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    "The designated two penalty takers, Tammy and Kodjia, are sitting on the bench unfortunately." Yeah. Unfortunate. Just bad luck. Pure chance. Who could foresee taking all of the strikers off might cause issues?
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    How are you supposed to enjoy the game with so little to moan about...
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    Have to say it all went tits up as soon as that cabbage turned up. Throwing vegetables on the pitch doesn't help either.
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    If you can, try and watch tonights episode of The Debate on Sky Sports. Bruce was one of the topics being covered by Liam Rosenior and Gordon Strachan. The stark contrast between the two was unbelievable. In one corner you had a bright young man who has made the effort to watch as much football as he can and formulate his own opinions and in the other you had a crusty old dinosaur, spouting lazy cliche after lazy cliche. Rosenior was articulate and insightful - driving home the point about our lack of playing style, highlighting the fact that we've allowed Bruce to bring in quality players, the likes of which any other championship manager would kill to have. He could have easily defended Bruce (being an ex player of his) but he stood up for what he believed. Strachan on the other hand wasn't even listening to the points being made, and added very few relevant remarks of his own, more content to drop in anecdotes about his conversations with Steve in the summer which bore little value to the overall discussion. It perfectly encapsulated the way in which modern day management is going. With all his experience Strachan should have led that discussion and been the one to make the most insightful comments, but instead it was Rosenior who was the more clued in, the one who understood the real underlying problems. We clearly have our own 'Strachan' managing our club. A man who no longer feels the need to learn, but who thinks he knows it all and is as a result falling further and further out of touch with the game. Give me the equivalent of a Liam Rosenior any day of the week please - whether that's Terry, Henry or any number of young, hungry modern coaches from overseas!
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    He looks and sounds a broken man. The job is just way too much for him now. He’s had a very tough year, so hopefully we put him and us out of our misery, and send him on his way ASAP. Take the money, and go on a long holiday steve, you need it, and good luck with the future.
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    Bruce has sucked every ounce of me giving a shit about this club atm. I really find it hard to muster any joy in watching us play right now and it's all down to this guy. It is all too damn predictable and I feel like I'm watching a rerun of every other turgid performance from this season. I don't care if we put George, the maintenance guy who talks to much about his kids at the coffee machine, at the helm temporarily. SACK HIM NOW!
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    Okay so: No we have GK RB RB RB RB CM CM CM CM RW Great
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    Nine outfield players remaining on the field. One striker. Four right backs. Four central midfielders.
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    I take zero pleasure in seeing Bruce get dogs abuse especially as I think he is probably a decent bloke. He should have been let go before it got to this though and there is no way any owner worth his salt can allow this to continue. It was toxic tonight and will only get worse if he stays and that now threatens to derail the whole season as it will inevitably scar the players. The one legacy Bruce could leave is that he played a big part in lifting a cloud from over the club and in fans and players becoming more as one and an all in it together attitude that we hadn't seen for years. That is now being well and truly threatened and the owners can't let that happen. He has to go now.
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    It's a shame really. I now have absolutely no idea if we'll finish there or thereabouts.
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    I simply do not know. I thought we got the selection right, then played it slightly wrongly with Kodjia and Grealish wide, but it was fluid enough (or Preston were bad enough) that we made it work with both drifting into a more natural 4-1-3-2 for our better moments. We scored a couple of reasonable goals and went in at half time looking comfortably the better team. At half time, the players ate a large Sunday roast with plenty of mash and lashings of parsnips. Or something. We came out for the second half as flat as the women's 1500 meters. I'm sure Preston had had a rocket, but for the eight minutes between the start of the half and the sending off, I don't think we made a pass. Preston looked lively and dangerous and threatened a bit and we were waiting for a reaction from Villa when Chester challenged a little clumsily and the whole world went batsh*t crazy. I was too far away to see if it was a penalty or a sending off so I can't comment - however, what I will say is that there was a rule brought in last season that said if there was a foul in the box and a penalty was given, then even if the defender was last man it wouldn't be a sending off. Double Jeopardy they called it. The ref didn't remember it as well as I did, but I really hope it exists, because if Chester is suspended for three games, we're in the toilet. Bruce made his biggest mistake on the night at that point and took off a tall, quick striker who could hold the ball up and bring people into the game - a player ideally suited to a lone role in a ten man team and left on Kodjia - who spent the whole of the second half looking like he was waiting for a conductor to check his ticket. On came James Bree and we achieved Neville Nirvana - a whole back four of players who have played most of their games at right back. All the right backs made exactly the kind of back four you'd expect them to make and we proceeded to defend our goal like a nine year old girl with a feather duster. I got a great view of the incident that lead to their second and it was never a free kick in my opinion. They then looked like they'd score every time they put a cross in and all the unpleasantness started. At 90 minutes, Preston started daydreaming about unicorns and tomorrow's tea and we magicked our way back into things before earning a penalty and missing it like knobs. A couple of individuals to say stuff about before the meat of it - I don't like Elmohamady but I thought he had a good game, Tuanzebe looked promising at times, Hourihane had a good first half, Jack was lucky not to get sent off for having a go at the ref, Abraham is a proper player. I have nothing against Glenn Whelan stepping up to take the penalty, he's a senior professional, he knows what he's about and he had the balls to say "I got this". If he does it again, someone should hit him, but I've got no problem with him stepping up tonight. Even if the effort was insipid. But this Tuesday night is not football night, this Tuesday night is the Steve Bruce show, featuring Steve Bruce. On the night, I didn't think he got all that much wrong - I didn't give him too much credit last week when we started the second half fired up against Bristol and I won't knock him too much for the way we limped out for the second half of this one - players should take some responsibility for that. Formation's were odd, and everyone was out of position, but that's sort of standard and not about tonight. In fact, the biggest thing he got wrong tonight was leaving Kodjia on over Abraham. It's not a one night job though and tonight's game was entirely and absolutely the result of our manager. We have one central defender. One. Not four like everyone else, one. When he's sent off, we fart about putting people into places they've never been. I've met James Bree, he's about five foot nine and he's got a kind face. He's not a centre back. When you've got four right backs at the back, you're going to struggle - we have a midfield that can all pass the ball, but a system that says get it forward and get it wide quickly - when you do that, you don't control the ball - when you don't control the ball and you've got ten men and no centrebacks, you're in trouble. It doesn't look like we practise plan B so we carried on trying to get it forward and wide - it kept coming back and they kept scoring. A really good manager changes that. One that's not entirely negligent in building a squad over two and a half years never lets it happen in the first place. When you've spent two and a half years building a shambles of a squad, with exciting, talented goalscoring players in parts and huge great gaping massive defender shaped holes in others, what you get is games that are shambolic, with exciting goalscoring but also with huge great gaping gaps at the back which mean you can't defend. We have built a squad to have games like tonight, seven goal nonsenses (and they say he's boring). You could make the claim that Steve Bruce did a reasonable job in parts tonight, but that he's trying to manage an unbalanced squad put together by a really bad manager in the summer. Him. I was disappointed Whelan missed the penalty at the end. I wasn't surprised that we'd need to score four to win a game. We don't have a full squad, we don't have a plan, we don't have a method and the manager has fallen out with the support. It looks like he may have lost some of the players too. There is no coming back from this, we are counting the days, in truth we have been since the summer when we failed to get a defence. Thank you for stopping the slide, thank you for Wembley - but it's got away from you Steve; take a break, have a cup of tea, put your feet up, grab some sun. You're done here. Also, have I missed some sort of cabbage based incident?
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    Are you suggesting there’s 3 managers worse than him?
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    We didn't draw because we conceded a penalty. We drew because we sat deep and invited constant pressure with no exit plan. The former led us to concede a goal, which isn't Bruce's fault. The latter however led us to concede 2 goals which was a direct result of Steve Bruce's asinine tactics. He's not to blame for every single thing that goes wrong, obviously. But he is responsible for most of it, and overall the buck stops with him. 1 win in 10 is it now? How can that be excused? That's on Steve Bruce and he has to go ASAP, penalty or no. Whether he's directly responsible for every micro-event is irrelevant.
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    So I'm thinking of flying over to England to watch some Villa games, I'm trying to work out where to stay while I'm over. My biggest concern is if we are 'there' right now, what happens if after I book my accommodation, we end up 'thereabouts'. Does it take long to get from there to thereabouts? Any public transport I can use. Oh and if people could tell me any decent pubs along the way, that would be marvelous. Thanks in advance!
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    I do find it comical, when I hear journo's relate to Aston Villa Fans being demanding. I think its so Ironic. We went down winning 3 games all season. We have been in the top 2 for 6 days ( that stat has tickled me pink, I think its shocking) We are currently sitting at 15th in the championship. DEMANDING..... Now that's what I call fake news......We are an owners dream....what was it 35,000 the last Saturday game? We must be amongst some of the most tolerant/Patient fans in the football league. We have got some front us villa fans , we expect to win now and again you know.
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    Hope you're not accusing me just because I'm a swede?
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    Yes a bit..seems upset about the cabbage. He won't be moaning later when it's sliced up in a pitta with some chilli sauce
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    No way back for him now. It is just a question of when he goes. Little in charge on Saturday please and then take things from there.
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    3rdGK RB RB RB RB CM DM DM CM RW Hahahaha you cant make it up. With the budget we had.
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    Elmo - Axel - Bree - Hutton Attack of the right-backs
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    lol our whole back 4 have played right back for us this season
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    Anyone remember this lady? I was sure we debated her extensively at the time, but a search of this thread and the Labour one only turns up a couple of posts. Anyway, Aditya Chakrabortty, who is one of maximum two or three worthwhile people at the Guardian these days, followed up and it's interesting what's happened: '[. . .] To see how this works in practice, ignore the autocued remarks made in Birmingham this week and think about another speech, made three years ago by a woman in the audience for Question Time. Perhaps you remember Michelle Dorrell: dressed in a grey jacket and minding her Ps and Qs, she suddenly exploded at the then-cabinet minister Amber Rudd for defending cuts in tax credits. Dorrell told Rudd that she’d voted Tory six months earlier – but now she was furious. “I work bloody hard for my money to provide for my children … and you’re going to take it away from me and them. I can hardly afford the rent, the bills and you’re going to take more from me.” And audience members in Dover started chanting at Rudd: “Shame on you! Shame on you!” At the time, I wrote on these pages that that was a seminal moment in the politics of austerity: the point at which the government could no longer pretend that the cuts were happening only to shirkers. And Dorrell was exactly the kind of natural Tory voter the party could ill afford to lose. Dorrell told me this weekend that she’d never planned to go off like that, but when Rudd spoke she felt “a force from inside my belly”. She’d lost her job in 2011, had to go through the horror of the benefits system and then retrained and set up a nail bar. She’d played it by the book, done everything the Tories told her to do – and still she was, to use an old phrase, just about managing. Instead of birthday and Christmas presents, her dad would buy £100 of food from Sainsbury’s or Lidl and restock the fridge. At first business went well, but the economy in her hometown of Folkestone is as moribund as anywhere else in non-metropolitan Britain. She’s just closed her nail business and works in a local shop on a zero-hours contract, getting eight to 12 hours of shifts a week. She needs more, but the manager says the company will never give her 16 hours because they don’t want to pay employers’ national insurance. She still needs benefits to top up wages, yet the benefits system keeps getting meaner. In April 2011, 6.4 million families were on tax credits, according to Carl Emmerson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. By this April that was down to 3.8 million: of those losing out, a tiny number may have moved to universal credit – but many millions more simply got poorer. Dorrell, who is in her late 30s, describes herself as “a child of Thatcherite economics”. Her parents are Tory, her hometown is Tory. And in the 1980s, someone like her might have gone along with the Conservatives’ promises. In the last couple of years she’s become radicalised, joining Labour and Momentum. She talks about local GP surgeries closing and overcrowding in classrooms. Talking to me, she looks out of her bedroom window on to a car park where drug dealers hang about. Her children are still playing by the rules – and getting punished for it. Her eldest daughter is at university, set to graduate with £65,000 of debt. For her children, austerity is all they’ve known – at home, in the classroom, at the start of their working lives. What the winter of discontent was to the Labour party for a decade – the indelible stain, the warning at the ballot box – the decade of cuts may prove to be for May’s party. “The Tories are screwed for a generation, aren’t they?” says Dorrell. “My kids will grow up knowing they’ve been screwed over by that lot.”' https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/01/theresa-may-voters-tory-policies-labour Austerity has **** sucked.
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    Perhaps the owners were introducing our new Italian manager...wait for it...wait for it... ROBERTO CABBAGIO.
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    Listened to his post match interview, sounds a broken man: How are you so humble all of a sudden Steve? Ever thought perhaps if you didn't go out of your way to give it large to a section of fans at every opportunity they would have helped buy you more time?
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    Honestly with resources he has I will say possibly worst manager we have had
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    No but Bruce emailed his notes to the media bods. - Preston are a good side, (insert managers name) has done a great job up there. We'll have to be at our very best to beat them. - People seem to forget we lost 6/7/8/9 players from a squad that got promoted last year (mumbles something about 1 game and Fulham). - Over the summer this club was on its knees. Its fantastic for everybody what the new owners have done. They've breathed new life into the club. - Going to take time, like he is starting again, from scratch as though the last few years never happened. - No doubt we'll be there or thereabouts. We've got good players. - Did I mention I've been promoted four times.
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    ..and it's not just fracking, it's wherever 'people' are a nuisance. Look at the recent attempts to prosecute an old lady with a plastic toy trumpet at a protest against the felling of trees in Sheffield, or the people stood in a car park in Scotland with a Scottish flag. Terrorist anti business bastards the lot of 'em.
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    Every other team in England seems to be working with a similar structure and a lot more are doing better than us
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    Certainly when he goes to get changed in the corridor.
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    Perhaps the disappointing scenes he witnessed relate to his assistant manager reportedly telling fans to F Off when we equalised, smugly. Bye Steve, Colin, Steve and Steve.
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    I heard the fan who threw the cabbage was seriously pissed off because he had travelled all the way from Germany for that rubbish. He was a sour Kraut.
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    He talks like everything happens in a vacuum in spite of him, as of there's nobody in the dugout that can influence things. You're the **** manager Steve! You're supposed to react to these events and do something about them, not sit back and do nothing then complain about refereeing decisions like it was the ref that scored 3 goals.
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    I'd feel a lot more sympathy for him if he hadn't started laying in to some of the fans and coming over all billy big bollocks when he's nicked the odd win after poor runs of form. He started burning the bridge, he's not going to be able to walk back over it.
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    You know when teams go 2-0 and they kill the game off by slowing the tempo, keeping the ball and seeing the game out? I wouldn't mind if we did thaf, it would be frustrating but I could take it. What **** me off was that from the first whistle in that 2nd half we just let them play. Why? They were trash and the first half was as comfortable as it gets. we just sit behind the ball, let them have it, let them pass it about for fun, we stop pressing, we don't engage, we just sit and wait for the inevitable. it defies all logic. First 5 minutes of that 2nd half I knew we were bang in trouble. I am sick of it. **** sick of it. Get the **** out of my club, you dire, gutless prick.
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    Be gone Bruce please. Am I the only one who didn't feel any excitement when we made it 3-3 in injury time ? Perversely, did not even feel that gutted with Glen ( I usually never score or take penaltys)whelencmissed. Watching Villa should not feel like this.
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    Have some **** decency and resign you knob.
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    We play against 10 men against one of the worst sides in the league, and it's like our u11s playing against the best Italian back 5 of all time. We go down to 10 against one of the worst teams in the league, and it's like our goal is the size of the Holte End. 0 strikers at home, clinging on against PNE will define the Bruce era. He steadied the ship, I appreciate his first season here, but he was left in place far too long. Thanks for everything, now **** off.
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    Yeah...he just can't win. That's the problem.
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    How in God's name did we end up in this league, playing this badly, against a shower of shite like these?
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    Don’t worry still 45 minutes for us to turn that around
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    Hopefully thats shut one or 2 up.
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    I don't care who is manager......i just want to see believable football that brings reasonable results. With the team we have on paper, we expect to win games.
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    British people who earn less than £18,600 per year cannot live with their non-EU spouses or partners in the UK. You could maybe start there huh.
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