against that background, the upcoming tough fixtures are a real worry. If we are in the bottom three at Christmas, he will definitely be under pressure because pretty losers are still losers. That's not just unfair on Smith, it's the reality of our modern world.
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    David Warner actually walked off the pitch in the middle of his innings on Saturday in protest at being sledged. David f**king Warner. ?
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    Bruce - 4 promotions from Championship Rafa - 1 promotion No brainer!
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    there are some great ones out there, here's a couple that won't get me a mods telling off
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    Let’s not forget the competition. If Nyland was in the Premier League it wouldn’t be pretty. Keeping on topic. Smith has to buy a new keeper in January. It’s a must.
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    Even if we lose on Friday it's not a big deal imo, providing we keep trying to play under the current system and get better at it. I said at the time of him being appointed it's going to be short term pain for long term gain. There's a huge amount of work to be done completely changing how we play from when Bruce was in charge. We need to find a system and get good at it, rather than doing what Bruce did and throw enough shit at the wall in the hope that something would stick. I know others have said that the way we play hasn't changed much from Bruce's style, but personally I see a huge difference and long may it continue. When it clicks, we'll be laughing. Might take a little while though....
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    Hey Dad - we won 2-2.
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    I, Tonya was a very decent biopic about Tonya Harding and her rise and huge fall in the world of figure skating
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    Absolutely superb, watched this last night, and will be repeating it again soon. It is long, but it completely rewards a patient watch, at turns, hilarious, absurd and heart-breaking, it focusses on a father-daughter relationship that has become a bit estranged over time. He, the older hippie generation, her the career-driven consultant but it is far more nuanced than that and they are not caricatures, as he tries to interrupt her life. The final fifteen minutes is the most fanatastically funny and cathartic pay-off for staying with these characters for the previous two hours.
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    Living life vicariously through my nipper currently live streaming seals playing in the sea under Santa Monica pier.
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    Gave it a bash. The hardest bit is stopping the hair sliding off. And a couple of the facial creases are a bit wide. And I reckon it might be better with individual teeth carved into it. Still, it'll do for Tuesday.
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    There's quite a bit of that in the US I've noticed. The completely missing the open goal because you're too busy claiming the free kick you should never have had
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    Introduced the eldest to Predator last night. First words he uttered this morning at breakfast...
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    Well, you could - the Mail probably have.
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    Just as an aside, but one of my favourites; well known failure Luke Moore scored the same number of goals for Aston Villa as self styled club legend Stan Collymore.
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    It's clearly astounding, once you get your eye in with it. Some of the stuff it does is baffling - you have a specific button for picking up hats - but it's just so good when you get past that off-putting first layer. I think you only need to worry if you hide the bodies in a secluded spot in the mountains, return to them, do their hair and makeup as you wish and 'lie' with them
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    As much as i love Dean Smith and want him to succeed here if the latest daily mail rumours prove to be true and he sanctions us spending 8 million on Barry Bannan i'm done....
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    Of course. Then try a Google image search for "Blue Waffle"
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    Agree. Transition or not, these are the games we should be winning.
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    Maybe a commemorative nine bob note would be most appropriate.
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    He played one of his best games for us then had a row with Bruce and got shipped out. We've got a new head coach now, he might play for us like he is at Hull....
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    Exactly what I was getting at. Some things will just never 'click' for some people - rap, reggae, folk, country, prog rock, metal, jazz... to their aficionados they are the most exciting and inspiring thing ever. To others they are forever a closed book. But the people I really don't understand are those who don't have any enthusiasm for music at all - the 'whatever's in the charts' lot. Couldn't imagine being like that at all.
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    I'm secure enough to drive a fun car without worrying what other people think of it, but I don't think there's much girly about a rwd sports car. It's a cool car in my book! I think all of the hairdressers were meant to be driving SUVs these days?
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    Having to scrape ice off the car for the first time in months.
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    Well I ended up buying it. Really enjoying it so far. Not ideal to play it on a XPS 13, screen is a bit small, but it's a good game. Currently in the Norwegian 2nd division, and I didn't know what poor ment before I did this. Just obscene how little money I have available. But I digress, great game. And I am pretty sure I am not even scraping the surface so far in terms of what you can get involved in.
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    Yeah, told him he was a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed to play cricket. If that's enough to make Warner walk off, I can't seem him coping very well when he returns to first class cricket!
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    Good news for the US this evening at least as they completed their takeover of Brazil.
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    Genuinely love your optimism but Fulhams run from November last year was outrageous and I don't think the team has developed enough to go on such a run yet. However, there was really only one automatic place up for grabs last season considering wolves dominance so the openness at the top this season is in our favour. Playoffs are a realistic aim this season but you never know.
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    Elphick played 90 minutes in Hull's midweek game and got a 7.61 whoscored.com rating. Now to the weekend... Summary from the weekend Clark (Port Vale) - 90 minutes in a 1-0 win at home to Bury. De Laet (Melbourne City) - Played 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw away to Central Coast. Booked. Elphick (Hull City) - 90 min in a 1-0 win away to Bolton. 8.56 whoscored.com rating (MOTM) Gardner (SHA) - Subbed after 86 min in a 3-1 win at home to Sheffield Wednesday. 7.49 whoscored.com rating. Green (Portsmouth) - Not in squad (Knee injury). Lyden (Oldham) - Not in squad (Injury). McCormack (Central Coast) - Played 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw at home to Melbourne City. Scored. Mooney (Cheltenham) - Came off the bench after 57 minutes in 2-0 loss at home to Stevenage. Steer (Charlton) - 90 min in a 1-0 loss away to Rochdale. Suliman (Emmen) - Did not play. Tshibola (Kilmarnock) - 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw at home to Hamilton Academical. Booked.
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    He played 3 minutes off the bench against PSV when they were down by 6 goals, but you're essentially correct. Hopefully he can move back in January.
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    I hope so would be my dream centre back signing
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    Not surprised, they are mustard.
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    Rome wasn't built in a day mate. Can't have it every way. We either want a proper run modern football club or just talk about wanting one but still demand instant success.
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    Having a great season (think that’s his sixth so far?), scored another banger tonight!
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