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    No way back for him now. It is just a question of when he goes. Little in charge on Saturday please and then take things from there.
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    Certainly when he goes to get changed in the corridor.
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    This. I'd happily take £3m to get called a useless potato by thousands of people.
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    He talks like everything happens in a vacuum in spite of him, as of there's nobody in the dugout that can influence things. You're the **** manager Steve! You're supposed to react to these events and do something about them, not sit back and do nothing then complain about refereeing decisions like it was the ref that scored 3 goals.
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    I for one am shocked that our 4 right backs, 4 center mids, 4th tier keeper in net, and 1 winger at striker formation is not working
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    How to catch a whopper. Set the trap. Bait the trap. Snap!
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    Just listened to the post match interview on WM. He mentioned a couple of times about the crowds reaction towards him, and witnessing some unpleasant scenes in the ground tonight. Looks like he realises how much the crowd has turned against him, and it seems to me like he’s hurting from it. Hearing that interview, I feel a bit sorry for the bloke. He knows he’s going.
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    With the teams we've played we should pretty much be top.
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    Middlesbrough at home last year, SB says, it’s never easy against 10 men. Tonight, SB says is never easy with 10 men. We made Preston look like they were playing against 6 men. Panic stations all round, not all Bruce’s fault but he needed to change something, he didn’t until too late. Preston had so many chances to score more and he didn’t react. Even before the sending off we were getting deeper and deeper giving the ball away cheaply. What the hell did he say at HT Why take Tammy off ahead of Kodj? Tammy can hold the ball up better than him. Why not bring bolasie on earlier? I heard the WM interview he is a broken broken man. He has been told he is gone. At that stage I didn’t know about th cabbage, which is very stupid, was this what calderwood reacted to? Also what happened before the game?? I don’t hate the man at all, infact up until recently I liked him. I think coming in when he did he did us well, for a while he lifted spirits, and got us fighting again. At times last year made us a team I was very proud of. But he has reached his ceiling and now must go.
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    He is a **** rocket polisher too, it was.more than that. Giving it big bollocks after the equaliser like we won the world cup. Another self serving odious prick, get ****.
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    I'll tell you how bad the decision was to play Bunn tonight, Bunn doesn't even want to play 1st team football!
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    If I were Purslow I'd have had his office cleaned out and his stuff in a box in the North Stand car park with the cabbage on top ready for the final whistle.
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    Felt he bottled that one tonight, not good enough that.
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    Apparently he mentioned that Whelan had been banging in the penatlies in training (with Bunn in goal)?
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    Ok so Bruce is in charge and must take the responsibility here. But the period of sustained shitness on our part just before their penalty is on the players. Not mentally up for it. Lame, toothless and no grit. Bruce does the team talk, but the guys on the pitch are not 5 years old and need to put their game face on. J*sus what a limp second half.
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    Funniest game of football I've seen in a while
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    Please just **** off already
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    But i thought 10 men were so hard to play against...
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    I’m not gonna knock the lads becaus3 Preston are poor. We have been great today
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    Look forward to tonight's lottery selection. Adomah right back, el ghazi in goal, Steve agnew starting
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    Me. And a decent bed. Theyre the two things I use the most. Worth spending the money.
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    didnt mention 4 promotions. he hasnt a clue
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    Hmmm the end of that interview sounds like he knows he is gone. Bye bye bruce. I dont dislike him and will wish him well but he has been a failure here
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    The British Sign Languague version of clapping... apparently MUSU has remained one of the few SU's in the vein that we remember them as. But even their Sabbs have been less nutty until recently
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    Youd think a guy trying to save his job would sprint down the touchline to take the ball off his defensive midfielder whos been on the pitch 2mins, and hand it to a Bolasie or Grealish. But thats not the issue here. Its that each and every week his sides are inbalanced, unsettled, just not right. Still hasnt stumbled upon a settled line up or style of play. Even the law of averages would suggest even that would have happened by now. And to be honest, for the sake of his health he needs to resign. He really looks unwell.
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    Can you turn off your predictive text by any chance? Just go back to old fashioned typing.?
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    Presumably that's Steve Bruce's half time glue bag?
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    So when we play against 10 men it is harder for us and they put everyone behind the ball. When we have 10 men we're absolute tosh and are carved apart by the worst team in the division!
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    Dear oh dear. Are they heading for their first away point of the season? Of course they are
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    This ref is having a right “Nyland”
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    There are far worse players than Jedi this season. Him breaking up posession and winning everything in the air prevents far more chances than the odd mistake/time he is caught out of position creates but having such a shit keeper means that anyone who makes a mistake at the back for us is usually punished with a goal
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    Thank you. If it bore or irritates you, just tell and friend and not me,as I am a sensitive soul. look you have made me use 2 comma's? ?
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    Surprisingly, no accusations have been made against the vast majority of famous wealthy men who aren't rapists. Not raping women seems like a grand way of discouraging them from accusing you of rape.
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    Me neither - just going on sods law - Bruce has a lucky charm
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    I got chills. They're multiplyin'. And I'm losin' control. 'Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'! You better shape up, 'cause I need a man and my heart is set on you. You better shape up; you better understand to my heart I must be true. Nothin' left, nothin' left for me to do. You're the one that I want. (you are the one i want), o,o, oo, honey. The one that I want. (you are the one i want want), o,o,oo, honey. The one that I want (you are the one i want want), o,o, ooooo The one I need. Oh, yes indeed. Just about sums up the situation. Bruce out. DOF and new Head Coach in. Pitarch sounds... exotic?
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    The "2 games" story is gathering pace, with even the bigger papers picking it up now. I'm wondering/hoping if this is the Club covertly letting Bruce know that he is pissing off come the international break no matter what the outcome of the 2 games.
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    I've converted currency to pounds for y'all. My nice leather couch (3seater & 2seater) cost £850, and it's pretty schmik. The less expensive futon like couch that the kids lay about on in the main family area cost £500. I do think that £1000 is getting on the expensive side but when you compare the kinda money people waste on fancy cars I'd much rather invest it on a sofa. When we bought our first house my Mrs was looking at couch worth nearly £2000, she asked if there was anyway we could afford it? I replied, yes! With your half of the divorce settlement....
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    Next game I'd play: Moreira Hutton, Tuanzebe, Chester, Taylor Hourihane, McGinn El-Ghazi, Grealish, Bolasie Kodjia
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    Definitely. Jedi and Whelan alone is probably close to 100k!
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    Bloody hell. Jules and Seth really went off the rails after high school, huh?
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